Fugen new VGM “powers” makes innocent victims

If GM [Fugen] would have consulted with veterans or other GMs certainly they would have said : ‘venom’ or other deathly skils in the hand of a VGM which leads to kill players is not a good thing to do. The community once had this experience and has proven that VGMs characters can be hacked and used to killed an entire map of players. We also had problems with personal revenge of VGMs characters on some players using those skills. Precisely to avoid this, Acclaim took out the skills which can cause such incidents.

After Rules Enforcement by VGMs :

VGMs have been authorized to use venom in enforcing the ROC.

If VGMs catch you doing something you’re not supposed to, like BP SZ killing, swearing, etc. they can and will venom you, in addition to whatever other punishment you may be entitled to.

Yes, that’s right — VGMs can go into BP and venom you for SZ killing with a major penalty. This policy will be enforced across the board, i.e. Blacks/Whites/clan/league — it doesn’t matter what you are. If you are caught doing something wrong, don’t complain if you get venomed for it.

And in answer to the complaints I can predict coming — if you don’t want to get venomed/chatbanned/3-day banned/permabanned, don’t violate the ROC.

We have this :

VGM[Olix] killed a player that had a name alike to a gold seller. That player was not gold seller, was a character seller that belonged to a player with a high level. What can I comment? It’s a typical example of why such skills can’t be be given in the hands of people who do not know what this game is all about, whether or no VGMs or the head of VGMs. This is just the beginning, we will see more incidents alike in future. GM [Fugen] again slammed us a set of rules that force a policy, but no sanctions if that policy is applied in bad faith or in a wrong way.

What mistake did that player? He or she chose a name closed to the gold sellers? This is clearly an abuse and the fact that VGMs do the things in in an artificial manner and an example why Acclaim need to cover all aspects of application of ROC.

I belive Fugen has to give an explanation to that player and give a penalty for the VGM who killed him without taking into account that the player stood “a f k” without making nothing. A name close to the gold sellers is a reason to justify an abuse? Collateral victims or what?


25 responses to “Fugen new VGM “powers” makes innocent victims

  1. Stupidity of stupidity. Giving those skills to VGMs is not such a good idea, as you said in the past they did bad things and I see that is repeated.

  2. the performance of OLiX as head of VGMs is hateful towards players, always complaining that all have something personal with him. now see why. amateur!

  3. I was curious what you will write on the blog today because happened many things, but I didn’t expect someone from VGM team to do something so stupid.To give to VGMs powers that once you done bad things is stupid too.

  4. This solution is a past one was, a bad one and still is. The power of a VGM should be limited and should not be a decision one to kill or not to kill a player, to dc or not dc a player, only one of execution or one of consultation.

  5. Players who are in this situation should make ss and send them to Acclaim. This sounds like a lack of long-term measures for issues such as: spammers, safe zone “PKS”.

  6. So we have a problem, not Acclaim have a problem with us. Unfortunately the problem is at Acclaim, and how to they manage the surface of problems will leave traces that time can’t solve.The environment of game is an aggressive one and aggression to aggression is wrong.

  7. There is a blockage somewhere. Once we see that VGM team don’t make performance, once we see that they don’t know to apply some simple rules, once we see that they take personal revenge on players who they don’t like, once we see that they are arrogant. In many hypostasis, players encounter all of them and of course finally some will explode . Today’s example is just one of many.

  8. I’s disastrous performance of Olix as many others, some seen in several posts on this blog, nothing surprise me anymore when it comes to Acclaim, VGM team, moderators team, is an aberrant practice of rules in game and forum. Everything works in parallel, so many structures to reach nothing.We get same results: mistakes and again mistakes.

  9. Oki, I have just one question based on the facts related above (he was a player with a name close to gold sellers name, he was afk therefore not spamming in any way ,e tc).
    Why in God sake to poison him? Better question is “Why to poison a gold seller “? To kill him? He will lie dead on his back continuing spamming? Why , in this case is not used the DC ? Why Olix chosed to use venom instead of require from a GM to DC the player? The DC stop the spam, the death doesn’t.
    And about the “toil” of the players..c’mon…even if was an accident, what prejudice he brought to a storrage/seller vaga char that cannot be overlooked?
    The point is that “this mistakes” not to be made on a vaild player. That would be a unforgivable one.
    But I would sure poison some players that would definately deserve it everytime they type smth ^^

  10. AkISakura is like sedbona hypothesis, collateral victim. Let’s not forget that no matter what it is a player we talk about. Why Olix poison him ? Only he knows what was in his mind, I think he wanted to do an exercise of power or Olix has other skills … as the team leader. You know what I mean.

  11. There are many things I could comment and many that prefer not to comment. Maybe Olix wanted to kill some spammers and inadvertently or knowingly killed a player. I do not think that purpose should justify the means as I do not think there should be collateral victims in the implementation of measures or rules. In the example I think Acclaim will applly

    LET IT BE.

  12. I kept wondering… How many innocent victims were there? Cause you only talk about 1 player, that is deffinately not plural. Or you were just trying to make it sound worse than it is?

    • This is one of the many examples… who didn’t enjoy so much this thing.There are others examples from others servers too, send by players to vennus. I just keep it clean to one.

      • Yes, I’m totally buying that. Because you never look for anything that can ruin a VGM’s reputation, you’d rather keep it clean.

  13. Don’t imagine we publish everything we have, where would be some surprises than ? I love when people monitor the reactions, including the players. We have some nice ss even from hero leagues, but let’s see some swearing :


    Just the start… “for all retards who run Acclaim”, now also Acclaim have retards 😛
    Clean = don’t overload the section of ss in one post … We can write about that topic again or remembering in connection with other, if there is material. The future of that decision.

  14. What do you mean you pk the players to make them stops the pk? The idea itself is just stupid. What did Olix can make any VGM. Fugen If you read blog: Stop what you do, at least in this situation and talk to Indy21 to be able to spown guards safe zone in BP.

  15. because these types of incidents Acclaim lose players. is just one example, but I bet there are more. we discuss yesterday in band that is not ok, you as GM or VGM to pk players, this is destroying the image of official team.if Fugen really want to do something swpon the dam guards and all will be fine.

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