GM[Fugen] in war with safe zone pickers

Historian left before reaching No.1 on Google because of our blog, but it seems that GM [Fugen] has not escaped. Yesterday, GM[Fugen] earned AI Project, no 1 in the top searches on Google (at least in my country), following  by 9Dragons forum :

GM[Fugen], no 1 on Google by AI Project

Yesterday helping in game with epithets a roar surprised me :

Was GM[Fugen] which announced his triumphant entry on Bardo.What he says in that roar? First he warns us that he will go in plain bloody (invisible) to kill the players that “pk” in safe zone.Lastly he addresses to those “pk/s” and tell them simply : “knock it off”. At first impression the initiative is a good one, even I am for it and I ‘salute” it because what was once safe is no more. Let’s analyze the implications at least.

1. Why GM announced his intentions and left aside the element of surprise ?

From what GM[Fugen] told us on the forums he appears to be a man of facts and examples, as in the case of Petty Paige. Now he is back to 180 degrees when it comes to give an example? It was better to go in bloody plain and to start  killing them and than to roar ? Players would have complained that they were killed by a GM without a prior notice or the fact that there is no rule about “pk’ in safe zone? After all is Acclaim fault that safe zone is not safe.

2. This way to scare in roars have effects in a long run?

In my opinion will not have. I think that Acclaim should bring back in bloody plain, the guards, those avatars which, normally have their place there. Also a new system of penalties to make the difference between levels would be welcome.

3. “Pk-ing” repeatedly a player, in safe zone of bloody plain may be considered harassment?

I think GM[Fugen] should answer that in his Harassment Policy Guidelines/FAQ.

Finally, I can say that the initiative of Fugen is a good and I hope that in a short time to bring some results.Also in the near future I expect to see some guidelines about “pk” in safe zone in bloody plain.

More about players opinions about “pk-ing in safe zone” can be see here.


20 responses to “GM[Fugen] in war with safe zone pickers

  1. Some of the notorius pvp players will not be happy about this, but I also beleive the guards must be spowned again in bloody plain for safe zoen to be safe. Gz on reaching no1 on google!

  2. For now what he did at least counts as a good thing, I hope in the future we will more of this things and a solution to pk safe zone in bloody plain. There is a chaos. Next time I hope Fugen will kill them or dc them to meditate on their deeds.

  3. is a good signal for the beginning of Fugen’s start in 9dragons. everyone is sick of the PK in safe zone. I think he made a good move making roaring like that, but can be a matter of image also.

  4. He did something that GMs should have done for a long time. Pk in safe zone is kinda childish but good for karma. For one year since many reach hermit or PS1 players complaint about this fact and Acclaim did… well nothing.

  5. When you are game manager and see that players complains you have to listen to them, but in same time you have to resolve their problems too. What Fugen did is a solution for a moment, but I just logged and sow in BP that players already began to pk in safe zone again … so the result did not quite is good.

  6. Ho Ho ho, i am having a laughter…
    Now I am serious again….let’s see:
    I am full aware of the fact that when u enter SZ we have 2 messages:
    1. You are in safety zone now
    2. Combat is possible here
    Let;s analize this as they are not so contradictory…
    Normal players SHOULD be safe in SZ. The players with PENALTY shouldn;t and they aren’t …see the fact that you can kill them in SZ without getting penalty yourself, and this is very ok with me (see Avenger case= we all know him). Whes someone in SZ have penalty and cos that is allready there it countinue to pk in SZ , that one is flagged for constatnt killing with no penalty by the other SZ players aka keep him down till he goes to clan base or w/e. I am very ok with this. I would kill in an instant a player that throw me bad words from SZ and I did that couple of times.

    I agree that the penalty should be increased (the downgrade of stats should be increased to the limit where you get same penalty like hitting a boss low lvl – the antiKS system). That is what I call a penalty, not the joke that is now called penalty in SZ. How many of us saw Jad3 killing in SZ with penalty, not casting shileds, etc? This penalty now is a joke for a high lvl player so it can be easily ignored.

    Same for SZ guards. Have you been hitted by a guard at high lvl? (H) Is like a fly that you can ignore. Is bugging you but not stopping you. I have been encountered a guard in SZ (while we had fun to kill it) and he hits me like a kid punch. Besides the nukers bring them down very fast now.
    My solution is that they should have boss HP, pr constant hp rejuventaion, or their damage to be insanely increased. This requires work from Indy ofc. Same for the increased penalty stat but there the source code already exist , only the numbers must be changed (increased) to allow SZ guards to hit like tanks (this is easyer to make but we won;t see it soon unless Acc requires it from Indy).
    The SZ guards modifyed and/or the penalty modifyed would be a good choice for all servers, Asura included as I am not talking about only the BP guards but i refere to all on all maps.

    Do not forget that now you can be hitted in second 0 without the imprevious to go away. You get hitted thru imprevious state as soon as you are pout of loading screen. They can hit you and u can’t (cannot cast that skill cos of imprevious state). I posted SS on forum that shows this. Me with imprevious on hitted by a nuker and hp down while 3 secs of imprevious left.

    Lately it seems that someone from staff listen to players more often (see the lvl requirement for master/student changed as some asked). And this is a good thing. If the penalty sys /safe zone would be solved than the non=pen players should be feel somewhat safety there (as is a zone where u go med/buff,etc). Military base at SvS should act like SZ too imo (but with pvp disabled in military base). This would be harder cos this cannot apply to Asura (requires different script code).

    If I were to comment GM Fugen actions, I would say is good that he previously announce his intention…so the players were warned and they cannot QQ (cry). Someone should visit that from time to time (VGM’s also) and supervise this till things get fixed. Is not a long term solution but is better than nothing.
    Killing in SZ is not a pride, is not pvp. I wish that SZ pk’ers to not treat it like a pride every time they grief in SZ. Killing penalty players is oki as they are tagged as criminals and that is for the message with “combat is possible here”.

  7. The so called big pvp boys & girls (shemales) will not be impress by this measure, in fact they will pk again and again in safe zone. 9dragons needs guards, needs new penalty system and needs a lot more than this.

  8. I believe everybody knows the song : “I need a hero”. Those are my thoughts about this subject, I need a hero to balance the pvp…than nukers would think twice before pk in safe zone or ganging.

  9. I think the way Fügen treats the problem is artificial. It’s a step, but as AkISakura showed there are many aspects to be cleared.

  10. Fugen probably trying to make players more responsible .The big problem are the nukers, we all know that even when they have penalty they cna kill all safe zone. They are unstoppable.

  11. Fugen aka Mugen, should “knock it off” himself than to say it to the player. Maybe some likes him, but I don’t like his style. He is a communist.

  12. This way will become a scarecrow.This is not a solution, people will do it again if we don’t have a permanent settlement. I am for a full sove of problems not for half measures like the situation here. Fugen should learn something from the past of the community and after to come and make a few changes.He believe he is the lone hero on a white horse. Likely to become Don Quijote.

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