Legend is back – with a lot of thoughts

Yes, that’s right.  I’m fully back from my trip, sooner than expected. And my mind is full of thoughts about 9Dragons.

While I was on my trip, I learned a lot about the human nature. I saw a lot people which would need my help – but where other people take my oppotunity away to help them. I saw many people which want to help other people, but make it worse, just because of their stupidity. And I saw a lot stupid people which just can’t use their brain.

All the time I thought, the Acclaim-guys are just arrogant to listen to other people and to know what’s the best. But I was wrong. I leaned, that many people just can’t use their brain right. It’s not possible.

The main reason, why it is not possible for such people to use their brain right, is because they just don’t want to. But that’s on everything in the life – If you don’t want something, you can’t get it.

I saw many things, especially on Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum, what I would like to write about, here in the Project AI Blog. But there was no time for me. Too many things to write about, and too little time.

But I was not away without to do anything for 9Dragons. I searched answers on the “underground” (if you want to call it like that).

Fugen aka Mugen, a mysterious guy, which nobody seems to know. But I do.

I remember Fugen from 2006. He was already on Acclaim’s staff back then, but just short time. Then he returned as new Game Manager, without any references (at least for the players). So, how the hell can a guy, which no player seems to know (or just the very old veteran ones), become so fast a Game Manager of 9Dragons (& 2Moons!)?

I know the reason. And I know who Fugen is. But I will keep quiet – yet.

The players want answers. And if Acclaim does not give answers, we will give them some other kind of answers, which every player like to know.

Even if I don’t publish it here and now, I’m pretty sure we will publish those infos sooner or later. Over 3 years on Acclaim’s 9Dragons, and they never realized a chance, and never listened to advices. And I don’t think they will this time.

But I got also other thoughts. We, the Project AI Blog authors, already talked about the future of 9Dragons. And we got some ideas, which we will tell about, when the time has come.

Everything needs the right time. So, dear readers, if there will not be  some actions from Acclaim, there will be some actions from us.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


23 responses to “Legend is back – with a lot of thoughts

  1. Is interesting to know who really Fugen is, what he do. But, I believe he is another no name in game industry. WB Legend, have fun again in 9d.

  2. Legend don’t be so bad with us and keep us in the shadow. Post a picture wuth Fugen too if you have as you guys did with Historian. When we have a face, we can see through it. Welcome back mate, keep the good work.

  3. Acclaim will always think they know the best for the game and they don’t know it. Much of their arrogance came from this attitude. I would like to know who is this Fugen and what he did before to be a game manager of 9dragons.

  4. Wb, Legend, the vaga and tell us some day who is Fugen. He should take your offer of helping 9dragons. More than anyone you know a lot about this game and put a lot of effort for players.

  5. You have made me curious Legend, will not be like I imagine I am sure. Give us a clue, where he work at ? What he did ? He see only one side, like the horse, in front.

  6. It is great to have you back Legend, tell me if Fugen is a hot guy or not. He looks cool or is a old man ? Link a picture if you can, I want to see how he looks like. It he fat like Historian ? You are right, we need some answers.

  7. Angelita don’t make yourself so many illusions. All Acclaim boys and girls looks like hell. 300 pounds or nerd look. I think Fugen is not an exception.

    “The players want answers. And if Acclaim does not give answers, we will give them some other kind of answers, which every player like to know.”

    We want them, but I think we will never get it.

  8. everybody agreed that Acclaim is not brilliant as game company.Fugen is not a populist type but I would love to know his past.

  9. Ziyi that is damm funny. Welcome back among us Legend. When you was gone, nothing much happen with Acclaim, same old routine. I am also very curious to know the real identity of Fugen. I hope you will publish it.

  10. Well Ziyi that is gay. I think Fugen is Hermit man of trust. hermit knows him in real life, I mean SEA, maybe on of his collaborators.

  11. I know what I will say will sound gay, but maybe Fugen is the lover of SEA. those writers have a tendency to be gay.

  12. Welcome back and have fun again ! I really hope you will write who si Fugen, to see how the man behind the changes in 9dragons looks like, how he is, what he do in real life, except a game manager job.

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