A lesson for 9D virtual humanity : free XP cards

An interesting event has just occurred, and needs to be rectified. It holds several lessons in Human nature for us.The test went live and the normal restrictions for 1 Item per player were bugged. This event lasted approximately 35 minutes. During this time, many players (108 to be exact) became aware of the bug and exploited it by gifting XP Cards to both themselves and other accounts. Now, this is a clear violation of our rules, and is a permanent ban offence. I have no doubt the players who exploited the bug were 100% aware that what they were doing was a wrongful act; though I also have little doubt that some of you will argue here that somehow Acclaim’s mistake entitled you to 500 free XP Cards. I assure you, it does not. And it certainly would not be fair to all the rest of the players if we allowed you to keep them.

We understand that it is Human Nature to take what you can for free, and we do not wish to permanently ban any players if it can be avoided. So as to guilt, let’s categorize this as a wrongful impulse, and we shall give those who followed through on that impulse a chance to redeem themselves.

And this is the human nature of some 9Dragons players :

kyatso1, took over 400 XP cards  using that bug and even gifted to others players

I gifted around 250 – 300 cards to ppl and they might not see this, and I dont wanna be the one they blame for being banned -.-

Humans asks what is the difference between them and other entities (objects & nature), what is the difference between a human  and an animal or a thing? Through these interrogations we can reflect on human nature.Aristotle says that a human is social by nature, because each of us has the instinct to form communities.Rousseau puts the question : human movement from a natural state (in which all people are equal) to an artificial state, that of human society (which requires the inequality between men) is beneficial for a human being? Real human nature is not social, but a primitive one.Blaise Pascal compare the humans with nothingness and infinity: the man is “nothing compared to infinity, all in comparison with nothingness.”
After 1 day of “human” thinking:
To restate our policy, if you got/were gifted 5 “free” XP cards, you can keep them — our bad. We will not be going after anybody who took or gifted one pack, so don’t worry about it. (here)
Today’s civilized man lay open at least some aspects of avarice. We can at most disguised it behind a generosity  nature to the extreme one :
kyatso1 :
Server: Bardo
Char name: Ju-Chenin
Cards: 1 stack of 5 cards
Server: Bardo
Char name: Yuumii
Cards: 418 cards (2 used before any of these notices)
Server: Bardo
Char name: helly3
Cards: 1 stack of 5 cards
Server: Bardo
Char name: helly4
Cards: 1 stack of 5 cards
Server: Bardo
Char name: HJELLUOP
Cards: 1 stack of 5 cards
Server: Bardo
Char name: gustav1
Cards: 1 stack of 5 cards
Server: Bardo
Char name: Kyatso
Cards: 1 stack of 5 cards
Server: Bardo
Char name: gsaggggg
Cards: 1 stack of 5 cards

As Hermit said, the event last 35 min. Yet :

1.Character: Arslaan

Server: Bardo

No. of cards: 1019

First bag

2.ID: chrispower

character: chrispower

server: bardo

1st bag, 1st and 2nd slot, 255+213 exp cards to be deleted. used 2 by mistake.

3.char name: Lushk

server: Bardo

i received 975 xp cards from username: angelitto/angelittoo; these are 2 accounts, not sure how many i received from one or the other….i used 2 cards by mistake…the cards are in my 1st 3slots of the bag. enjoy taking them back, you deserve them.




1130 cards (5 cards bought for free, not gifted)



855 :O


1018 Xp cards in this char’s Bag

Gifted To:

IGN: XxEspenxX

1016 xp cards in highest char’s bag

7. Acc: v4ce

server: Asura

Exp card gifted to myself: 1184

Exp card gifted to 2 friends: about 40 each

Really guys & girls… 50 euro is 50 cards, you think that someone can get away with 1130 cards without paying for them? You know how much real money those cost ? When it comes to money, Acclaim is capable of everything. There is no humanity when we talk about money.Anyway, thanks to Acclaim we sow the alts of so many people from 9Dragons game and half of them are from Bardo. I really enjoy this :

i believe … were from gifting to myself…
So much greed…

16 responses to “A lesson for 9D virtual humanity : free XP cards

  1. this is Acclaim lol… I think as you said in the topic that Acclaim will not pass something when comes to money. ban all !

  2. The Seven Deadly Sins in a human namely:
    wrath, GREED, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

    Guess greed took over most of us 😆

  3. Well, people will always try to abuse the system, like they did with the translations, free sms codes, multiple chars for gift events, nukers spots, macros, FC PQ and so on. Is human nature too, indeed, but Acclame has cultivated the feeling that you can get away with most stuff by their lax nature and incompetence over time…

  4. I agree that all is about greed. I can’t imagine how they think will get away from Acclaim with so many XP cards for free. Now some will be baned, some will have a big – in coins.

  5. A humanity gesture from Acclaim part would be to give all players 5 free XP cards. It is not fair those who exploited the bug to have an unfair advantage over honest players. 5 XP cards used at 5X is 1 or 2 levels in advance from others players. Why those who exploited the bug to keep them? I don’t understand the reason.

  6. I will want to see how many people will get ban over this, in those topics on the forum are not 108 players with self-report.

  7. I knew about this exploit but I didn’t use it because it wouldn’t take you anywhere, money are money and so much money lost will not be overlooked.

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