The hate speech against romanians

Hate speech is a term for speech intended to degrade person or group of people based on their race, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, language ability, ideology, social class, occupation, appearance (height, weight, hair color, etc.), mental capacity, and any other distinction that might be considered by some as a liability.

The case is very simple: an X player logs in the game and at the start of his/her logging as he/she said in ss 4(from forum) is annoyed by romanians people. That irritation against the romanians is so evident (for X causes) that,the player has found a term: ROTARD, which he explained simply:

‘ Definition of rotard : people that live in Romania and are retards’.

”I’ll rephrase the definition; people that speak the romanian language and are retards.’

The terms :

ROTARD ( it is not a term that player invented, because there are limitation to the people who can come up with a term)

Often used to describe a person who is obsessed with the Wankel design rotary engine, and usually Mazda RX7s in particular, to the point of total stupidity. In the mind of a hardcore rotard, teh RX7 is the finest automobile in modern history, and undoubtedly the best handling car evar. Most rotards will bristle and get quite defensive when confronted with factual issues relating to the fragility of their beloved engine, and will tend to make pointedly idiotic arguments to the contrary.

A spinning Retard; or a rotating retard, used to express something more retarded than just a retard.


–verb (used with object)
1. to make slow; delay the development or progress of (an action, process, etc.); hinder or impede.
–verb (used without object)
2. to be delayed.
3. a slowing down, diminution, or hindrance, as in a machine.
4. Slang: Disparaging.
a. a mentally retarded person.
b. a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way: a hopeless social retard.

Rather inclusive, no? There are many points and opinions to discuss in here. Let’s take the 4 pillars that support this speech :

1.Reclamation of terms – ROTARD, RETARD, ROMANIANS . First two words are  examples of words that have been used to degrade, demean. After that the player add ‘ROMANIANS’  and use those 2 words  to verbally injure members of particular group of players : players from Romania.

2.Hating the Inanimate:  out there in the debate field is a questionable divide between what you can hate and what you can’t. This player obviously hates romanians, she or he said it’s annoyed by them when she or he logs in game.

3.The Freedom to Argue, People Speaking: If a player simple says “romanian are rotards,” is it any different than if a leader of hero band/ official team says it?We live in a time of relative equality.

4.The exception of the rules .Can we tolerate a single person which advocate for hatefull speech against romanians? If this has an impact on people, then we should act to disable the hatred ideology.

I wonder how that player can live with so much hate against romanians, when in the band were he or she activate are also romanians. When she/he log in game is annoyed by that band own members (romanians of course)?


34 responses to “The hate speech against romanians

  1. Baning hammer or another one of Acclaim acolytes? It is obvious hated speech against the group of players from Romania.

  2. this player got owned ! he can’t have a debate standard because don’t know what a debate is all about. when a person feels inferior towards others do what this player did.

  3. Shanny from Bardo has a minimum level of IQ to understand what Romania is all about. If he is so annoy by romanians he should move to Nirvana and meet americans.Well, I loved your replys, ‘pwan’ : Shanna, the beautifull woman & stuffs and then came the bomb : Shanna the anime -13. Go Romania show this naab who is who!

  4. Bardo is a server full of romanians this is suicide. i think this person has a personal problem from his kidshood in 9dragons against romanians, you know that period of virtual life when you get pk in coc many for 10000 times and swear to get revenge. i bet he is traumatized by that period and the romanians who pk her.

  5. we talk in here about people with low level of culture (this skiddie is one) and here we go : I hate what I can’t bring down.

  6. Shanna is a wannabe star who is a failure player from many points of view. She is another google translator product for coins and a big mouth she/male from black clan, a non lifer player. Because of her nonlife he has no culture and that show in his words. I love the power to the brain and ownage over weak one like in sedbona answers.He owned himself big time! The hate over a player become the hate over a nation.

  7. In Asura some people got ban for hated speech against viets and koreans. Was something with an atomic bomb. This player should temper himself and stop this speech or he will become the mock of all.

  8. I am bothered too by hate against roumanians as I am one of them. There are roumanians players on the server that act decent and are well known by community and are some that are known as scammers and account sharring and they cry when they get “hacked”. Is nothing we can do.
    Some players are also influenced by their real life community/television that implements them the ideea of “gypsy nation”. Is nothing we can do except : what I did last week :
    This is the topic:
    This is the request:
    This is the action (simple):
    No, even if i am aware that are some roumanian players that generated words like “rotard” I will never stand nation/race/religion hate on forums…

  9. Sorry, to be clear, I want to underline the fact that I personally know no mod so I PM’ed the first mod I saw/came up in the firsts topics on General Discussions (it happent to be that mod).

  10. Let’s see who is man or woman enough to raise the ban hammer in this case. It is clear it is a nationality (romanian) hate speech.

  11. I am against all forms of hate speech against a nationality in game and forum and any part of the public space of internet. The only action that I see in this case is the BANN.

  12. This person should say public ‘sorry’ towards to all romanians players and should be baned because of a remark on people of Romania. It is a hate towards the nation of romanians.

  13. I wonder where skiddie is from? But for rasist comments I have only 1 thing to say: GET LOST OR GET AN EDUCATION, YOU FVKIN’ NO-LIFE LOOSER !

  14. Wows Sedbona, you got owned pretty hard. It seems most of the things you’ve been teeling us for months about free speech is not true. Just what’s in your own mind about what’s true. And now all these kids follow you… from just what you made up in your mind. That makes you a wannabee religious cult leader. I think you just have no life and want to make a life and be famous from being the loudest griefer at Acclaim. That’s no life, it’s just sad. Read and learn how your leader don’t know what she’s talking about, AI followers. And lets see if they ban my post.


    And when you read that, I think it’s great to note when Sedbona gets challeneged about how the acclaim protest failed, and that she promised to quit… she quickly throws Legend under the bus… clearly she does not have Legend’s back. You should ditch her, Legend she a backstabber who cares only herself and getting famous for protesting, though she knows not what she’s protesting anymore. What she has done for 9D? Who you think can do more to help? Her or Hermit? Be real.

    • First of all I am a player and I can criticise what Acclaim do or does, second it is not my role as a palyer to do something for 9dragons, I do for the players, not for Acclaim. Second the protest didn’t fail, in fact was an idea which a veteran from 2006 re-took it. That topic has nothing to do with the protest of Legend it is about the freedom of speech. And that poster ask something that Legend said, not me and I reply back.

    • carlos you don’t even know what you talk about. Read again and check Legend posts on the blogs, carlos aka Phenelope shemale looser.

    • sedbona helps Acclaim to correct themselves, that is the essence of the blog and if you don’t understand it, I am sorry for you.

    • They hate Acclaim. That is something new and they come in here and teach moral. I can’t stop from laugh.Those ss are EPIC.

    • You are not romanian at all than. Anyway for everybody to know I send this text to CNA in Romania and the ss from AkiSakura and some others I gather form 9dragons forum and in my letter I spoke about the language used on 9dragons forum against romanians, maybe CNA will write back a letter to Acclaim to stop accepting this kind of language. sedbona I will send you the letter, maybe you can publish it.

      • CNA can’t do anything about this. it’s all about radio and tv. Perhaps you can send it to a non-governamental oraganization that takes action against (perhaps?!) rasism…

      • CNA cover all the area including the visual one on internet.If not I think they will forwarded, and she did as far as I know another petition to the Ministry.

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