The Hermit Speaks… futuristic money

I begin this update notice with much optimism and the desire to keep all citizens of The Land informed.

Regarding Tibet: This very tired Hermit has now completed the remastering of all the text Indy21 has sent us. The cause of the delay was that Acclaim received a massive batch of quests and related text (literally an entire novel’s worth) to be first translated and then remastered from Korean to English. When translation was finally 100% complete we became aware that the bulk of it was not in fact related to Tibet, but hundreds of quests and related text that were missing throughout the game. All of it is now complete from Acclaim’s end (including Tibet) and delivered. Indy21 will now enter the text into our game and deliver it for testing. I am loathe to put a time frame on how long this shall take, but I am optimistic it shall not take very long. Hopefully, their successful introduction of Tibet to Taiwan 9D has all, or at least the majority of the bugs, sorted. They did a great job on the last patch, so again I am optimistic.

So the translation was not ready in January or February but only now in March …If it took so many months to translate, imagine how long will take to test the map … veterans say summer… in the most optimistic calculation.

Regarding Balance: Indy21 has now taken interest in the balance of our game and has requested a slew of information from us regarding the issue; including the percentages of each class on each server and at which levels they currently stand. We have GM Phew to thank for this. A few options may or may not ensue in this regard. The most likely will be the creation of Defense Trinkets, geared toward each class. These will likely be available as both Item Mall Items (for the impatient) as well as Dungeon Drops (for the skilled and determined).

Serious now … defense trinkets in the mall? Expires after 15 days? Nice strategy. As regarding Dungeouns Drops, be sure that no one will get them easy, we wil have low drop rates. It is normal for Acclaim to sell them than to give them for free. And after 3 years of complaints  Indy21 is taken interest in the balance of the game? (LAUGH).

Regarding Bugs: Acclaim is currently creating a Master Bug List for Indy21, in the hope we will have a sweeping fix of all bugs from missing text on up to Chi Breathing. We are considering opening up a special section of the Forum that will deal only with bugs. Those players who wish to assist in creating the Master Bug List will be given special instructions on how to post. Please do not begin posting yet, this will need to be handled in a very specific manner so that it may be an instrument for fixing all that ails The Land.

Hermit forget that there is a special section on the forum: “Report a bug” which have 409 pages…I hope to find there an enlightened mind to write a bug report as it is “at the book” and give an example for the rest to follow.

Regarding the next map: Indy21 is creating a “Last Man Standing” PVP Map at our request. We wanted a map with one simple rule: Once you die you cannot resurrect there. Once we have this we can host many events which we have wished to host but could not; especially Clan Warfare. For this purpose, we will soon be posting instructions for each clan on each server to designate Warlords and Ambassadors. We shall keep you posted on how we would like each clan to go about this process.

We don’t have Tibet or pvp balance, yet the Hermit have hopes for another map than Tibet…hell, this is more than “futuristically wrong”. New positions for warlords and ambassadors will be open soon… when this kind of map will be release also will be soon…

Regarding Vagabonds: We are planning our next Vagabond Only Event. This one will be suitable for Vagabond’s who have proven their courage and dedication and reached Level 100. The Quest will be quite difficult but the rewards shall be worth it for those who can successfully master it

After so many news, Hermit reflects on vagabonds,those who were left out of events, but the “bigges” from Acclaim use their names and makes events in their names …They will not have improvements or new skills, but an event. Maybe another TGW or something…

These are the reasons for my current optimism. I hope you may share it.

Congratulation TheHermit… In my opinion your speaking is quite “emo” and lost a lot of credibility. You want to know why ? I tell you : you just speak and speak, and do nothing. You think you can keep 9dragons clients only with words ? People will get tired if they are not already and will say “bye” to your game service as many already did.At the end of the year when Acclaim will make the accounting expertise and will see the revenue / expense of 9Dragons … I am curious how will be motivated the failure of 9Dragons in 2010. Making promotions after promotions for a map that was not even tested (Tibet) is outrageous. Is there any passion left or it is only about money?


28 responses to “The Hermit Speaks… futuristic money

  1. I don’t understand why hermit is tired, he is pay to make his job and his job is to entertain us not to just lie and lie. When Tibet will be release ? He don’t know… than why he represent Acclaim ?

  2. Many of us in here are veterans and have a history of Acclaim and his people. Hermit is no exception. They all come, promise us and than go away or get fired, kicked. Hermit should change his place with one from politic. After so many years I came with a conclusion : lie back.

  3. ST is right, Hermit speaks a lot about futuristic money and how to do it. Acclaim will not get tons of money for one reasion , they are not serious. you pay more money for a game free to play than for one pay to play. Hermit lost his credibility a long time ago in my eyes, what he say now has no value.

  4. All I want to say is that I am tired of Acclaim and his employees. always is somwthing and always we don’t have a date when they will fix the game.

  5. Many of Acclaim people just came and go after… if Hermit will not make aenough money, he will go so I am sure everything he thinks for the future will be releated with mone. It is good he inform us, but bad because he can’t say a time, soon… is already a word with a bad past.

  6. Ofc it is no passion for this game only money, in fact now is a community negative reaction and no new players are coming to play because in 3 years players already told others to stay away for 9dragons. This game ended as a huge bug and can’t be play. One of the reason is unbalance pvp. PS players quite too, no grind, no pvp, just boring around and hanging on Jade Dinasty.

  7. Questions:
    1.Tibet map will be out in March: Yes or No.
    2.New pvp balance system will be implement with the new map : Yes or No.
    3.New balance items will drop in all dungeons ?: Yes or No.
    4.Drop rate of items & exp rate will increase ? Xp cards will be out of game ? : Yes or No.

  8. The answer to your questions will be SOON Wei. I hope they will get a chi kung deff trinket for warriors, no a simple deff one. That will not be an balance item.

  9. I am glat on this blog we have veterans who see more than the glass. After so many years we don’t deserve just soon, we desearve answers with a time limit. Yes or No, why is so hard to answer from Acclaim part?

  10. The map will last one standing sounds tempting, but with pvp balance for it. I wait for the new map but one thing that I have learned from Acclaim is don’t expect too much from them.

  11. I am h12 with chi bug for a long time and I am bored, nothing to do in 9dragons. SRS sucks, always bug at boss, all mobs are blue, pvp sucks for others roles except nukers so what is out there more to do from my part ? I don’t even log much in 9dragons and no more money for Acclaim, because I don’t have nothing to spend on. That Hermit post is a joke… soon + soon+ soon = eternity.

  12. Hermit trys a reconciliation with the players, but still he have to do something and not just talk. You want roughly money from this game? Do not play entangled in words.

  13. it is funny that SEA learns from mistakes half way. yes, is a good thing that to inform the players, but you need action too… soon I guess 😛

  14. Where is no truth, nothing is. I often feel tired when I came from work and just want to play this game. Often is not possible because of error code, bugs or you get swear in BP with PVP unbalance. At some point all gather and you feel to hit a wall. Often I simply shut down the PC and go to sleep … not worth it. A game is meant for fun, not to get angry. With Acclaim is not possible.

    Hermit… will break his promise again.

  15. What Hermit promised will be possible in 2011 or the year after in the rhythm in which Acclaim works with Indy21. Is funny as hell that Indy21 after so many years just ‘found’ pvp unbalance. If they need it 3 years to just ‘find’ something I don’t want to imagine how many more to fix it. Sucks so much how they do the work.

  16. As you guys and girls notice, 9dragons is becoming a sad game. Things are repeated there is no solution.

  17. I am pessimistic about these changes. I like what kreatur01 said, if Acclaim with Indy21 need 3 years just to ascertain one aspect of game, they will need a lot of time to fix it. Patience also have limits.

  18. I sow this post on forum too and noobs moderators and VGMs with alts made their colonies on forum. The wave was negative and pessimistic from players and than they migrate in waves, , and proceed to clog up bandwidth with stupid ‘kissing’ and sometimes even stupid replys.It is clear Hermit wants to make players stay in this buggy game but in same time some arrogants from official team have the reply fix ‘ If you don’t like move, or quit’. That is the most stupid reply ever. And we are stupid people because we allow them to play with our money.

  19. TheHermit can’t make up with the frustration of angry players so he promise more. He is just like a politician. Promise more and do less. Politicians are subject to a vote from players and Acclaim to money. Players will not pay money for this game in the future and that is my forecast. Why? Active population of the game fell a lot since 2007.

  20. I didn’t wrote from a long time on this blog, but I see since it started, much didn’t change when people talk about Acclaim. SWOT is the acronym for the English words “Strengthts” (forces, strengths), “weaknesses” (Weaknesses, Weaknesses), “Opportunities” (Opportunity, Equal) and “Threats” (threats). The first two concern the company and reflects its position and the last two on the environment and reflected its impact on business activity.

    S=all events, actions are oriented fo money making
    W= too many to tell all
    O= lying
    T = players rebellion

    Now put all this in Hermit words and you will see that all goes for what I said.

  21. What Dave said is quite true. Acclaim unfortunately don’t seriously analyze their objectives and they mock their active players. Time passes, and players accumulation will have the result of a snowball. You are what you speak off. I do not know how Hermit still has the courage to say something. He lost the credibility in veterans community for a long ttime. Maybe new players are impressed, but not the veterans.
    Cheer up people maybe good times will come for this game too.Soon of course!!

  22. A simple answer to ST end question : all is about money. The only passion left is the passion of players.

  23. I like the idea of a new pvp map on Bardo. The great pvp players as Intimate or others whites naabys will go down easy.

  24. “I begin this update notice with much optimism and the desire to keep all citizens of The Land informed.”

    Citizens… remembers me of Rome and Hermit in the role of Caesar ! Urbis and Orbs, the center of the ancient world… 9dragons is like the periphery… with slaves and so on !

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