Let’s talk about Tibet again

For several weeks Acclaim promote a lot the Tibet map : “buy package of refining for Tibet, 30% off mall, 50% off mall” and so on.Yet is march already and no map.We know that Acclaim is special but honestly speaking they just lie and lie repeatedly.

What does ”to lie” means?

“Lying to your benefit is a fraud, a lie for the benefit of someone else is a fraud, a lie to harm is libel and from all varieties of lies, it is the most despicable.  To lie without making any damage to you or to others it is not lying, it’s fiction.” (J.J. Rousseau)

When Acclaim lies ( from the small lies to the big ones) is intentionally? A lie means by definition to deceive, but not all forms of deceiving means to lie. The language of “a lie” is often complex and create confusion, according to the very nature of the subject.And we all know that everybody is lying in a form or anothers. Starting from the trivial remark “Oh, dear, how good you look today” that can be an “innocent” lie you can end up to lie with one aim resorting to  inventions.

Till now we have only Hermit words and broken promise to release Tibet in december 2009. On Acclaim last promotion ” 9D Promos & Events – 3/5/10 – 3/11/10 – 30% Off Mystery” I sow again the word ” SOON”. What GM Fugen is saying in there ?

” The Hermit is trekking through Tibet…He promises that soon, you will be able to explore its mysteries”.

Than :

Acclaim wants to make all active players h12 100% till Tibet ? For once they have thought what harm have XP cards combined with 5x events on game enviroments? How many h12 100% or PS Tibet can hold on? How many people will grind at PS mobs spot? Map will crash like LD. Or Acclaim will keep the h 12 100% bug few weeks after Tibet will be release?

So Tibet, to be or not to be in march ? That is the question.


20 responses to “Let’s talk about Tibet again

  1. If you speak about Acclaim you speak about lies, it is genetical. This company makes you lie and make promises which soon or later will be broken.

  2. I am PS2 for en eternity and I am bored like hell.I don’t know what will do Acclaim about the new map but for sure will crash like Ld did.

  3. I will bet that Tibet will be release with 1000 bugs. For Acclaim all is SOON, maybe we should give them money SOON too.

  4. Guys you know chronic diseases? That way Acclaim lies us.Chronic bersec. I just came from Bardo, SRS round…bugged.

  5. Acclaim lacks seriousness. It’s a low cost company that does not comply and do not meet the requirements of clients. Many of players will give up 9dragons because of this. If you don’t honor the promises people will remember you as an untrustworthy man. Right now Hermit is like that.

  6. unfortunately people who don’t have links with MMO industry are leading Acclaim and much of evil is for this reason. Tibet will come with a huge delay and with more money digging.

  7. From what I know, GMs don’t have the map to do tests, so I think everything is a lie. Sorry to see that Acclaim after the past experience can’t tell the truth to players. A lie still fades in the face of truth. The facts show that it all comes to lying again. Tibet can’t support hundreds of players who are PS1, PS2 or Hermit 12, 100, not on Acclaim’s servers.

  8. Right now Tibet map is a myth full of lies. If you remember Hermit promised in December that we will have a new map, in January said it translated to 95%, after, in February he said it’s all translated, and now in March they make promotions for Tibet. Ref. promos made me laugh the most… even with mall all stops at +7, +8.

  9. I am also very pessimistic when Acclaim talks about a new map, balance pvp, fixing the bugs, but I ahve many reason to be like that. As a veteran I sow a lot and I am not so easy to trick.

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