XP Cards insane price or a mistake ?

Acclaim announced that in this wekeend we have 50% discount on all products in the item mall. I looked to see if there is something interesting to buy and surprise, 50 XP cards are priced at 5.000 coins ( that is normal). It’s a mistake or Acclaim doubled the price for XP cards? 10.000 would be foolish.10,000 is almost 100 euro and during this economic crisis who would give 100 euros for 50 XP cards? At least for Romania, 50 euro (5.000 coins) is a very high price, 10.000 coins would be exaggerated.



So what is the effect of these products, that were designed for entertainment purposes, when they are turned into virtual/realworld business areas?Economics 101 says that when there’s a demand, there should be supply. That is exactly what’s happening with virtual items in Acclaim case too.


Vili Lehdonvirta (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology) identify some attributes of virtual goods for which people buy it.

Functional attributes:

  • Performance (e.g. speed, hitpoints)
  • Functionality (e.g. teleporting)

Hedonic attributes:

  • Visual appearance and sounds (aesthetic pleasure)
  • Background fiction (what role does the item have in the story?)
  • Provenance (e.g. did a famous user own this item in the past?)
  • Customisability (the ability to personalise the item)

Social attributes:

  • Cultural references (references to outside culture, e.g. Xmas decorations, national flags)
  • Branding (virtual goods branded by real-world companies)
  • Rarity

Anyone from here will still buy 50 XP cards at 10.000 coins/5.000 coins (50 % off) ?


34 responses to “XP Cards insane price or a mistake ?

  1. “My dear players, now begins a new era of my reintegration. I promise the next year things will change for the better, I will make new promotions at the item mall, I will raise the prices of items, I will sell everything I could’t sell before. My dear players, those who had the courage to say that you are not satisfied, will be exiled and banned! I assure you will be happy and play well for Acclaim on yours money!”

    Remember that?

  2. yeah give acclaim all ur money..i already quitted that lame game..they ill not get any money from me now.

    just stop buy! simple.

    • Look on first ss on launcher, said all ITEM MALL is 50% off. 1/29-1/31 50% off entire mall. They should take it back from there. When you say ALL, you don’t have words like EXCLUDE.

    • Loz, why delete when the point of the topic is to show Acclaim about the ‘misunderstanding’ in message communication ?

  3. they made this coz is last weekend to buy tradeable XP card’s, if was 50% off XP card’s

    rich people would get get gold cap on all accounts..
    also alot players would save 1 or 2 stacks of tradeable XP cards to sell after in few months.

      • The new ones from mall can’t be tradable anymore, at least Acclaim announce will do that. When that will be aplly I don’t know. The ones you ahve in bags can be tradable and will remain like that.

  4. Acclaim do same things like super-market, put big 50% off and small except. If it is ALL why not all lol? This logc is a flow. But helps to sell.

    • This is the meaning of this post, who has eyes can see it. I don’t know why people said it is wrong. The post has nothing wrong in it, it is what they want you to see when they say “ALL”!

  5. they make you mistake because they want it, 10.000 would be to much in case they think to survey the market. even 5.000 coins is too much money. as you gusy said it, they have to change the word all mall items and say it in another way. i like Vili Lehdonvirta attributes, they are so real.

  6. Well, it is true, they should stop using the word ALL if not all items are 50% off. It is a mistake from Acclaim part. I would not pay 10kk coins for those if that would become a reality.

  7. Right sedbona, the word ‘all’ don’t goes with exclude one, will make people misunderstood the message. People who are new to this game can buy those cards knowing it is reduce. People read the titles only. Maybe that is Acclaim intention all along.

  8. When I browse the mall I also so that price and ask myself why if on launcher said is 50% off. If you are in game you don’t have time to check the forum, just buy it. Acclaim must stop write with small caps what is not reduce on mall because makes interpretation posible as sed show it.

  9. Marketing tricks… Vili Lehdonvirta is right, XP cards are bought for performance.If it is a bought item, than Acclaim will raise the price. In my opinion 5.000 coins is a rip off.

    • true. but also in economy you cannot enforce a offer price that is very high, ’cause the demand can easily vanish. So u must see if the players can actually afford the new prices. If someone is spending 10-20$ (for example) on 50 exp cards, acclaim should think if that someone can spend more. ’cause the person spends 10-20$ ..he might pay 25 or max 30$ ..but not more and if they implement new prices that make a person pay 40 or 50$ ..they can easily loose customers. Also in some countries, like RO (as sedbona said) the prices for Acclaim coins is not that cheap, so not anyone can afford to pay (at least up to now) and if they make the items more expensive I belive that they can easily loose some spender-players.
      I think I’m making myself clear, if not, I’m sorry 🙂

    • 5.000 coins is a rip off, I can’t afford it, I bough from game till now and use it only at 5x event, but I guess will be the end. scales and tears are also a rip off and the rate to make a weapon without scales and tears just drop at +3.

  10. OK OK IM NOT Defencer of acclame, but [URL=http://img12.imageshack.us/i/semttulohe.jpg/][IMG]http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/2787/semttulohe.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
    i think people need some glasses.
    i can see very well

    • That was te point of the topic. ALL vs EXCLUDE. If you have ALL you don’t have EXCLUDE. You can create a misunderstood as I did with this topic. Understand now the reason?

  11. They should change the order of promotion, exclude first than all. More simple and the people would not make such a fuss over it. Can be a marketing trick as vennus said it.

  12. Moral of this post: look for two or three times before you buy something from Acclame. next time you don’t know what you will end up with.

  13. Mm ok acclaim made 50 % off card’s ^_^check facebook XD they made that announcement 1 min ago.
    let me quote
    “Due to overwhelming popular demand, and the fact that this is the last weekend to purchase, we have set Experience Bonus Cards to 50% Off starting at 4:20PM PSD and running until Sunday, Midnight PSD.”

  14. Ok, first as you my dears friends said in here, 5.000 coins is a big ripoff. They are overpriced. Second, Acclaim should lower the price for some items in mall.

  15. Now they put the XP cards at 50% off too? To minimise the impact they announce it only on FaceBook. That network I don’t check it so…

    The ‘ALL’ is no doubt Acclaim marketing strategy, like in some stores, where they write the price with no add big and the real price smaller under it. This is call disturb the attention for real price.Anyway if it 50% off, why not to make to all mall, they sell virtual items not that they will finish or so…

  16. We pay Acclaim for nothing, they don’t care about this game at all. Even with 50% of mall prices, some items are too expensive, XP cards too.

  17. ok i think all people have reason let me quote what HERMIT SAID!: Experience Bonus Cards will be set too high to purchase! from The Item Mall on Sunday 01/31 at Midnight PST in preparation for the non-tradeable ones.
    acclame slogan: here we come, to get your money.

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