Invitation to the “Historian left Acclaim”-Party

Today, TheHermit also posted on the official 9Dragons forum the informations about the leaving of TheHistorian.

How he writes, the new Game Manager will be the new GM Fugen aka Mugen. While Ravenclaw could not be the new Head GM, because he was just a “Junior GM”, Fugen can be already the new Game Manager. Fugen will also be a LoneMaster (or whatever Acclaim calls LoreMaster) for The Land (means: for the players).

I can’t wait for the first talk between the Project AI Blog and the new Game Manager Fugen…

However; We invite you all to the “Historian left Acclaim”-Party!

We will celebrate the leaving of Historian on Saturday the 20th February, in Hefei on the Event Stage, 1 hour after the exp event!

We will make a party with fireworks, whine (for those characters who can drink them) and cakes. Some rumors also tell, there will be some Blood Essences for free…

Bring your party-items, your friends and your high spirits for this party, and join us in drinking a toast to the leaving of TheHistorian, and to a hopefully better Game Manager!

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


21 responses to “Invitation to the “Historian left Acclaim”-Party

  1. I sow that for days players asked Acclaim to clarify the rumors about Historian leaving. Some people could not believe it is true, than Acclaim erase all the posts about Historian leave, to cover up.

  2. Mugen aka Fugen, what a name is that ? anyway if he do a great job, hands claps for him, like sonyboy, I hope he is not a new Historian. it is a good thing that he is a GM, Lore Master too, only interacting in game with players you would know the game things and can make a difference.

  3. Definitely I am going to bring there to celebrate it, jump f joy and meet some of my friend from here. I hope we will have agreat party. I will try roar about it too.

  4. I see that someone is happy and delight. I share this feeling too, it is a good thing for all the community that Historian left or was fired. Time will tell what kind of game manager Fugen will be, but for now I will give him a 10 for spammers dc’s. At least he tries.

  5. As vennus, I try join you guys and celebrate making a character on Bardo. For now, I wish good luck to the new game manager Fugen and I will try give him some advices on a post – from a veteran.

  6. WP buged? I can’t see my comment:
    ndeed it is a time of celebration, I sow Fugen active these days, spowing mobs, celaring Hefei, I hope he will do a better job than Historian and will not be so arrogant.

  7. I can’t wait to see what will do the new game manager. I pray not to be a big failure as BluFlash and Historian. I stay on on game and not on forum, so I will watch the new changes. Fugen must start with showing his 2 b00ls to the moderators and VGMs, make them respect players and stop harassing them on the boards with the new cards system, another Historian stipid invention.

    Cya at the party.

  8. The question is: the community WILL help the new Game Manager is his task?(witch is far from easy anyway- to restore the transparent communication between players and staff) 😀

    • Aki, I think if he will remake the official team ( change some people from there, including moderators ), re-open the communication with veterans, unbann some of their accounts, let community be a part of the decisions, show some preocupation for our problems and answer to us when we call him, I think the community will help. Another big ‘axe’, will be the fixing of the game. If we see he will start to fix the bugs, the pvp, the roles we can borrow our brain and hands to help him.

  9. yaaay histo finaly left
    i hope for better future for 9d then
    game has potential to become well known mmo
    but ther woud need to be a drastic changes in gameplay itself
    story and all is cool but graplic sux
    well evry mmo has special and 9d has potential as you all know
    maybe i drop to the pty whit sely if i oficaly remove sing of my retiredness
    ps to all 9d players
    you see that pvp is focked up and soon full of buggs and so on acclaim does just bad work
    if you folow me to better game (p2p) aion (telemachus/assmodian :P)
    well there is a lot of ex 9d player on this server
    ok that is all for my long speech
    im gonnna end it soon
    so may you all enyoy the leaving of histo
    get drunk and party
    bring some weed or smthing for me
    and then bring some great dj’s
    ok that is realy all
    lp sely

  10. I wish good luck to the new game manager, but I doubt he will have an easy time. The community is in negative state and unless he shows a nice face and do actually something, he has no chance. He should learn from BluFlash to don’t show the community the door and from Historian, to don’t show his arrogance and start communicate. For now he is kinda inviisble from my part of view, but in time I can make an opinion.

  11. Liberté, égalité, fraternité

    I wish the new game manager to don’t have money greed as the last ones had. That is all I wish for.

  12. when you’re playing a game 9dragons, it’s hard to find a quiet place for contemplation. no distractions. no noise. no avatars. just quiet and peace.everything can turn outside down in few hours. I love the agitation so I iwll come to that party, because I didn’t really liked Historian and his work for 9dragons. he didn’t do nothing at all for us and was an arrogant man.

    victory for Legend!

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