[VGM]Olix & chrisp0wer – The dreamteam strikes back

Yesterday on Bardo, during the Experience-Event, [VGM]Olix came online. His first question: “How may I help you today?

Well, not bad at all, trying to help the players, but you have to consider some hard answers, especially if you are a VGM on a conpany called “Acclaim”:

cpa08: Olix
cpa08: you can help us
cpa08: by killing yourself
cpa08: that would be a big help
cpa08: who agree with me?

In fact, many would agree with this… Not with killing himself in real, but with killing the avatar “[VGM]Olix”.

I expected already some nice roars… A debate of those who agree, and those who disagree. But then:

[VGM]Olix: He will be silent for a while.

Uhm… wait… Can somebody explain me why no VGM chatban the Lion’s Roar-Spammers, but if a player (who pay money) attacks a VGM (with a good reason) (was this even an attack?) then he get immediately a chatban…?

As would I not know it, there came already the first Lion’s Roar-Spammer:

Of course, this player wasn’t chatbanned. Well, I think I don’t have to mention, that a professional company would never act like that. However; The next line of [VGM]Olix is very interesting:

[VGM]Olix: Fixing is on the way

1st: How the hell does a VGM want to know what’s on the way and what not? And 2nd:

After 3 years of patience, the answer is “have a lil more patience”…

Or how a player whispered me: or “soon”

But then, the next Acclaim-follower came. He is known as chrisfl0wer and chrisp0werless:

chrisp0wer, the ex-[VGM]Matrix, which lied on his VGM Application. Some may still know, that [VGM]Olix was the one, who told chrisp0wer, to lie on the application. When chrisp0wer aka [VGM]Matrix was kicked out, because we found out the truth, he was a very active reader of our blog.

On his comments he wrote over and over, that he don’t like Acclaim either, that the VGM system is a stupid idea, and so on. But meanwhile, [VGM]Olix wants to take chrisp0wer back into the VGM team, because chrisp0wer is now old enough to be a VGM…

What a surprise, chrisp0wer changed again, and tell just good things about Acclaim, how stupid this blog is, how stupid the authors here, and he always defend Acclaim.

However… He ask:

chrisp0wer: If the game is so bad why you play it?

I could ask a similar question… If you don’t like complaints, why do you read it? My answer was:

-Legend-: chrisfl0wer halt’s maul (chrisfl0wer shut up)

His answer:

chrisp0wer: Legend der ist for dich ,,!,, (Legend this is for you ,,!,,)

My answer:

-Legend-: uh der war ja echt krass (uh this was really gross)
-Legend-: was will n 16 jähriger von mir? (what does a 16 years old want from me?)
-Legend-: werd wieder vgm du no-lifer (become again vgm you no-lifer)

Then, another Acclaim-follower answered:

Ikki–: legend sucks
Ikki–: all vaga sucks

Well, I’m sure he got now some new friends, because of his last line.

And, what a surprise, he seems to be chrisp0wer’s friend:

Ikki–: chris rocks

But chrisp0wer seems to be bored. Some minutes later, he whispered me:

chrisp0wer: nolifer you say to me, you, who play a game which is so shit
-Legend-: unlike you, i just play on the weekends

-Legend-: the game is just shit because of the publisher

chrisp0wer: but you seems to cling on it anyway
-Legend-: oh, do I?
-Legend-: do I play it day after day like you?

chrisp0wer: I don’t know, I don’t care anyway

Uhm… wait… what? He start a discussion about my playtime, but then he say he don’t care? chrisp0wer, are you a bit confused or something? My answer (on the next screenshot):

-Legend-: well, seems like you do care, if you accuse me

But his best line was his last line:

chrisp0wer: I got time for it

-Legend-: of course you got time for it
-Legend-: I would have it too, with 16 years

What a surprise (again), he didn’t answered anymore.

Conclusion: Some people would even sell their soul, just to become a VGM, and Acclaim-followers defend Acclaim with every possible method.

The biggest problem, TheHistorian, is gone. I entered this Blog because of him. Now with his leaving, I thought about to leave this Blog, since I got what I wanted. But TheHistorian wasn’t the only problem in the Acclaim Staff. There is even a quote from Nelson Mandela, which explain it pretty well:

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. – Nelson Mandela

chrisp0wer, from now on we will keep an eye on you.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


41 responses to “[VGM]Olix & chrisp0wer – The dreamteam strikes back

  1. “Publischer” … lol.
    So crappy that I deleted some screenshots of my conversations with him, before 2009, when he begged me to get him a defence trinket, because he was to low.
    When he realized I won’t give him one, he started to make a big wave insulting and saying he is working in a bank etc. At the end a blant lie and blabla. Seems the air in his bavarian cow hicktown isn’t good at all.
    Just a stupid kid where they forgot to insert a brain.

  2. Olix is the ‘master’ of chris. VGMs don’t have a good image and that is a fact that will not change for a long time from now on.

  3. Legend, his question makes perfect sense. You all seem to hate the way 9D is now, yet you keep spending money and time on it. He might play more than you, but he enjoys it. If I had the feeling you do for the game, I wouldn’t be playing it at all. Because I have real life and enough problems in it to create more stress over a game… That’s why you are more no-lifer than he is.

      • “In fact, many would agree with this… Not with killing himself in real, but with killing the avatar “[VGM]Olix”.”

        Sure, no hate here, pure love…………………………………………………………….

      • NoName, do you know this game? IF you do, you should know that what cpa08 said it is actually a reply from an NPC in Jinan… Acclaim gets owned again.

  4. VGM team is not loved and everybody knows this. There will always be people who will be upset on Acclaim or VGM team for many reason. Olix is the person who take all personal, chat baning a player because he made a joke is stupid and will bring more hate towards him.

  5. Acclaim and all VGM team indeed sucks and that is a fact, even they try to hide it under a chat ban. You can’t enforce something if the one who enforce it has a conduct who shows we all see.

  6. With a new leadership of Fugen people wants a new way to lead and not the old crap in a packet like it is in Olix, chrispower case. He is VGM again as many said.

  7. Olix helped chris a lot and wih the help with a GM he even took TGW as a VGM with his main character. Chrisflower will always be gratfull to Olix who told him to lie in VGM form.

      • When his nuker got TGW, [VGM] Matrix was already in the list. Lying is a bad thing, mister moderator.

      • Icemod?

        I was already VGM , and u didn’t tell me that TGW will spawn.
        I knew it myself, everyone knew it that TGW will be spawned in the one hour where we had 6xp I think, just as the day before.

  8. I think if Acclaim would have an active policy to educate official team and to give solution to players problems we as community would not have any problems, in fact I would be the first one to hand clap for them. But as long as VGM Olix comes in front of me, who plays this game since 2006 and I think there are a few people since 2006 who still plays and tell me to have more patience I will be mad. I don’t need patience, I need a result and I want to see some improvements. As for chris, he forgets something, I, for eg. play this game because I like it, but from many others reasons I don’t like Acclaim. And don’t tell me to move to Korea or so, I stay in Europe and I want a good publisher for this game.

  9. Like many others I question myself, what Fugen did since he came in official team? He tries to punish the players and don’t see that the real problem is in the behave of Acclaim official team with rabbits, flowers, vampires, anime fans, 13, 15 years old people who hang themsleves on power and don’t know how to use it.

  10. When someone wants power will lower himself and go beg for it. In my opinion chris is just a puppy and a non lifer player who don’t have integrity and a personality. He is a kid after all.

  11. the negative reactions from players comes from the certain fact that they are tired when they hear SOON or patience words cming from Acclaim staff.

  12. The stupidity of VGM Olix strikes back, how can you say to a community who is in turmoil to wait more, better shut up and stay in your place. cpa had right, VGM Olix should kill his avatar and let others take his place. As for chris I don’t think Acclaim will recieve him back in team after he lied about his age. What credibility would he have?

  13. I’m not a VGM again.
    Olix doesn’t want to take me back, I never talked to him for like 2 months, only once I asked him about a coin problem.

    “chrisp0wer, from now on we will keep an eye on you.”
    Erm, should I be afraid or how should I take it?

    “What a surprise, chrisp0wer changed again, and tell just good things about Acclaim, how stupid this blog is, how stupid the authors here, and he always defend Acclaim.”

    I didn’t change side. I never said the blog is stupid. I never said the authors are stupid.
    I don’t defend Acclaim.

  14. cpa08 said a thing that many of us would say it : all VGM avatars should kill themselves, at least in game, to spare us of their presence, they don’t do nothing for this gave except roaring.

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