“Olix is a fraud”

Another scandal which implied VGM [Olix] was started today.

From now on the truth has to be given, [GM]olix wich is main gm im asura is also a player in the same server, his name as character was Phaelzz (active player in Elite hero league).He changed name in order to play secretely in the server war wich is goin on right now!

…………………..he takes action to help his “mates” and “friends” to help them get better and win that war.I will forward all proofs and documents i have to every recieving address acclaim provides in order to get justice!!!!

………………….when players challenged VGM[olix] about his decisions he simply responded that “i can do wathever i want” …THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE….truth is GM or VGM have to be totally(100%0 neutral and impartial ,wich hes not!!



This is not the first scandal of VGM[Olix].We can remember the post made by vennus, not long time ago :


I do not even remember who belonged these words: “To be free is a big deal. To be fair it is even a big thing. Well, I do not pretend that I am correct in my judgments, in my opinion, in my confusions, in my discontent. Nor know somewhere there’s a standard of accuracy, to measure how accurate are the opinions of a man. I don’t know if there is such a standard, but I say that I am entitled to be incorrect, or uncertain about the accuracy. What it means to be free and fair in a game? To be without the past, no emotions, no memories, no ashes of a past that every avatar carry away … I think “free” are just computers. I, for one, do not know what it means to be objective. My only claim is that we have an honest subjectivity …

Can you be really objective as VGM when you play the game ? When you are day by day near you friend, inside your league sharing the problems, the victories and the failures can you do that? Many complaints showed that is not possible. Olix is an active VGM, but arrogant with players and has a large history of involvement with the black clan. I leap over the fact that all three heads of VGMs after Olix came are from black clan.

A small detail that escape general attention, always leave room for interpretation. When VGM [Olix] entered to make his number on Bardo server, 2 players roars ‘Happy B-day’ for two avatars.Olix was on when those players gave the roars (he reply after each one), but he gave a reply to only one message of ‘Happy B-day’, saying Happy B-day to one from the two. Coincidence or not, that player is  Evolet, who was assisted by Acclaim to get PS2, exceeding the bug of H12 chi and than roll back, after Acclaim realized their mistake. So overall the details makes the image.



In the time I was reading this post, Hermit gave a reply to the topic quoted. It is a forced reply and don’t answer the players questions as we got used to. My reply to his post before was locked and deleted :

I don’t guess it, you can tell us, what is the big deal anyway, it is not the first time when a VGM is accuse of mixing in the band/hero leagues affairs and will not be the last one. What about the others points raise in here ? Can VGMs jump to the server where their main is (the leads of VGMs for example) ? Such situations have been reported many times and the pretext was : THE EVENTS. Can you tell us which VGMs can jump to the server where his main is and under what circumstances ?

Also can you tell us what means Float VGMs ( VGM[Ivy] ) , I never understand that notion and what they do ? They can go to all servers too?


Of course  he could not answer and gave delete to the post. It’s much easier that way. Impotence in one word! He is runing away again as he did it when was a little kid.


20 responses to ““Olix is a fraud”

  1. What is expected? He answers only the questions of young children, he don’t have the intellect necessary to answer the questions of adult .And he entitled himself SuperGenius! UberNoob maybe.Olix, is a sour VGM who forgot where he start, he lived on Acclaim coins from ‘google translator’. You know what I mean.

  2. poor Olix, he si under attack and can’t take it like a man, went to go cry at Hermit, who obvious can’t answer a woman question :)another brave man ! that is the situation.

  3. Olix’s appearance on Bardo is a monument of stupidity every time when he came online. He roars ‘ Why you spamm my Inbox?’, ‘You can level without buffs’ and others.He said Happy B-day to Emoleta because he helped her with the level, he knew her. Where is the impartiality?

  4. I don’t understand what is the big deal to don’t abswer to some questions and instead delete or lock the post ? Is so hard for Hermit brain to answer some of the questions ? Is he also a retard or what is going on ? Lame pretext.

    Also, VGM[Olix] should lower his arrogance, a lot of people don’t like him and I made many ss about this. I will send it to your mails.

  5. Take a look at Hermit answer to that post, is just an asnwer to protect Olix, after he go cry that he did a big s@!!! with players and can’t take it anymore. Who si this Olix anyway ? A romanian guy who played black clan on Nirvana, transfer his character on Asura, translate with google the romanian version of game, got some coins and attention, become a leader on Asura than the main lead. What this one did for players ?

  6. As a VGM Olix did nothing, he just log in from time to time. He did something that others VGMs didn’t and he should be proud of it – pick up the lucky coins with VGM character to make BEs.

    • The real Hermit is easy to recognize, at least when you talk to him personally; a big difference (kindness, way of talking to somebody else, lvl of arrogance etc.) from an Atari games lover who is doing nothing the entire day.
      And about Olix, the first (or was it the second screenshot) where he says “is it that hard to wait…” blabla, lol in my ~3 years I haven’t seen a VGM who said such a bullshit.

      Maybe Olix should accept Hermits offer and resign …

  7. Bardo don’t love Olix because he came from that arrogant people from Nirvana, those who took the official team positions. He should resign.

  8. As sed said, Olix is an active VGM, but too much arrogance and he treat customers very bad. He is there to serve clients, not to treat them as slaves, and in his mind he seems that’s good.His roars should be :
    ‘ I am here to help, you, I try do my best I can.’
    ‘ If you need my help PG me’ .

  9. ????? says:
    hey babe just got home

    Sahrifa – Me! says:

    ???? says:
    how was ur day
    i heard krsty19 or whoever was roaring today?

    Sahrifa – Me! says:
    i dunno

    ???? says:
    u didn’t log ur other char?

    Sahrifa – Me! says:
    what was this krysty saying?

    ???? says:
    idk i just got home dear b/c

    ???? says:
    @__@ zero said that he hack ur thing and he’s working with olix

    Sahrifa – Me! says:
    have any idea who knows what he was roaring?

    ???? says:
    last nite before i could sleep
    i yell at zero and told him if he had anything to do with ur account im goin to be piss off i didn’t show him anything

    Sahrifa – Me! says:
    ah i see
    this zero is your friend right?

    ???? says:
    i just got home and saw a messege from him he’s not in a friend range what u may call it

    Sahrifa – Me! says:
    he couldnt have done something like that could he?

    ???? says:
    u kno the person and yall cool but not really friends
    im not sayin he didn’t or he did do it im just sayin what happen dear
    and thats what i got from him when i check my pc just now

    Sahrifa – Me! says:
    send me that
    dont turn it off
    i want that saved

    ???? says:
    bc my chat logs saves when i don’t turn off my yahoo
    i got last nite and today text when i wasnt home from him
    bobo 00: nite
    bobo 00: krysty19 hacked her
    bobo 00: he roared again
    bobo 00: his working with VGM olix
    and thats what i got
    idk anything bout this so im not goin to get mix up in it

    Sahrifa – Me! says:
    ok ty

  10. Olix should stay in the shadow for some time, till his arrogance will pass than come back and communicate better with players.

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