Historian, ‘papa’ of the invisible button ‘Dragon Warning’

After Historian reintegrate himself in the community he started to reinvent the things and systems. His last reinvent is Dragon Warning Card System :


We have just enabled the Dragon Warning Card System on the 9Dragons forum. Please be aware that the following rule from the Rules of Conduct now applies to the 9Dragons forum.

Quote:On the Forums that have the warning and ban system, an account can receive up to 8 warnings (Yellow cards) or 2 bans (Red cards), expired and current combined. In the event of the 9th warning or 3rd ban, the account will be permanently banned from the forums. For the purposes of calculation, 3 warnings will be treated as 1 ban, since the system treats the 3rd warning as a ban. This means that an account with 5 warning and 1 ban, will be permanently banned if they receive a new warning or ban.

From his statement seems that the dragon warning was officially ‘dead’ since was unable. The question : what system was applied till now, because took a long time to making a show of it.  Again I see that Historian recur and not thinking in perspective. A warn should always be accompanied by an explanation, something which I see that Historian avoids. Many of the warns and bans on 9Dragons forum were on the grounds that the user has a certain level of intelligence, certain tastes or habits or ‘ alleged personal stuff with official team members’.

To describe the situation I remember two words: relational terrorism. In contrast, there are everyday heroism acts, the heroism of a forum user to brace creation.

Sorry, but I must point out that most people have heard those word many times and in far worse ways by the time they get to this forum.

Censorship is Juvenal.

The words aren’t bad, the intent behind them is what’s important. Sometimes so called clean language just doesn’t convey an emotion the way a “curse” word does.

I also find it amusing that the people that run a game that glorifies killing countless hundreds and thousands of very human “mobs” can get in such a twist over some “bad words”.

One of my all time favorite comedy routines is George Carlin comparing the way -that thing 2 people do in bed-   , language and violence were dealt with in TV (the 70s and 80s, it’s not as bad now, although that whole super bowl thing with the Jackson sister might beg to defer on that). It’s perfectly ok to see a guy shoot a whole town’s worth of bad guys but breasts and cuss words are what’s really wrong with media today.

Boo Hoo… we might make little timmy tim and lilly loo make a sad face ( iamadeathgod)

The virtual world of avatars is a world where certainties are beyond us, in which truths are contradictory, cancel or dissipate faster than our ability to interrogate them, to integrate them, to develop or extend them.Heroism in daily obedience requires freedom. An avatar user is the image that we offer. The avatar as anonymous hero bear the risk of being considered atypical, abnormal or crazy. So, protests will be born.

Like in the real world, in virtual world, the system fears social distribution of conflicts. Each individual as avatar who has the most modest means can assign targets alone or with others. Anyone who really wants to challenge the control network (rules) could make their own theoretical and practical contribution.

Conclusion : just childish rumble again and no idea of substance.

Who plays this game and give them money ? So us or them ? SHOW ME !


30 responses to “Historian, ‘papa’ of the invisible button ‘Dragon Warning’

  1. Historian is again bored and full of bad feeling. Instead of looking the cause of the unhappines of players, he wanst to ban them. Idiotic again!

    Loved the video, so expressive!

  2. That forum needs something like this nonetheless. Is filled with crap and even more crap everyday.
    Why are you so bothered of Dragon warning system? I am not. Even if i post critics I can do it in a normal language. I wish the normal communication to be restored too. Not the one that is now filled with flames and stupid , useless spam.
    You complained earlier about xenopfobia left unpunished on forum. About spam topics like tone ones of that german kid (i presume u all saw what i talk about as I cannot remember his name) that fill space on forum and then we complain of forum being laggy and sluggish.
    Apparently you are extremely unhappy of any attempt of moderation.
    Make up your mind for once.
    You want the forum moderated (and no more xenophobic ppl rouaming around sending curses and flame left and right) or you want it free and abandoned (like it was for the past months)?
    And please, do not mistake “freedom in speech” with the right to curse and use of bad language. Freedom in speech is your right to speak your mind. The way you chose to do this (normal language that all can understand or bad language that will get you flamed or ignored) is your own choise and has nothing to do with freedom in speech.
    PS: one of my cause of unhappiness as a player(for example)is when i open a discussion on forum and it ends up being trashed or in garbage, or locked or deleted cos of some kids that cannot talk without useless flames in their sentences.

    • I complain about the fact that system already existed and none bother to apply it. I don’t understand what is the point to re-open an old topic (which is against the rules)… Also if he wanted to do it right, he should make the work of un-baning all the people who were baned without warning.

    • After people wrote to authorities he have thought about it… True, the forum needs moderation, but quality moderation and in same time education of forum users. That issue involves intelligence and I think you know better than me how many of the official team could do it.

    • AkiSakura, do you notice that you’re one of the few, which protects Acclaim?

      The most here opened their eyes. You still need to.
      Don’t you ask yourself why the 9Dragons forum is full of flamers against Acclaim? Oh boy… Go, and find it out, before trying to talk big… Please.

  3. He finally admitted what you said: he gave bans without justification and without warn because he thought that something is suspicious. Awesome new theme on blog.

  4. It is true what sedbona said, this existed before but the moderators and Historian never apply it, they do what they wanted and baned people who used only one time the mispell of the word ‘F..CK’ for eg. He wants to erase the past I think.

  5. TheHistorian made statistics and sow how many people he banned without a reason and now he wants to show a nice face to the community saying that will respect something he didn’t do before. Nice try, but I don’t believe it till I will see it.

    • I think he try to show that he wants to change some of the stuffs after he was badly criticized.The future can show if he can change or not.

  6. If this system would have been applied from the moment when it was created, it wouldn’t have reached a critical point in communication with the community. I remember in 2007 I received a warning from a moderator for inappropriate language. I asked what he considered inappropriate language and he didn’t answer me back. It was funny.

  7. I think the new objective of Historian is to give ban to people who complains, as I see it now, the forum is flood with complaints on the new patch. 1 complaint, 1 warning…

  8. It is sad to see how down this all things are going. After baning almost all veterans Historian remembers that we have a system of warnings.

  9. I believe it is the same thing till now, nothing changed. Historian will ban again all the people who thinks they have something personal with him and will let unpinished Acclaim acolytes, like in case of hate speech against romanians. The authorities should amend Acclaim will lots of money, maybe then they will wake up.

  10. That button is invisible as my faith in Acclaim that one day they will change and will pay attention to players needs. I am affard that day will come when they will bury this game.

  11. Till now Historian show a lot of faces, this one can be another one to cool down some riots or show that he can change, or nothing of those. Maybe he wants to try another approach. But, he must be more persuasive thatn this. What about the people who got baned without a warning, like Legend in here.

  12. OMG now forum, is on Jitler regime…look what this guy wrote : “well asura ill not have same problem:
    “Player A(Nuker)-Oh F@*k u KS my mob”
    “Player B(warrior)- sorry, but i hitted first”
    “Player A- no, i hitted all these mobs with MY AOE”
    “Player B- ok ok*continue griding and kS 1mob from nuker”
    “player A- you KoS…
    “pills on”, “fight!”

    Nuker Win!

    and will start new war leagues ^_^ ”
    he got yellow card, reason: profanity
    i don’t see any profanity here, is true… PvP is unbalance.
    is just hitle r forum now

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