After Twitter, here comes the FACEBOOK


9Dragons now has an official Facebook Page. It will be updated regularly with special Flash Promotions and advanced notice of events for fans of 9D who are also Facebook Users.

Just as an example, it might read: “50% Off Dragon’s Tears for the next 30 minutes!” (And only 9D Facebook Users who have their feeds running would know the sale was even happening)

The first advanced notice of an event has already been posted.


After Acclaim heard that on Twitter the companies may have to pay to have access to tweets, they moved to facebook, not that twitter page was something extraordinary, or that players would even be interested in it.

At least for Romania, after a study made by GfK, only 6% of romanians access social networks. Web 2.0 activities are still in the niche in Romania: 13% puts blogs among the top three activities on the Internet, 10% access games online and only 6% access social networks, according to the survey.

What are these social networks?

Online communities like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, hi5, XING and many others attract daily new members interested to know many people, to interact with them to win as much notoriety in the virtuous circle of friends to which they belong.Therefore, social networks are online communities like the public areas within which individuals who have interests and / or common needs meet to talk with friends, to socialize with people present there to attend the debate and express opinions and ways.

Unlike public areas, which are geographically defined social networks allow access to a multitude of members from all over the world. The advantage? Exchange of experience and infinite possibilities of interaction. For social networks there are no borders, the only requirement being a durable connection to the Internet.

Who can use social networks?

All. Anyone can enter these online communities, from teenagers who want to make friends and were impressed by the large number of photos and comments received from other members, the youth who are looking for a job and who believe that a social network a gateway to a potential employer. In the latter case, a social network is at least equivalent to a well-designed resume.

On the other hand, online communities  left their mark on the business environment.  Many people from business world are resorting to this means of communication to identify new opportunities that enable them to develop the business.

How should companies deal with this means of communication?

Indeed, corporate social network is a communication tool whose benefits are multiple, and the risks … to match them. Those more interested in these communities are marketing and PR people from the companies.

It is important that the persons responsible for the communication function of a company to monitor the discussions taking place within social networks, but this is not enough. Very important is that discussions to take the form of a dialogue like an exchange of information. Those who read the messages should not perceive them as some slogans for publicity. So, the PR people give a great advice :” beware of the risk of falling into place promotions and advertising discourse!” The public charge such expensive errors. Risk? Loss of credibility.

How Acclaim understand these networks?

Just as an example, it might read: “50% Off Dragon’s Tears for the next 30 minutes!” (And only 9D Facebook Users who have their feeds running would know the sale was even happening)

Sell and sell, not communicate or networking with players !


20 responses to “After Twitter, here comes the FACEBOOK

  1. Facebook, hi5, twitter, etc , so called social networks are for ppl under 18 that suffer of moderate to severe “indoors” activity or lack of real life friends/social life. To display all your life on a webpage and make it worldwide available (pictures, name, etc etc) is weird imho.Nowadays ppl cut and dissect everything based on as simple photo, a hobby you have, what you like to eat, etc…Some of us keep their lives strictly private till the point when its worth revealing bits and pieces of reality. In games we are avatars with distorted personality.(See what Historian generated by putting on a site pieces/pictures of his real life):D
    I have seen how 9D change ppl real lives (some divorced and abandoned their lives for someone who they met in a game, dunno if their lives sucked but is an example).
    How can we judge or think to know someone based on a FACEbook?!
    Imo the facebook/twitter/hi5 promos are adressed to kids who use that. Adults make a webpage/blog that is their own and not using this kind of social networks unless a major lack of anything else social related.
    The only “social network” i would join would be a hardcore p0rn related one 😀

    Conclusion: If you want me to buy smth from you than Facebook, Twitter, Hi5 is the LAST place you should advertising it not talking about selling it.
    Acclaim must clearly distinct the target viable customers and treat it like it should. You don’t need a huge study to reveal that the paying customers are mostly the one above 18 (and with a job). Is obvious. I keep wonder why they don’t treat this seriously and they keep trying to shove their expenses prices to kids.
    One black ball for their marketing departament/PR departament.

  2. This is another emo network, I don’t have time to read my mail, I will not follow Acclaim on facebook. From where to have so much free time to check the promotions on facebook ? This is for kids, not for me.

  3. The warriors from old China for sure loged their ‘hair’ on the trees from the forest and access the facebook network before any battle to get 50% off armory and weapons 🙂 Hahahaha

  4. so aki , just cuz i got FB and i contact with ppl from other countries that i know and some of my old friends who i cant visit (other city/far street or so) im called lifeless and have no social life ?
    theres plenty of ppl who are 18 + there , its just a site to be in touch with ppl who you know and not cuz you dont have life >_>

  5. I have friends allover this earth taw,and ofc I use the net/web to contact them , see them, talk to them. I use e-mail, webcam, ventrilo, phone, post mail, etc you name it. Facebook is smth else. Is a display if you know what i mean. I not you sharing smth with your friends but sharing with entire world (facebook is not private).Now, ofc some of your friends kinda force you to use it as there is the place where you can find them, talk to them, see their newest pics.

    Anyway, why take my words personally? :)Try to make the difference between generally speaking and not. If the majority of Facebook/twitter/hi5 users are 98% described by me as above, you being in the 2% ones doesn’t prove me wrong. Neither does prove you right.
    Posting things to attack me when the discussion is about the poor methods of advertising/selling is faulty.
    PS: if your friend is “far street” grab a bike and get out of house and visit him instead of viewing pics on net about his yesterday trip. Point proven.

  6. On the other hand you might be right. Some ppl do use it to keep contact but (attention)the primal interest of someone who make an FB acc is knowing/experience new ppl/interests apart from the ones he got or to search for ppl that have common interest (int eh case when in RL is none to very few).
    This is why I hate FB and if you can read among lines is all here. I want to mention that the study is a PRO FB not against but still.
    Now you can bore yourself to death cos I know I did. And btw, I did visited FB (as some of ppl kept spamming me with invites and I know very well what am I talking about)

  7. Facebook are for non-life people who likes virtual friend.A virtual friend will never be like a real one, so as Bruce W. said, I discourage people to use these networks.

  8. I will not lose my time on something like this and I will not give any more money to Acclaim till they fix the game. Instead of doing another facebook they should have fixed one bug. How to ask people money on how the game looks like now?

  9. showing exquisite concern over promotions is for those people without social life. who has time? in any case not me.

  10. I am not against these social networks but am against Acclaim using them and try keep you in front of PC for some 50% off promotions. It is not the right thing to teach.

  11. For sure I am not doing a facebook profile only to stay tune for more mall promotions. Acclaim don’t deserve to pay for mall. They must make a social network to answer our questions.

  12. Acclaim use Facebook to gain some money not to improve the communication. I don’t use Facebook and I will not make a new account only for those promotions.

  13. Hemrit promotions on FaceBook should be seen by all Acclaim players not only those who used FaceBook, maybe I am intersting in some, but can’t see it because I don’t have an account on FaceBook.

  14. Homepage of Facebook hurts my eyes. That’s for insecure kids. Better go out and spend quality time with your real friends. Have a beer. Have a good conversation.

    • Acclaim mis not so know company and Historian don’t have so much popularity, but I guess the hacker from 9dragons can do it for fun.

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