New Head GM of 9Dragons

The new Head GM was chosen, and the rumors became facts. Let me quote some lines from here:

Greetings Warriors,
The Land salutes GM Smoke as our new Head GM and congratulates GM RavenClaw for his promotion to Senior GM of Events and Promotions!

So the rumors, which told GM Smoke became the new Head GM, were right. But Ravenclaw was promoted to Senior GM?

The first question is, when was Ravenclaw a Junior GM? Oh, wait. He’s not a Senior GM. He’s a Senior GM of Events and Promotions. Now seriously… This is just another excuse from Historian, TheHermit, and all other insane people, which lost their brains between “start to exist” and “to be born”. At least it looks damn hard like that.

The highest of Acclaim are aware that many people would dislike to see somebody else as Head GM than Ravenclaw. Some also would vote for Nevermore or another GM; Veterans which know their work from the past. But GM Smoke as Head GM?

According to rumors, Smoke is good on Ass-Kissing. But I don’t know it for sure. But since I know that hard working people don’t get anything from Acclaim, and Ass-Kissers get everything they want, I guess, those rumors are right.

Senior GM of Events and Promotions… Hm… After 1½ years a GM becomes a Senior GM? And not even a full Senior GM, no, just a Senior GM of Events and Promotions. I know 9Dragons now since over 3 years… But that’s the first time I see that a GM was “promoted” to a Senior GM, or rather to a Senior GM of something.

Well in that case, I promote Historian to Senior Idiot of Stupidity, Ignorance, Arrogance and Naivety and TheHermit to Senior Idiot of betrayal and cheating of Customers.

This thing isn’t over yet.
With Historian’s words: “Suck it!”

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


25 responses to “New Head GM of 9Dragons

  1. You guys wrote about this for so long, and after so long time they finnaly announce it. They wanted to hide it till things will be more peacefull.

  2. If Kane leaves, bye, bye to many things so they give him a title to make him ‘happy’. I guess that would not do. The title it is childish thou.

  3. The guys from Acclaim have a twisted logic. I don’t know with what organ think but not with the brain. As I told I don’t know Smoke yet, but Kane had popularity among players, I don’t know why he was not choose.

  4. like in real life, who kiss more, get it. kissing the @ is an art, only few knows how to do it, remember that. it is about talent 😉

  5. Hmm, they decided to announce it in event/promotion trick. Kinda lame, but this is Acclaim how we know it. Senior means old, junior young. How Nevermore will be than ? Kid?

  6. “Well in that case, I promote Historian to Senior Idiot of Stupidity, Ignorance, Arrogance and Naivety and TheHermit to Senior Idiot of betrayal and cheating of Customers.”

    Love it and it is free…

  7. The reason is probably because Smoke has been a GM longer than Ravenclaw. He knows the game better. And if you talked to Ravenclaw, you would see he is what you guys call brainless, too. Because he knows nothing about the game. He only has ideas. He barely knows the classes and roles and skills. All his information of that stuff comes from asking VGMs. Should that kind of person be Head GM?

  8. I will give some time to Smoke to see what he will do for the game, but I didn’t see nothing till now. Kane desearve it to be the new GM head, because he has lots of qualities.

  9. well. I would also prefer Kane since we get along very well,but I can say for sure Smoke is a very good GM. sometimes when I ask kane or never for help they say they are busy but smoke always has time to help.

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