Acclaim bureaucracy in 9d : 1 chief/centimeter

In Acclaim everybody is the chief of someone else. In other words, is perishable the thing with: “we will work SOON”, now it is clear that nobody will ever work in this company and this will not be now or in the future.Never mind beeing a player, a VGM, or a head of VGM… you have much to say, because you know them all and there is no doubt: YOU DON’T CARE.

What 9d employees? Some ex strip club dancer, some who didn’t finish the studies at 40 years old, some who drop school/run away from home when he hit the problems, some 20+ who mature with the rest?. What volunteers?Pubertal children with problems? Unfit and forget about them because YOU ARE THE CORE.

Their life is a virtual NOVEL, their concepts are GOLD, their ideas are priceless, and how to do it, ohh, how do is a ZEN-TAO-GOD system. Sometimes you think how the hell you still are not insane.

Taking a look at the organization chart presented by Acclaim for 9Dragons we find:

TheHistorian (Community manager).Historian jump from role in role, as he ‘cut’ his hair. Once he show his muscles, he posts the promotions, the events, give reply to topics, sometimes he is assuming the role of moderator chief and close / trash topics.We don’t knows exactly what team is he leading, which are the subordinated people, but he is a MANAGER.Maybe he leads all and nothing, but what he do has nothing to do with what a community manager at all.

The Four Tenets of the Community Manager by Jeremiah Owyang

In the following, I’m not going to list out all my findings, but it was clear there were 4 number of Tenets, or beliefs that each role holds. In nearly all the job descriptions, the following beliefs were spelled out as requirements for the role.

1) A Community Advocate

As a community advocate, the community managers’ primary role is to represent the customer. This includes listening, which results in monitoring, and being active in understanding what customers are saying in both the corporate community as well as external websites. Secondly, they engage customers by responding to their requests and needs or just conversations, both in private and in public.

2) Brand Evangelist

In this evangelistic role (it goes both ways) the community manager will promote events, products and upgrades to customers by using traditional marketing tactics and conversational discussions. As proven as a trusted member of the community (tenet 1) the individual has a higher degree of trust and will offer good products.

3) Savvy Communication Skills, Shapes Editorial

This tenet, which is both editorial planning and mediation serves the individual well. The community manager should first be very familiar with the tools of communication, from forums, to blogs, to podcasts, to twitter, and then understand the language and jargon that is used in the community. This individual is also responsible for mediating disputes within the community, and will lean on advocates, and embrace detractors –and sometimes removing them completely. Importantly, the role is responsible for the editorial strategy and planning within the community, and will work with many internal stakeholders to identify content, plan, publish, and follow up.

4) Gathers Community Input for Future Product and Services. Perhaps the most strategic of all tenets, community managers are responsible for gathering the requirements of the community in a responsible way and presenting it to product teams. This may involve formal product requirements methods from surveys to focus groups, to facilitating the relationships between product teams and customers. The opportunity to build better products and services through this real-time live focus group are ripe, in many cases, customer communities have been waiting for a chance to give feedback.

9D Hermit, Game Director and Lore Master, another invented name that has nothing to do with what game director is in reality. From the job description we find that :


A game director, creative director or design director is a person usually responsible for creative development of a video game, and is generally regarded as the prime design authority across the company’s product range. Video game directors usually come from either a programming or design background. They are typically people who have worked in the games industry for several years and established a reputation as a designer or before assuming the role. Some creative directors enjoy a measure of celebrity in the gaming press or beyond. Creative directors in games are generally regarded as being executive-level management, but are not to be confused with producers in that they are not generally involved in the particulars of contract negotiation, project management or staffing. In some cases, the role can overlap with the roles producer or lead designer.

Hermit aka Steven Elliot Altman don’t have the background of a designer, but he involve himself in project management or staffing, excatly what a game director don’t do as the description above show it. Like Historian he close/locks topics on forum, sticks the promotions, bring the news, create events and involve himself in leadership problems.  Till now we have two people who makes the same thing, but with another job title.

Than, GM[Smoke] probably the only head of GMs in the history of games who order himself and execute at the same time. For the other two GMs, Acclaim found pompous titles. Acclaim Sparda, for example, is Senior GM of Events and Promotions, by title he is doing the same as Hermit and Historian (events and promotions). I am sure he is doing the work of the other two and they just came with the name.

After, we find out that Acclaim Nevermore is GM of Awesome.I do not know how many of you have read the comics of Marvel, but there we have a ‘trio’ called ‘Awesome Threesome’, a group from DC Comics supervillain: Torpedo-Man, Magneto, and Claw, as the three GMs. I do not know who had the inspiration of that but … supervillan? Right now, I think GMs are the only people from Acclaim who do something for this game. Anyway, causing awe or terror or inspiring wonder or excitement among customers is bad in business.

A Gamemaster, Game Master or Game Manager (often abbreviated as GM) is a player in a multiplayer game who acts as organizer, arbitrator, and officiant in rules situations. They are most common in co-operative games where the other players work together and are less common in competitive games where the other players battle one another.Today, gamemaster is usually associated with role-playing games. In a role-playing game the Gamemaster’s purpose is to weave the other participants’ player-character stories together, control the non-player aspects of the game, and create environments in which the players can interact. The basic roles of Gamemasters – rules help, moderation, and storytelling – are the same in almost all role-playing games, although differing rulesets make the specific duties of the GM unique to that system.

Gamemasters in MMORPGs are usually employees of the game’s host or developers of the game themselves, Perfect World is an example of this type of GM. Often players who feel dissatisfied with the service will blame the GM directly for any errors or glitches. This is a common mistake as most employed GMs are not developers and cannot resolve the problem themselves.

World of Warcraft has Blizzard Entertainment employees serve as Gamemasters to help users with various problems in gameplay, chat and other things like account and billing issues. A GM cannot reveal that he or she is a GM while playing a non-GM character. These Gamemasters are not allowed to provide items to players but must instead refer to an item specialist. Specifically a Gamemaster in this game will have all chat text appear in blue rather than the default colors and will also have the “GM” tag in front of the character name.

In the end, from the teams of volunteers we have so many heads that my head will explode if I start to count. 3 leads, from which 2 has same title as the Hermit ‘ Lore Master’, a head of VGM team and VGM team leaders, a Float VGM, which nobody knew what means or what does.The proportion of ‘heads’ in volunteers team is phenomenal.I will add the fact that some moderators are VGMs too. The number of volunteers exceeds the number of employees and all are only ‘heads’, not that they do something, have a vision or push the game in a better direction.

The Lore-master is a seeker of knowledge and a guardian of wisdom. He wields ancient secrets and lore to confound his foes and aid his friends, protecting them against the dark powers of the Enemy.

What Does Float Mean?



19 responses to “Acclaim bureaucracy in 9d : 1 chief/centimeter

  1. A title more pompous than other and the sad reality is alive in game : they want to make money and don’t make nothing to do the game a better place. They are just idiotic bureaucrats.

  2. In case that someone out here still have doubts, even with their tiltes of jobs, they don’t knwo what a leader is and how to lead something, starting with the game and ending with the teams.

  3. They gave so many title to make all happy, but I think none do what should those titles suppose to suggest to do. VGM system as I see has the largest number of chief but present like a catastrophe. Except warda from there I don’t see anyone who did something for this game.

  4. one of my favourite quote works in here:
    “A boss creates fear, a leader confidence. A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes. A boss knows all, a leader asks questions. A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting.”

  5. This system show that none works, all gives order for others and wait to be done.The orders are going down and down on the chain and they lose themselves in the button, forgeting. More came everyday and more are forget day by day.

  6. Acclaim makes money from the work of VGMs. Even they have titles they are still slaves to Acclaim.Historian duty is behond his brain understand so of he can’t do it.

  7. The input of this story : long live the machine of making money – Acclame and the one who pays for them. Acclame and management? Laugh and laugh.

  8. None of them have a minimum knowledge of what is to lead and to be a leader. Cheap work with cheap people. Long live the second hand!

  9. 100x time I say it : acclaim is not a charity organisation to work with voluntary staff. Same faces or change faces but same thing.

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