Historian : “More Open Acclaim?”

We at Acclaim realize that sometimes you just feel like your voice isn’t heard and no matter how much we tell you we listen, it just seems like we are “clueless wonders”.
All that is about to change.


Until the community is peaceful enough not to have violence on the forums, there’s no point in taking it out of shows that need it for entertainment value. It’s just like Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.”

I would like to say this : ‘clueless wonders’ is not something you can do on your own. Many, many people contributed to that. I would like to thank Historian for never baning the veterans who showed the clues (sarcasm), the VGM and moderators team who took a chance on an unknown ‘clue’ and last but not least, the wonderful crew from Acclaim who spend years searching the ‘clues’ on how to fix the bugs, unbalance of role, unbalance of pvp, but never found them, without which I’d never be on this blog.

Finally I will say thanks to Historian again for realizing that ‘clueless wonder’ means ‘O’ REPUTATION:


In some parts of the universe, maybe not in contempo-casual, but in some parts, it’s considered cool to know what’s going on in the world. So let’s take a look at Historian community :

2Moons-  a player : ” locking threads that attacks Acclaims irresponsibility LAME!




The words speak for themselves:

It sems that acclaims mods really have their heads stucj=k up their arse because right now you guys obviously still don’t realize that even though gamehi has “taken over” this game we still spend our money with YOU ACCLAIM…….

…..you F**K up. some major release is trown out o us the players, things calm down for a while then boom all back to the same ol bullshit. so don’t tell me to calm down. I try to sign in one day and all the time money and effort i put into lvlin my character are gone and ypu’re telling me to calm down……

………….I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sick of seeing the vast majority of threads discussing any of the problems occuring in game constantly locked, censored and deleted. In some cases the only infraction seems to be acknowledging that there is even a problem in game.

In conclusion, congratulations to all of the moderators for doing such a terrific job; you should all be very proud. Legit players who been here in some cases since the beginning DO deserve to have all their time effort and money wasted…………..

………Signature: “don’t say anything bad about 2Moons/Acclaim,or the thought police will come & lock away. To solve your issue, contact support which will A) direct you to Gamehi B) ignore you entirely C) think that you will continue to support a company whose idea of customer service seems to be go screw yourself D) lock all posts saying anything negative about 2Moons/Acclaim, even when it’s the truth”………..

You know, maybe Historian wants to use his popularity for a good cause, make a contribution to Acclaim too. In case you’ve never heard of that, a contribution is… Well, suddenly a dark cloud settled over first period…

After 2 Moons, I had to find sanctuary in a place where I could gather my thoughts and regain my strength…SPELLBORN.



tom3k, since 2006… : “darn, I hoped that Acclaim won’t make VGM position in Spellborn. I saw it in 2Moons and 9dragons and imo it was really fail idea. You gave people you don’t know pimped chars and the only thing they were doing was talking how cool they are. I know, I know, you check everyone’s behaviour but it always wasn’t as it should be…”

Oh, well, could the suicide attempts be postponed until the next game? The veterans can be so sweet. Isn’t this a classic? That’s VGMs teams. They’re way existential. These are the old things we all know, so I could really use some sort of  refreshment. I visited Ponystars and MyDivaDoll Acclaim forums.





Hello? There were locked signs too. I totally paused.

sedbona: If Historian is a clueless wonder, you have to keep give him clues, okay? Keep ask him questions.

vennus9d: What is a community manager?

Legend: (Ask) Stuff he knows.

At the end a moment of silence for another veteran who sow the ‘dust’… Is Historian on Hermit character again?



PS : Banned from forum for use of language… I see a simple ‘ty’… EPIC !


37 responses to “Historian : “More Open Acclaim?”

  1. “sedbona: If Historian is a clueless wonder, you have to keep give him clues, okay? Keep ask him questions.
    vennus9d: What is a community manager?
    Legend: Stuff he knows.”

    love it! ownage big time.

  2. If the things are the same all over Acclaim community, you know who to blaim : the community manager, Historian. This is how the understand the idea of community. Pathetic.

  3. this post is more than epic, in all games forums we have same LOCKED and DELETE factor from the strip club ‘dancers’, aka the MoDs.baning veterans because they critic again and again Acclaim ( because of them) is really a lame thing to do.

  4. You can’t lock a community when there are so many problems to be solve. As we see in others games too, Acclaim is a failure from community notion perspective. Any account left since 2007? Way to go Acclaim, losers !

  5. more open Acclaim? makes me laugh so much…more locked maybe. way to go Historian, if you still have some brain left you should quit.

  6. Honestly, if I were forum mod i would have warned and locked/maybe deleted/censored many ppl posts/words just cos their attitude. Here in Ro we have a saying : this forum is like a “village with no dogs” meaning is not moderated in any way but abbandoned. See the flames, the bad language, the hate of players towards eachother, the racism (i asked forum ban 4 days ago for the one that said that roumanians must die and he got banned, cleared and simple!). I wouldn’t stand all this crap as a mod.
    I am fully agreeing with the post that are made in a constructive /clear way even if they are complains. I fully disagree with forum trolls that post only for insult and not bringing nothing constructive. Disagreements can be made in a polite way without need of insults and name calling.
    I see every day posts of some ppl that I would warn/lock/remove.
    Seriously, I saw many forums and I am mod on some (WoW related) and on none of them I saw this disprespectful attitude among players.
    I respect the ones that complain in a normal way. I hate the ones that do this in a rage using all the bad adjectives and bashers.Its cutting down the communication entirely, not talking about normal communication….that is towards zero.

    Example of severily moderated forum: http://forum.neverendless-wow.com/forumdisplay.php?f=11
    and normal (as it should be) moderated forum : http://forum.molten-wow.com/forumdisplay.php?f=15
    In none of them you will not see the horrifying attitude that 9D have it on 9D forums.

    • Any idea why many people end up like this? In 2007 were great times. Let’s not forget a minimum preparation for moderator job. But when you see that the head of moderators cames on forum and say ‘ I am bitch who will make your life a hell’, what you suppose to do ? Accept it? I am affraid 9dragons foum has bad moderators and bad management from Historian part. Why people like you are not moderators Aki ?

      • 9Dragons forum problem is the gap between genrations and poor communication. There are things that must be explain before baning an account. What you think a person who was banned will do first time? Mail to Acclaim why he was banned or make a new account and start spamming, bad-mouth and so on ? Depends…but many choose the second.

  7. One of the moderator, now LM which I liked is warda, she always has nice words towards all, the rest all full of hate and bad words. But wth, most of them are in puberty period.As for Historian, he should find another job.

  8. I hate to say it, but everything we have is the product of Acclaim and the community is the product of Historian. He was there since 2006 and still is.

  9. I would never be nor mod, nor VGM, not nothing in this game for an multitude or reasons:
    1. I am too old for this…and I hate kids. 😀
    2. In this game I lost all my patience
    3. I lost the capability of understanding erratic behaviours, i lost my compassion and my strenght in being a very nice person.I turned to Dr. House (even in real life)
    4. I would be more harsh and severe than any mod ever born and I will prolly end up on “hall of fame” with the number of censored/locked, etc crap
    5. I am already hated for speaking the truth. I will be more hated for doing what is right
    6. I refuse to adapt myself to the “community” (by adapt i mean to embrace the ignorance, the narrow mind and the erratic behaviour)
    7. I love my friends and I wish no harm for them (I would censor Po1son first btw).
    8. For Ro community Arashi_Tora is moderator and she is doing a great job (i will always give her all the credit and suport for what she does).
    Are many reasons, cannot deny I was tempted many times to apply for VGM or GM or Mod. but i slapped myself on the wrist in time.
    And the 9th reason is that, if the ppl don’t propose you cos you are helpfull, then there is no reason to pushing yourself into a community by force. I belive in elections, at least I belive that VGM’s can be elected at least from players that show their use somehow, same the mods. If players vote/attitude is negative towards someone why bother?

    • nothing personal to Arashi_Tora but she is a fat and ugy girl( I think boy in real life) who plays a male character and try to give advices to people who don’t need it. when she/he will buy coins and don’t get from translate ( and we all know how the RO translation is, like many others – I am not RO but friends told me) than she/he may come and roar with advices.

    • Arashi_Tora aka arashisenshi got the moderator position because sedbona refuse it from the start. I bet many don’t know but DH asked sedbona to be moderator on Ro section and she refuse it. I heard this from Acid like one year ago.True sed?

      • Yes, I refuse it and after that I remember was the choice between arashisenshi and darksander.

  10. Loz, is more locked Acclaim than open.Didn’t you guys notice that lately Historian tries to hide himself a lot. Anyway how you expect to look the community managed by an ex strip club bouncer who has experience with xxx – humans?

  11. When all the good words are spoke, the bad ones remain. When all the mistakes are pointed out and there is no action to take a new path only hates and sorrow remains. That is all what this community have left.

  12. Acclaim never gave people what they want, they had a selfish money policy and this is why community is in this state.Acclaim and Historian don’t know how to communicate with players. Just talking is not enough if there are no facts. More open Acclaim? What a joke.

  13. I believe the community had pacience, but at one moment run out and turn out this way. I don’t blaim the community for telling the things all over again, because Acclaim didn’t show us minimal effort to try make the things better.

  14. “Wow thats new. Someone’s in a bad mood 😕 Hermit you broke your cudgel at +3? :roll:”

    Hahahahahaha that made me laugh so damn hard! xD

  15. Activity in the other Acclaim forums, especially MDD/PS is very different from 9Dragons/2Moons, etc because the target audience is completely different. MDD/PS are geared towards young tween and teenage girls, while the majority of other Acclaim games are geared towards mid-teen and older boys. A little digging into the locked posts in question shows most of them are directed by a mod to a FAQ, or have their questions answered before the mods lock them, so that’s something at least. I suspect they probably get a lot of repetitive questions just like 9dragons/2Moons does. The discussion/moderation is handled differently as well, and Historian, if you check his posting history, has little to no active presence on either of those boards. Just some food for thought. 🙂

  16. Y’know… If you are going to complain that Historian doesn’t read or listen to what you say, you should at least read and listen to what others say.

    So Many Glitches: Locked for getting off-topic, wasn’t really a discussion thread to begin with. (By the way, these glitches are a type of horse in the game, not an actual problem with the game.)
    Error, Unknown Trait, Bingo Tickets: Bug reports in the General Discussion. There are three announcements at the top that state bugs go in the Report a Bug forum. THREE ANNOUNCEMENTS.
    New Acclaim Free Coins Provider: Complaining without offering a solution, complaining about something Acclaim can’t fix in general. Ignored the proper format for complaints as seen here- http://phpbb.acclaim.com/ponystars/viewtopic.php?t=43413

    Anything else locked toward the bottom… Look at the date the last post was made. Do you want people bringing up posts that have gone a month or two+ without responses?

    I won’t even go on the “Mods can Lock” thread since it means you didn’t even read the titles.

    Not here for MDD, though. They can stick up for themselves.

    If you want people to follow you, you need open your eyes and ears before opening your mouth. You really, really lost your credibility there. I hope to see better research from you in the future.

  17. PS Player do you think we are in the phase to complain to Historian ? Historian is buried for us and this post shows that he don’t care about his community on the forum. Our blog and forum are 2 different things.

    For eg, if it is a bug report, don’t you think is more appropriate to move it than close it down, or modetarors to clean up the posts not lock to look like a war.

    We don’t need people to follow us, we know just they do it, without asking, look at this blog and you will get a clue.

    Also keep in mind, we all have opinions, but only a leader can pass it to others.

    • I’ve actually read the entire blog from start to finish, but I’m responding to this blog in particular since it called out Ponystars without proper research.

      “For eg, if it is a bug report, don’t you think is more appropriate to move it than close it down, or modetarors to clean up the posts not lock to look like a war.”

      They were already reported in Report a Bug (IE Redundant thread, bugs were already sent into the devs), a link to the already established thread in the proper forum was given, and were locked. Also, it wouldn’t look like a war zone if we had more active forum-goers, it’s kinda…empty. I don’t condone the behavior of the moderators and GMs on 9D, I think they deserve a swift kick in the rear and out the door, or at least into some customer service classes. I’m simply responding to what was said about the game *I* know and love.

      Also, not sayin’ anything on your fight to get Historian removed. It’s VERY obvious that something needs to change. I’m just asking that you guys do s’more research before you accuse others since in this case, it showed that you didn’t read or look beyond the surface, something you (rightfully) accuse Historian of doing. 🙂

      I’m sure the PS Moderators would be happy to show you how they run their forum if you send PM one of them. Perhaps join them on IRC for some chatting? Might be interesting to look at the most ignored cash cow in Acclaim’s arsenal. 😉

      I hope you understand where I’m coming from. 🙂

      • Historian is a disaster as community manager fro Acclaim game, what we can ask from a former strip club bouncer…under sea level.

  18. Dont Play Acclaim Games.. They Will Steal Ur Cash!!
    Trust Me Happend To Me 900$ Stolen And Support Ignoring Me.

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