Jeeja-Yanin, another Immortal used for personal/league purpose

As I said many times, Incarnations of Immortality gave excessive powers to some players and the leagues that are behind those.They use them for their own purposes. Adventures in the land? I think the Hermit was insane at the time he imagine that someone who has laid hold on such character will post his hero adventure story and will help the players.

In fact, these characters are used for petty purposes, make epithets rounds for hero league (because they are unable to perform with the league ), in PVP to dominate the opponent and at events to buff their friends.

Yesterday when we made a legitimate round epithet (on Bardo server), as character/hero league achievement without help, on the other side of the barricade, Jeeja-Yanina avatar, bufed sharp black clan members and help them farm SRS and with epithets. It is clear that was controlled with 2 PCs ( he or she never talks when we said something).

And of course who found it is smart to comment than Evolet? Evolet is the character that if we look to SS from the TGW, post by him ( in bloody plain – where in ss adryan86 accused the whites to do it – funny) he has all Y & Y buffs from Immortal character and in front of Acclaim face overlap the relics. Also Evolet is the character that surpassed the bug of chi breath at hermit 12 level. How come it’s on PS2 one day after he reach hermit12(last week) and the rest from the server remained at H12, with the chi breath bugged? UF has 2 VGMs in official team. This rings a bell? And because that was not enough now they ‘steal’ an Immortal.

The use of these characters for personal purpose and the league ones, show us few things: the inability to have personal achievements (the person behind the character is so weak and has no will in real life) and the inability of the hero league to have collective achievements. Let’s not forget that the same band who controls the Immortals, UF maintained SVS ( and that character was there), just from the fact as inside the  official team always ‘walks’ same ‘characters’ with other ‘clothes’. When the SVS was stole from whites, the same ‘characters’ used bug and have not been banned, because they were in the official team…

The same things they used last year are used again and again: tricks to dominate in PvE, PvP, bugs, the official team and now character of Immortals.

When this chain will break? When Acclaim will do something for all players, not a game of interest for some players and hero league ? After VGM[Olix] scandal, now came another one…

PS : that is why in 9Dragons forum, all the blacks nukers and some warriors from Bardo said so many stories about Y&Y buffs, easy for them, walk the character in black safe zone or near entrance to b.p and start buffs, all buffs in 1… but for poor mortals, to run to get all Y&Y it is not so easy… just forget the duels in Hefei for now !!!…


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  1. this event should be cancel, this is one form many others things that makes me hate official team, they all go there for personal the future we will see more things like this.

  2. Black clan side on Bardo was always full of morons and kids who don’t make nothing on their own. The one who helped Evolet to make chi till PS2, should help all the others, if not will not be fair. Evo,noob you overlap the relics… I see a baning case.

  3. Acclaim created another not fair situation.They only messed up all contesnts, events aand all stuffs.GMs should check out Jeeja-Yanin character and take it back from those who use it like this.

  4. When me and Po1son stated that the immortal chars interfere in the normal course of events, especially SvS, we got bashed by “black team” aka adryan and the others with the reply:” show us where is that one and when he buffed us” when we all knew that some of them had full 600YYBS buffs (more than 16.000 dmg in stat window vs 9800/10000 how can you normally get when buffed with 400 YYBS).That immortal char is used very clever and in many situations and who disagree with me can kiss my white !@#$ I don’t need to prove smth that is so obvious that even blind ppl trip on it….but instead they need to prove that what I say is false.
    Anyway , the “usage” of the Immor(t)al alliterate(and I say this cos only 2 outta 6 managed to write about their experience) chars is ignored by Acclaim along as many things (SvS blocked, chi breathing available only for some, etc).
    Some of them should be banned/removed for giving/sharing weapons. Some should be removed for showing their alliegence to one league (clearly stated they should keep their neutrality).
    And anyway, is there an ETE (Estimated Time of Ending) for this crap so called event anyway? Is end of January….

    • Do not forgot the abuses in white safe zone with Y&Y buffs. The pk all safe zone using those buffs. Where is Historian now? This he checked his event? I bet only did it for imagine. No measure were taken.

      • “Where is Historian now?”

        His answer for this question would be: “I’m not a Game Master”

  5. Obvious this character is used to resolve some of the league and personal affairs of black clans. GMs could check the logs and ban the character. Yes, it should be neutral, but as we see it is not. I hope shit will end at the end of january, this event brought more chaos than good.

  6. Oh, and btw…what you mean by Evolet “overlapped” the relics?The plates are different…so is not stacking…
    If you pay attention each plate has a different chinese sign on it so you can easily say what he’s wearing: GK dmg10%, GK def 8%, GK 5/1000 hp plate, GK block rate 500 plate, BK AR60 plate and 5% speed plate…
    Maybe Evolet is not a pleasent sight but he never cheated. Now , about the chi breathing…no comment except …there might be a trick again…but wtf? 😀

    • I think she said in general, that ss is for Y&Y buffs ( all the buffs are there) as I see it. Everybody knows Evo overlapped relics.

    • Overlapped as vennus said is another thing and you can calculate easy the stats when ovelapping (20kk his HP with buffs), but he hide it with black colour .:P

      Look at my status with all Y&Y and all healer (for pve and I added one pvp relic only), hybrid buffs, +5 mall (look well at the dmg, adding the active too,11-16, 12-15, I think you can guess Evo build if mine is 300/300 str/dex, 14/14 and the rest to constitution )

  7. I thought nothing wrong with buffing only their friends, it’s for personal use anyway, if not then what for is the personal boss spawn? >_>

    • do you think it is ok to give your character an unfair advantage in pve and pvp and make all the others noobs? that is the style of 9dragons. Imortals in my opnion were not create to make this game more unbalanced and adding unfair achievements to some players or hero leagues.

      • okay, then if u’re the one who get the immortal char after spending hundreds of exp card, then u’re asked to choose 15 skills.

        What will u do? try to pvp alone with that char? As I saw in forum, ady beat that immortal char 1v1 with his hyb, the immortal char is vagabond anyway.

        Those advantages can be gotten in normal conditions anyway (except it’s c10 instead 12, doesn’t give that much diff)

      • All buffs with +12 weapon and the best relics in game gives no difference ? In my opinion those should remain neutral, the buffs gives unfair advantage in many situations.

        May Lee that beating is just a show off to stop the people who asked questions… As Aki said that character was used by blacks in dungeouns, pvp and svs. If it is not so great maybe Acclaim should give all a second character like that…

  8. overlapping is not stacking ( wearing same relics twice or 3 times…), is another bug used by the old viets nukers in Asura and sold on money, it adds more damage if you change the relics in combat mode (pve or pvp) with clicking.

  9. Once again people are doing anything for a game, even cheat. Another question, why you think adryan86 loves so much now Eva_Jane? I let you answer…

  10. Sweet Angelita :
    Once again people are doing anything for a game, even cheat. Another question, why you think adryan86 loves so much now Eva_Jane? I let you answer…

    Correct answer: cos she brought him high refined braces for around 300 euros(real money)? All server rumors….:d Or cos she used all her c12 “ass kissing” skill to keep him unbanned for FC PQ abuse + the all the PR propaganda on forum….bleah…
    or…Eva is the owner of the Immortal char? 😀
    Fock knows, I feel like quitting this game or at least the Bardo server…
    Anyone wanna buy an warrior? I heard they will be really overpowered around 2020 :D(joking)

    • Well I dont think Eva is the owner of immortal, unless shared accounts.
      ‘Cause if it was Eva who is owner of immortal dont think that immortal would buff me the other day after how i had a lil argument with eva in hefie sometime ago after saying a few comments on her so called boyfriend play_to_fcpq.

      As far as Emolet’s crying about +12 bracers of white immortal on a player, they have been deleted from his account to my information. and Adryan’s crying about White Immortal giving yybs buffs to whites, one of the white immortal(Bai-ling-chi) had only healer skills and the other one wasn’t really white(Yoo-min-hyuk) cause he used to buff anyone asking for yybs buff may it be white or black.

      Plus, the way they were replying to Bones’s question it was clear that they were busted.

    • So this guy adryan is not man enough to take care of his girlfriend but his girfriend need to take care of him.Hahaha.

  11. On the subject, this contest of Dark Hermit and Immortals in his essence was so cheated and contested that we don’t need it again. Acclaim drop it ! Look how turns out, in another fight !

  12. AkiSakura :

    Sweet Angelita :
    Once again people are doing anything for a game, even cheat. Another question, why you think adryan86 loves so much now Eva_Jane? I let you answer…

    Correct answer: cos she brought him high refined braces for around 300 euros(real money)? All server rumors….:d Or cos she used all her c12 “ass kissing” skill to keep him unbanned for FC PQ abuse + the all the PR propaganda on forum….bleah…
    or…Eva is the owner of the Immortal char?
    Fock knows, I feel like quitting this game or at least the Bardo server…
    Anyone wanna buy an warrior? I heard they will be really overpowered around 2020 (joking)

    ady was with Eva even before she gave him the bracer (early Bday present she said altho at first was lending then ppl cry ady won because of lending eq, blablabla)

    AI Project :
    All buffs with +12 weapon and the best relics in game gives no difference ? In my opinion those should remain neutral, the buffs gives unfair advantage in many situations.
    May Lee that beating is just a show off to stop the people who asked questions… As Aki said that character was used by blacks in dungeouns, pvp and svs. If it is not so great maybe Acclaim should give all a second character like that…

    items that shared was wrong, but buffs are fine imo.

    btw good job with the Quote things and now we can copy paste, easier. Thanks.

  13. How come that guy Evolet passed the h12 chi bug? He was helped by a GM ? Many questions, no answers. This contesnt is pissing me off to see how turned out.

    • some players passed it by Manually helped by GMs, but after that they will get bugged exp, so the GMs finally stop it and decided to wait the patch that allow all players to CB.

      • Evolet become h12 last wekeend so the chi was buegd.He was helped ‘manually’. So why only some players are helped and the rest no? GMs must help all or none. It is not fair. Again because UF has VGMs or a friend beg a GM.

  14. 3k2 :Evolet become h12 last wekeend so the chi was buegd.He was helped ‘manually’. So why only some players are helped and the rest no? GMs must help all or none. It is not fair. Again because UF has VGMs or a friend beg a GM.

    I made H12 100% too.
    Some hours ago I asked a VGM to make me PS2, like evo, let’s see what happens.

  15. From the start this event was a bad idea. Most of them level with FC PQ and of them was adryan86, who also as I know have a Immortal character and is a wanabe VGM.

    • Seya :
      All players should be level ‘manually’ now if Evoleta was.

      I already asked the same case and the answer was it will do exp bug later on if did manually so better just wait. bleh…

      and btw
      the FCPQ exploiter can’t win, GMs just simply check time needed to level up, unless he did take a break between runs. As well as BC won’t increase from blue mobs, just as Net’s case from Nirv that said he won’t win because the BC didn’t increase.

  16. I agree with the rest, Jeeja-Yanin character should be checked up and the contest ended. How we used till now, Acclaim did a bad job how they managing this event.

  17. Ok, so when someone grinds for hours with a immortal char next that stands there like a twat doing nothing but buffing from time to time and healing herself is what?
    The best use of an immortal char:
    Knock yourself out!

  18. Ok i just go to know this jeeja yanin is the new winner of immortal char, and the +12 bracers which were handed out earlier from immortal to the main char by the last winner were also from jeeja-yanin. Last jeeja yanin was won by a white clan person ofcourse 😮

  19. and probably yea, jeeja is either eva or adryan the way the both had posted there stupid posts like always in jeeja-yanins’s topic on 9d forums too, although this is just an speculation and even the aki’s SS proves these speculations a bit.

  20. People will always try a way to cheat the game, to get more benefits but they will be remember like they played, means like cheaters.

  21. The Immortals were used with mask in bloody plain revenge also. GMs don’t vene bother to check it, 3 GMs what would they possible can do in first place? Before hosting an event there must be rules.

  22. Rofl. You really should start checking your facts. This char was not present at svs. Simple reason – it still wasn’t fully equiped, neither did it have any useful skills then. Besides, why should she or he answer you? Who are you and why is she/he oblidged to jump when you say something? Btw, you were all asking for buffs. Those buffs have 2 min cooldown, Jeeja was in full party and sick of telling people her/his buffs are in cooldown. So, yeah, you are white, she/he has black as main, her friends get buffs, not you.

    • and you are Eva_Jane so what ? get over this drama, anyway this stupid contest will end in 3 days no? she could not answer sedbona question for one reason : were 2 PCs, one user of 2 accounts loged online, I believe adryan86 was on that one in the ss.

  23. Never thought I would post on this blog, but this was just too funny.

    Am I overlapping relics now too? ^.^ ( )

    So you’re jealous of evo’s dmg coz he has a pwnage spear? 😛
    And jealous that the immortal char helped us in SRS? (we can do without, but so much easier with ^^)

    Anyway let’s get some facts straight:
    – UF still got fortress cos of teamwork of all blacks.
    – Evo got PS2 cos for some random reason he got that after he relogged (like all other ps2’s, some still ps1 (me for example).
    – If you look at evo’s ss he had lots of buffs and carnival buff and xmas buff, he did not have immortal buffs because people yy/bb’s him.
    – He wasn’t overlapping relics, he was wearing different plates.
    – We don’t use illegal tricks or bugs to dominate PvP or PvE, we just do it 🙂


    • Shanny you are another so called kids who can’t understand 2 words meaning : overlapping is not stacking. Who is jealous ?

      UF got the fortress beacuse UF has VGMs
      Evo got PS2 because was helped by GM
      Which wu tang/shao/beggar warrior Y&Y Evo with maxim buffs? Answer it (names).
      Overlapping is not stacking ( stacking is wearing same relic all over again)
      No, you all use the tricks and the bugs. We all know it Shanny and I know you suck at pvp too.


    • If you post a picture do it right, post all the status with all gear and relic or nothing. You have something to fear about ? Nice try, but I don’t believe it. And another thing, you have 1 h to start runing from all buffs on all maps. I know you can do it. Naab! Jeeja-Yanin was used by blacks and that is a fact. Lucky this Immortal thing will end soon.

      • To CoraM, you are jealous coz apparently you can’t handle the fact that blacks won at that SvS. I have no idea what overlapping is, care to explain then?

        What tricks and bugs do we use then?
        And I don’t rly care if you think I suck at PvP, cos I know I don’t 😮

        To soviet:
        I didn’t post full SS coz that wasn’t the point, can do if you want, it’s just an SS with immortal buffs.
        I never said Jeeja doesn’t help blacks, but she wasn’t there at SvS and I haven’t seen her in BP yet (didn’t have much time lately anyway to come bp).

        And the immortal chars just happened to be black, not our fault. lol.

        Anyway my last post about this subject unless soviet wants full SS of my char then i’ll post that.

      • Why to be jelous on black svs when blacks bugged the white svs ? I remember they have more VGMs than whites and knows how to suck it better to Gms.

        I am not jelous I just point the facts.

  24. First of all, immo chars appeared on 25th, svs was on 24th, whites got pawned, deal with it.
    Second, here is my dmg at tgw : , u can even ask omega that i traded yy with him, and i traded all other yybs with players. And here is my dmg with immo buffs : , can u see the difference between them?
    And here are my plates : , try it once, u can wear 8 of them at the same time 😮
    And how you know immo char is in safe? When you were on bp last time? At patch100?

    • Evo if you post here, asnwer this : who Y&Y at that TGW ss, from white clan, wu tang, beggar and shao warrior.
      25th what ? january 2010 ? december 2009?
      overlapping does not meat stalking, it is another bug at damage, why your status are cover with black screen?

  25. And as a fact I am always in bloody plain, I sow you guys even pvp with that character with mask. It is not about only 1 immortal character.

  26. Here is the link again to the ss :
    And here are the buffs and so on : mask, bot def buff, bot yy, bot resi buff, hd yy, sf yy, cavity press, carnival buff, hybrid buff, healer buff, healer buff, healer buff, healer buff, healer buff, rage increase buff, medi, steps, hd bs, hd reduce buff, sf bs, epi, wt yy (already told from omega), hd reflect buff, dmg pill, bot dmg buff, +5 or +10 pill
    If you show me there beggar and shao warrior buff, i will give you my char
    My statud is covered coz its not your business
    And what means overlapping?

    • Lol Evo it is not my ‘business’ why you post in here ? To show us a black screen? You still have questions to answer. And as something that others teach me : all pictures can be photoshoped. +5 and +10 pills in same time with damage pill ? What about ‘wait till kung fu cools down’ ?

      You guys are here to make same drama from 9dragons forum. But as you guess, here people don’t buy it anymore.

      • I posted it on 9d forum as reply to a guy who posted his dmg. You have nothing to do with my build. I not photoshopped, i used Paint. And go hefei, buy pills and u will see u can use same time.

      • +5 attribute pil is from ITEM MALL and can’t be trade. Your hidden status has to do with overlapping.

  27. I’ll say a few more things, after talking to Jeeja and Eva:
    -During Sunday SvS jeeja was sitting in Mount Yanmo, getting the char fixed as the white who used it before did RtD quests and tunred it into beggar hybrid.
    -The char did less than 10 srs runs, most were lame, because of bugged skills, lame gear and screwed up stats.
    -A GM was asked – the char does not have to be neutral, it can buff only one side, it can pk, it can be present at war. SvS still hasn’t been cleared, but if GM says Jeeja can’t buff at SvS, that char won’t be there.
    -The char belongs to neither adryan, nor Eva. It belongs to an old player, who quit 9D about 1 year ago, but returned at Eva’s request. She also sponsored the contest char with clothes, weapons, relics, money and exp cards. The person behind the char is rl friend of Eva, she started playing 9D and then got Eva into it just to quit a few weeks later. I hope this explains why the three of them are so close.
    -That char sometimes buffs whites too and sometimes refuses to buff blacks. But of course it is affiliated to major black leagues as the people behind it – the ones who supported the grinder and the grinder himself, are or were part of those leagues.
    -That day, when Bones was asking questions, Jeeja was busy with her party. She gets spammed by noobs alot so she usually ignores most of the questions. According to her though, she found the time to yy Bones, ofc Bones wouldn’t remember that.
    -Jeeja sees that she is unfair advantage in this game, but she earned that and doesn’t plan on being neutral, when neither she nor her friends are.
    -Eva_Jane grinded a total of less than 35% with Jeeja’s help. If you think that is abuse or hours of grind, think again. That is less than 4 hours grind. Appart from that it might be good to know that that healer is retired. Eva herself is playing her hybrid char. Or not playing at all.

    If you’d like to talk to any of them, I can give you skype or msn. Or you can e-mail Eva, if you still have her mail.

    • As I remember were 2 moments of time that day when Jeeja-Yanin was loged, before the event when the character buffed some people in Liaodong and 2-3 h after event when we did SRS rounds and after we exit one, we sow it in Liadong again. In the second moment I took the ss.

      • What are you trying to say? I don’t keep logs of that char. If you insist that Jeeja was buffing at SvS, I’d like to ask for some proof. SS of Jeeja even being in HZ at the time would do it. I just read the sses and I think I answered to most of your questions. Besides, what do you expect Jeeja would do if not SrS runs or go to bp? Grind maybe? Or sit in the corner and look pretty? I think your problem is not the char itself. Your problem is she is pretty active and she likes blacks more so she buffs them and they own your friends. Yes, it is unfair, yes, it sucks, but that’s how Acclaim made it. People spend money and time to get this unfair advantage and if Acclaim were to take it away from them, there will be a few disappointed players. You should know better than anyone that Acclaim promised something to the contestants and they have to kepp that promise. If they change the rules for next round, if they don’t let Immortals do parties, dungeon runs, buff others, nobody will compete.

  28. Thank you for your explanation myste but as you bothered to post here and clarify some issues I still have some questions and I would appreciate if you can clear those ones too:
    1.You say that during SvS “that char was in MY getting fixed…….etc.. cos the white that used it before turned into an beggar hyb after RTD quest”. As I remember the rule of the contest was to create a new char, register with the new char and start lvling it for 1 month. Now are you saying that char was “used before” meaning : it wasn’t a “new char” OC lvl before registration or was shared account and lvled by multiple persons?

    2.Why u refer to the one that grinded it before as “the white”. Immortal chars are vagabonds (nor black nor white). You refer at this char as black char.

    3.Another rule of the contest was that the char is neutral (cannot be affiliated to any league). Is the name above the head of the char that show affiliation or the deeds/usage of the char? For me the league name above the head means squat but the actions say it all.I saw many ppl in leagues are more neutral than this

    If the GM’s are not decided about the rule of the contest and the neutrality of the char (on duration of the contest and after) than let the char to join a league and this is it. All discussions end.
    At your last statement: bullshit (sorry for being so straight).When you stop playing a char you don’t practice hardcore grind.

    Yet again, why u explaining Eva? Eva is a big girl, she can explain herself if she wants.

    • I will explain.

      1. You do start a new char for the contest, but the Immortal each winner gets has already been created. The Immortal Jeeja-Yanin belong to somebody with a white char as main. That person did RtD quests with Jeeja as she/it was vagabond and could join any clan and turned it into LoB hybrid. In the process the char lost all skills it had from other clans and had an attribute reset, meaing it also lost it’s 400 at all stats.

      2. I think you are misunderstanding something here. The Immortal char is not the one you grinded. Lets say you make a new char for the contest, you make it WT warrior and level it. You win. You get to keep your WT warrior, in addition to that you get a DB8 char, which has nothing to do wth the one you grinded.

      3. Id say that neutrality is about the fact that the char is a vagabond and as such it can’t join any band/league. However you can’t expect a normal player to be neutral. The winners are not VGMs. They get their Immortal chars on the same server that their mains are, which already means the neutrality is compromised. Can you picture yourself buffing Jad3Dragon, Evolet, Shanny, play_for_fun, JpexZ and then watching them clear white SZ? I don’t think so.

      I wouldn’t call 4 hours hardcore grind. That healer hasn’t leveled in maybe 2 months, she is still LM5

      Eva refuses to post on this blog, she does read though.

  29. CoraM :
    +5 attribute pil is from ITEM MALL and can’t be trade. Your hidden status has to do with overlapping.

    If u check my bag, between purple passes and high level herbs, there is a cake. Go buy it.
    First I wanna ask you to report me.
    Second, I wanna ask you to post your ingame name, coz it would be fair to know who accuse me of “overlapping”. Still dunno what that means.
    And third, what u wanna know, my str or my con?

  30. +5 or +10 or +15, i dont have any more of them, and i had a few from item mall too, dunno which one i used, the point is to buy cake + dmg pill + item mall pill, and u will see u can use 2 of them

  31. Won nukers in Hefei? A healer? Is this a joke or? Any proof of it ? A video of duel? But not against friends or boyfriend, against an enemy from white or black clan.

    • There is ss of her winning [RO]ady13 on forums, she also got marius and ShunShui or something. But, of course, you have to be a very lame player to run in bp with a healer and fight. It’s just not as hard and great as with a nuker.

      • Maybe when they were 20-30 levels lower. As I sow it, Roady last performance was to kill jad3, the one that is so called black clan pride.

  32. CoraM :
    Maybe when they were 20-30 levels lower. As I sow it, Roady last performance was to kill jad3, the one that is so called black clan pride.

    Again with the Hefei duel bug exploiters. I wish I knew how to kill 20-30 levels lower people in Hefei, can you enlighten me, please?

  33. I didn’t read all comments, too boring.

    So, dear Sedbona, you say I’m supposed to help players, but not with buffs or epi runs. Exactly how would that works out in your world? Or should I just ask for +10 bracers and do cheerleader dances? You claim I buffed blacks at SvS. Where is your proof of that? And, yes, in real life when you accuse somebody of something you have to back it up. Otherwise it’s just defaming.

    I’d also like to ask you all not to confuse me with the previous owner of this char. I got Jeeja-Yanin last weekend. The first time I logged that char, she was beggar hybrid, with some skills c12, but most eiher c10 or c1. She had 2nd role beggar clothes and some worn 2 slotted +6 gloves, 300/100/12/150/300 stats. Basically everything valuable and tradable on that char was gone. Sunday evening I received my first few skills and the wheels. Wednesday I got rest of skills, clothes, relics, bracers, fixed stats. Before Wednesday that char was dying in SrS faster than a normal high Hermit.

    On my first day in bp a white warrior threatened to get me banned because I only buff blacks. As soon as I got a hold of GM I asked him if I’m allowed to buff only one fraction or it’s all or nothing. He said it’s up to me to decide who to buff. I’m also allowed to pk, again, up to me to decide who to pk. SvS is still not clear. But if GM says I can’t buff, I assure you, the char won’t even be logged during svs time.

    While reading the first few comments, I realised that some of you don’t even know how yybs buffs work. Let me enlighten you. Each BS buff has 2 min cooldown and lasts for 10 mins. Even if I buff nonstop, as soon as cooldown is over, there simply can’t be more than 5 people with full buffs at the same time.

    I do buff mainly blacks, but I also buff whites sometimes, if they are nice or impress me in some way. After a very interesting conversation with talibanul86, I decided I won’t be giving more than 2 yybs buffs per char. Usually I give only 1, but sometimes I forget I buffed somebody and I give them another one. There are very few people who get my full buffs. And, fyi, the first person to get full buffs after i made the 1-buff-per-char rule was a white nuker, defending white SZ from blacks.

    About your ideas as to why i didn’t answer your questions. The way my PC is set-up makes chatting a bit hard for me. So if I’m talking to one person, I usually don’t read what others are saying, because my keyboard is not in front of the monitor.

    I’m trying to be fair, but sme of these people are my friends, others aren’t. And of course my friends will come first for me. But if I have the time, i’d be glad to join a white SrS run, as I don’t play a normal char right now and probably won’t be playing any soon. Don’t make me regret trying to be nice to whites. And, btw, Sedbona, I am 90% sure I buffed you a few YY when we were there. Usually when I see that recast is over, I look for somebody to buff…

    • I said that, this character is like many others ( and the others 2 who get banned ) a reason why this event/contest to don’t be held anymore.Maybe it is not your fault, I know that people are subjective, but Acclaim fault because they didn’t put the right rules in first place, but yet you grind a character to use this character to help grind yours. Something is missing in here.

      Acclaim can check the log of the characters including yours to see what you did with this character as they did with the others 2 Immortals who were banned.

      • Yes, and we all know you are in love with The Historian and that is why you keep stalking him, keep trying to get his attention with your blog and still buy coins to support Acclaim. But don’t worry no need to hide it anymore.

      • Don’t you think you have a twisted and 13 years old logic? You came in here from 2 avatars and from one you say that it is Eva friend who didn’t play for long time ago, but we don’t have a player name and now you came from Jeeja and say to prove that is not Eva. There are 2 related things. Get over yourself, you were owned so simple.

      • I won’t even bother asking for your proof, since I’m pretty sure you have none. And are you trying to say that I got owned by Sedbona, who posted SS of WT warrior with my YY buffs and then said I only buff blacks and complain about poor forgotten whites? Yeah, that was simply amazing.

      • Cora said you just pwned yourself, has nothing to do with sedbona. You pwned yourself twice, once when Aki post the ss with Eva Jane and the Imortal helping her grind and once now when you change the subject because your mind can’t go it further.

      • On this blog we all sow Historian picture and the fact that only drakenfyre75 is psihical unbalanced to fall in love with Historian. In case you don’t read the blog, this declared war for Historian and it is on. sedbona is more rich than you, poor Eva you are jelous that your boyfrind adryan86 will fall for sedbona money ?

      • Cora, Historian is 300 pounds of beauty, divorced, 4 eyes,much poor than sedbona, well I think he is all what sedbona dream off 😉 Haha. I can’t stop myself from laughing on what stupidity Jeeja said. Why don’t you ask VGM [Olix] who said that Jeeja is Eva, ex VGM?

      • Oh, changed the subject? I thought we were talking about stuff we can’t prove, but “all” know is true. I’d be very surprised if Olix said that since I have never even spoken to him.

      • Jeeja aka Eva Jane ak Enishi, now should be clear. We don’t need to prove nothing, better send those ss to GMs, they should know what to do. I know 2 Immortals were banned for crossing the rules.

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