Tibet map, 또 깨진 약속 ?

1.November 2009:  TheHermit replies with lots of confidence that  Tibet map will be out by the end of the year 2009.

2. December 2009:  TheHermit announces that the head of the GMs is sick and the map will be postpone till 2010.

3. January 2010 :  TheHermit assured us that Tibet map is 95% translated.

4. February 2010 : No map.

Koreans have implemented the map in 2009 and Taiwan company have just launched it with a lot of noise and promotions.







What brought Tibet to other versions?

– new items
– new clothes
– new weapons
– new system of penalties in PvP
– new quests
– new items in mall
– new dungeoun

What will bring for Acclaim version ?

-new bugs


34 responses to “Tibet map, 또 깨진 약속 ?

  1. I recall TheHermit said something that Acclaim works in same time as Taiwan people work, like a syncron, but looks Taiwan took Acclaim face.For sure we will have new bugs.

  2. The new clothes are sloted ones as I sow in few ss and I headr we will have new deff set. I don’t want even to imagine the price.

  3. You should mention that the Taiwan publisher released Tibet map with a huge load of bugs what made it unplayable for few days …

    • i play TW version and works fine and I don’t remember to don’t be unplayable after the release. worked fine.

  4. why do u guys ignore the fact that we got M&D fixed or that theHermit said that they are waiting for taiwan to find all the bugs and fix them before they patch it for us?

      • hei even smarter one. TheHermit said that all the bugs taiwan report to indy will be fixed in our version too.

      • ex-Shadow do you see any connection between the facts and what you say now ? If Hermit knew about tw version, he shouldn’t said since november that we will have the map by the end of the year 2009 or would see back than about tw version.

    • I doubt that is true because Acclaim has another version of the game not like Taiwan one, you forgot Acclaim unicity.

  5. I belive many of you don’t know, but Nexon has a test server before any new patch, they make tests with players. I doubt that in the future we will something like this at Acclaim.

  6. I see only excuse : once that A Gm got sick, once that we must wait the taiwan version, once than…and so on.I don’t understand what is the role of a promise in Hermit view.

  7. =.= acclaimversion ill not give bug’s for some few months beacause they ill not launch patch with map next few months =P.

    aww 1st pic is not tibet map, that is Datong map =.=

  8. I heard the Tibet map will be launch by Acclaim in march, but it is just a rumor, nothing more. I guess we have to wait and see.

  9. General Wei :
    The new clothes are sloted ones as I sow in few ss and I headr we will have new deff set. I don’t want even to imagine the price.

    If we calculate that every 24 lvls we get a new set of collectibles for defense clothes that would mean at PS 4 there would be a 700 def set collectible available right? Cuz 500 was at GL 4 , 600 at LM 4 –> 700 at PS 4? :O

  10. In my opinion, Tibet should be release after Acclaim fix all the bugs in game. A new map will bring more bugs, ever patch fix 2 bugs and bring another 5.

  11. Acclaim story is an never ending lie story, after one lie another came and so on. Tibet map is still a fantasy.Next patch for sure will be with Chinesse Year content or fixing some bugs. For sure Tibet will come out in summer.

  12. This game is like a stand-up comedy. After a lie is told you laugh, than at another one, you laugh more. Tibet if will come out this year for Acclaim will come with major bugs. Look at Acclaim now, for 60 days they try to fix LD map, but it is not fixed at all, at last event you couldn’t enter in SRS due a lock message and the spown place is wrong.

  13. The easy way for Acclaim is to lie, but after all the truth will come to surface. For years they made a spider web full of lies. The customers don’t trust them anymore and on 9dragons forum the result is easy seen : angry people all over the place.

    What excuse will find Hermit this month for the delay of Tibet map ? I guess we have to watch and see. It has been 4 months and no new map. Some people have 2 PS1 characters already.

  14. Anyone wonder why we, who play Acclaim version gets the last updates always ? It is not like Acclaim has 1 country to deal with like Republic of Korea or Taiwan, they have 2 continets to deal with, many more players than those two versions.

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