Qilin’s Biggest Spender is a big lie!

TheHermit speaks :

Qilin’s Biggest Spender Winners Announced! See their prizes!


When I saw that post I asked myself who is so crazy to spend 500/ 600 euros for some minimum prizes, items which are found at CoC3 ( Cave of Conquer, level 3, safe zone) NPC and will cost like 1 bilion to get them all. Not 500/600 euro for one. Something’s wrong. Believe and don’t investigate? Not when it comes to Acclaim. Let’s take a look at what I found.

1. Some of ID/s of those players are fake or can’t be found

radioguru21 66240
shiroihyoga 35340
mazoras 31150
atomicsiren 29805
mayerdarwin1 27748
kurosaki1346 27276
icegrinder 25523
serenity64 24900
aoihyoga 23862

When I try to find some : ERROR! ( I asked the others authors of this blog to try too, same result)


In comparison with icegrinder (25523 coins) :


2. Two of those ID’s sounds the same, twins or no imagination?




3. In game character names are also fakes. Let’s take a look at this one :



Now let’s go in game and try make one :


SURPRISE  : special characters such as “=..=”… CAN’T BE USED!

4. 6% speed ornament, another big failure… at least they should have put the 7% one.


No doubt this event is just another marketing fail attempt to draw more money from players . They want to show to people how much money they need to prepare to join the competition for Biggest Spender. I got some news for Acclaim: 600 euros is a rip off for such a buggy game and someone who is sane ( in mind), will never spend this sum of money for so small  prize (here we are not talking about BBoE, but an speed ornament of 6%, 10 mil -game money- in Hefei ).

Question :It is moral and legal for Acclaim to do this?


46 responses to “Qilin’s Biggest Spender is a big lie!

  1. This is why I love this blog so much, opens the eyes and mind…
    I think it is not moral or legal to this this. How it is call ? Deception ?

  2. this is a big scamming from Acclaim part. they cheat customers trust for few bucks. I also believe that nobody who has a clear mind would spend 700$ for an ornament or 400 damage WB. I spend like 20 milions in game money to get 1.

  3. I believe Kane executed orders. Anyway this is very wrong. At every part of this issue I look it is very wrong what they did.

  4. well, i think is right like you wrote.
    Is strategy for people buy quilin mirror’s, spend more money, etc.
    Also i think XP card’s buy rate decreased alot, so they made tradeable again, to get more money, lot player’s just buy those card’s to sell.

  5. A cheap strategy to take more money from us. 10x for vennus on this post. It is a funny that a gM don’t know that you can’t use “=” to make a character.

  6. Who came up with the idea of cheating the players for money and present fake IDs, must give his resignation. It is outrageous.

  7. instead of fighting the scammers, Acclaim becomes ones. I consider this pathetic. they don’t even know how to lie.

  8. It is neither moral and legal to do what Acclaim did. Cheating is when a person misleads, deceives, or acts dishonestly on purpose. Here we can talk about cheating. Cheating can happen in a lot of different ways. It’s tempting to cheat because it makes difficult things seem easy, but it doesn’t solve the problem.It’s never too late to stop cheating. Cheating can become a habit, but like other bad habits you can always decide to act better and make better choices. Acclaim should stop this way of acting with players.

  9. Clear as day , this contest was to grab and digg more money from us. over 6000 coins is a fantasy sum for Qilin Mirror.

  10. Well, this thingy with IGN is really funny. But the other thing with forums is okay when you think about the chaos a certain Hero caused due to his non-existent skills to clean the entire forum and all search engine parameters, so that you can’t use such functions – like player search – anymore. Also, it could be possible that they havn’t used the accounts on forums yet. Ergo they aren’t registered and can’t be found.

    Anyways .. lol.

  11. This is Ravenclaw. I want to end this here and now. Acclaim’s IT team verifies coins sold by players, then we rule out fraud, then we award prizes. All of these players exist, and you are free to find each of them in game. Vennus wrote to me claiming this was a hoax and I provided her a screen shot. This is yet another reckless attempt by this blog to disseminate false information. The players on each server know these other players for years, and anyone who cares to investigate, rather than reading and believing this ridiculous propaganda should do so. The contest was no hoax. This blog is a hoax. Here is =Warlord= standing in front of me.

  12. It is not an attempt, it is a fact. You can’t create characters using ..=…= . Don’t you think it is too strange that looks the same as you, also no hero league. Give me names of the players who knows him, in what league he was in. And don’t come with official team alternative characters.

    Only GMs can do that…using =…=. Now I heard the name was changed by a GM recently. This is more than suspicious. We will never know the truth unless all Acclaim PCs are sealed and tested 😛

  13. We do not give out our players information, nor is it our job to answer ridiculous claims. All AI followers we urge you to complete your own investigation. These players have all been playing for years. Draw your own conclusions and you will quickly see the writers of this blog are spreading false rumors.

    • I agree completly with Raven on this.

      I dont know about false rumours but this article stinks.

      You guys still remember that its just a game. And that you are not obligated to put money in it.

      Also like i stated before. The writers of this blog arent objective anymore. I wonder if they were ever objective in this subject, i think not. I wanna make an appeal on the followers of this blog, dont take this all for the truth, cause not everything is.


      • And what you know about the truth Someone? who are you ? Someone who inspire faith ? You think you are some kind of leader to come in here and people follosw you. First build what they build than come and talk. You are just an ex trash from official team.

        I can do what I want, I am free so stop your non-sense it is clear as day is a mad eup story for money.

      • Someone as an ex VGM in your place I would be very ashamed, you should have know that you can’t create characters with ==========. it is just a mask up of the event. nobody believes in Acclaim lies anymore.

      • Someone, big shame on you ! The authors of this blog were objective only when they fought for your cause and when they wrote about it? In your place I wouldn’t have the face to show myself in here and say such things. You have no character from my point of view! You are a lame person.

    • Gm, please can you tell me who plays on Asura from those players? I don’t remember any of those names and I play since 2007. Thank you.

  14. You contradict yourself. You said the players know him. I asked you what players since you said that players know him. If you said this, it means you know which players know him. Today I logged on Nirvana and asked several players if you know the Warlord, 15 said they do not know who he is (black clan). Also don’t refer to authors…I as author (only1) vennus, wrote this post.

  15. Cora,

    I know Raven, and i know hes the most honest guy in the world.

    Ohw and Cora, im also just a player and yes like you said “ex-trash” from the team. The team that you wont allow you guys to help you.

    Have fun with your conspiricy blog all.

  16. I play on Nirvana and I never heard about a player =Warlord=. Invisible ? The others names also don’t ring a bell, never heard about them on Nirvana. Elvena ? From where is that from ? Lords of The Rings?

  17. One day, the truth will come out no matter wha. Someone don’t make start with you. As you said IF YOU DON’T LIKE THIS BLOG AND THE AUTHORS DON’T READ IT AND STOP POSTING!

  18. The character show by Raven don’t even have a karma title. Look on 9dragons forum (general discussion, another useless topic who shows one thing : they are OWNED, the truth came out ! Acclaim should stop this cheap comedy, we all know this was a fake event.

  19. … im sorry, but i have to agree with Ravenclaw here,

    i talked to =Warlord= today (YES HE IS A PERSON) he plays on nirvana (even sold me some exp cards)

    he confirmed winning the prize O.o

    False things are false, but sadly this isnt

  20. That character was created after Raven sow the post in here and it is play by Raven or maybe you know who. As I told, you can’t make a character using =..=, he made it as GM. Also Sora, why you didn’t post in here on Feb13… That character is a made off one and Raven attempts to cover up are a big failure.

    As for his chat, he tries to convince the people he exists, not that he has a message. You get it?

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