The famous END TASK

If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.( Sun Tzu, the Art of War )

A new wave of fashion comes in 9Dragons: dc/s in PvP mode, using End Task.This new way to escape the virtual death brought many controversy.

Some said it’s an exploit, others said it is not because :

Cheats, Bug Exploits and Game Loopholes

You are not allowed to use software or game bugs to cheat in our games. If you find a bug or a game weakness that can be exploited to cheat, you should send a private post to a Game Master, Volunteer Game Master or Forums Moderator.

You are not allowed to modify the game, game memory, or its incoming or outgoing packets in any manner. You may not manipulate the URLs in our web based games to create an unfair advantage, or to use a feature unavailable in teh normal course of play. The use of Bots, Key Jamming, Macros and other tools to allow your character to gain levels, skills, etc. without the player physically interacting with the game is strictly forbidden.

Anyone caught or reported (with proof) to be using Cheats, Bug Exploits and Game Loopholes will be immediately banned without prior warning. This, of course, applies to every member of every community.

2Moons Xigncode

In the event the account is banned by Xigncode, the account will be flagged with the designation “Blackcode”. This designation will constitute as enough proof for an account ban. Due to the nature of Xigncode, we will not reverse any ban made by Xigncode. ( Rules of Conduct Effective June 1st, 2009 )

…it can’t be included in one of the above. The whole discussion is going on the ground of morality and integrity of players: is good or bad that I “dc” in the middle of the fight to get rid of a finality( as a strategy maybe), to avoid a final ( which will bring me a virtual death) or not to consume resources (KG or whatever). The answer would vary from individual to individual, especially because pvp is a sensitive issue and there is no real balance.So, is moral to “dc” to  get rid of unbalanced or as a trick to avoid a default final ?

Descending from the real world, to the virtual world, morality must be based on your respect to yourself and for others too! The moral law says : “live in the midst of others, so that you can cling to the avatar worthy of your condition and the condition of all avatars” and legal law says : “live among others avatars in order to be worthy avatar of your virtual world “.

Applying this to the “dc/c”, I think the issue will be judge by each player. Some will see a lot of cowardice in the act of “dc”, others will see nothing, others will lift the shoulders and that is all.


17 responses to “The famous END TASK

  1. I think that is a matter of morality more than one of exploits. Dc is an external cause of 9Dragons game, not one that could lead to exploits. In the future I don’t think Acclaim can do much to stop this kind of dcs in pvp, perhaps only to die in case of dc in pvp when you log back.

  2. this kind of action clear a personal achievement or a group one in pvp, so is not good for the game, but as you said is moral issue.

  3. From my point of view you are a coward if you press END TASK in pvp mode, fight till the end, even if you die in a virtual way. You can respown after.

  4. It funny how the players always find something new to and old issue. I think this drama with End Task comes from the unbalanced of pvp.

  5. I think the debate is about the fact if it is moral or no. What is moral in a virtual game ? I think people jump over moral part a lot in a virtual game, maybe because in real life this notion is a stranger for them.

  6. On bardo, blacks dc like crazy in pvp. In ss I think Intimate just bump in some blacks who preferred to dc than to have a fight.

  7. Moral or not, I see it like a coward action.If you engage in pvp, means you want to fight and a fight should have a winner and a loser. In pvp one should die, the other take his killing in combat record.

  8. This is possible by playing the game in windowed mode and closing the client in pvp mode. The person instantly logs off and saves their HP.

  9. These days I had a problem and when I get hit by a stun attack I get kicked back to the log screen with the message “disconnected from the server”. It is strange, I think it is a GG problem as I sow in some posts on 9D forum too.

  10. that’s is same of unplug cable of moden?
    because i remeber at 2008 when hybrid’s had para skill unnerfed, i had 1 girl kill me constaly in Datong. I was healer, like now can’t defend himself, so i unpluged cable, but when i logged i was dead but her name didn’t show up on Lose record’s. When u end task in PvP mode and when u login again, you still alive or dead?
    if still alive, so this is cheat, and no1 will need more KG’s =P

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