The last day of Immortals and Dark Hermit

Dark Hermit and Immortals final Armageddon time has come.Us, as individuals are not immortal, BUT OUR EXPERIENCE IS. Traces of everything we have experienced will continue to exist and these experiences can be recalled at any time, for all.All these avatars  will remain in the collective memory of the game and in the memory of individuals players.If all remains in the heritage of the game, I could not overlook the pleonasm(perissology) that SEA (TheHermit) makes : ” final Armageddon”. It can’t be a final Armageddon, because the Armageddon is the apocalyptic final (end). Dear Hermit, you are a writer, an inspiration to us and english is your first language. I have higher claims when comes to you.

Let’s see what players said:

Please make this the last event of this sort. (riski93)

[No more Immortal events in the forseeable future.] = Best thing I’ve heard in a long while. (derkill)

to all MM enemys of Nirvana, this will be the worst day for you guys… ( fireforce312)

We dont care about that DH or Immortals,they only brought the server lower, less users, and less trust in TheHermit .Try to give us some other positive and good news. We need new promised maps since 1 years 6 month now…. U said no new events before the new map…so do it U killing the servers ( iamthetruth)

Thats great i agree but first of all you need to be done with this event,and yes no more immortal contest since you failed on one. You still didnt cleared things up,dont be shy,we know acclaim,just be a man and face the truth,u know what i mean right? ( vardha)

And now TheHermit:

No more Immortal events in the forseeable future.

It is the best thing TheHermit could say.The event was a failure from several points of view : destroyed the competitive environment in the game, personal achievements or league ones,created personal disputes between players, disputes between leagues, all Immortals ability were used in a personal way, these characters have not helped even 1% the players or the game.I may add that, these characters have served only to strengthen the feeling of enmity between players, clans (blacks vs. whites) and avatars. From any part you look into, was an event created in haste, without strict rules, which simply created animosity in the Land.

It appears that even the last day of this event is marred by tragedy, the TGW one.Today are the last spowns of TGW and is normal that some players will fight for them.

In, the end, at StoryTeller indications, let’s focus on the true Immortals, who remained in the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui :

The first immortal – Chung-Li Chuan, consider the chief of other immortals can be recognized by the fact that he has in hand a fruit or a fan. They say he discovered the Elixir of Life and has the power to heal the sick and the dead ones. He symbolizes eternal longevity.

The second immortal – Chang Kuo-Lao is represented by an old man with mystical powers, which carry a bamboo pole and stand riding a mule that can cross1000 miles each day. He is the symbol of destiny and is believed to help young married couples to have kids.

The third immortal – Lu Dong-Pin is a Taoist disciple with a magical sword used to destroy demons and other dark spirits. This immortal symbolizes luck and protects you from evil spirits.

The fourth immortal Ts’ao Guao-Chiu is the most beautiful dressed of eight. he is pictured with a jade tablet and, sometimes, with one fan. Given the close connection that he has with Sung, the imperial family, according to feng shui tradition Ts’ao Guao-Chiu symbolizes fame and recognition of personal merit.

The fifth immortal – T’ieh Guai Li appears under the guise of a beggar who has a wu lou. Sometimes it is the opposite of a deer. In, Feng Shui tradition, T’ieh Guai Li is the strongest of the eight immortals and has the ability to change human destiny.

The sixth immortal Han Hsiang Tzu, is often portrayed with a flute in his hands. According to Feng Shui faith, Ha Hsiang Tzu brings energy and vitality.

The seventh immortal – T’sai Lan Ho is a woman dressed in a blue gown that carries a basket of flowers. A representative for her role depiction in art of Feng Shui is to bring good luck  to young women.

Ku Hsien Ke, feminine entity, completes the eight immortals.She wears a lotus flower, symbol of purity.She represent the family and symbolizes good fortune in marriage.


vennus9d and StoryTeller


24 responses to “The last day of Immortals and Dark Hermit

  1. “final Armageddon” is indeed an epical mistake for a writer. I am glad that Dark Hermit and Immortals event will end today. Only cerated hate and and negatively influenced the game. Thanks for the share of the real Immortals.

  2. finally this circus ends, I hope nobody will ever think to do it again, was a failure. SEA mistake is an apocalyptic thing.

  3. {……“final Armageddon”…..} I will not make a culture level base comment, I will say only : one more reason why Europe have Shakespeare. And yes, it is a good thing Immoratls will disappear from the land of 9dragons.

  4. Off, this event was a big failure, Immortals helped to pk players in BP, went to svs, spown TGW for theirn friends, made SRS rounds for their friends and won wars. Good thing they are out of the game.

  5. No more buffs and SRS for adryan86 & company on Bardo. What a tragedy for them. Now I see Eva wants to spown TGW for adryan. Good for all this is over, it was a disaster. SEA grammar mistake is the byword of hens. 😛

  6. a minimum morality and an idea of rules for this contest should have been we saw we can’t ask from people who are mentally ill and give sick diagnostic to GMs , like Eva did a minimum of morality. is this kind of person able to control an Immortal character? maybe TheHermit can say to us.

  7. Not even a kid in 5th grade whoo study english in as second language would make Hermit mistake. What a writer!!! I am glad this nebula of DH and Immortals ends today, was a failure from all points of view : no normal player grind days and night to level a character than to use the Immortal to grind his.

  8. Hermit mistake is not worthy of a writer. There ought to do it. Indeed, Immortals and Dark Hermit Armageddon is today. Hand claps, all will end.

  9. the event marks the end of personal use from Immortals and DH part and the new perspective on events : Acclaim stop doing events like this one, a failure !

  10. The real Immortals are way better than the ones in game.Thanks for sharing, I learn something new. Hermit fluff unlettered is funny.

  11. Ready with the event held by Hermit . Didn’t worth the effort of players. It was a bad without fun. I will say congratulations to the organizers and next time they do something like this to learn from this event. You can do good events if you think.

  12. It’s good that Immortals event of a tragically and comic proportions will end today. A big fuss for such an event. Next time Acclaim must do an event for all players and not base on item mall or griding like a crazy man 24/24. Kids with no life can do that, not adults players. A question : how Acclaim will will offset the bad done by the people who exploited Immortal characters as they wish, with immediate impact on the dynamics of the game ?

  13. What kind of writer is Steven Eliot Altman when he does not know what Armageddon is ? How can Armageddon be final ? American writer on conveyor…

  14. Lol, Hermit did it again. As for Immortals, down with them and with Dark Hermit, except of 3x, was a personal event. This event should have been made for a group of players, not for all as Acclaim said it was.

  15. Excuse my “copy-pasting”….but let’s clear smth….

    Armageddon (Arabic أرمجدون, Late Latin: Armagedōn,[1] Ancient Greek: Ἁρμαγεδών Harmagedōn,[2][3] Hebrew: הר מגידו‎ har məgiddô) is the site of an epic battle associated with the end time prophecies of the Abrahamic religions.The word Armageddon appears only once in the Greek New Testament.[6] The word comes from Hebrew word məgiddô (הר מגידו), meaning “Mountain of Megiddo”. Megiddo was the location of many decisive battles in ancient times (see Battle of Megiddo).
    The town Megiddo is approximately 25 miles (40 km) west of the southern tip of the Sea of Galilee.
    In modern usage, especially in literature, films and music, the term has become synonymous with any cataclysmic, or seemingly so, event.

    Is anything saying about “final” ? Yes, Armaggedon was an apocaliptic battle….but has no “final” in it.
    apocaliptic (def): apocalyptique (fr) /apokaˈliptik/=catastrophic, terrible.

    Why sometimes we cling of some words trying to find the person behind them being faulty but only to discover that we share a dose of fault too?

    • I remember this expression from 12th grade, at BAC. It is a redundancy (pleonasm), but we also have Eminescu “Cobori in jos”… “Descend down”. Some people has interpreted it like something very artistic. Armageddon is the final battle between good and evil, you can’t have a final of final. Anyway when we talk about writers we talk about creation.

  16. Now, separate of this, about ending Immortal contest.
    Some Immortals chosed in the final weeks to help some players : see Eva helping adryan, talibanul, Arashi and some others, black or white clan, in achieving certain tasks. Good for her.
    Today , before Armaggedon event i saw a roar: “I will pk all nukers that will hit TGW, let this TGW to be a chance for hybs and healers too” (roar send by Eva from her Immortal char). I thought : nice for her to do that. 2nd thought was: “hmmm but how she can do that? TGW is going down in less than 1 minute”. 3rd thought was” the white nukers or the black nukers?” The 4rd thought was” ehh..the correct statement would be “I will TRY to pk all nukers that hit TGW”.
    My last thought was something about the huge arrogance of some players that play 9D GODs.
    And here i clicked “log out” thinking “good that is over”, I will remember it for sure but not certainly in a good way.
    Have a nice evening all.

    • As I know Eva, was a issue of image, trying to raise it up, yet we know that people forget very easy what you have done for them. To turn 180, 360 degrees is something very common in virtual world.

      • Actually, Aki, she said “I’ll hit every nuker” and she did hit all she could and as a result B3aver got TGW. She’s being helping players from day 1, even though the char wasn’t good enough to even enter last room, she’d tag along and buff. She helped everybody she could, but, ofc, her friends came first, but still found time to help with Ulster-Rugby’s DS, even though NP is probably the white league she dislikes the most.

  17. In this enviroment what is show to public is a lie in a package. The contest has stirred much controversy and debate which could not be controlled and that is why it was decided not to happen again.

  18. Well… How I predicted on the beginning of this so-called event… “This event will be a fail”
    Legend was right, again.

    To make such an event, it is a big, fat, stupid idea to give such characters to people who made the most highest level in a certain time. A bit money, a bit bugs, and you can be HM in 1 month.

    Acclaim should better focus on their veterans (if there are still some unbanned veterans ingame who didn’t left 9Dragons yet). For example; When TheHermit came “back”, who made TheHermit so big? The veterans.
    New players come and go, but the real power of a game is their veterans. If veterans are unhappy about a game, they tell around, and a game become a bad image. If veterans are happy about a game, they tell around, and a game become a good image.

    Acclaim is still at the point where they think, veterans are nothing worth. And to be honest, I doubt this will change some day. But let’s hope…

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