Refinement, a virtual ‘face palm’ from Acclaim in customers faces

One of the most expensive activities in 9Dragons is the refining of weapons. Today I made a little experiement about the rate of refine of weapons. I took 3 swords and made it 4 slots.

Used material :

13 scales, 3 tears, 3 Iron Separator (Gold), 6 Jade Separator (Gold) and 400 Bes.

Result : 2 sword +8, 1 sword +7.

The price paid is behond any imagination. In, no game, I played existed something like this. Let’s make a calculation.

Price (real money) :

13 scales , 1300 coins/1, = 13.000 coins, which is 100 euro

3 tears, 1300 coins/1 = 3900 coins, 30 euro

3 Iron Separator (Gold) 560 coins/1 = 1680 coins, 12 euro

6 Jade Separator (Gold) 770 coins/1 =  4620 coins, almost 50 euro

Total = 190 euro, almost 200 euro for 3 weapons which stays at 60% of refinement rate.

Now, 400 Bes ( because of the failures) in games also has a high value because the rate drop (except SRS) is very low. 1Be is alsmot 1,6, 1,7 kk, so almost 700 milions, money which a regular player makes with hard work.

The weapons failed a lot of times at +5, +8 and +9.

Acclaim you kidding me? How much money I need to spend to get a decent weapon ? 500-1000 euro ? If that is not enough, how much more ? 200 euro is half of one GM pay in 1 month and I got 3 weapons at the grade of 60% refine. Let’s not forget that Acclaim promise that they will increase the rate, but as we expected, they promised and have not kept their word. My refine swords is just an example for those who want to refine, to know what they can expect after they pay astronomical amounts of real life money.

TheHermit and Historian, if I give to Acclaim 200 euros, at least have the decency to get 1 from 3 weapon to a refinery rate of 80%, 90%. We all know you put the refining rate to +3, but you make us look likes fools, paying for something that don’t guarantees nothing. Why we pay than? This not so worth my money, mall items  is not worth the money for refinement.


32 responses to “Refinement, a virtual ‘face palm’ from Acclaim in customers faces

  1. Why they don’t put the refine weapons in mall ? Just lol sedbona, I think you are pissed off, I would be also.

  2. Between +5 and +8 is must fail because Acclaim set it like that, after +9 is just a low curve. I know sucks, but this is Acclaim. 200 euro is a high price, and for not a good weapons. Acclame is lame!

  3. Before I fully quit the game for good, I tried my luck in the hope for a good weapon which at least surpass the +8 refinement. All in all I bought more than 20 scales, tears, many many Jade Separators. End of story: Scales, tears, separators and 2 BE stacks burned. You may ask for the weapon: +8 (2slotted; simple, because I burned the separators on other weaps).
    Quintessence: I know that this game can cost a lot and I bought many coins, but this shows you have to be richer (and need more ‘luck’ or tools to push it).

    • how much more richer ? 200 euro is a high price to pay only for +8. too high, some people don’t even have coins for premium, they don’t dream at something like this.

      • Richer .. higher investment in scales and more money for BE packages (the 2 times it was offered) and/or a high lvler char to farm BEs in SRS.

  4. refine rete is too low and many palyers said it, but you spend so much money for an average weapon. that hurts a lot, because after all on those money could buy a good weapon in game 😦

    • If you want to buy from game,the price is crazy too, 2-3 bilions, on Asura someone sold a bracer +11 with 10 bilions.

  5. Acclaim lower the rate of refinament for us to buy scales and tears. But as I see it even with those, fails at +8. To refine high, you need tones of Bes and money.

  6. well i just stooped buy IM items long way ago. and i think Scales just lower your % of refinement, another day, my friend made WD GB+9(started from +2) with 0/3 hardness left(and could add more 2 slots for put hardness) he put 5 hardness for try get +10 , +11 or even +12, guess what..0/0 +9.

  7. That’s why I grind with a low refined weapon. Long time ago I decided to not try to get a high refined weapon by myself, and I would never have enough ingame money to buy a high refined weapon (such an ammount of ingame money could be used for better items anyway). Of corse, it takes more time on grinding; But seriously, I’m happy with my 4 slotted weapon.

    Furthermore… It’s a 4 slotted weapon with the damn expencive 6/1000 HP ornaments… With such ornaments on a weapon, I’m just scared to refine it, even if I got hardness on it.

    How bad does a game have to be, when a player even have to fear failments on low level refinements?

  8. Even with scale, the rate curve is stoped at +8 and without scales at +6, that is what I was told and heard. Anyway, back to main point, Acclaim lowered the rate before they put in mall scales and tears but did it too low.

  9. Blur Master refined in 2 years over 30 weapons and only 1 got to +9 and no slot so you can all imagine how crap is this rate.

  10. lately in the forum u can see people who have 0/0 tried and succeeded the refine, as well as Kuan Ti made +12 without hardness.

    but will that explain scales reduced rates?

    Reyl made +12 with hardness, I heard Verbal_ made +12 with green weapon (never see any except event’s wep)and pretty much with hardness left, Caniggia’s pole also refined to +12 with hardness left.

    Judging from that 3 +12 made with hardness and 1 +12 made without hardness, so the fact is wep with hardness reached +12 more than without
    (of course neglecting the fact that people are afraid refining +11 without hardness, but I know lots failed +12 without hardness and lose wep as well, and again but most of the people won’t know since nothing to brag about it)

    • What is the rate of that people who succed +12, 1/ milion of players ? Many said that if a weapon has many scales, than the refine rate is lower. Again than, why to buy scales and use it on the weapon?

      • so u won’t lose the wep when fail.

        That’s why in International Transaction we have forward contract spot contract and option contract.

        Because people don’t like to take risk.

        I was only talking about +12 with/without scale, not talking about probability.

        Today my friend made LM(lowered to HM)+9 2 slot BD still 3/3, which means with scale. Didn’t continue because no BEs left.

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