GM[Fugen], harassment of the harassment

I will say from the beginning that I do not agree with harassment in any form, but equally I disagree with the use of harassment as a unprofessional front.After much thought, GM [Fugen], the new game manager came with a “Harassment Policy Guidelines / FAQ”, in my opinion a poor overview of what harassment really means. In fact, GM [Fugen] is haunted by BettyPaige, which binds monotone.

Obsession of Betty Page 1Obssesion of Betty Page 2Obssesion of Betty Page 3


This is not an exhaustive list, but examples include insults about a player’s sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, weight, etc. Continued griefing and annoyance of players. Abusive language, including language that attempts to get around the chat filter or is an obvious replacement for profanity. Mapchat/roars that include any of these things. Creation of multiple accounts to bother players or to spoof players’ account or character names. Multiple comments of this type over a period of hours, days, weeks, etc.

That is the vision of GM [Fugen] about harassment. I think Fugen should seize the book and read what is really harassment and what is not. I remember one aspect as an element of harassment:no laws prohibits status-blind harassmen. It is perfectly legal to “harass” until the job/what he do/what he plays becomes unbearable. From there the law enforce harassment.Harassment has several components, but many of the aspects listed by GM[Fugen] constitute disciplinary sanctions in the real world.Harassment in the virtual world is quite something else.Fugen must talk with the attorney of Acclaim to give him highlights. First, to list the criterion of sex and talk about sexual harassment  in virtual world  is very difficult. One of the pillars that support sexual harassment in real life are provocative clothing, gestures, touchings. We all know how the wardbrobe in 9dragons  looks like (some are provocative in any meaning of the word)…

Let’s take a look at a law enforce :

Harassment of persons by threat or coercion, in order to obtain sexual satisfaction, by a person who abuses the authority or influence bestowed by a function made, shall be punished with imprisonment or amend.

Is laughter of the cry in virtual world. Let’s translate into a game. A player stripped of clothes (because the game lets you undress) in safe area say to another player that she si a ‘bitch’ and would like to make sex with her or whatever. Sexual harassment tends to result in sex/rape or touching some of human body parts, which is not possible in the game. Leaving aside the legal aspect of the problem temporarily, sexual harassment is translate in concrete actions such as kissing, caresses, touching of a sexual nature, a sexual discussion, certain gestures that creates an unpleasant state, embarrassing for the person injured .

I’ll remember Fugen, that insults are a totally different spectrum.Harassment  can be sexual, moral, verbal or can came from an authority. Even Acclaim can harass us, the players.

In real life, another form of harassment : if someone follows his victim repeatedly or oversee home, workplace or other places which he/she attends, “thus causing a state of fear”, the act is punishable by imprisonment or amend.Phone calls, messages, emails send  with frequency and by content alert the victim shall be punished with imprisonment or amend.

So if you see a player and you start following on some maps can be interpret as harassment.I admit that I harassed a spammer :

In real life, the high point of harassment is where a person can not tolerate. The threshold is made by cultural differences,educational variables, such as personality and differs from person to person.

Another issue raised by BettyPaige case is the authority of hero league / hero band and the leaders. Acclaim involvement in a hero league or hero league business is a bad thing. A hero league has leaders with authority which impose rules and behaviors. In 9 dragons are very few leagues that are leading a policy of approving the conduct and practices against human rights, defamatory, anti-nationalist bahavior and so on. Acclaim steal the leaders authority and I fear if they will start empty the authority, the leagues will cease to exist.

For example, after a hero league lose a SVS, the league chat is full of remarks against the league that won and the aspects discussed brings in all sorts of people involved in winning svs.Many knows very well what I talk about.We all know how hot the things are after the ‘fire’ of events and how quick they calm down. This is an internal mechanism of the league. Now, let’s say that someone makes ss and sends to Acclaim as ‘ABUSE’ title. What will do Fugen? He’ll ban an entire league? It’s nonsense.

Furthermore, this policy of constant pursuit can become an harassment policy of players from Acclaim part, the authority itself. He who wants to impose limits become the one who haress.

So, Fugen, here for you a few things that you should think:

-When you come to slam some rules you should limit all situations with clear examples, something you didn’t do. You slammed some absurd things, and general lack of content as harassment. You should revise them.

-Fight against harassment should not be done for personal reasons and should not become a shield for protection against unlawful or personal fights.

-The way you presented the problem will lead to personal hatred and bands/hero league hatred. It will be a total discomfort to always feel follow in your own league or band, which can lead to traumatic experience for some avatars.

– Acclaim to impose some rules must become a credible authority and it is not now. One of your tasks this would be.


31 responses to “GM[Fugen], harassment of the harassment

  1. Well I feel harass by Acclaim with the new policy, I can’t express free in a private chat. How much money can I get if I sue Acclaim for haressing a player and enter his privacy ? I fell hunted down and not safe in a game enviroment.

  2. As I said on 9D forum, I was warned with forum perma ban for my underlink sig “The real reason for playing healer”(a very discrete clickable link otherwise) by [GM]Fugen at the request of just 1 player (not other complains made, but i have a huge list of cheerings in my inbox from players and even mods that clicked on it during the over 6 months while it was there). I want to underline the fact that I was slightly amused by that and not bothered about it but I was bothered about the fact that it takes 1 player that wakes up one day and decides to hate someone and to throw a complain smth like this is happening in split of second and istead of a PM with the reason of removal I find in the place were my sig was an humiliating message from GM (witch I furthere delete it and replaced it with my sig again).
    It can be bad or good…but c’mon….1 person complains….what about the complains of several against others that remained unsolved?
    Or what about the ingame offensive roars that squeeze no reaction from GM’s/VGM’s like this one from yesterday:
    I cannot say I am not fed up with the vulgarity of some but like the incident on forum :permabanning someone for trash talking in league based on a SS sent by a league member to GM where was the proof that the player trashtalked the GM (indirectly) is exagerated…
    My league is my home, my league is my sanctuary, in my home I talk whatever I want about everyone ouside the league. Getting banned for that is abusive.
    Otherwise, I can support the new GM in his/her campaign lightly. I cannot support subjectivity and reaction based on 1 player only request tho based on hate…(as manipulation of staff to gain personal interest).
    Honestly I would love to see the same actions in game too not only on forum and not only at request of certain players but anyway…nothing can be perfect…:D

  3. From insult to harassment is a long way. How I talked with sedbona and ST yestarday, the ss shown in BettyPaige case are not relevant to prove harassment. A simple ss in a hero league with two sentences? That player is a scapegoat. I think Fugen wanted to give us a collective example, but unfortunately he failed. If you want to propose measures to fight something, you must also have an active mechanism with which to address them.Acclaim does not have.

    Also, as sedbona said,Acclaim interference in a band mechanism is not beneficial.

  4. hero leagues should manage these situations alone, I as submaster, when I see someone exceeds the decency I tell him to stop. if he continue, I will ask his removal from the hero league. sedbona is right, Fugen will encourage hatred as a feeling and the hate battles between people and leagues, something that should not happen. Fugen should think twice before talking. somebody call the FBI lol!

  5. In a non pvp server we can’t talk much about griefing. I believe Fugen wants to finish in a stupid way the negative talk about Acclaim. I don’t know how Acclaim don’t feel harassed when players roars : ” ACCLAME”, “9BUGS”, “IDIOTS”, ” LOOSERS” and so one. I think Acclaim is the most harassed character in all the game. First, Fugen dear, repair this game than come and talk about rules. Acclaim broke any possible rule and law and you come and talk about it ?

  6. so nice, I will make a character and go to my enemy hero league, I will watch him day and night and when he say something I will make ss. I will make 20 and send to Acclaim to ban him and if it is not enough I will go further and make more. I am the one who harass him ? very stupid indeed.

  7. Indeed, from insult to harassment is a long way, but neither should be tolerated.
    But as I said, if the words are not directly thrown to the person but the char get’s ban for harassment of an offline (not present) person this is wrong….
    This extended within the sanctuary or privacy of players(league=privacy) is a huge step into a wrong direction. As a BM/Leader my band is my territory and should be respected as I respect the ones in it and I demand respect from them towards other players and their league members. If is a person who cross the line i warn, then kick. If I cross the line I get warning from LM. I am unable even to dream of someone in my league that would SS an “indoor kitchen” chat and send it to support as a ban request and the support indulge it as it was about one of their members….and call it harassment…
    In future, we might be carefull if we say “pls help me with an epi” to someone in league too many times cos we might get accused of harassing that person with requests. A seller that spam chat is harassing an entire server. An player that spam offensive roars harass publicly the other person to whom the roars are for.
    If a player buggs me with buffs from 30 to 30 mins is harassment. Same for the player that stay very close to me in game asking for buffs. Same for the ones that constantly harass me indirectly by harassing (kill)my etc. Roars with “quit this game cos is sucks” spam is verbal harassment…?

    Harassing as a action involves a REPEATED insult, behaviour, etc. Something you insist upon. It must be proffed with several SS that contain different dates (to prof that is happening regularly and in different occasions even if is racial, religious, sexual,etc.) If it happened once then is not harassment. If it happens more then it is.
    And the harassment goes on forum too: see players that camp every reply of one and flame it. See some ppl from staff actions against a player, etc…

  8. im loving this, before with Historian “Era” he couldn’t post name’s on foruns or screen shot’s, now we can post name’s screenshot’s and don’t get warning by mod’s.

  9. As you said is laughter of the cry in virtual world. Education is a necessity in the virtual world. Aggression in a game that logically by content show aggression is a joke. If my avatar is hit with several smash I feel corporal harassing and I shall denounce an ‘abuse’ … As I said a joke. The only way to harass in 9d is a verbal harass that show a big lack of culture and poor education. Fugen should come on Bardo in BP to see what blatant lack of culture he deals with. The spy activity in a band for baning your enemy is another great stupidity which I will never agree with.

  10. if Fugen would declare war on bugs even I would love this guy, but this is a big lack of substance just to fill up the time. Fugen should answer the major issues raised by players since 2006, not to reinvent what was once invented.

  11. Every game needs rules, but those should be fixed to an extent that should not affect the environment of the game. I agree with the fight against harassment, but to be a fair one. Interference with league rules can’t bring anything good in the future.

  12. I agree with Aki in this one :
    “Harassing as a action involves a REPEATED insult, behaviour, etc. Something you insist upon. It must be proffed with several SS that contain different dates (to prof that is happening regularly and in different occasions even if is racial, religious, sexual,etc.) If it happened once then is not harassment. If it happens more then it is.
    And the harassment goes on forum too: see players that camp every reply of one and flame it. See some ppl from staff actions against a player, etc…”

    On BettyPaige explanations was one ss from a hero league and that is harassing ? This new game manager is really noob. I expected something else.

  13. Q : If I am smarter than a player and he feels threatened by my intelligence and in some cases I make fun of “his stupidity” should be considered harassment?

    • Yes soviet, it is slightly falling under harassment if you “camp” that player every word in purpose to strike him/her and this is because of the fact that after 2 replies to his/her stupidity , your intelligence/education would tell you to ignore him/her not stalk him/her in game or on forums.
      Some fights cannot be won with words.

  14. Virtual life enabled avatars to create online characters which are distinct from, and in many cases not obviously connected to, their real-world personality. The facelessness of cyberspace
    lends itself to extreme forms of expression and allows people to say things that
    they might never say face-to-face and that is a fact. Insulting and harassment are 2 different things which can have different result.

  15. I don’t put as a question the correctness of the approach, I dispute the fact that all Fugen says is a hidden truth. If Fugen focus on real problems of the game would be more useful. The effects of what Fugen said may be more disastrous than the measures, if he urge players to spy.

  16. Authority, in this case Acclaim must act ‘ex officio’ when comes to violation of regulation, they should not make a parade .Many here said and it is true after all, remain real issues that are not solve until now. What now Fugen does is cheaper parade that cast a smoke screen over the issues that counts like bugs, pvp balance, new map.

  17. Even though I don’t see why you had to ramble on about sexual harassment, I generally agree with you. I didn’t say anything on forum, as I noticed that most of the people who found those bans and the new policy laughable and ridiculous were warned by moderators. We all know how Bardo is, almost everybody there is looking for ways to ban their oponents. And almost all the pvp happens on map chat/general/roars. I expect support to be flooded with sses and ban requests, you saw Kalzion’s ss and HoF’s whisper. Either Fugen will fail to keep his promise(banning people for curse words) or we’ll have 10-20 of the most notorious pvpers banned, then the rest will keep playing in fear, too scared to say anything, so they don’t lose their accounts. And eventually will leave to a different game, because living in fear is not as fun as it sounds.

    I enjoyed the argument “everybody will get what they deserve”. Imo, Betty is getting exactly that. I don’t see anybody harassing the Bardo DH or the Asura DH, actually, I think I saw on forum that Asura(!) DH was a nice guy and people generally loved him. No Immortals complained either. Out of total 21 people who got overpowered chars, only one is in such situation. Why?

    Personally I can’t feel harassed in a game. Sure, some players are annoying stalkers, sure, being kos by H nukers isn’t fun. But all you have to do is step aside for a few days and you will be forgotten. And words from strangers don’t hurt. If you are walking on the street and some random guy shouts “slut”, will you start thinking “omg, am i really a slut? am i that bad? what should i change about myself, so i’m not a slut anymore”? But if that guy is your boyfriend, than you’ll be hurt and upset.

    • Take a look at this avatar :

      1. What gestures you have to do to sexual harass that avatar?
      2. What words you have to tell her to talk about sexual harassment?
      3. Walking like that, she challenges you to sexual harass her?
      4. Game surroundings allow the basic of sexual harassment?
      5. Is sexual harassment a bad joke in this game?

      • that is what we talk about. harassment includes sexual harassment and as Fugen said : player’s sex, sexual orientation…how to be haress ?

      • Player’s sex is about male or female. Like, you say in game that you are a girl, and somebody starts sending you pideons and whispers asking you to be his virtual gf, when you refuse, they start threatening you with kos, ks, spreading false rumours about you. You can be sexually harassed on the phone too, maybe it’s not physical and, imo, no big deal, some people enjoy the attention Fugen gives them…

  18. I agree with everything what sedbona said and I think entry by force in a league will have on long term negative consequences.

  19. I think that the harassment problem is fake created and artificial. Rather players should feel harassed by Acclaim from the game environment view, offered by this company.

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