TheHistorian left Acclaim

We found an interesting post on the 2Moons forum:

Effective immediately the following staff have left the 2Moons community:


Ok, David “Historian” DeWald leaves the 2Moons community… A bit strange, because he really likes 2Moons, and he put a lot of passion on it as Game Manager (many would wish the same for 9Dragons…)

But the most important line is below:

These changes are a result of TheHistorian not working within Acclaim any longer.

Every 9Dragons player, which is a veteran and not in the official team will think now the same, like I do:


Or just simple, with Historian’s own words: “Suck it!” Haha.

This message isn’t on the 9Dragons forum yet, but will be published there for sure. Hell, I can imagine how many will make a party about that, and how a lot stop a bit to flame on the 9Dragons forum. And this is the reason, why I still have doubt…

It is possible that “TheHistorian” left Acclaim, indeed. But maybe not “David DeWald”. Many know, that Historian like to be the Boss, and he love his dictatorship. He got many enemies on the 9Dragons community. It’s possible that Acclaim try to lie again and tell their players, that the most hated person of Acclaim leaves, to calm their players.

What’s fact and what not isn’t sure yet. But be assured that we will find it out.

I would anyway like to write some words to Historian:

David, in all this time, you still don’t know who I am. Even if I put some details from time to time, you weren’t able to count 1+1.

However… I’m still surprised. After my Declaration of war I started a secret project, and I can assure you I would put you down. But I expected some resistance from you. I didn’t even really started it.

I told you then, “Before this war is over, one of us will fall.” I’m surprised that you fell already. If you really left Acclaim, then I congratulate you. Now you are free from us, and we can finally get a good Game Manager. But if not… If you didn’t left Acclaim and just try to lie again to your customers, then we will find it out, and we will not stop to hunt you and all the truth.

When BluFlash left, I wished him good luck, even if I didn’t liked him. But I will not wish you good luck. Instead to try to talk with us, you lied over and over, you played unfair and you tried to put us down. Also, I know that behind BluFlash’s doings were always you, and not himself.

For 9Dragons, it’s a very good step that you left.

However, dear readers, let’s hope this is the truth and we will get a good Game Manager. However; Also Steven-Elliot Altman will get his payback. To play a respectfully Buddhist and to scam the players isn’t right, and he will have to face the music.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


41 responses to “TheHistorian left Acclaim

  1. If it is true, I will join the party. I knew Historian will end like this, from the moment he declare war with the community, a flame war, a lock or deleting posts without a reason war, a baning war of veterans.

  2. what goes around…/…comes around – I don’t know if he left or no, but for 9Dragons community is a good thing if he left, his policy only made it worst.

  3. Let’s see how many moderators and VGMs will leave 9Dragons if Historian will not be the community manager anylonger. Make the bets . None , 50%, 20% ? I will join the party. Historian no longer works with Acclaim for 2 Moons or for all Acclaim game ?

  4. As Legend wrote, I am not sure either if this is another Acclaim move for showing a new face to customers, because we already got used to how Acclaim manged the things or it is a real thing. I looked on Historian profile on Twitter and indeed, he plays for 24h another game and nothing about Acclaim.

    Historian was a hated community manager because of his actions towards the community, was a bad manager from many points of view and he lacked a lot on communication skills.

    Good luck Historian and I can’t believe our war with him will come to an end.

  5. I wish the new game manager to learn from Historian mistakes and don’t war with community. He must be open to discussion and not try to push us back.

  6. Historian should have been fired for a long time ago. He ignores players even now when he left, no good bye post. Lame for a community manager.

  7. Players victory. Hooray ! Cheers for this blog authors who fought him. He was a bad man in behavior and heart. He was arrogant and wanted to rule the community with fear even we all live in democratic countries at least I do. A new path has open now.

  8. I love 2 Moons community :


    Maybe Acclaim will actually recover now.

    El Dictator is gone, rejoice. ”

    REJOICE GUYS & GIRLS! I jump with joy, finally he is out of our game and community.

  9. Seems that bad things happened in 2 Moons and players wants to sue Historian. They are happy, the things may get back to the way they were before and to have fun. It would be great if in 9dragons will be the same. veterans should get their accounts baned back and strat help the game again. Historian was a catastrophe and a bad omen.

    zeller said all: (quote)
    “aww its too bad that you have to go but honestly im happy about it

    you guys carded and banned everyone for everything and imo that took away all the fun of being involved in a forum

    i liked the times when we were free speech and we had the same rights and freedoms that we did in north america

    hopefully with you guys leaving things will go back to the way it used to be, a better and more fun place”

    I feel in same way. Mods in 9dragons should resign too, starting with drakenfyre, the “bitch”.

  10. I couldn’t stand Historian, good God he left Acclaim. He should take all the scumbags he brought with him. Freedom of speech and a new age shall come. I hope Acclaim will hire a better game community.

  11. Historian resigned or was fired by Acclaim but behind him he left a community in chaos and turmoil. The new game manager will have to work a lot to fix what Historian broke.

  12. finally Historian got a red card from Acclaim.i hope he will be baned from forum and taste a little bit from what he did to others. I am glad he left and I don’t have to deal with his personality problems anymore. he was arrogant and full of himself. he made tons of mistakes and the biggest was to attract players rage and hate.

    peace out,
    wu tang man

  13. I will join the happy atmosphere in here and I will point out a few things :
    1. You guys did agreat job in showing the weak points of Historian and pointed out his mistakes and weaknes.
    2.He should have took your help and don’t through it away.
    3.He should have been more open to us all.
    4.He was a dictator and dictators don’t have a long life.
    5.He played alone not in a team.
    6. He surrounded himself with unable people.
    7. He took our freedom of speech.
    8. He made fun of us and laugh in our faces.
    9. He didn’t listen to what we have told him.
    10. He baned the veterans and censor their voices.
    11. He was everything what a community manager shouldn’t be.
    12. He was arrogant and never accepted when he was wrong.

  14. lmao, i wrote 2 times this on forum and draken deleted, and gave warning.

    but could be strategy to calm down people, also we know historian have acess to hermit account and can make post’s from there

  15. If it is true it is great he left, a good thing indeed, now remains the unpopular mods to follow him. drakenfyre should be the first. We need an official statement from Acclaim that Historian it is no longer there.

  16. We should make a party in Hefei, Event Stage… With fireworks, whine (for those chars who can drink) and cakes.

    I will take a look during this week. I heard, those news will be published on 9Dragons forum probably on monday. If so, I will make a new Blog article and invite everyone to a party. This party will be probably next weekend, friday or saturday after event.

  17. I’m sure he is checking this blog at least once a week …

    So let me say: Seems you found a way to escape the loop and quit “running in circles”. XD [his standard phrase to quit a constructive discussion about necessary changes]

    Have fun with your xbox and Atari games! You won’t be missed, by none, not even GM’s – Mr. Hero of the Year ’09. **Sadly that you can’t enter the contest for the award 2010.**

  18. I’m still wondering why it wasn’t officially announced on 9Dragons boards only on 2Moons boards…

    He’s still on Official list…

  19. Did you guys realise that there are many jobs for this man you guys call TheHistorian, and that Acclaim wont be the only company that could offer him a job.

    Gogo make a whole conspiricy theorie about him leaving.

    Should we care in any way if he left or got fired. I dont……

    Only things i would say to TheHist. would be: good luck in real life and have fun in whatever you do.

    That the same i would say to any other player.

    • How that affects you ? It is our problem what we do with our minds and ideas. Didn’t you said you will not post on this blog. Why don’t you keep your word?

      • Freedom of speech isnt it.

        So everything and everyone that goes against this blog gets a verbal beating of you hahaha

        Well you honor the word rotard…

      • Sure, if youy can’t raise to other level, call him name. Typical to the people who can’t think. I said all I had to say.

  20. Someone, did I censore your comments ? Freedom of speech means debate, questions and answers, replys and that is what Cora was doing. Calling names only shows how low you can go and that yoiu are not different from the rest of ‘boor’.

    Historian is free to do what he wants and we don’t hold him back.
    Historian was fired or not ? I care because I want to know the cause. Why ? Put that question to yourself and meditate on it.

  21. I love 2Moons as much as the next. i have been involved since 2007. Yet, I think people worry about the WRONG things. you all care or worry about Historian. I ask this. How about all the people that get hacked from other players?. What gets done about it? NOTHING. Why not make a big stink about how Acclaim is treating us that have been with them for years?. Why not stand up for what you want. Instead people group together and make a fuss about ONE person. So he made fun of us, he poked his jokes, took away freedom of speach but, HOW ABOUT fighting for whats right in the game instead of a person who was an idiot!. how many of you have been hacked? And what do we get told? Oh sorry about you bad luck. I say FU*K ACCLAIM and lets fight back!. If you hack, then HACK the SH*T out of it. I say this… I got hacked after three years of legit playing and I get told nothing can be done about it. Every item in the game has it’s own ID number to it. All they have to do is search for that ID number and they can find out who, what, where, and what time it all went missing. Acclaim is to lazy and if they do say they will do it they want you to PAY!. After three years of legit play I for ONE will be HACKING the sh*t out of this game. If the GM’s wont do anything to help us players by trying to stop hackers then I for one am going to turn into the robinhood of 2moons. Not ONLY will I hack other hackers with there own CE scripts and CSV scripts I am going to be taking there own items and selling them off in shops cheap as hell. I will be back with times and day I will be open for all of you who want there crap items. I’m not in it for the Dil, each item will be up for 1Dil.

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