theanalyzer aka SacredChick – A banned VGM?

Many of you know it already, the List of Known Hackers of 9Dragons.

On Bardo, you can see below, that the player with the ID theanalyzer was catched on his character SacredChick for using hacks, bugs, exploids, or anything illegal else.

BUT – theanalyzer is also a VGM. And the GMs are thinking about to change SacredChick’s InGameName and to unban him again.

Many will agree with me: Either, the rules are for all, or the rules are for no one.

If the GMs will really change SacredChick’s IGN and unban him again, just because he’s a VGM, then we will find it out.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


23 responses to “theanalyzer aka SacredChick – A banned VGM?

  1. I really hope they will not unban Sacred.
    Either way I can assume that YES VGM , DO gain an unfair advantage =/

  2. I remember sedbona made a video on Sacred Chick, Macro Chick or something like that. He was hacking from that time, but Acclaim didn’t bother to check him up.

  3. SC si another wanna-be shemale from black clan which don’t impress me much. Permanent ban for hacking !

  4. Legend belive me, if Gms will change SC name in game, we will know it in a second, he is too stupid to shut it up. His intelligence is at hen level. He is an abuse kid who stays with his momy and plays 9dragons all day. I bet he said he will suicide if Gms will not unban him.

  5. And again the camarilla of Acclaim works … the pieces are put in motion for a happy ending. These things make me sick.

  6. Bang, band, kill the Chick. Sacred Chick is a gay name loz. Who could call himself like this ? VGM or no, if he used hacks he should be baned forever with no possibility to play again, ban his IP also.

  7. Rules are for all, no without favoritism. Player, VGM, moderator, if you are hacking, using illegal exploits, as many did it, you have to pay with your account. I like Fugen for doing this, I hope the others will not unban theanalyzer.

  8. theanalyzer always belive he is the smart guy, now he got a bite in the dust. nice Fugen, let’s see how much you can hang up till you will ban all VGHM team. they all deserve it.

  9. Acclaim must put a line and stop what is going on with players which exploits this game. Those players ended on that list doing something bad and I think they don’t deserve a second chance or another chance. If you do bad, you end up in a bad situation.

  10. I love to see Fugen in action baning some hackers and macro users.Go, go Fugen. From Bardo list 80% are black clan.

  11. any hacker will not be un-banned. if they were stupid enough to hack they deserve perm ban. it doesnt matter if they are VGMs or mods.

  12. As far as I know Sacred Chick just used macro for the buffs, as many others use it. I don’t understand why only some players get ban and others don’t. Lots of JTs and whites use it too.

    • LOL-post Legend. this troll cave is really funny. a wannabe UF (ie UF rulz) trying to diss blacks/JT in other threads and now pretending to know me….

      about this drama – i guess that is who JuG is referring to at the forum thread he created.

      so lets make it clear for the record:

      no, i never used any macro for whatsoever reason.
      yes, im a VGM.

      1 statement is a lie, 1 statement is the truth. go figure.

      and i hope they do unban me, would be lovely to see one of you go kill yourselves lol…

  13. I have 2 questions:
    How you think Sacred Chick is VGM? Have someone noticed the behaviour/language/attitude of that player in game? I doubt that he has the VGM tag on one of the chars or else, I am sorry to say, the standards have fallen so drastic…
    I am not sure either that theanalyzer is SacredChick… I thought SC is middy (forum) @@…
    Fungen can make mistakes when he xx/dash the alts of players…u know?
    Is there someone that can prove this identityes?

  14. AkiSakura, middy2 is theanalyzer aka Sacred Chick. Once he had it in signature = middy2, ex theanalyzer. As for VGM I only know he said to some people he his a VGM. He is from Tehran.

  15. Fugen said that hes not a VGM,if he was VGM he would be also removed from the VGM Team.
    The ony thing i know well about that person is..hes a complete retard xDD
    He mostly uses ” fag ” word as insult,on the internet here,
    normally a person uses a word that he hates as weapon,so i guess hes a real Fag in real life lmao.
    Havent seen him yet,many ppl asked him to show his beephead on destiny forum but he didnt,interesting hahahha xD

  16. Hehe, SC come and say “yes, I am a VGM”. JuG say that “Fugen said he is not a VGM”…
    Who lie and who says the truth?
    Fugen to cover a VGM that played fowl?
    or Sacred Chick impersonate a VGM?
    Lovely…more shadow and more drama 😀
    In any case, none is a desired scenario.
    Anyway, in case SC is a VGM, listen and advice: an VGM is there to help. Your help is biased towards your m8’s only (if there is one) and your language and attitude used in game bring no respect but a shadow over the VGM team once again ….

  17. Let me make this completely clear:

    SacredChick is not a VGM. Rather an impersonator who can’t get their account back no matter how much he/she begged to get it back. It’s just not happenin, get over it. Make another account and grind all over, thats your best bet. There was a issue where people were released but Fugen stated that he re-banned those people as he isn’t like others and doesn’t go back on perma-bans. So your efforts are hopeless.
    If you wasn’t macro’ing, hacking, scamming or whatever it is you did to get yourself permanent banned. There wouldn’t be time for this convo. And if we were to use our common sense we would see how this “SacredChick” is saying that he/she is a VGM. If your labeled as a hacker, how would you still be on the team? Theres been plenty of people removed from the VGM team cause they was caught doing something illegal, and your no different. So drop the front, you’ve been exposed for the loser you are.

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