The new wave of billionaires


There is a scam going on whereby Gold Spammers are buying and then selling XP Cards to players for ridiculous amounts of ingame Gold, then reselling the Gold. As our first step in cleaning this up, we will immediately alter XP Cards to become non-tradeable until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause any player who utilizes this practice for noble purposes, but for the good of the ingame economy, this must be implemented. I decided to warn you here in advance, assuming no gold spammers out there would bother to take the time to read this post.

And so began… an XP card who started with 4 milion, yestarday was 10 milion and today is 20 milion.

The main winners at the moment are those who hold cash reserves (money in real life) and Acclaim, who will have ‘record’  sales for XP cards from 40% off promotion. XP cards will probably become non-tradable next week when Indy21 will return to work (we know they don’t work on weekends). Currently, we witness rather a psychological sale of XP cards than a economic one.

Players buy XP cards for astronomical prices because nobody knows when Acclaim will produce the change. But the true value of these cards will be see when they become objects of ‘collection’, after in ITEM MALL will be introduce the new non-tradable cards.After these days, when the XP cards will run out of the market, those who will keep the tradable cards for ‘black days’ probably will be able to sell at 5x price than they are now, because XP cards will become rare objects. Many have speculated the prices by buying XP cards with 6-7-8 ‘kk’ and reselling them with 10 ‘kk’. They made good profits, but they didn’t earn as much as those who have tons of money in real life and have used it in the game in this moment.

Overall, however, the effects of this decision on Gold Spammers will not be feel so much because they still owns the big cash reserve. TheHermit looked so easy that we have around 45% of the economy “gray” – and the percentage will increase – and the other about 20%  is self-consumption.So for good faith players remains 35% of game economy. The valve of Gold Spammers will be the fact that they will reconvert to other means after they earned enormous amounts of money from the sale of XP cards in game right now, in game money that they will sell for at least another few months.After consuming the reserves (made with TheHermit decision) they will find something else (like scales, tears & so on).

Unfortunately, no one will learn anything additional to what he/she knew. Very few understand what happens and when you do not understand, you don’t learn.Easy money are more likely than work.

Yesterday I tested the idea with the psychological crisis which overlaps the economic crisis, and guess what happened: I sold 100 XP cards in 5 minutes and made 1 billion ( and btw…my EXP cards got resell to a higher price by the one who bought it from me… I followed the roars), money that many made in one year of play, even in two. Even if I’d sold all Bes droped by mobs in SRS with drop cards I would not be able to make so much money so fast. For those Bes I made rounds of SRS for 2-3 months.

The images speak for themselves.



Real money invest: 40 euros.
In game coins: 6000
The money in game earning: 1 billion.

Now, let’s make a calculation for Gold Farmers:

10 $ = 100 milion

1 bilion = 100$

Now : 40 euro vs 100$, lot of profit no?

So who won on short and long term?


24 responses to “The new wave of billionaires

  1. the prices of exp cards are overboard, they are crazy now, as you said it is psychological effect.some people will get more money now, the same people who had money before.

  2. right now this is a totaly screw up of game. people cry because they will not get exp cards anymore and can’t level so much because of low exp, it is Acclaim fault that they spoiled them with exp events too much.

  3. There have been wise players who always warned of an situation like whats going on nowadays. Take your guess how much people (those who have to make decisions) listened on veteran players. Then the x-mas promotions: Acclaim sent out thousands of cards to players (I myself got 200 plus 5 premium packages + extra bonus cards for the packages too).
    I would say: clear case of self-shoot in the leg (but more in a vein).

    • Because Acclaim thinks they know what is best for players.They don’t listen to veterans because they think they know better the game. Look how they know it : screw up the game economy big time. The prices will raise again and the low levels will not afford to buy even a 200 damage WB.

  4. Who teach this guys math? The idea of bringing the gift that system may create other scammings, however Gold Spammers will find another way and as you said, now, they do more money in game and make the reserve. If you sold 100 XP cards and as Hermit said they sell XP cards can imagine how many they have? Thousands ?

  5. Acclaim has created a general panic with this ad and it is only their fault because things are like this now, primarily because starting two, three months ago, all are used to do level very quickly.Before you needed like 6-9 months to get to hermit level,but TheDarkH. contest proven it’s possible to reach Hermit in 1 months with events of experience especially 5x, which was very harmful to players. It’s true that other versions have 5x the experience but for the simple fact that you can not play more than 5 hours. Acclaim used the players like that, now it’s natural that many resist the change and when they see the ‘MANNA’ will be taken they are willing to give all their money to buy it.

    • I agree with you, the 5x events are hamfull on long term. Imagine the new Tibet map, full of dc and no mobs to grind if all people will reach PS by than. How many PS we have now on server ? 300-400 on each Bardo and Nirvana or more?

  6. Instead of balancing the economy they destroy it more. The prices of others items will increase also because more money will flow on the market, many players have tons of experience cards to sell, why not to sell it these days and make some nice money? Players who didn’t work hard now will get rich.Nice Acclaim, congratz TheHermit for another SCREW UP !

  7. Today BBoE price is 2 bilion lol.Hermit finished up the game economy, you can’t play now unless you are bilionar.To be bilionar you need mall items. Free to play? What a joke.Gratz Acclaim for the stupid decision ever.You should have done it other way.

  8. Hermit is a story writer not an economic adviser so what he knows about game economy? Crash it…he only knows that.Again Acclaims show how how non professionals are. They are a bunch of amateurs when come to gaming. Nice way to get rich.

  9. Some people struggle to make 100 mil and some can do it in 30 seconds, that is how we end up, only rich people can play this game. The game is not free to play but pay to play. I can’t believe TheHermit did this without thinking of the consequences. What he though?Will see more exp cards? Will take out from market the exp cards? Will stop the leveling? He should think before doing exp events.

    Both on short and long term it is stupid.

  10. Acclaim ruins this game from the moment they put xp cards in mall. Many people don’t know how to grind without them.

  11. This has nothing to do with Gold Sellers it is Acclaim greed. They want to make more money. People sold in game exp cards to make money so the number of those who bought them from mall got lower.

    If we go on Hermit logic, as sedbona show is all a flow.

    “Now, let’s make a calculation for Gold Farmers:
    10 $ = 100 milion
    1 bilion = 100$
    Now : 40 euro vs 100$, lot of profit no?”

    That is the proof that has nothing to do with gold sellers.

  12. this just screw more economy-.- now all people with loads of money ill reach gold cap so quick. coz already had lot tradeable XP card’s, and will sell for crazy price.

  13. People should not buy as such high price the exp cards.As many said it is a screw up from Acclaim and a new to drow more money for them. Somewhere the money stopped.

  14. For sure it is not because of gold farmers, it is because Acclaim lose money due in game trade of xp cards.Players buy money from gold sellers and buy cards from players who sell them. In Hefei all this time I didn’t sow people selling one hundred cards but 10 or 20 the most.

  15. I was against this cards from the begining, I always said 9dragons don’t need them.Acclaim never listen, that is why some reach level cap of gold in this wekeend.Good job!…………..

  16. Congratz Hermit for making more rich the Gold Farmers. You don’t have logic in what you say, this is only for surface, the truth is that Acclaim lost money because of the XP cards and now wants them back.

  17. I never sow so much screw up of economy in 9dragons since the game was bring in Europa that we get in 3 days now. The market will fall more. Hermit took the crisis from real life and put it in game.

  18. Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya

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