[GM]Fugen meet his angry players – Part 1 – Est modus in rebus

“Est modus in rebus” is Latin and means “There is a measure in all things”.

Yesterday, during the 5x experience event on Bardo, our new Game Manager and Game Master Fugen met his angry players. It started with buffs. When the GMs buff the whole server, those who change maps or got a bad lag (not rare on Bardo) don’t get any buff. So, many started to cry about a rebuff. Fugen’s answer:

Acclaim don’t have many servers. In fact, 9Dragons is the first MMO for many people, which got just a few servers. Ergo, on events the servers are crowded. Too many players, too few mobs. So the people cried (what a surprise) for more mobs. Fugen’s answer:

Then, Fugen made a big publicity for Acclaim’s 9Dragons Twitter Channel. The answer of their players:

Of course Twitter is retarded, especially if it is a Twitter channel of Acclaim’s 9Dragons. The Game Manager itself got the time to make publicity for Twitter, but not to work on a better game. “Tibet map is on the way“, they say, but seems like a snail (animal) is bringing it to Acclaim from Korea. No wonder, if the Game Masters and the Game Manager aren’t working on it. That’s also the reason why the Tibet map is already almost 3 months too late.

However; Fugen seems to get pissed off by his players, which complain with a good reason.

You guys complain when we’re late

I can see it coming: No long time, and Fugen will be such an arrogant Game Manager like BluFlash and TheHistorian.

Some people would say now “Don’t say “You guys complain when we’re late”, say “Thank you for helping Acclaim with buying coins, and we’re sorry to be late”, you stupid piece of shit!” But I don’t say that. I just say “Try to say it different.” 😆

However; the GMs buffed the white and black clans with True General Wei buffs. But what about Vagabonds? Well, meanwhile there is a big amount of vagabond players, which pay a lot of money on this game. But still Vagabonds seems to be the shit for Acclaim.

After this line, which Fugen read for sure, he still felt like not buffing the clanless players, even if a high amount of so-called “GMs” and “VGMs” call themselfes “Vagabond”, even if they never played a vagabond character and don’t know how hard this path is. All just bigmouthed persons, everyone just a wannabe.

Then, Fugen spawned some True General Wei bosses. Of course, just nukers get the Killer Epithet, and many True Warriors, True Healers and True Hybrids started to complain (no point anyway for a True Vagabond to complain about True General Wei…). So Fugen wanted to give to non-nukers also some True General Wei bosses…

Bad idea, on a game where almost everyone plays an overpowered nuker. And there were still some problems with the server, like lags, disconnects, error codes, etc. Ergo, more complains:

And of course, the nukers showed Fugen, who’s the boss on 9Dragons: The overpowered nukers, and not the Game Masters, neither the Game Manager:

Ok, I will explain this situation…
After… don’t know, 2 or 3 years, of an overpowered role (called “nuker”), if you want to change something, a big chaos will start.

The overpowered role “Chi Kung Artist” is a normal thing for the most players meanwhile (excepting for the veterans, if there are still some unbanned ones which still play 9Dragons). It’s like the thing with the buffs on the events: Especially for the newbies, the buffs became something normal which HAVE to happen. It’s not a gift anymore, it’s a standard.

I can tell you already, if there will really be one day a “pvp balance” with the Tibet map, Acclaim will have a big chaos. Remember last time, when the pvp was balanced again, all nukers cried. What happened? Acclaim fixed it already after 1 day.

Of course the Acclaim staff will say now, then and always “They are never happy, they always complain“. But they forget that it’s their own fault. If they need so long time to fix a simple pvp balance, which other 9Dragons versions fixed already since long time, then such a “bug” become to something normal, to a standard.

Apropos “bug”… According to Acclaim’s rules, it is forbidden to use any bugs. But the nuker role is bugged, overpowered. According to Acclaim’s rules, all nukers would need to be banned, because they play an offered role. But of course Acclaim can’t do that, it’s their own fault, and to ban so many people is not possible for Acclaim: they would lose too much money.

I think, Electra- is right. Let’s think back… the old veteran GM Fugen aka Mugen, which was already a GM on the year 2006, but which left then (whyever), had the offer to become the new Game Manager. He knew, many players are angry about Acclaim, in many ways. Now, there are 2 possibilities: Either you try to be so nice as possible to your players, or you start the thing with arrogance, to show the people “Don’t fuck with me, or I will ban you”.

I don’t need to tell you, which possibility Fugen choosed. You can see it by yourself.

What started as “Cool new Game Manager” is now hated. The people want him to go away again:

Here he comes again, the most popular GM of the players, Ravenclaw. Why? I can tell you why. Ravenclaw try to help. He is rarely arrogant (at least not to the whole server) and he try to talk, and not to order people, which pay money.

Many of you readers asked already “Why does the Project AI Blog write good things about Ravenclaw? Are they friends?” My answer: No. We talked already some times with him, and I, for my part, had already very hard discussions with him. I don’t think, Ravenclaw met already such a person which gave him such hard words like I did. He even told me once, there was never a person which talked like that to him. But still, I write also some good things (also some bad ones) about him, in this blog. Why? Because he does a good work, sometimes. If other GMs, VGMs or moderators of the 9Dragons staff want to have a nice artice, here in the Project AI Blog, then they just have to act correct and to do a good work (means: a correct work to their players). It’s just that easy.

Some would agree with these lines, but I don’t think that’s the truth. Ravenclaw wrote already a few times on some roars, that he want pvp balance for the overpowered nukers, and that this “balance” is on the way.

Only thing I hate about Fugen…” Remember this line of Kalzion. This will be ironic for the 2nd part of this article.

And the fact he don’t warn you before using it” I remember Fugen yesterday saying, he will warn every nuker which uses a nukerspot. And if this person doesn’t move, he would use this venom skill. Now Fugen doesn’t hold his own word?

Then, a big swearing war against Fugen started in Hefei, just because of the True General Wei boss. We will write about this on the 2nd part of this article.

Fugen could not stand anymore those hard words, it seems. He called the players most popular GM and left. Ravenclaw came online:

Ravenclaw could indeed calm the players down, even if he didn’t know exactly what happened. And that‘s why he’s the most popular GM for the most players: He try to help if he can, he listen if he can, he work hard, and he act very rarely unfair.

But the story of [GM]Fugen and his angry players isn’t over yet. Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this article.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


30 responses to “[GM]Fugen meet his angry players – Part 1 – Est modus in rebus

  1. Acclaim give this game to nukers so now they have to deal with them. I hope Fugen took a doze of reality and will do something about it.

  2. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at TGW in Hefei. from 3 TGW even with Fugen ban, 2 were ks by nukers. Was very funny and Fugen with GM tools didn’t even knew who ks them. Lame !

  3. I see that Fugen is not so welcome on Bardo. As for nukers, they become arrogant and wants all because Acclaim made them like that. They will never stop and many new ones are very greedy for money and items and will ks all over again same boss.

  4. lol and lol again. Fugen had so many eg before him about arrogance and bad bahavior with players. he will not last if he starts with Historian things all over again. you gusy said before me : the reality of game is another thing, sometimes is even harder than you write on this blog. you guys got baned because you show everything and now Fugen can see it for himself, a virtual “slap” in his style.

  5. Nukers are like this because of Acclaim. They gave them all and they think everythign belongs to them, like GODs among the players. When the balance will come, we will see how many days will pass to go back to where we are now. I will quit this game for good if this happens. DB is on Korea now, soon for Europe. Many players will go there, many fans of DB are playing 9dragons.

    Fugen should stay out and get used with the game and players before changing and imposing something or his will.

  6. will see new Fugen soon, is already starting on forum’s =).
    Acclaim arrogance.

    also i loved this post, i can’t wait for 2nd part =)

  7. i got some chuckles too.
    yeah i agree, buffs are now normal is not suprise anymore, is not facisnating like old day’s, is all standard, before a x3 XP event was so cool, people always posted about x3 XP on forums saying “how was great event”, now x5 XP, is just normal, people don’t grind now at week just on weekend’s, server’s are empy at least Asura and Nirvana, Bardo don’t know.

    these buff’s, XP event’s are destroying game, well but only for veteran’s because for newbies is all great.

  8. Fugen needs to stop acting so reckless it isn’t winning him any fans besides the brown nose type on mirc.

  9. I know many of us don’t like nukers. but it is not fair to don’t let them be a part of a players event because they are nukers. This is not the solution to this problem, balancing the game it is. Fugen acts like a newbie.

  10. I wonder why the TGW spawn is not stopped? For SM nukers to get it and me as a almost H warr i watch it and get overdamaged with all buffs and ubergear i got:D I thought I am pretty pathetic but in the end I found out I am not. Even nukers in my league (like Cuba-Libre) prefere to ks instead of letting someone have it , cos they are full aware that, even if they give me all support is impossible atm, so why not ks it and prevent others wannabe nukers to have it? This is the actual mentality, and this will not change. To make it possible is either to rise the lvl of TGW, either to implement antiKS sys, even to give TGW an decent amount of ck def (as GC boss have).

    I never talked personally with Ravenclaw except “Raven, need mobs at 160-172, got cookyes” and he throw on my head 300 orange ones :D. All I know is that every time players were asking for mob bombs he grant their wished and all was fine. And the players were happy cos we were all aware of the decimating AoE partyes in Icy and the lack of mobs. He wasn;t maleable tho. If he stated “not possible” then was no possible. But no one hated him when he said “no”. This skill is called diplomacy and zero arrogance from his part. And for this, from my part, KUDOS to him.

    I have nothing againts Fugen’s actions but he need to work on the 2 attributes stated above: diplomacy and arrogance. More of one , less of other. And about using venom on nuker spots user’s with no warning…omg, go for it. (about the post: I am sure Kalzion wasn;t on nuker spot when he complained, but somewhere in BP ;p) As for BP, yea, he should give 1 warning to the SZ pk’er before venom him/her (someone stated that accidents might happent in SZ).

    We are under a dictatorship now ladyes and gents. And Fugen is Castro and Raven is El Comandante Che Guevara :D. And Cuba is a lovely country ,nice cigars, beautiful women, tonnes of cocaine abut still an communist country 😀

  11. Fugen needs to chill it off for some time, to take a break and think about what he has to do and what he has done till now. Having that attitude will not help him at all, in fact will put him in a bad position in community. Fix nukers bug and everything will be fine.

  12. I think I already said many times : “FUGEN TILL IS BALANCE, STOP THE BOSS SPOWNS, ONLY NUKERS CAN GET IT ! GOT IT?

  13. some roars don’t make Fugen honor, just make him looks bad, yet I have to say that Fugen wants to represent a picture of order and discipline.I understand his reason, but he do it in a bad way. Acclaim lives from players kindness so they have to keep the voice down.

  14. Well, there are many things I don’t like at this game and what is Acclaim employees are doing are one of them. Kane is loved by players because he made himself like that. He is good to players and they like him. Fugen from his first moments tried something like Historian. He will not last long like this. Players already don’t like him.

  15. I will put an apostrophe to a popular phrase : “give to players what belongs to players, and give to Acclaim what belongs to Acclaim.”

  16. dunno abt you, but i like some of the things he is doing. Venoming ppl who pk in safe zone? hell yes. Warn them? FCK NO. Its called a friggin safe zone, unless ur blind then maybe u deserve a warning but if ur not then no warning should be give, just venom the sucker and make him pay.
    As for the tgw event, the guy obviously depended on the gd intention from the nukers of bardo which he didnt get because nukers are “are very greedy for money and items and will ks all over again same boss” (well said wutang man). Ok most nukers are not assholes true but some of them like that cuba_libra dude are complete pricks who if i meet in real life will chop thier heads of with a pencil.
    Maybe he should do the same thing that was done during the vagabond event where vagabonds where warped to 5th floor CC instead this time he does it with healers/hybs/warriors. gd idea no? matter of fact, i am going to go suggest that on the forums soon. as for his all or nothing approach, I approve of that 100%. Regarding the ppl who asked for buffs, the server was warned before the buff (again this requires that u are able to read which something most of these “GM RE BUFF PLSSSSSSSSS” ppl seem to not do) so if u are warned that you are going to get a warned then you better sit ur a$$ down and wait to get the buff or risk changing maps and not get it and if you lagged well guess what, THAT YOUR OWN FVKIN PROBLEM. fix your internet or some sh!t.

    • Well, you post could be written different, without those bad words, but I agree with you. All pk’ers on the Safe Zone should be venomed without warning. But the problem is, Fugen wrote on Lions Roar that he will warn first. He should better tell the people that he will not warn the Safe Zone pk’ers.

      For the idea about warping the people into CC5, yes, it’s indeed a good idea. But it would be too much work for the GMs, to warp all non-nukers into CC5, which want to participate.

      By the way, I rarely met a nuker on Bardo which is a good person and not arrogant. Those are more the veteran ones.

  17. It is like in that novel, “people of God”. Fugen started good, but Acclaim already messed up so many things in this game. One of the thing they did bad was nukers power and everybody agree with me. The only thing they can’t do is tanking in SRS for epithet, the rest they can tank all dungeouns and get all bosses. The others roles are just outsiders.

  18. True Blur, others roles are pve base and nukers pvp. Pve is boring without pvp, but Acclaim never undestood this thing. If theyw ill make balance, than will be rich people and poor people again. I sow the post about new pvp items in mall and on grind. Many people don’t have money for mall so will be a difference between players in achievements.

    Fugen, change your attitudine it is for your bets sake!

  19. Some mistakes of Fugen:
    1. Think he know everything.
    2. Show everyone who’s in charge.
    3. Change everything.
    4. He is afraid to do anything.
    5. Don’t take time to get to know the community.
    6. Don’t let himself be human.

    • 1. Think he know everything. Well he better “know” everything or what the hell is he doing as GM. Even a company such as bad as acclaim have some standards to hold up.
      2. Show everyone who’s in charge. I cant see how that is a mistake, afterall he is a Game manager which means “he IS in charge” and he better show it to people who think they can mess around.
      3. Change everything. Exactly what is difference between Fugen and Historian? That Fugen logs in more often in comparison to historian? That he is being proactive in punishing SZ pkers or nuker spot users etc etc? That he is (at least) attempting to spawn TGW for melee roles(is it his fault nukers are just assholes?)?. If those are the changes then I dont see why YOU or ME should be complaining 🙂 . One thing Fugen is doing that can be called a mistake is using this twitter crap(no i dont have a twitter account, i do have a facebook account though).
      4. He is afraid to do anything. HUH? you wrote above he changes everything now your saying he is afraid to do anything?? wtf man, you tripping me out.
      5. Dont take time to know the community. This is completely false, I see Fugen in Asura chatting with players in hefie or on roars every now and then( dont know about bardo cause I only log in for events).
      6. Dont let himself be human. mmm I ll give that to you despite what I wrote above because he is harsh and he is rigid in his application of his rules which i personally think this game needs. Plus if your looking for some “humanity” talk to kane, he ll give u a bucket full of it.

  20. Sowat what Sony told us are mistakes that a nooby manager does. Why ?

    1. Think he know everything.
    Even if that were true, and it isn’t, he sure don’t know everything about the most important part of his job, managing players/community. He must listen to the people around him. Ask for their input when appropriate. Keep an open mind.
    2. Show everyone who’s in charge.
    Trust me, everyone in game knows who the new game manager is. He don’t have to make a big show about being “the boss”. However he must demonstrate that, as the boss, he is making a positive difference.
    3. Change everything.
    Don’t you think he re-invent the wheel ? Just because the way something is done isn’t the way he would do it, it isn’t necessarily wrong.He must learn the difference between “different” and “wrong”.
    4. He is afraid to do anything.
    Yes, he is and many eg. show it.
    5. Don’t take time to get to know the community.
    Maybe he worked alongside with us for years(he join in 2006 Acclaim). That doesn’t mean he know us. He must learn what makes us excited, how to motivate us, what we fear or worry about. He must know the community leaders as individuals.
    6. Don’t let himself be human.
    Just because he is the new game manager doesn’t mean he can’t be human, that he can’t laugh, or show emotion, or make an occassional mistake.

  21. There are some things that Fugen must learn about this game before doing anything else. He tries, but all will be in vain if don’t follow some guiding lines in all what he does.

  22. Ever since he wrote on forum about nuker spots I couldn’t help but wonder… Aren’t nuker spots one-sided los spots? Can you really venom somebody standing there? Besause both stun and venom work like nukes and you can get LoS for them o.O”

    ANyways, I don’t like him. He is forcing impossible rules, even some of his most popular staff members agree that venoming players is a nono. And I’m sick of those people who “just wanted to have a look around and died 30 times”. It’;s BLOODY plains… You either fight back and defend what’s “yours” or you stand and die and ress and die and then complain. Ofc, there is always teh option of ressing in clan base and I use it every time I feel that bp is just too hot for me atm.

    Oh, I was also wondeing, what was that about reporting SZ pkers to support? Now should I expect a VGM at my grind spot, because 2 days ago I pked a player in SZ?

  23. WEll i just have to say that “Fugen was the worst GM ever” , first he promise us things then we have to wait 2-3 months later or it just never happens. Why the hell he came back! he was destroying the game And why spend time and money on Twitter come on!! its so retarded even facebook is better He though he knew everything. I asked like more then 6 time for his help when one of my accounts got hacked guess what he never responded back and Most of the VGMS were useless I dont know much about ravenclaw but he sure was better GM the “Crap Fugen”

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