New Head GM for 9Dragons?

How TheHermit stated, the previous Head GM Acid is leaving due to personal reasons. “Acclaim” is thinking at the moment about the new Head GM, who would fit in this job.

Many readers here remember our Players Popularity Prize from 2009. We know that many of Historian’s slaves voted with many different IPs to rise the percent of TheHistorian, but still it was not enough to rise more than 10%. The voices of the players were louder than the fake-votes, and so the GM Ravenclaw won with proud 57%.

We aren’t friends of any GMs here. We judge about errors and good things, which every GM did and do. I, for my part, talked also already with Ravenclaw, and even if I had already hard discussions with him, I have to admit, he is the best person for this job.

If I reflect over Ravenclaw, I see a person that tries to help the players and the game. Even if he works hard, almost like a slave, he keep cool and try to do the right thing, even if he sometimes don’t have the powers to do the right thing and have to do wrong things, because the higher ones want so.

My last hope, which I had for this game, was on TheHermit. After realizing, that TheHermit changed and isn’t anymore the one from the old days of 2006 and 2007, I put my last hope on Ravenclaw.

Ravenclaw is not the best person for this job, but the best person for this job from the whole Acclaim team. While all other just want money and don’t listen to their players (and customers, no?), Ravenclaw still got an open ear and try to help everyone.

He is the kind of person who even let destroy himself, just to help other people. So my vote, for the new Head GM, goes for sure to Ravenclaw.

But I am just one player. I would like to know what other people think, and what GM you would prefere as new Head GM. Feel free to debate about that on the comments.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


21 responses to “New Head GM for 9Dragons?

  1. the new head of GMs is Smoke and I think Kane did a mistake when he marry in game, maybe that is why he is not the new head of GM.

    • lol… marriage has nothing to do with it… Just acclaim does not know how to treat players and the “Hard Working” employees. Simple as that. Kane worked his ass of for nothing from acclaim. They just used him for their needs.

  2. i also heard Acclaim choose another GM head and it is not Kane, Kane got another job, but we all know how Acclaim thinks and promote people.

  3. I knew that Kane will not the new head of GMs even is popular.He put much soul in whathe do and many times that it may cost a lot. And I think his wedding was a mistake that Acclaim has speculated it. He deserves to be head of GMs, but that’s life.

  4. There are obviously very capable people who simply do not need to stand out. Although they are undervalued, and assumes that prefer a quiet life rather than a ‘runner one’. They are a rare species. The great quality is that they accept or are resigned to a eternal kindness. One of those people is Kane.

  5. Kane should have been the head of GMs, maybe than 9Dragons would have a chance, but again Acclaim shows that they don’t care about players opinions about this game.They will open the eyes too late. I hope next year Indy to give this game to another game company instead of Acclaim.

  6. Kane when is online always helps people and he made tons of events. Also he always solve the problems very fast. We talk about Acclaim tho.

  7. I was for Kane too.
    Simply because he is the only GM you can meet ingame and he helps.
    Moreover he has made nice events.

  8. I think none of the GMs that are now, but I if I would have to make a choice would be Nevermore. Don’t hit me with rocks !

  9. Kane acts childish most of the times, maybe before he helped players but not anymore, he is always busy or wants to be.

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