TheHermit : “I dropped out of High School and ran away from home”

In the gallery of Acclaim leaders, who want to relive their childhood or life lost in the game, today joined Steven Elliot Altman aka TheHermit.In Acclaim version of the game he is mainly an exaggerated stereotype of ‘I am the man’ . He is quick to point out, how great he is and how much he knows about this game and what is best for this game, even when such claims are questionable.

Few know who Steven Elliot Altman is in reality. From an interview we learn that:

I dropped out of High School in the second week of 10th grade and ran away from home, actually. I wandered around. I got my G.E.D. and started community college at age 16 in Ft. Lauderdale. I got my B.A. at 19 from a little college called Pfeiffer, in North Carolina. I got my Masters from Villanova University and still wasn’t old enough to drink. I decided that if I earned my doctorate that no one would be able to understand a word I wrote. So I stopped.

Why kids run away from home?

In many occasions related to my work I talked with people specialized in child development from Romania and USA and they said “runing from home” is not a genetical disease, or something that is in the blood of children … and not something that pop up like : “I have done much, I do too well, everybody loves me, let them make the world run their rainy day.”A child or adolescent runs for some reason:

1. Something bad happened at home, and is afraid to say, if there is threatened by X person who hurts him.

2. In the school something happens and he or she has a fear to tell.

3. The ignorance of parents, they offered only material things, not the love, warmth of families . That  is denied because of reason she or he has everything what is needed (material).

4. Mental illness (thank God everyone of it) : that person just run away and  they don’t realize that there is something wrong, that hurts those around him.

5. For revenge, someone has done something once  and the kid wants to get revenge, or simply require the attention of others

The impact of that period is very much reflected in his books. On the blog of The University of Nebraska, when they review “Deprives”  that part is very well pointed:

………..Okay.  Somehow a sixteen year old girl, and granted she is a tough one, manages to force a gun into the mouth of this assassin guy.  How?  Not sure.  All it says is that she forced the gun into his mouth.  And since they are both deprivers, she did this without touching him.  Hmm…  That’s okay.  Later a smaller guy lifts a bigger guy by the throat and the big guy just does nothing, not even reaching for his gun until the smaller guy can conveniently do something about it.

But then there is the stilted dialogue.  “I have nothing to gain from doing any of you harm.”  Some characters talk like they are ten years old and writing the mandatory letter to grandma and others spout slang that makes no sense, “I think we should triple dip him and leave him in front of the police station.”  Umm… okay. Whatever that means………..

And if that is not all, Steven Elliot Altman has  a place in ‘The College Dropouts Hall of Flame’, near Calpernia Adams, showgirl, transsexual.

Not that SEA is a stranger of that medium, as he show it in his the review of “Space Chicks and Businessmen” :

Seems he likes to be pleasantly disturbed and ‘caught between oversexed cannibal spacewoman and savage corporate monsters’.

From the same interview we found out that :

I’m a student of Zen, and my belief system is predominantly Buddhist.

But on his Linkedin profile he glorifies himself as ‘ President at mind over matter & SuperGenius’.

I didn’t knew that Buddhist system is a over-esteem one. This remainds me of a Zen story ( one of the key points in Zen philosophy is ‘I don’t know’, not I am ‘X [super-genius], Y[president at mind] or Z [ the one and oly who decided our fates]’ ):

The emperor, who was a devout Buddhist, invited a great Zen master to the Palace in order to ask him questions about Buddhism.

“What is the highest truth of the holy Buddhist doctrine?” the emperor inquired.

“Vast emptiness… and not a trace of holiness,” the master replied.

“If there is no holiness,” the emperor said, “then who or what are you?”

“I do not know,” the master replied.

So next time when we meet dear Hermit who would you be ? The roll model of all kids in 9dragons who should drop school and run away from home? The genius who review a ‘porn’ comic? The president at mind who will ban me ? Hmm… I let Buddha lead the path, because everyhting is karma no?


37 responses to “TheHermit : “I dropped out of High School and ran away from home”

  1. nice models kids have in Acclaim leaders : run away from home, dropp out school and become a bouncer at a strip club. deprivers of normal society WTF!

  2. ‘Space Chicks and Businessmen’ haha

    digging deeper show so much, everything that they do is a reflection of their past and their real life. you can’t escape the past and the life. TheHermit should show the Zen way to the arrogant official team and himself.

  3. This is just browsing the surface, there are so many others things to know about TheHermit. As I did with Historian first, I will warn SEA to stop sending messengers about baning the authors of this blog or he will end up sinking Acclaim with a lawsuit and a press exposure with all the nice materials we have.

    • A ban for saying the truth and showing the reality? That would be lame. A lawsuit will be nice to watch and a war in the press. They lack so much morality when they work with children and put untrained people on the leadesrhip position.

  4. You can read he dropped out but then obviously went back and got a college master’s degree, right? How do you fault that?

    • He did it in first place no ? He said himself he run away from home, even he came back. Again what normal kid do that ?

  5. What a normal kid run away from home ? My family always understood me and we communciate so much, no need to do something like that. The family is all we got in this life.Nice post, we found that SEA wants to be Peter Pan.

  6. I will add : great model to follow 🙂 You know the kids from 9dragons should all run away from home and dropped the school and become TheHermit. Maybe one day my kid will come home and say, look daddy at SEA, can I do what he did ?

  7. Become a bestselling author you mean? Write books and give all the proceeds he makes to AIDS and Cancer charities like I read he did. I think you guys are nuts to bag on Hermit. He’s doing so much to help 9D since he came back. I too want things fixed but he actually seems to be doing something to fix things. What exactly are you accomplishing by griefing him?

    • Is he a Shakespeare and I don’t know ? He is just a second hand Hollywood writter who wrote some books with many others authors, not by himself. What he did for 9dragons since he came back ? Talking and talking ? Baning people ?

    • When you do charity you keep it for yourself, not show the world, that is call a ‘show off people’, who makes the things only for surface. I also donate money to charity but I don’t tell my friends or my family : look what I did, how great human I am because I did it. No way Zen is like that. I think even Zen for him is a show-off.

      • How you said, he’s a “I’m the man!”-guy. If he’s talking about Zen and Buddhism, then you just know that he just know what he read. That’s why the 9Dragons servers got the names they have. I wrote about it.

        Buddha said (god, i love this quote): “Do NOT believe me, but check the facts by yourself.”

        TheHermit say: “Believe me, and don’t check my past, or I will ban you!”

        What a Buddhist…

  8. WoW, this is a great article.Some of the things came to surface and is nice to read some about TheHermit background.

  9. If he is a student of Zen, where is his love than ? From where his arrogance came from ? To be a buddhist you have to leave this world behind you and live in solitude.

  10. I think you are too rush in judge someone’s childhood environment trying to find the truth in an undetailed statement. If I would have an abusive/violent family I would run away from home too. No one should be a glutton for punishment imo.
    From my part Kudos to him that he got his degrees before 21 and managed to do smth in his life. Most of teenagers that run away from home end up very bad.
    Again, he might not be “totally in touch” with the things in game but I don’t see him more arrogant then others.Basicly he/his statements don’t disturb me in any way.
    The real life of a person might/should not influence that person decisions/actions related to a situation (a game in this case). If that would be “facto” that happent without “us being able to control ourselves” then I should treat all like sick dogs and all that by being influenced of my “main specialisation degree”(lol)
    Again, ppl backgrounds are irrelevant to one point if is not interfering/influence their actions/decisions/behaviour.
    The kids in the game might be affected by “the p0rn” stuff connected with a icon person/character. I am an adult and I am not.So basicly I will never judge someone according to background history, what he/she eats, what he/she watches (SF, p0rn, horror movies) BUT I will judge the person according to his/her behaviour towards me (mainly) and towards other ppl (secondary).I will not judge a person cos of his/her religious affiliation either.
    Afteral all Zen is about is overcoming dualism (in every person).
    Someone’s past has nothing to do with the 9D game.

    • I think you have to find the reason why he run away and I bet is a screw up one too. It is not abusive since he came back.

    • to explain the importance of human life, Buddha compares the probability of incarnation of a soul in a human body with the probability that a turtle that sits on the ocean bottom and rise once in 600 years,could hit with the head exactly in the center of ring which floats on the water surface.

      how come in Acclaim we only have turtles?

  11. One way or another the past is something you can’t hide or run away with. I don’t think that runing away from home and dropping a school should be a show off for a writer.He should have keep it to himself.

  12. In America this zen doctrine is not fully understood, nor is how to be, American culture is a primitive and adopted Zen as fashionable.

  13. Runing from home and drop out of school is not a normal hobby for a kid, but wtf America is the land of all opportunities. I wish for Hermit to run away from Acclaim and when he came back to fix the game, 1/10 from the time he finished his studies.

  14. I join with carlos.
    Also I don’t see any point of this topic, anyone is not perfect.
    I think this is just a personal attack against TheHermit…

  15. I can’t stop myself from laughing after reading this.Hermit run away from home and now teach the kids on 9d boards about leadership?

  16. Finally we got the truth about Steven-Elliot Altman here now.

    This will piss off the “mighty one” for sure. Oh, how bad he’s not mighty enough to take effect on this blog. Historian tried it already and he failed.

    Well, what can I say more? It’s their own fault, if they don’t listened to our words and didn’t wanted our help.

  17. as a personal friend of “the hermit”,,aka steven,,,i am shocked to read all this,,i know nothing or this game,,,,,but i know steve( and knew his mother),,,,,,he is a great guy,,, and have known an x girlfriend,,,from back then,,,he is far more intelligent than most of us,,,,,,

    • And I am the pope. But even when I am the pope, I don’t steal money from people.

      He is indeed intelligent. But just on making you believe lies and getting your hard earned money.

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