DOUX RÊVE : cover up of “=Warlord=”

Creation is a building target which involves a risk, attracting friends and enemies, and leaving a third category of people indifferent (as in neutrosophic logic).

Qilin’s Biggest Spender is a big lie!, my post on this blog drew some controversy from Acclaim, which by various methods are trying to cover the truth. But the methods used are at the mind of a child of 10 years.When a kid is discovered lying , in a silly way he trys to cover it up. This is how Acclaim acts.

In an epic post to proove his existance =Warlord= says :

i had a very interesting conversation with a gm today i will not say his dam name he is marred to Wanda LOL

We didn’t need more to figure out who is who. To convince us more, Kane  posted a ss with Warlord character, but without karma title and almost a mirror of Kane. Then, Sora has posted a ss with that character in IcyMap walking through and trying to convince people that the contents was for real. Rather than discuss trivial things with virtual friends, he complain about the fact that someone challenged that character. In my first conversation with Kane, he tried to convince me that Warlord as character exist, but when I insisted on the fact that you can’t do characters in the game using special characters like “=.= “, after several minutes of good thinking he told me that a GM changed the name of that character. It’s ok, Kane, I still like you as a GM, but when you made a mistake, admit it.

Kane ss

Sora ss

Next, we deal with some avatars that made accounts just for this topic, but a veteran with account from 2007, said what we all know : “FAKE”. Of course he figure it out:


lots of 1 post accounts poppin up

Obviously fake Shocked

Now, the big defenders of the scam who are themselves a big scam :

magimay aka Eva Jane aka Jeeja( the Immortal), the one and only that complaint to same GM, Ravenclaw that she is sick of heart to don’t get a ban on the Immortal. That GM was so impress by her words that he believed her. Also, that GM tried to ask us to let her alone, else she may die of bad heart. What a drama!!!

1 word: Sedbona and her minions in Acclaim.

marginay who teach you school ?  9Dragons or your virtual husband? There is one (1) word? … go figure out some logic, you illiterate avatar. After Eva screaming and crying to GM that she is sick and get a heart attack if we continue to write about her bad doings on Immortal character, her hate towards the others is so obvious that I wonder how her heart can take so much hate and didn’t explode yet.

The love of my life, I helped you with SRS epithet,I did everything for you, even pretend I am sick, now what you want next ? Die virtual like Romeo and Juliet? The others virtuals couples can SUCK IT (Histo sentence) , we are the best and can do everything as long I can pretend I have heart disease!

I only can say this : I AM SICK OF THIS PEOPLE, they are screw and sick in the head if they believe that someone out there still  didn’t figure out how fake they are and how low they can go for a virtual world, which can only bring a distortion of reality. One more thing, I AM NOT SEDBONA, I AM VENNUS! The author of that post is me, vennus9d. I think after heart disease now you will pretend you have an eye disease.

Let’s take a look at the post of veterans out there :


in-game name is =Warlord=, if you try use = on ur name at begin when start new cha, game don’t let u use that special carac.
so peole start rumours was event for Acclaim earn money and created fake ID’s, etc


what if you are one of teh GMs or VGMs account? na just joking Razz


I think your name change just failed lol^^


Sorry did I miss someothing? Are we supposed to care what GM and VGM cronies do?

It seems to be taking people a long time to realize that there is two sets of rules in this game.

Here comes the sun with a big smile and a big failure from Acclaim. Next time, Acclaim try more!


121 responses to “DOUX RÊVE : cover up of “=Warlord=”

  1. Everyone on Bardo knows that adryan86 is not man enough to do the things and achievements on his own. Both of them makes me sick.As for this topic, clear it is a make up, made by Acclaim.

  2. they made up the character Warlord after vennus post in here and post from an alternative account on forum to be more credible. but as many show it, was for nothing, like gecko4lif: said : “Obviously fake”.

    marginay should check a psychologist.

  3. “i had a very interesting conversation with a gm today i will not say his dam name he is marred to Wanda LOL”

    He had to make parade over that. Busted!

  4. Vennus, before you call other people illiterate for using a common expresion, make sure you learn English. That would help your cause for sure. As for Eva’s heart problems, she’s had accounts banned, so I don’t really think that helped her much. I remember her ranting on the forums about a 3 day ban that lasted for 3 weeks on one of her premium accounts. Oh, and if you are still wondering why Kane didn’t get promoted, maybe it’s because you keep mentioning him as a close friend here. And would Acclaim really want their Lead GM to be giving out information to you and sedbona? It is your fault that he is “Senior GM of Events and Promotions”.

    • NoName if vennus would be a close friend with Kane she wouldn’t post this entry on the blog. Do you have enough brain to think about that . I think you don’t.

    • Eva Jane is an illiterate avatar in her words and in her head too. Kane is not the head of GMs because people like Eva Jane & company who lies all over again and makes dramas, let’s not forget the episode of Evoleta which Kane helped to raise her level, Evolet said to all that Kane help her.

      • You can’t be illiterate in “your words and in your mind”, you can be just illiterate. When you talk about more people, you don’t use “lies”, you use “lie”. “Eppisode with”, not “Eppisode of”. If Evolet said, then Kane helped, not “help”. This is just a smal part of the mistakes in this post. You say Eva is illiterate? Then what are you? Uber-illiterate?

      • Oh, calm down, American. You are soo cool, because english is your first language, aren’t you?

        We write sometimes (not always) good things about Ravenclaw, because he’s the only one who can be correct sometimes.

        I had already hard discussions with magimay. And seriously, I know people with heart problems. And those people would never be able to make such hard discussions, like she (he?) did with me.

        If you want good things to be written here, in this blog, then do correct things.
        It’s not so hard, isn it?

    • “You can’t be illiterate in “your words and in your mind”, you can be just illiterate. When you talk about more people, you don’t use “lies”, you use “lie”. “Eppisode with”, not “Eppisode of”. If Evolet said, then Kane helped, not “help”. This is just a smal part of the mistakes in this post. You say Eva is illiterate? Then what are you? Uber-illiterate?”

      Yes you can be illiterate in many ways, even in a UBER one, SOTO!

      • Main Entry: il·lit·er·ate
        Pronunciation: \(ˌ)i(l)-ˈli-t(ə-)rət\
        Function: adjective
        Etymology: Middle English, from Latin illiteratus, from in- + litteratus literate
        Date: 15th century

        1 : having little or no education; especially : unable to read or write
        2 a : showing or marked by a lack of familiarity with language and literature b : violating approved patterns of speaking or writing
        3 : showing or marked by a lack of acquaintance with the fundamentals of a particular field of knowledge

        Try again…

      • My quote is from a dictionary. Do you know what that is? And about the metaphor…

          /ˈmɛtəˌfɔr, -fər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [met-uh-fawr, -fer]
        1. a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, as in “A mighty fortress is our God.” Compare mixed metaphor, simile (def. 1).
        2. something used, or regarded as being used, to represent something else; emblem; symbol.

        It is not making mistakes or being illiterate.

      • When you write something that is not yours, you should have the decency to post the source from where you quote. You should know that kind of dictionary is not well know. Maybe try something like Oxford or BBC.

      • Just because you don’t know it, doesn’t make that dictionary less popular. Actually it’s the best online English dictionary currently existing. But since you’ve never heard of it, I don;t expect you to know this either.

      • I guess I should have explained the meaning of “online” and maybe mentioned “free”, but I somehow figured that was obvious. Guess not for “literate” people

      • il·lit·er·ate (-ltr-t)
        a. Unable to read and write.
        b. Having little or no formal education.
        a. Marked by inferiority to an expected standard of familiarity with language and literature.
        b. Violating prescribed standards of speech or writing.
        3. Ignorant of the fundamentals of a given art or branch of knowledge

        Noun 1. illiterate – a person unable to read
        illiterate person, nonreader
        analphabet, analphabetic – an illiterate person who does not know the alphabet
        functional illiterate – a person with some ability to read and write but not enough for daily practical needs
        ignoramus, know nothing, uneducated person – an ignorant person
        Adj. 1. illiterate – not able to read or write
        uneducated – not having a good education
        literate – able to read and write
        2. illiterate – uneducated in the fundamentals of a given art or branch of learning; lacking knowledge of a specific field; “she is ignorant of quantum mechanics”; “he is musically illiterate”
        uneducated – not having a good education
        3. illiterate – lacking culture, especially in language and literature
        literate – versed in literature; dealing with literature

        More meanings…

      • And does any of them suggest that a person can be illiterate in words or in mind? Anything…? No, didn’t thiunk so.

      • Do you see a difference between “illiterate mind”/”illiterate words” and “illiterate in mind and in words”? Think about it for a bit and then come back with an answer. Try to make it sound a bit smarter, if you can(which I’m starting to seriously doubt).

      • We have only one conclusion here: your intellectual capacities are limited, you see things just as the horse : in front only.

      • Oh, so I need creative thinking to understand your English, because you are too “literate in your mind and in your words” to learn proper English? Got it. Now, since we agreed that you are the illiterate one, can we move on the question, why do you call somebody who is so obviously better educated than you, illiterate?

      • I can’t stop myself from laughing. NoName the only education you guys have is the kindergarten, If not show the diploma. I guess you will find something to don’t show it. Indeed, illiterate. Again who is the illiterate? Eva who don’t know how to count… the words.

      • [wrong]I can’t stop myself from laughing.[/wrong] [wrong]NoName the[/wrong] only education you guys have is [wrong]the kindergarten[/wrong], [wrong]If[/wrong] [wrong]not show[/wrong] [wrong]the diploma[/wrong]. I guess you will find something [wrong]to don’t show[/wrong] it. Indeed, illiterate. Again who is the illiterate? Eva who don’t know how to count… [wrong]the words[/wrong].

        Now, please, go back to kindergarten, so you have at least some education, then come back and write this in proper English. If, of course, your brain(yes, brain, not brains) is capable of learning.

      • Your demonstration does not show anything.You have a diploma or not? This was the point shown. If you have let us take a look if not, just ‘walk away’.

      • Show me yours, I show you mine. After all you started calling people illiterate. And if for doing that you hae to post diplomas, you should do it first. Or you are just full of it?

      • The discussion was about you, Chick asked you. I made you illiterate? Show it where. Also, try make me a service and be consistent, next time if you have a debate, respect the essence, ideas, ranks if you want to look intellectual.First, it’s polite to answer a demand of the auditor. Chick asked you something and I see you don’t have common sense to prove. This shows something : is exactly what readers have said … whatever it is that.

      • She/He only asked for that, because she/he saw that they can’t win this debate with their knowledge. But why didn’t anybody ask vennus to post her/his diploma, when she/he called Eva illiterate? You should have, if you want to be fair and it’s really about that. Since you didn’t, I shall treat this request as a last resort and accpet your surrender when it comes to knowing the English language

      • Still inconsequent.You can do what you want, but the people on here already knows who won, they did it for a long time, in fact what you do are just desperate cries. In case you don’t know logic, I tell you, vennus show us an eg. why she said ‘ functional illiteracy’.

  5. lol guys me and Eva want to thx for your attention we fell flattered, every1 talk about us
    that make us fell every1 care about us :)) gogo keep it up i want more ppl know my name and Eva’s name u guys make us like Intimate say legends :)) is here any topic where is not my name or Eva’sname??

    • I think you jump for joy when people say you are not man enough… There is a difference on how you enter in history or legend : you will enter like a scrapper.

  6. Kane a close friend ? You are kidding. I always quarrel with Kane.We are like fire with water. It is true that I talk with him as I do with others from official team, but that don’t make him a close friend.

    Eva Jane is a scammer, always try to pose in a victim, pretending she is ill. I can have an opinion on that, even I speak with a GM on that one. I can say she is a big fake and she is.

    • Ofc vennus Eva jane is a big scamm and try to make a drama to cover up that. On Bardo everyone knows that Eva Jane is close friend with Kane, even ask him to go to her virtual weading and ask him to don’t ban her.

    • Vennus, can you show any proof of that? When did Eva pose as a victim and when did she get away with anything? In case you don’t know this, ask Kane when did she tell him about that. But, of course, you won’t. Because then you’ll find out it was months before the Immortal contest even existed. And about 2 weeks before she got major bans for sharing. Let’s not forget how many people brag about sharing(see po1son) and multilogging(see Kalzion) and never got even close to a ban, actually AkiSakura defended sharing and claimed it was allowed, if it’s po1son who’s doing it. You’d be surprised by how many restrictions Eva got from being VGM, restrictions that normal players never experienced.

      I don’t have GM/VGM friends and so I don’t talk often to GM/VGM, actually I don’t talk to them at all if we don’t count support. And I deffinately don’t have GM _Ravenclaw_ on MSN, unlike sedbona.

      To make something clear: myste here, I just felt like a name change after your blog forgot about me.

  7. I don’t know about sedbona, but I have on MSN all GMs and many VGMs like more than 50% of 9dragons vetarans. Eva always pose as a victim, even fake an ilness. When you say you are ill, you have to show something, like a medicat certificate, but guess what she never did that. Just emty words.

    • Name 3 examples of Eva posing as victim. And I want real ones. An answer like “she did it” does not count. If you claim something, you need proof or your claims aren’t worth a dime.

      • When Eva was owned on this bloged, she went in game and 9d forum to pose as the big victim. She said to a white that sedbona said to her to kill the whites, even it is a lie. Next, on some epics post on forum, she tries to say that blacks are the victims and she is.

    • That is one example. And I don’t see Eva posing as victim there. Do you have any proof that she actually begged or cried so her Immortal wasn’t banned?

  8. I believe that a normal person never shares her/his real life problems in a virtual enviroment with a people she or he doesn’t know, unless it is imagination. It is not normal to complain that you are sick and a shock can kill you. Why you do that ? To get more sympathy?

    In my opinion, Q.M. is a big scamm.

    Eva Jane should have the decency and don’t comment on such a issue when we all know that she is the biggest scamm of all.

  9. My 2 cents : the event was a fake one and it was obvious after the post on 9dragons boards and magimay illness is a fake one, God Lord we figure it out in time and others can’t use this pretext now. I hope from now on GMs would not believe so much of these fake ilness.

  10. LOL….Whats wrong with you guys? Why are you making such a fuss about a event that indeed happened. You guys know me, I will not be part of any fake event and such. If it is a fake one I will openly tell you guys If you ask me. Some things might be right on your blog, but not everything. This is real. Work hard for the goodness of the game. Don’t make your credibility lost in posting misinformation.

    You guys are completely wrong on this one. 1>>1

    • You know Kane in real world we have a thing call logic. Using all the logic on this Earth, what happen don’t fit in that. It is a big fake. So what if you say so ? Acclaim always lied to us, would not be the first time. If you say to me to jump in the well you think I will jump because you say so? Think about this.

    • “You guys know me, I will not be part of any fake event and such.”

      Yes, I know you. And that’s why I know that you don’t say always the truth. Think about the case with our thalk with TheHermit, for example…

  11. See you guys can laugh over a certain person’s illness, which is also not true. She is all fine and healthy. We do not take actions on a player based on their illness and give them VIP Status as a mark of Sympathy. Best thing in life to offer to a fellow human being is Humanity. Many players say different stories when they get hacked or banned. Even if some are true what they claim for, I and all the GM’s do not fall for it. All the Eva sickness controversy is false. Just leave the people to have their life. You bloggers try to give ideas of how to make the game betters because it is your game. Not ruin the game’s healthy environment.

    • It is exactly what vennus said, you told them to leave that Immortal alone because she is sick, see she said to you that and you believed her. Where is the doctor certificate? Ask her, she lied and we are in controversy because people like this are very sick and belongs in a hospital not in a MMO.

      Me… to give ideas to Acclaim? What for ? Veterans always did that but Acclaim show us the door. Now, they have to beg me to do it.

    • Raven, we don’t laugh about an illness. We laugh about the fact, that this is a lie. She is not sick. Sick in mind maybe… But not in heart…
      How I said already above, I had already hard discussions with magimay. And seriously, I know people with heart problems. And those people would never be able to make such hard discussions, like she (he?) had with me.

      Oh and by the way, we aren’t the ones who destroy this game. It’s Acclaim.
      Look how you banned all the veterans, how you treated them bad, how some of them became VGM but left you again, and how they all left you to another non-Acclaim game. And you got the courage to tell us, we are the ones who destroy 9Dragons, even if we are ones of the few veterans who still pay money for 9Dragons, and even if we are banned on the forum.

      Think wisely about your next words, “bro”.

      • Really, legend, you knwo many people with her heart problems? Can you then enlighten us what exactly is the problem with her heart? Because I’m sure as hell you have no idea what she has.

      • Ammmm, try again. There are many different heart problems out there. Since Legend knows many people with hers, I ask him to name what she has, which shouldn’t be hard, right? Or admit that he’s talking out of his….

      • She claimed about heart problems when she had hard discussions with the GMs and especially when we wrote about her doings.

        Now… You are right, there are many different heart problems out there. But, if your heart cause problems when other people write about your doings, or if you have hard discussions with the GMs, then you should also be unable to have those hard discussions with the guy called “Legend”.

        Do you agree? I don’t need to know what’s her exact heart problem, to count 1+1 and to know that one doesn’t work with the other. Unless it’s a VERY special heart problem, which cause heart problems on hard discussions with the GMs, and when a blog write about her, but when she got hard discussions with me (the guy called “Legend”), then her heart works perfect and doesn’t count problems.
        I’m sure you do agree, and still you don’t. You got always something to cry about.
        Now, stop suck my balls, try to learn how to count 1+1, and go to hell… Please.

      • How can you say when she told Kane about it and why she did it? Were you by any chance present to their conversation? Because you are wrong. She never told him anything of that sort. Actually, when we lecture her for sharing, she always says “so what? it’s a game.. i lose my acc, i move on o.o” Even if you had hard discussions with her, that doesn’t mean she had hard discussions with you, she was probably just pilling your leg and annoying you 😀 So, next time you start assuming, make sure you have at least one thing to back you up, appart from your imagination.

  12. After that girl or boy lie you ask us to leave it alone? What kind of GM are you? I change my opinion over you. I am sick to death, so please make my character level Immortal, if you don’t make it, I will die. Oh my God, it is sick to pretend you are ill and to fake it.

    This post is another true about the reality of 9Dragons : we have 2 world, one for liers, ones for normal persons.

  13. This is another eg. of dump manipulation over 9dragons players from Acclame part.
    Eva_Jane, no comment except…seems she cried again virtually.

  14. Many people already came to the conclusion that virtual world is a world full of lies and people pretend what they are not. It is very funny to watch some of the avatars in 9Dragons in action Posting of this blog Eva situation is like a public exposure, a thing that she can’t keep it under control.

    The post on 9Dragons forum is obviously a failed attempt to rescue the situation.

  15. guys guys still dont got it what is tha point of this blog and at this topoic??
    i dont see topic name Eva_Jane live or i am blind??

    • Yes, you are blind, the point is to explain same of the habits of behavior in virtual world of some avatars, deviation from a natural behavior, healthy one.

  16. [Quote: NoName]:how many people brag about sharing(see po1son) and multilogging(see Kalzion) and never got even close to a ban, actually AkiSakura defended sharing and claimed it was allowed, if it’s po1son who’s doing it.

    MY answer: I am fully aware of the statements I make. If you want to use my words I advise you to link the post for everyone to see in what conjuncture I posted such a statement.I remember very well that post. I didn’t claimed that is allowed, I said that a VGM stated that is on “everyone risk” to share accounts (VGM ingame roar) and based of the staff non-action taken against players who shared accounts to grind 24/7.
    And restrain yourself to put words in “my mouth” that I never said. When I said that sharing is allowed if po1son is doing it? If you would know better Kalzion and Po1son you would know the huge quantity of sarcasm they both share and the fun they can make on some ppl by providing “hot” statements and having the laugh after. Their action were most of the time a protest actions. Their statements too. Remember FC PQ?They mocked it fairly.The shared accounts?They mocked it fairly. The mutilogging?They having a laugh at it as it taking a piss. And I am not defending anyone as ppl are well capable to defend themselves. Eva, Po1son, Kalzion, are big “boys” , all can speak in their name.
    I am amazed tho that you use my statements like is a statement that comes from staff. I am against exploiting, multilogging and sharing accounts. I am also revolted by the non-action taken against it and by the covering.
    And now, mr. NoName, pls fock off. And please restrain to use my name when you make faulty affirmations.

  17. And Kalzion and Po1son did bragged about it. They had the huge laugh of their life.
    If you wonder why they didn’t got banned I will give you a clue if you weren’t able to figure it out by now: cos one is to have a piss about it and say you done it and one is to do it.
    When they gonna follow their words and do it they will get banned for sure.
    I can;t belive sometimes how gullible and easy to manipulate some ppl are when they are driven by hate….><

    • AkiSakura, you ask me to link that post, but in that post you didn’t link any proof that a VGM said that. Are we supposed to just blindly trust you on that? And, if I remember right, your words were something in the lines of “It’s allowed to share PS nuker, because it’s capped, no need for grind and no unfair advantage”. I also remember a few people laughing at you for saying that having a PS nuker is not an advantage. Untill prove that those words were said by a VGM, they remain your claim.

  18. I did not want to interfere in this discussion, but Eva (NoName) don’t you see that you are pathetic ? When a majority said you did not have a normal way in virtual life (which is my opinion also) and you did abnormal things , you should apologize, shake hands and move forward.

      • So, people who appologise, shake hands and move on are pathetic in your world? In mine they aren’t. But, what can I do? I enjoy these arguments and how you go to desperate lengths when you realise you were proven wrong.

      • The only problem with that is the verb “see you are pathetic”. To that I’d answer “If I were Eva, I’d probably see that”, which is the correct way, not with “I’d do that”. We are back to kindergarten English, I guess. Go learn it, please.

  19. The only conclusion to a tragic-comedy like this one is the fact that lie has short legs, is discovered quickly. Beyond the moral issue, on a practical aspect we have the fact that someone out there would do anything for a virtual game, which gradually becomes life itself.

  20. I doubt you know the conditions under which she told him. I also doubt you know when or what she told him. You don’t even know the nature of her condition and neither does Kane. So, if you stop speculating about it, you will look a lot smarter in the eyes of the people who actually know what it’s about. And, if I remember the title right, the main point should have been some imaginary Big Spender scam, right? Or Eva is so important to you, that now you can’t go on with your blog without her?

    • You forget there is a connection between Eve and vennus post, as vennus said, “now, the big defenders of the scam who are themselves a big scam…”. In conclusion, the fact itself counts, everyone can find excuses …

      • What on Earth does Eva have to do with that Big Spender? She didn’t een take part in it, she didn’t post about it. When and where did she defend it? Or you mean, sayin you are crazy is defending the promotion itself? Yeah, I can totally see how that works…

      • If you could have a :final saying”, you wouldn’t have a blog dedicated to a game, you’d have a life ^.^

      • you lose the essence of the blog, research of phenomena within a game and lunatics behavior like Eve. it is call research and the life of a researcher is like this.

  21. I will point out some aspects:
    1. Any disease arouses sympathy. Sympathy may be defined as an affinity that exists between two people, or – in other words – as an established connection between those things which have a particular state of resonance or subtle. According to ancient philosophers, things and beings influence each other constantly and permanently everything.This ‘inter-influence’ still occurs due to subtle energies acting through resonance law.
    2. In the virtual environment, in this situation, the game, there is no illness .And if we have one, is treated with a few digits or codes in few seconds.When a normal avatar, usually from the perspective of one who controls, enter virtual world, it leaves aside the emotional baggage and load of the real world and he knows he is playing a role.
    3. The people behind the avatars who do not know to play a role, can be influenced by human feelings and then run their avatar to attend those sentimente.When you say you’re sick in an environment that is free of disease, the human factor behind the avatar can intervene and sympathize with you clause.The intention to use those feelings of sympathy is the one that lead the things in the wrong direction.
    4. Who search love in a virtual game?
    Those who fall in love in a virtual game are most often solitary and shy people who have difficulty to develop and maintain such relationships with others. Even though men are more likely to send love messages on the Internet, women also enter the competition, especially in terms of private discussions. We know that physical appearance and direct contact, characteristic of regular relations are replaced by simple messages, situation where you are free to say about you only what you want. This does not necessarily mean to lie, but you describe yourself in a favorable light.

    Reasons invoked to isolate yourself in the virtual world:
    • real or imagined physical complexes, lack of confidence, accompanied by the impression that you are not too interesting for others
    • Upset of your person or your life, you it is easier to feel that you become what you are not totally
    • Lack of jobs that give you professional fulfillment or a real family, where you can find affection, intimacy and communication

    This is the link with the discussion when I made the statement that the account sharing is overlooked based on the non-actions of the staff. None of the shared accounts (especially the ones that pushed a lot on money in Acc) were banned lately. If this non-action taken against them is not speaking for itself then what does?
    The only person that was outraged by my statement was middy2. So I presume NoName is a “bored ” middy2. I cannot recall no one laughing at me because of my statement but on the contrary. Except you and skiddie( that asked if is banable or not), I see no comments. Some ppl are full aware of what is happening here and saw no point in discussion. have you sen a VGM/GM reply on my statement saying that I am wrong and is banable? NO. They do read forum you know? But when they are not sure/secure they keep silence.
    As for the SS I do search it cos some ppl tought me to play this game in the most horrible way by taking SS’s every minute to cover my sayings or my azz. And I will find it in archives somewhere. And I wasn’t the only one online when the VGM roared btw…

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