[GM]Fugen meet his angry players – Part 2 – Cui bono ?

In the time that Legend was griding and heard the roars, I was in Hefei, in the middle of conflict. In my mind were some words : if you want to be a good leader, learn how to treat people and how to deal with conflict situations that seem hopeless. And that was one of them.It was a test for Fugen. How he move over it, remains to be seen.

He spown 3 TGW, 2 were “ks” by nukers ( one white, one black) and 1 was taken by a black warrior.One unhappy player will automatically affect the whole system of game ( especially if it a leader), so it is extremely important for a game community as Fugen is, to pay attention to the needs of players.

There were several issues that were raised at this event failed, in my view, problems that will happen again :

1.The rules of event should not be posted on Twitter, not all community read 9Dragons twitter. The rules should be announced some time ( 1 day or so) before the beginning of event, not some minutes before.

2.Even if we like it, even if we do not like, nukers are part of the community, so their exclusion from an event that should be for all players is not normal.

3.Baning players on some people words it is not good for health… Taking this eg., black clan roar a lot to ban people from white clan, who took attitudine against what happen.We take for eg. SacredChick ( ex theanalyzer on forum) who for start played a white wu tang warrior and jump from band to band and because he couldn’t get any fame or attention he made a SF black nuker and began a campaign of denigration of the leaders of the white black.  On TGW event, he chatting in Hefei non-stop asking Fugen to bann Kalzion, Shalimar, Cuba Libre & others. Fugen had GM tools available to verify who took TGW epithet and that is why I don’t understand his question : “WHO TOOK IT ? ” and some of his reactions.

4. Even the nukers would not “ks” the boss, the “greedy” players would have “ks”. They need money and they need loot, so one way or another we have same question : WHAT KIND OF EVENT IS IT ? CUI BONO (WHO BENEFITS) ?

5.This event led to social exclusion and malice among the players. Fugen should think a lot about this part next time he wants to do something like this.

As for piking in safe zone, we have two sides of story :

– players who pk players without a penality

– players who pk players with penality

Fugen rules are for nothing… the drama goes on.

New : black and whites trade the “ss” of “pk”. Goes like this : ” I have ss of you or X, Y, Z, if you send mine, I send theirs” and now they start to pk with mask on in safe zone ( on Bardo you can see Ah-Pei aka ex sarah who is doing this, she couldn’t get enough of safe zone pk). There are GMs tool to check that too as I know. But in the end who cares?


67 responses to “[GM]Fugen meet his angry players – Part 2 – Cui bono ?

  1. Sacred Chick aka Macro Chick or whatever is a shamale boy who lives with his momy and because he has no money and can’t get a life plays non stop the game. He wants to ban the whites as a revange because they didn’t like him when he was there. And Ah-Pei aka sarah is the worst of all, she had princess complex but she was rejected. After she was the GF of Raidenita, was the sclave of Gforce and now the sclave of blacks. She stole all Gforce relics and others items. In fact she stole all from Elites banck account and move to black clan to get revenge on those she said she is a “nothing”. And she is. We had right from the start : she lied when she said she left the game. This game was her life.

  2. Me and Cora are friends for a long time and we both know well sarah. She is the perfect “virtual whore” who prostitute herself over items and faime. She has a big ego and couldn’t stand after Gforce left and the old Elites moved her away. She was thrown out like trash in the shadow, but she deserve it. Because she couldn’t stand it she became black slave and kill those who once “loved”. I think she has Gforce account and Raidenita one too and from time to time she logs on those.

    Cui bono the event?
    To non-lifers.

  3. Kalzion was cool in ss. I don’t think that Fugen will do safe zone a “safe one”. Players defy him and his rules.

  4. Any person without invincible prejudice who had the same experience would come to the same broadrezult, viz., that some of the things that Fugen wants to do held impossible do actually occur. The really serious problem here is assimilation by 9d players.

  5. however painful it may be for me to accept this conclusion, I am obliged to state it: for the 9Dragons players in America and Europe there is only one destiny. And it is Acclame!

  6. With all do respect, CoraM, you are wrong in your statements. If you were Elites for as long as I am, you will know better. I was in Elites since lvl cap was CS, i have Gforce as master and I know very well the internal kitchen (better than you and than SweetAngelita that underline your statement just because is your friend). And I know Sarah. The words you wrote here are unjust, unfair and offensive.
    She never took anything from league, from Gforce, from no one. When I was splitting pills (when a pill was 2-3 mills) to ppl for SvS , Sarah always refused to take some for her. Elites is not SR, Elites never had league storrage/bank. All was splitted in league. Allways! Do not defame ppl that you don;t like cos of personal reasons.
    Even if Sarah chosed black clan now (after her return) under the name of Ah_Pei, she never hided her idenitity. She never played foul towards their ex-league members and friends. She was never thrown out of Elites, but contrary.
    If you played this game for long as a vet you will know the times when in BP was Elites warring , having Sarah and Gforce as their icon (and an icon was and will be for a long time).
    Are moments when I understand her attitude towards white clans/leagues and even if I feel sometime the same (some ppl just make me be ashamed of being white) I have other ways to deal with them. 90% of moments I feel like kill them but as a white it’s just feel wrong. 90% time play I feel like leaving or switching clans so i can kill them with no remorse of killing my kin. The only difference is that my “glass” is not full yet with the last drop.
    Sarah have respect for Elites members, never attacked (at least me) in BP, or if smth happened was pvp (when ppl talk about it and agree both sides), Even after she fighted Po1son in BP and was a hard fight, they both logged on league forum and had a laugh ans a joke about it.
    Don’t judge and throw stones if you are not spotless. And never make accusations if you don;t belong to a league to know the internal league issues/kitcken. All are rumours and suppositions, as Sarah was a strong warrior before and is a strong player now, hated by many enemyes, loved by many friends. Yes, JT and Elites are warring leagues. Yes, in BP are fights (this is the game). But outside all game related BvsW issues, Sarah never turned her back to her friends.
    Fyi , Rainde account belongs to Raiden (as he is the one who plays it). Gforce logs on elites forum to talk to the league as real life is more important than a flawed game.
    Apparently, I thought that ppl are objectif when comment smth. I see I am wrong. You made me loose even more respect from some of this blog users and some of white clans players.

  7. I am not SR, but I was in Elites and I know what I talk about. Many members from Elites don’t like her and will never. Let’s not forget the fact that half of Elites are in JT…Whatever, I don’t care, I said my opinion and only mine.

  8. Forgot something… the reason why Elites lost the svs to SR, was because of Gforce and sarah greed and that is a fact.

  9. AkiSakura, sarah was the puppy of Gforce, they shared account at least many said so. Anyway, she will always be seen as the traitor of white clan and the slave of blacks. Her behavior is kinda stupid : she is weak to pk in bp or what is going on ? I only see her pk in safe zone. She was a weak warrior and now she is a weak nuker.

    About pk in safe zone, we have another topic:

    It is vsery popular these days. I don’t agree with it.

  10. zzz, all u do here is trying to defame ppl, crap u say about sarah isnt even true
    for example she didnt even get Gforce’s relics (i know coz I bought them)
    even tho its hard for some of you to understand some ppl play for fun so does sarah and
    thats why she made a black char.. from what ive had understood
    so really once again. get some proof to back up your claims please!

  11. just because Fugen has GM tools doesnt mean he can find out who killed TGW. believe it or not killing bosses doesnt apear in logs as to who killed them. I know because I asked kane. Also stop talking *&^$ about Sarah. she is one of the nicest persons out there but you guys are too jealous. even tho she moved to blacks we dont attack her in BP since every Elites member is close to her.

    • iuli4n why to be jelous on a white trash ? she is a trash and a crap as Emma said. She don’t attack Elites, but you think the others whites cares? She kills the others whites and than when the high whites came she run or start pk in safe zone because she has no pride. You think she pk in safe zone for fun? No, she is a weak trash that is why she is doing that. She made that character to get some revenge on some whites who had more popularity than her, that is the only reason. She lied she left the game.

  12. Sarah is nice? she is a crap person. Elites is with the feet in 2 boats. They are black clan I am glad that UF took white svs and kick their azz. No white band will help them anymore. Loon band left Elites because of that black clan scandal. That is a bad thing for Elites face. and yes, sarah is a crap and will remain like that. nobody from whites liked her and never will. she couldn’t stand none too. she can go to hell.


  13. iuli you can see all epithets with GM tool and all logs, if you can’t those are not call GMs tools. You can see all the changes on a character at every moments. Post a ss that Kane said so…

    • well. I wont be posting it because its from a private conversation I had with him. so you will just have to believe me. if not fine.

  14. When I took all drops from TGW with my name on it and no epitet, i contacted support.
    I asked them who took it if not me…
    The answer was: provide us a SS with the ones that were hitting TGW and we can check their logs and tell you who.
    For finding out who took TGW you need to check individual logs of the ppl there. To do that, you need to know who was there. Not even in my case (was a wu tang base TGW) when were not more than 20-25 ppl on 2 TGW;s was not possible as my SS didn’t included everyone.
    In the case of a TGW hitted by 50 players, how can you check? You take the ones that appear in the SS with no mask and are visible than you browse the logs of all server?
    Even if they have the tools (the access to logs better said) they need to know who was there and who’s history/epi logs to check.
    Got it now?
    @ Emma, you should stop with the offensive words. They do you a bad image and they bring you no respect. As I said, you have no clue what you talking about and when someone from Elites tells you , you refuse to listen. You think you know things but all you do is to put together bits and pieces and create a crooked , inaccurate scenario.
    Elites is black?@@ Are you NP? The NP that cry at NoMercy that are black slaves and lovers?
    Me, iuli4n, Sulva, etc, none of us don;t hide our identity on this blog. You are…Emma? Pff…
    I am leader in Elites, and Hanshi-Dan is BM of HH. We are black? All Elites nukers with huge GK are black??? You get GK for killing whites???? Yes, ofc I have black char. Was made long ago as gw cam, I grind it for testing and relaxing. You know what for are the black chars of elites made? You have any ideea how a LM or a league took the game politics?
    You state that no whites will help Elites? What a crap….you mean NP or SR? Elites were allied in BP and for SvS to NoMercy, Anarkia when SR camed to help. And we appreciated their help. NP will not be in this white alliance cos the LM doesn;t want to. Where was NP when we were switching the HZ fort? Boog wants all for himself sadly, meantime NM, AxL+Zeblampa’s league and Elites were passing owner of HZ fort on common agreement. No LM from this leagues hitted another LM or member. Only NP was on killing spree in white lines.
    Being white till my bones doesn;t mean I have to hate!!!!!!!!!
    I have friends both sides, nice ppl, this doesn’t mean I must hate them cos they are black. I respect my enemyes and till now they showed me respect back.
    So go take your hate and white clan pride elsewhere.
    Your constant offensive statements makes me extremely sad and angry.

  15. @AkiSakura
    i don’t know you … and i am sure you don’t know NP.
    so don’t involve NP in your arguments of any kind.
    i got tired to see anonymous on Acclaim realms talking about a history that they did’t took part.
    Sadly only few veterans still play this game and the real history is amost forgotten.
    I will not bother to relate the real history of NP, SR, Elites, IA, Destiny, UF, HT and other great allies because this new generation of players don’t deserve to know it.

  16. AkiSakura I am offensive because I have many reason to be towards Elites and sarah.You think Sarah is the only one that have black clan character ? No, but she is the only one from so call “know” whites who pk whites. Look at Gene, Cougar, Blade & others. They all have black clan but with their black pk black. sarah is just a virtual “whore” as Cora, S.A. said it and Elites is no longer on white clan band. Whites ( the bands) will make soon an aliance with UF to retake the svs. In fact JT had an alliance with No Mercy for svs to hide Elites. I am curious why at the last white svs, when Elites lots it NP, SR didn’t help them… we all know the answer to that question. They know well Elites and they smell something is not right and didn’t came.

    • again bullshit…
      there never was an alllience between JT and NM, someone of NM made a band called Juggalo_Trops orso with the idea to not get pk’d on balcony (he was masked)
      but i even killed him myself since i know what our registed bandnames.

  17. With GM tool you can check if a player took or no the epithet, they said to send a ss because was more convenient for them Aki, not so much work for them.

    Back to subject, I think for the health of the game, Fugen should stop for now boss spown events and focus on Tibet map.

  18. boog is right, not many of the Bardo veterans are still around and the real history of those bands is known only by few. I bet few remembers that Elites crash because of the greed of the leaders, the leaders who never split the svs loot with band members. What you told about boog AkiSakura is in fact what Gforce did at svs, he took all for himself and to make money. Sarah didn’t took in front of others the loot, but Gforce always gave her 50%. Gforce took all and split with leaders ( they recieve few as a fact ). As of Elites and black, that is another long history. You remember Sword? He was black all the way to hell…and he was Elites in fact one with a word to say in Elites. You know what that one did ? He knew GW times, spy and pk whites on GW. In fact, sarah knew that account too and use it to ks GW. There are many things to know… I will stop here for now. Sarah never had dignity and integrity and will never have, that is why whites don’t respect her.

  19. Agree with you Seya, Fugen should focus on fixing the game and work on TIbet. He can make events when all is fixed.

    Pk in safe zone ? Only the guards will solve the problem.

  20. I will not enter in whites vs. black war or people on Bardo because I don’t know about it, but I will say few words : you will be remember in community memory by your actions.

    And yes, we are in march and no Tibet…only events that fails.

  21. I am in this game since early 2007 when my first char was a HD hyb. How long I must go back in this history to be “veteran” ? I was not here in Beta… pfff Or how many lowbies to pk in SZ or CC or how many offensive roars I must shout to be noticed lol? Booog, you talk about things that u presume no one knows them…or was there to see them.I am here for too long to see how the things are degraded to nothing (cos you mentioned the great allies and the great times) and I am not talking about things I have’t saw with my own eyes…If you don;t know me cos I don;t step into the trash as others this doesn’t make me anonymous. But this discussion is not about this….i am amazed to see how fast r u informed )as a non visitor of this blog) by your m8’s every time your name pops up (just like Evo and his search-bot for UF and Evolet names)
    You pop up to reply me with a deny at my only affirmation about you?Read it again. You didn;t even denyrd my words, as your other friends, all you do is to throw offenses. I don’t know the history? I know it very well, old and new. And at one thing I am agreeing with you only. This “new” times are crap.

  22. one more thing…
    Gforced ignored all Elites because of sarah
    many left Elites because of that, as I know
    UF will retake the fort and JT will disappear
    JT wants to be something they are not
    they hacked old whites Wei forum
    they have spy on new Wei forum to get the time
    JuG was in JT too, Pandora beggar, but he left, UF will pk him always

    • hmm why hiding your identity?

      we didnt hack any forum..
      we won’t disappear..
      yes JuG was in our league, just for fun and catchin up with some old friends
      dont see the big problem about that.. his black isnt his main char orso..

    • There’s no reason for JT to disappear O.o we’re just a fun pk league.
      We want to have fun, which is also why we invited JuG.. since he’s a cool dude and has been a friend for a long while. Don’t take the pk too seriously.. it’s just a game. If you get killed in BP you won’t die in real life ><
      I had access to old white wei forum, why would i hack it? 😀 Also i suck with computers so hacking that would be an impossible task for me.
      Why would i have spy on new forum, if i got access to it since i'm one of the few people that post times there? 😀

      I really dont see why ppl talk bad about sarah, she's a nice girl and does what she has to do as a black, which is pking whites. That doesn't mean she's a traitor… O.o
      I'm proud to have her in my league 😀

      I even got ppl in my league with white chars that i still pk on their whites, since that's the game.. they try to pk me as well ofc else it wouldn't be any fun 😛

      This "UF rulez" person sounds like some dude that just wants to make a war between UF and JT, probably not even a real UF guy otherwise he would know that JT, UF, destiny, FD, december & WoW are allied at wei and that all the masters have rights on the wei forum =D

      As for the warrior only event, i liked it. I even went there with my warrior to yy + dmg buff friends that tried. Even did a quick relog to my nuker to also give BS to some ppl. I didn't try to KS, since it's a chance for melee players to get the epithet and that doesn't happen that often. I remember when i had TGW i was so happy seeing all the whispers and roars and my name in notice, i wouldn't want to take that away from others for a lame drop 😛

      and since it's on this blog i'll probably get flamed now xD

      • You whant to know Shanny why JT will vanish ? Because gather all traitors and scumbags from both black and white . Some day the egos will explode. And JT hacked SU forum, is a long story but is a true one, also they pretend they are some people they were not, like some whites. Iulian you think that you have high access to Wei forum to see the hours? Yet, you think you know the real forum of Wei ? Think again.

      • Shanny you forgot to mention that in your league you have ex Destiny and ex UF and a bunch of people who are a mockery to the game. If you like so much sarah I suggest a virtual sex, she will do it for a BBOE, not like she didn’t make it before.

  23. UF Rulez or whatever ur name is…brotha,u dont even have the balls to show ur real identity..
    Dont talk bs,also i didnt get one part…UF will pk me always or ill pk em always?
    Cos im not thinkin to stop atacking u tards and not sure if even i will lmao
    The only thing that made u guys strong is Exp cards and the endless 5xp events..

    Also yes,i was in JT,bcos of some friends but i had trouble with some people so i left.

    • So JuG you joined blacks to pk whites even your main is white ? How can you talk to your friends in white clan after you did this? I don’t understand your logic. Fun is not a justification. For doing this you really are a low player in my eyes. You sure you are the real JuG? The old one would never do it, but people change.

      • Oh noes…a black char pking a white char.
        Seriously, so what if he pks whites ?, its a black char.
        I’ve been pked many times by friends(on their black chars) who have white mains, its part of the B v W thing.
        But no, because he plays the game as it should be played you call him a “low player” LOL

        Nollock (Pandora)

  24. ever* goddam typos

    Also i forgot to add,the people that i had trouble were from white side not JT or black side,
    I Can join back JT whenever i want

  25. Yea Bardo is filled with hate. If you are white you are not allowed to “play the BvsW game relaxed and pvp and chat and kill and make a joke. You need to hate the opposite side…and this is sad. Myself I never hated the ones that killed me or I had to fight with. Players can be human behind their avatar too. Being leader in a warring white league never stopped me to have a laugh, a joke, a normal discussions with other ppl.
    And I can give you lot of examples:
    Evolet: we were fighting in CC on my wait to wei, from CC4 entrance to Wei spot. I was hitted by many but Evolet asked them to stop cos the fight was between me and him. They did but during fight I died cos of mobs. Evolete asked for rez and i got rezzed (no xp lost). Same when he killed my low lvl healer in CC. When he realised I am not on warr but on healer, he asked someone to rez me and said, “oh, I haven’t saw you are on healer”.
    Again, Shanny, chasing me at SvS screaming that to his m8’s “this kill is mine”, yet we can talk and have a joke like normal ppl…:D
    I can give many examples with many opponents, enemyes that showed me back the respect I showed them. Is nothing about hate, even if we fight everytime we enchounter eachother.
    Is a game and is not a hate marathon …Myself I am a sociable person, Maybe, not roaring trash and not stading up with aggresivity makes me look weak, but this is a false impression. I allawys fighted and I never stepped back from a nice fight…
    Proud to fight and die along Jug’s side too 🙂 (this is for you ^^ http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/8821/2009may04015733.jpg ). We never step back from fights, but see the chat, no one flames, cursed, etc. Is a normal chat…
    I cleaned hate from my system long time ago. I learned to play without it and my game improved.

    • AkiSakura, the game is white vs black or black vs white. When you fight with one side you make friends and enemies. Even in real life always will be sides and traitors.

  26. Aki is right, things have degraded to nothing 😦 because of this many of us have left
    sad that some people take things too seriously, it’s a game
    alot of hate here and on 9D forum also
    as for me i will be always on white side, close to 9D “community” and why not close to AI blog 🙂
    and again dear Aki 🙂 If i don’t write on this blog, that not mean i m not an visitor, u can not judge
    a person by how active he is on the forum /ai blog

  27. just one question coram. why do u complain when people call us rotards if u simplu act like one? screaming curse words at sarah in every direction?

  28. Well Aki and others,i have been away from this game for Five months,
    I Got back and forgot the moments that made me mad and so on..
    Well as i said,i joined em just bcos of couple people >.>

    @Coram,may i know who u are ?

  29. Yes JuG, I play since 2007 on Bardo and I have many characters all white side… that is all for you to know.

  30. Ok, this comments made my day lol, I’ve had a lot of fun reading this comments 😉
    I didn’t know if I had to answer or not, well guess what I choose?
    Ok first all I made a black and pk whites because whites always been a brunch of haters and complainers about everything. Lucky I am out of YOUR shits finally and I can play a game without following any drama.
    Anyway don’t forget that this is a “Game” and the fact that you need to stay here talking about me, my private life, and looking for reason to treath me like a criminal because I made a black char should scare more you than me…guys you need a good doctor! o.o

    Second….before to accuse someone of item stealing or prostitution please make sure to have some proofs. And avoid to lie masking your lies with phrases like “I heard that and this”.

    Third….clean your mouth with soap before talking about me, I am lucky my husband is not so stupid to believe to the dumb accuses you are making, but really… you are making yourselves ridicolous.

    Sarah aka Ah-Pei :)))

    • Why do you think I can’t speak about you? Like in real life when I go speak with my friends about another one, I can speak in here about it too . I can speak what I want, it is a free net after all. I take the responsability of what I speak.

  31. You guys don t even know what are you talking about.Elites?Why u keep focusing on things that old elites members are telling you are not like u say?
    Back on sara..why u care so much lol;you are a sort of unpaied paparazzi or what?she is just playing the game, sf or wt does it rly matter?Why u have to judge on her life or on her way to have fun?
    Stop shooting bs on ppl just from heard from other ppl.

  32. On topic: That just another mismanagement of event, they seriously need to work on management of events if they plan on doing some events like that in future.

    Off topic: Wasn’t this topic about Fugen and his angry players? Why did all of the sudden its directed towards sarah and other whites going black? leave them alone it’s thier choice after all its just a game and when you are playing a game you are not bound to restrictions by other players of playing a certain side. I seriously don’t know and don’t care if anyone stole anything if they did they know it deep inside them and they earned some bad karma in real life in doing so 😀 and please refrain from using such abusive language. Yes, you hate them you know that but that doesn’t mean you’d abuse them. Take those words to thier pm in game or somewhere else but not this blog. Don’t make this blog a medium of expressing your hate and anger against them, find some other medium.
    P.S. I m not a friend of any of those you accused.

    Flame on! 😀

  33. ello p-ai bloggers 😛

    eh i wanna make some things clear, so no rumors go about – not that i care much about it , but just for clarification

    i was never a band-hopper on my white, just went to ally league Henan Temple once at around GB and left Pandora at around CS8 to make band with a good friend, then joined Outcasts coz he asked me too. later he left, i left Outcasts later on. bandless till then.

    i played as long as i could on my white, helped/was active in Pandora as long as i could. i didnt need any fame or attention, as i was the admin of the league forum and i worked closely to improve Pandora in general. at the end stages of my time in Pandora, i was asked to become the league master of Pandora (such was the extent) by Eboshi. on my white, i cared only about Pandora as a league, not whites, not blacks. i hardly knew the outside game politics/events like wei and stuff, for what will i ask attention for? lol

    one thing i never liked about you Sedbona, is that you lie about your ‘ingame’ enemies. anyway >_>

    yeah i generally dont like the way white side’s plays pvp, they dont know how to organise and fight, they usually are fighting each other or trading…. the black side is still a bit better in this regard – if not the same.

    so, yeh thats it. now im in UF, and i try to help UF in whatever way i can like i did for Pandora.

    hf bb gg

  34. I don’t see how sedbona lie saying you are ‘Macro’ Chick, you got ban for hacking so everything was true…

  35. OMG Elites can go to hell And Sarah too I had respect for elites in 2007 until they pked me and my league yeah they where “neutral” fvck that they were no neutral Thank good UF beat the crap out of them in svs

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