Jeeja-Yanin, another Immortal used for personal/league purpose(2)

After the last post about Jeeja Yanin and the way that character was used for personal and league purpose to do the dirty work, we have noticed several reviews and many opinions. After I posted some ss, where in a practical way the character was caught and put in front of the fact that was used in the way I told in the title, as many of us already knew, AkiSakura posted an interesting ss on how that Immortal helped to grind the character who controls  it.

We sent all the ss we had and the others we received from the readers of this blogs to Acclaim, and shortly after came an answer:  Jeeja-Yanina will be warned first. If she logs on her character and the immortal in same time again her immortal will be banned.

An interesting aspect is the fact that someone told us that Acclaim spares Eva_Jane , the owner of that immortal because she said she has health problems related to heart. If  it is true, then I wish her well, but if it’s not true and it is a lie is to escape the ban and to impress (a few people tell their problems from life in virtual medium) than is lame.

Anyway, guess what happened today after Jeeja sow me in rage sight… She reloged twice, once near the entrance of SRS (of course with adryan86 near) and once in LD in black village where I spowned from SRS round.

On the same post I talked about Evolet :

Also Evolet is the character that surpassed the bug of chi breath at hermit 12 level. How come it’s on PS2 one day after he reach hermit12(last week) and the rest from the server remained at H12, with the chi breath bugged?

I send this question to Acclaim and ask why not the others who reach hermit12 were ‘manually helped’ too. The answer was that the GMs made a test on Evolet and the quests in SRS got buged after she or he was helped to reach that level. But, today on her B-day, Evolet got a nice present from Acclaim : a rollback to hermit12 level. Congratulations Acclaim, was the right thing to do, all or none of players should be ‘manually leveled’. Everyone should receive the same equal treatment.

Happy B-day to Evolet!


36 responses to “Jeeja-Yanin, another Immortal used for personal/league purpose(2)

  1. I love it so much. Owned !

    “But, today on her B-day, Evolet got a nice present from Acclaim : a rollback to hermit12 level.”

    Hahaha !

  2. i think Emoleta cried a lot, but was the right thing to do and when Acclaim do a good thing I said gratz. about Jeeja-Yanin I think her heart problem is a fake one and she should have been baned also.

  3. Ya, was the right thing to do, but for Jeeja-Yanin to make parade of her heart problem, if there is one, it is lame. So many lies, but once she will fall in the trap.

  4. i can’t believe Acclaim did something right and roleback that character. i also believe Jeeja hides behind her disease, she tried too much to impress.

  5. In first place, Acclaim should have not level her manually. I sow many roars from players aksing when chi from hermit12 level will be fixed and how they can pass on the next level. No answer and than we sow a player that was leveled 2 times, 2 levels. That was not fair for the rest of players. Acclaim realise late that they did a mistake and after sedbona asked why.

    As for Jeeja, Acclaim should have baned her, no matter of her condition. If she is sick, why not first take medication and treat herself, than play the game. I think she is ill in the brain if she invented something like this. She wants to be a victim.

  6. just deserve ban the immortal, lot veterans got ban’s on forum without get warning..or other’s in-game..
    she need good ban too

  7. Heart disease? ? What a big lie, she has brain disease. If you have a heart disease the doctor says to stop any activity whicg may cause you shock and playing a MMO too. That is lie, because some people do everything for a game.She lied because she knew that a ban would come.Did Acclaim ask for her medical records and ID to even check if it is true?

    I have cancer and I want mall for free. Can I get it? LOL !

  8. Let’s bet who help Evolet get PS2. It was VGM[Olix], who has a black character on Asura and Nirvana. He told a GM to level Evolet. Yestarday on Bardo, he told Happy B-day to Evolet, but not to Flame. I loved how sedbona owned him yestarday on roars, all my alliance started to laugh.’ un romanas care s-a sjuns si acum isi da aere’, is perfect Olix type.He is helping his mates from black clan, what a loser !

    Eva_Jane is another non life kid, who cries for everything and do everything for 9dragons, even invent a disease that does not exist. You don’t just go and cry to people that you are ill and they to do what you want. It is manipulation. Someday her lies will end and I am sure, maybe today she kept her IMmortal, but she will do another mistake and I will be there to see it.

  9. First of all, medical records are confidential. Nobody can request to see those without a court order. But I don’t expect any of you to know the word “privacy”. I suggest you look it up.
    Second, I never tried to avoid ban. I always admitted to any cheat I used. And, besides, I don’t care if I get banned. It’s just a game after all, i can live without it too, unlike some people.
    Third, Sedbona, I honestly think you should get a life. And a boyfriend/girlfriend. Then maybe you wouldn’t feel the need to be a “hero” in a virtual world. But I have to congratulate you – not many people can do what you do and be hated or loved, but never unnoticed. Trust me, I tried to ignore you for so long. holding grudge and hating is not my style, so I wish you all the best if you ever decide to meet real people. Hope you can be the same strong person in real life too and impress everybody you could meet.

    PS: I’ve been living on my own since I was 19 without any help from parents. And I’d like to see where I cried about everything.

    • Medical records are not confidencial. When you go to work somewhere the company ask it. Do you have the guts to give advice to sedbona ? Is sedbona who has a virtual boyfriend? Is sedbona who bough a 300-500 euro glove for a virtual boyfriend? Or it is you ? You have right in one point, sedbona is a myth, more a phenomen adored and hate by many, but she is a symbol and many wants to be her. She is the Angel of STORM!

    • I think you should have guess till now Jeeja, sedbona is not alone in this, all you see is a team work effort. Maybe she is the one who is know and the symbol of what Cora talked about, but she was never alone, people always helped and cared about her and she did the same for them. That is why she got so far. And as she said many times, this blog is about virtual research and has to do with a real research for her doctorate diploma.

  10. A moment to remember.Jeeja is faking to don’t get a ban. Acclaim ban her, it is the right thing to do as you did with Evolet. 2 Immortals were baned.

  11. I read a lie from Shanny then if Evo leveled manually *__*

    but seriously, Jeeja did nothing wrong if she didn’t give out stuff.

    why u want to grind that hard with spending lots of exp card as well if u don’t get any benefit of it? >_>

    affiliation etc means u should not join a clan then league, just as VGM, but u can still favor 1 side/league, it’s up to the owner, if u’re not clear, just ask GM/VGM out there about the ruling…

    • May Lee can’t you see the absurd of the situation : why you spend so many card on another character to get a character to help level your own. Why not level your main with those cards ?

  12. I am glad Acclaim did the right thing in Evolet situation and I hope this Immortal contest will never be hold again, look what came of it.

    • as long as acclaim can keep track about the items (maybe this is also the cause of no more Dog’s Lore events) I think it should be fine… Good in Acclaim’s way as well to increase the sale of exp cards…

    • Hmm, I think as long as acclaim can keep track about the items (maybe this is also the cause of no more Dog’s Lore events) I think it should be fine… Good in Acclaim’s way as well to increase the sale of exp cards…

      • *I have to add “Hmm, I think”* when i haven’t add it I can’t submit, it said duplicate comment detected, which one is the duplicated one? o_o

  13. When they got owned on blog, they go to cry on forum. This only proves what sedbona and all of us said in here :
    1. Finnaly Jeeja admitted he is Eva-Jane aka magimay aka ex VGM enishi, after she tried to convince us she is not.
    2. Her virtual boyfriend is adryan86 the one who was buffed and help in SRS.

    I hope you will enjoy a ban on both of your characters, and don’t blaim sedbona, you did it on your own !

  14. I have the feeling I’m talking with idiots here o.o

    I said it already, I couldn’t care less if I get a ban. It’s just a game. Unlike Sedbona, who cried for weeks about getting banned on forum. I have admitted to every single cheat or exploit I ever used. Mainly because I can’t do that for long anyways, I start feeling bad about it 😀

    Then again, I never admitted to being a VGM. But as we already cleared, here truth doesn’t matter, it’s your twisted imaginations that act as proof.

    Oh, and, adryan is a very real person. Or you were talking about the fact that my healer is dating his hybrid in game? And what is the problem with me, using my char to buff my friends?

    I made a total of 40% on my healer, after that I just stopped logging her and concentrated on buffing with the Immortal and doing runs. You can use your dog in the team to tell you exaclty how long that healer has been LM5, but I’d say it’s been more than 2 months.

    I can’t blame sedbona for anything, I can only pity her for not using her potential in real life.

    PS: My medical records are sealed and can’t be viewed by anybody but my doctor and me without a court order. I never applied to work in a field that requires perfect health in every aspect so I was never asked to prove I’m perfectly healthy.

    • I don’t think you talk with idiots, you talk with people more smart than you. You know who has same problem as you ? mystwyze aka VGM Ivy aka Countess from black clan in Bardo, she did exactly what you did. A copy ? Spare me with sedbona and you in same situation. sedbona ban on forum had no were just caught in the act so live with it.

      • Yes, I can see how much “more smart” you are…

        Anyways, Sedbona, even when you get your hands on some truth, you just have to add lies to make it sound better. You see, I found your source as I’ve told that to only 2 people connected to 9D. So I know exactly what you were told and it had nothing to do with bans… But let’s say you are right. Then how do you explain that I had the longest ban for sharing in the history of this game? Or the ban on account with total 60k coins, part in items, part still in coins?

      • I tought this drama ended, also I heard you have a character in SR .I am watching you.

        I already said all I had to say.

  15. Cool, today I found something new about 9dragons, if you say you are ill you will not get baned and can do what you want as long you are happy. Nice Acclaim, very nice!

  16. Drama still on? bah….:(
    My advice: if you have a suddenly heart condition I reccomand you (and to all who have it)to leave BP:)) When in combat, when you PK/are PK/ed, being ganged, etc, my hear rate (BPM) easily rises from 86 to 120 cos of adrenaline flux that is auto released into my bloodstream (that is the adrenaline fun anyway for an healthy person).For a person with bad hear condition, the adrenaline flux may caus the BPM to go to 160 (extremely dangerous if you are not an olympic athlete).
    Suffering form a heart condition and being constant “caught” into an adrenaline stream rush it might agravate your condition and lead to tachycardia,arrhythmia and ofc further coronary damage.
    Based on your pvp activity I guess you are fine and so is your heart.Consult your physician to tell him to change your treatment OR to congratulate him for the job well done.
    This comment comes from an MD…doesn’t matter I am a veterinary. It suits just as fine…

    Besides, I don;t think Eva should be banned,this is too drastic (she didn;t traded items as others…the only clear rule).I wish this focked up contest to be over and the usage of this immortal char to face an end. That’s all.

    LMAO @ Evo.

  17. Same for all immortal chars that have been for 1 month missused. I cannot care less that you got it 1 week ago or 1 month ago,with broken skills (some say) or not. Weird that only 2 complained of broken skills @@, the rest were damn happy.

    I hate no one, I care of no one. I am sick and tired how many ppl are abusing/powerlvling/chating/exploiting while other struggle.My money are not as good as some others it seems even they are still money. And they do this with GM’s and VGM’s closing eyes. They gaved not even 1 slap or 1 warning.
    They banned only when they were spammed with complained or not even then, but mostly their attitude is easily dictated by the majority players rage.
    I wished they can be motivated by that rage regarding broken class pvp too….

  18. question. if she has heart problems then why did she started participating in immortal contest. u can have a heart attack if u play so much.

  19. “But, today on her B-day, Evolet got a nice present from Acclaim : a rollback to hermit12 level. Congratulations Acclaim, was the right thing to do, all or none of players should be ‘manually leveled’. Everyone should receive the same equal treatment.

    Happy B-day to Evolet!”

    She wanted to scam me on a hp plate lol. Of course I didn’t buy the thing for the sick price, but for a human price from another person.

    However, I love that part of the rollback. “Everyone should receive the same equal treatment.”

    Please, let me take Historian’s words for this situation… Please…
    “SUCK IT!”

    Oh and by the way, the thing with the heart problem isn’t true.

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