Blade & Soul the end of 9dragons ?

Blade and Soul, the most anticipated title from NCsoft, will launch its first closed beta test in the first half of 2010. NCsoft has announced via its financial report in last September that Blade and Soul and Guild Wars 2 will meet the public in 2011. Now Blade and Soul is scheduled to launch closed beta test earlier than Guild Wars 2.

Kim TaeJin from NCsoft said Blade and Soul has entered the final stage of development and they are speeding up its development, aiming to get it officially released in 2011. According to NCsoft, Blade and Soul will continue the closed beta test till the second half of 2010.

Blade & Soul (Korean: 블레이드 앤 소울) is a martial-arts massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in development by Korean game developer NCsoft’s Team Bloodlust division.Developed by the team behind Lineage II with stylized art and character designs by famed artist Hyung-tae Kim, the game is inspired by Oriental martial arts and fantasy. Blade & Soul features lush environments and gameplay that borrows elements from fighting games, platformers, and even tosses in a few puzzles.

Blade & Soul will be a P2P game, yet seems very interesting the experience of players with free MMOs . One of the player who tried a lot of MMOs says :

~But, i would not buy the game with a no Subscript fee.


-Tend to have a lot of cheap people who don’t want to pay for games, with the huge portion of that being little kids who talked their parents into giving them money or using money through steam.(Hate under age morons, specially when they claim it then annoy with mic uselessness)

-Lack of balance, or aim to make you spend money through a item shop. Better items more money you pay, or more exp. Becomes less about skill and playing the game.

-Prob would have a lack of Staff, meaning even more bots would show up.

-Cheap Servers, and lag would show eventually.

-Getting more patch updates would be bought expansions, or would be determined on how well the item shop has sold things.

Several more if you think what is bad about that idea. Only good thing i can see out of it, is i can come back later on and still play another MMO. 15 dollars a month isn’t much, if you don’t have the money your either to young, or you can’t get a job (Or to lazy to get one)

Sounds familiar the description above? It’s what happens in 9Dragons.


26 responses to “Blade & Soul the end of 9dragons ?

  1. this game looks gorgeous! it also showed an enormous variety of mobs, characters all incredibly beautiful. maybe I will try it.

  2. B&S graphics impress as ever though, it is wonderfull. I will try it, I don’t think we can make a comparison with 9dragons.

  3. We kinda feel that 9dragons is dying slowling. I’m looking forward to Blade and Soul though. The effects are amasing. The game looks insanely promising. If it works the way I hope it works, it could revolutionize MMO pvp.

  4. 15 euro/ month will not be a big deal for a game with no bugs and great game play. Is better to give 15 euru than 100 as we pay for 9dragons to play it.

  5. Beautiful graphics, creative monsters, sexy charaters, my kind of game. I will try it for sure as for 9dragons, after this game will be out on market will loose more players. Their fault.

  6. The Graphics QUALITY is great. I don’t know (or care enough) about the mechanics w/in the game to pass judgment on gameplay. Many sexy girls in this game …

  7. I love the vid with this new MMO, nice moves on kung fu/ 9dragons just survive because of some rich people, if they will leave to B&S, 9d indeed will die. It can with this situation because of Acclaim ignorance too.

  8. Some people are obsess with 9Dragons so I don’t think will die so soon, but in a near future is possible. On the one hand Blade & Soul look seriously flashy and fun.

  9. I’m skeptical about this game. With my experience in 9dragons, the trailers always show flashy combat and nice graphics. When the game finally launches, gameplay is boring, content is really lacking and it’s a huge grind that it becomes a chore. I really want to see Blade & Soul break away from that old formula and offers some innovation and fun.

  10. Look at this video… awesome!
    THAT’s the future on MMOs (or the present?). The graphics, the animations, the landscape… Everything what 9Dragons doesn’t have (or at least not that good).

    I tried already to make some trailers with 9Dragons… I already filmed on old games with little animations, but 9Dragons is just a very bad game to make non-noobish ingame trailers.

    Blade & Soul may even be my first Pay2Play MMO.

  11. 9dragons is the past, this game will be the future in kung fu games. Some players said will be better than WOW. Hyung-tae Kim, is known to most for his great work on Magna Carta RPG series.

  12. I played this game on PS, never imagine will turn out in a MMO. Some years ago I stayed up all night playing it to see every charaters endings. Tae Kim’s have the tendency to ‘overemphasise’ certain female physical traits Females are way too sexy with big b00bs 🙂

    You will love the combat, very brutal yet very RPG like

  13. I must say it does look great, the pvp fights especially so. But it seems like you can only have 1 v 1 and you get locked into some long animations. Still if they can remove the long grind and fill it with interesting quests they could be onto a winner kung fu game and bring together a lot of players.

  14. Well many 9D players had said the samething when AION was about to be out. But many still stayed behind when the game came out. The problem is that people cry but still stick with 9D because it’s F2P subcription game. Others don’t realize that they have to pay even way more with Item Mall (I was one). Acclaim always plays pretty well that F2P game card though. They get you attached to the game, and you don’t want to move on to different game. Then you have to stay and spend more money on the Item Mall in order to be on top.

    Another problem is that most 9D players don’t have the strong machine to play intensive graphics games like AION. B&S … etc … and they will continue to stick around in 9D …

    9D will eventually die out, but not before they squeeze out every pennies from all players first. It’s their business way though. The only people who are at fault for all of that are the players. The game won’t get better ’till everyone has to stop paying for the Item Mall. But that seems impossible though ….

    • US acclaim version soon will turn like VN version of 9dragons.
      you (*not only you*) know why VN 9dragons have lot hacker’s? because company don’t care anymore about game, they already gave up game, so now game is full of hacker’s.
      soon when player’s start leave 9dragons Acclaim version,
      Acclaim will need increase price of item mall, ofc again lot player’s will quit too. and Acclaim version will turn VN version too, because will give up game too

    • You are right Mosai. Theres no lack of content in games like Aion and the old Guildwars for example. Why do ppl still stay in the grindfest called 9dragons.

      Im playing Aion its no crying with pvp, simply because you cant talk to the opposite side. When you look at BP its always crying.

      In Aion the questing starts at level 1 and doesnt stop at the level cap wich is level 50. Aside from that, you need to choose a craft to make some money ingame and level that, so that will keep u busy for a while.

      Aion isnt a perfect game and its ofc Fantasy based but still i love the ninja style look of my assasin.

      • Actually I left 9D when AION came out though. I was playing it for awhile and loved it. Then I came back to 9D, because all my friends asking me. Anyway, I quitted and have come back to play AION for the last two months. Maybe it’s not the best MMO game out there now; however, it is way much better than 9D in any aspects. Oh yeah, less money to spend on it too 🙂 …

        …. 9D will eventually die out in the hand of those idiot staffs ….

      • I know what u mean Mosai,

        Ive returned to 9dalso for a brief moment but got back on my lvl 50 sorc on Aion and made me a new lvl 30 assasin wich i actually like better.

  15. MoSai :
    AION is a fantasy game, Blade & Soul will be martial arts.
    People who have money, have good PCs.
    Even addicted, you can get pissed off easy and move on.

    In rest, from the video it looks utterly beautiful.

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