The calculations behind 9Dragons Twitter

Since Fugen is the new game manager of Acclaim 9Dragons, he wants to revive Twitter, but there is only a little chance for doing this. For some time he is struggling to collect 1.000 players. After he put the link on 9Dragons boards, he saw there is no chance of gathering that amount of players only from there ( few read the forum and we know why… this blog a living example) so, he made an advertising even on game launcher.But surprise: still not gathered.

I want to be bad. In interviews given by Acclaim officials of 9Dragons they said their version is played by millions of players. Where are those millions if they are not able to gather 1.000 followers after a promotion campaign in game and forum about 9Dragons Twitter ?

There are many causes for which they can’t do it and one of them is the fact that the official team is not a vector of image in game and forum and for many reasons they lack leadership. Also the methods to promote virtual social networks are made in time with some vectors in the community. I do not know how Fugen think that players will follow Twitter events if they are in the game and play in full screen. If we open in windows a net page, game guard supports the message: “a game hack was detected …”.

This way of communication the game events outside the game network is very slow.  WoW team, for example realized this and look what they did:

Aion, for example, put the social networks on the official website and the link open very quick ( AION, the game who swallow a great number of players from 9Dragons, the players who pay money – do I have to debate the reason?… I guess no, we all kinda know it):


What is the true number of players active in 9Dragons community?
Twitter can gather new players for 9Dragons?
Number of 1.000 is a small number when we talk about a virtual social network of a MMO?
You think players follow events on Twitter each day?

26 responses to “The calculations behind 9Dragons Twitter

  1. 1.What is the true number of players active in 9Dragons community?
    On forum few than in game. On forum like 200-300, on Asura for eg. like 5.000-6.000.
    2.Twitter can gather new players for 9Dragons?
    3.Number of 1.000 is a small number when we talk about a virtual social network of a MMO?
    Yes is a small number.
    4.You think players follow events on Twitter each day?
    No, I don’t follow either.

  2. We play a “prehistoric” game, named 9Dragons. The chance to rise to the level of WoW is a small one, but 9Dragons in Acclaim version needs improvement. I play since 2006 and I think now in 2010, 9Dragons is in decline, the number of players is smaller than in 2007-2008. Many things led to this: indifference of Acclaim, they didn’t resolve the problems from beta phase, unbalance pvp and many more. You can’t attract new players when the game image made by those who play or have played it a bad one. There are many forums in which ex-players of 9Dragons Acclaim version tell their sad experiences with this game.

  3. How can be active people in this community who will die soon ? How to be active when you tell all over again the problems and they don’t care. How can you be active after Historian baned 70% of veterans who were pissed off because Acclaim never gave a fix for this game? They only care about the money, not the players. I don’t need Twitter events, I have all what I need and I don’t care about that.

  4. I use Twitter but not like a social network, I use it to announce some of the blog new entries. I never thought to development my Twitter because I don’t have time and I am not interested, but I think these social networks can be incubators to attract new players.

  5. The situation we have today in 9dragons it is because of bad management and a twitter event or a twitter channel will not make it look better. I also believe only few people are still active as community leaders and I am sorry to see that Fugen didn’t do nothing for veterans till now.

  6. Fugen priority must be fixing the game not making new events. I sow in 9D twitter :

    “What kinds of flash events would you Warriors like to have? More boss spawns? Mini-quests? Fireworks shows?”

    What bosses spown I may ask ? 99% from epithets goes to nukers. Fix the balance, fix the nuker damage bug and then we can speak about bosses events. If he wants boss spowns than he will do events for nukers.A nuker HM + can ks a PS1 warrior and take the epithet. Is that fair? I still have fireworks I hope I will use it when pvp is balanced.

  7. I agree with Cora, what TGW events ? Off, that is nukers events. Last TGW spown, nukers took it 3-4 times for some. I know a nuker who took the drops 6 times with those bosses spown events. Thsi sucks. Healers and hybrids don’t stand a chance.

    What is the true number of players active in 9Dragons community?
    Low now…………….
    Twitter can gather new players for 9Dragons?
    Can, but I think all who will come will leave soon…………
    Number of 1.000 is a small number when we talk about a virtual social network of a MMO?
    Yes, …………………………………
    You think players follow events on Twitter each day?
    Only the non lifers…………………………………….

  8. saintX that is very cool. 9dragons twittersphere :
    “I pked all RC/RL levels in safe zone”…. wow
    ” I killed a boss”…wow
    “I will marry an avatar”….wow
    “I am the king of pvp”…wow
    “I rulez”…wow
    “You suck”…wow
    “…I… “…wow
    ” sddfyeesli scammed me”…wow
    ” I am not the real K… “…wow
    “Give me money I am poor”…wow
    “I will come with my main to kick your @ss”…wow
    “Rebuff us….”…wow
    “WTS/WTB…” …wow
    “KG eater…”…wow
    “I pwned you…”…wow
    “Noob, nab, nabby”…wow

  9. vennus that is all about 9dragons, you got a nice view about twittersphere in 9dragons, yet there are some questions which Fugen must answer and some problems which Fugen must solve it before anything else. In my opinion, twitter is awaste of time and energy. I am not a big fan and I will not make a twitter account.

  10. of course big and great game’s have good feedback, make 1 video, people see video, like and conect on twitter.
    9 dragons is poor game with poor staff. don’t know motivate, just saying reward for twitter’s user’s last time lot user’s was not sign up already on 9 dragons twitter got quilin mirro and people was already registered lost reward (>.>)

  11. Waste of time … Twitter is only to cry for attention and more for people having a smart phone. Surfing and sending messages at work mostly. Smart phone and 9Dragons and maybe at work? Doesn’t work. The events are only a certain limited time on. Thus, ctrl + del *project deleted*.
    And what about the thingy on Facebook? Few days before Twitter they founded this group there to connect with people.

    Well, nice pointing out of facts Acclaim can’t deny. I also dimly remember that record of visitors on forums has been August ’07 or something like that, middle of 2007 at least, where nowadays it has been at ~300.

  12. If they changed the title to ‘Where 9D Staffs Have Gone Wrong Twetter’, they would get 1k of followers really quick and easy. I know many of you don’t like me much; however, you have to agree that 9D has gone from bad to worse every day now. More and more new staffs have limited knowledges about the game. The whole 9D staff system works like the Communist now. They will go after everyone who dare to talk the true about their dirty actions. They even encourage people to spy on everyone, and report if others dare to talk shit about them.

  13. MoSai, look around you. How many veterans really are in this game ? Many of them are already on this blog and they are not affraid of Acclaim or official team. What about the new team ? Look at how many XP events Acclaim gave to 9dragons, the so call hermit players have no idea what this game is all about. I laugh everyday when I see a hermit player who ask noob questions. They just grind and grind without knowing anything else. That is what Acclaim raise as a new 9dragons generation.

    On twitter you know how they reach 1.000 accounts ? Like on forum, made multiple ones.

    • Agreed too. It was also supposed that the Hermit players write a story about their 24/7 adventure, but I guess they don’t even know how to write, just pressing 1,2,3 …

  14. And let’s speak about the lack of motivation :

    “Okay, Warriors. We made it to 1k followers. Your reward is a cool buff on Sunday, following the 5XP. 7pm GMT Bardo; 7pm PST other servers.”

    A cool buff? – Like we didn’t have that.
    A XP event? – Like we didn’t have that ( the one that ruined the game).

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