The Hacker: 9D Deface Done!

What are hackers?
Hackers are computer passionate people , which usually aim to “break” certain codes, databases, web pages etc.. They are considered criminals in most states of the world. Real hackers do not “destroy” typically web pages like personal ones. Common targets of attacks by hackers are important systems that have advanced protection and contain secret information, such as databases like the Pentagon or NASA. Once obtained, these files (information) are published throughout the Internet to be viewed or used by more people.A real hacker has to follow a “code of laws of hackers”, which is well established, known and respected.

Amateur hackers
Are “hackers” that are attacking random targets, anywhere and anytime they have the opportunity.

Crackers are a particular style of hackers, who are specialize in “breaking” shareware programs, or which require a serial code. The only ones who are affected by this category of hackers are those who write programs.

Mass E – mail-s
Mass E – mail-s hackers or spammers are those that send large amounts of e-mail (or other information), containing unsolicited offers, or random information, submitted in order to block certain servers.

In our case, this character, entitled ‘hacker’ broke several accounts of 9Dragons players and a VGM, VGM [Serena] as shown in the video made by him on You Tube. He wanted to show :

-to Acclaim how vulnerable is it as game company;

to players that they can’t distinguish between what is official and what is not (many of the accounts got hacked through Acclaim e-mai support (he pretended to be from Acclaim and many players buy it);

-to VGM team that simply does not have sense. In front of them, those who are supposed to protect the system from hackers and the gamers, this character has succeeded to log on a VGM TL of Bardo server.

We know very little about this character. He started on Bardo server with a character wu tang, Patrick_Star from TF hero league and that he is from Germany or at least he speaks german language. From his video we find a another detail, the fact that he has an accomplice. The attacks on 9dragons Acclaim forum and the servers are other facts with which this character boasts .

For players the attack on the accounts was very harmful especially because after he broke the accounts he ensure that those characters will be banned permanently, making all sorts of strange things from characters and one is that of scamming other players.

Why this character hacks 9Dragons accounts?

Truth. He tries to “break” the strangest and complex codes (he showed once on 9dragons forum how you can do it, but got delete it)  in the hope that will succeed in exposing “Acclaim screts” like players e-mails, passwords for those accounts, official team real characters or other things.

Superiority.He wants to show the superiority over the “great” Acclaim GMs, computer systems and servers belonging to them.

Quality. He makes massive  “damage” from others players accounts just for fun at the expense of those who see their work destroyed in seconds.

Protest. “Spamming” the web site of 9dragons or databases because he disagree with the information from them.

Money. The hacked characters have money and items on it so he can use it to make some real money.

Indeed, ” the life of a hacker” is very exciting, tempting, funny and interesting, but also very risky and dangerous. Most countries of the world consider hacking a very serious offense for which punishment is usually considered banning the use of computer, in some cases, even … For life!


30 responses to “The Hacker: 9D Deface Done!

  1. Next time you talk with a VGM, watch out, can be this hacker. What a ‘face palm’ on VGM team image. Acclaim can’t protect their clients. What will be next ? Hacking a GM?

  2. This guy is something, even took a VGM account and took a ride on Bloody Plain and make epithet round in SRS and what else he did ? Serena you are really a noob player and a Vgm (ex). This shows that we can’t trust Vgms anymore.What did Acclaim when they found out? Did they check what damage that hacker could have done to players from VGM account ?

  3. the so show off Serena will be remember as the most stupid VGM ever, serve her right. one more thing, this show us all that Acclaim lied to us, they said hacked characters or items will not be given back, but they gave back to Serena his account on Nirvana and her VGM because he was in VGM team. Gms are partial again.

  4. lol, is this guy fro real? vGm team is so useless ! what a shame! everything what was writen on this blog came to this point : ERASE THIS NAAB TEAM ONCE FOR ALL! what proof we need that they are useless ! imagine if that hacker hacked others account through VGM talking. SHAME ON YOU ACCLAIM, BIG SHAME!

    give back the accounts of the people who were hacked not only Shadowcat one.

    • Those are only a part of the accounts he hacked, he hacked many others. I think he will make a second part to that video.

  5. The funny part was when jad3noob died in Hefei. A hacker kills another hacker, that is the only way to die for a hacker. In rest, it is not funny, this guy must stop doing what he does.

  6. i remm he posted a topic on acclames forum and gm deleted it … i think i posted it on DESTINY forum too with all the names of the hacked ….

  7. Well, a hacker is literally a person who tests firewalls, data bases, software for bugs and ‘open doors’/leaks. A cracker is a person who uses its abilities in an illegal way to get somebody’s password etc.
    It’s just that people get more used to the name “hacker” than the correct label “cracker”.
    But oh well, what do you think if Acclaims “tools” are enough to ban this guy? This case isn’t a matter of tools. If you want, you can redo/bypass/avoid everything (okay, except an ISP lock).
    We’ll see pretty soon, I guess, what more happens. I guess: Stay tuned? lol

  8. that guy got theyre account info by mailing acclaim support and talking with the gms… nothing with hacking the acc itself

  9. I heard was a talk about this guy and keyloggers.It is not nice what he did to others players accounts. I know is hard to get items, clothes and relics and in few hours to don’t have nothing. How he hacked Serena ? That is crazy. I can’t stop imagining a hacker as VGM talking with players. Chaos.

  10. i know it is not nice to laugh, but omg, he hacked a VGM account, I think Serena put same password to both dump you must be to do this ? how he had her VGM ID ? i think the Gms should give the people who were hacked the accounts back, not this guys show it that he did it.

  11. I remember back than the GM team said that Cule and delPiero were the hackers, but in reality they were hacked.GMs blaim some innocent people because of this hacker and banned their accounts. Now, they can see how wrong they were. They should apologies and give back their accounts.

  12. lol I told you my sister had a keylogger in her computer, dont you see how he says that he thinks Libran is VGM serena too? She was the one that got hacked like 4 times since he had a LOT of viruses in her computer somehow he sent me one thought her msn. The viruses burned her motherboard, so she had to send the laptop to HP support for 6 months. And yeah some stupid GM named matt gave the hacker the password of VGM serena EVEN When I told ALL the GMs in my msn [the ones of that time] TO REMOVE the msn of serena. But hey .. its acclaim..

    And for the record.. I remember one of the VGM in Nirvana that got hacked and killed EVERYONE in hefei making them lose exp etc etc.

    And yeah VGM team will be done sooner or later.. 9d is dead anyways..

    • So, you are saying your VGM account got hacked while Matt aka GM Zen was still working for Acclaim and you got to stay on the team? Not only that, but you got later promoted to Bardo Lead? I know a few people who will be thrilled to read this.

  13. Umm I dont see the big deal of the vgm char being hacked and had to be removed? Since at least my char didnt have anything, just the 1st VGM things u get a white deco and a “shiny” wep (Idk why they need +10, +11 weps since to VGM u dont need that kind of things.. “test dungs” yea.. right..)

    I never wanted the TL of bardo, I was the only Active VGM at that time, when samanya quit. The other VGMs were new and I don’t think its a good idea to give a new VGM a TL but that’s just me. I wanted to give the TL away but to who? a Bardo VGM? (a vgm with a char in bardo) That was not possible and the other VGMs that were not from bardo, were TL from the other servers.

    And yeah.. I got hacked when GM Zen/Matt was in the team. I got to stay? umm yeah.. should I have been kicked? It wasnt my fault lol Actually I blame the GM for changing the password of the vgm acc and give it to the hacker thinking it was me after i said like 1000 times to remove that hacked msn. But hey.. they don’t know how to listen.. Umm Kane is the only one that knows and is still a GM.

    Anyhow what I wanna say is that the VGM team is lacking maybe with the new VGM it will work out or maybe not.

    But I don’t think its gonna work.. it doesnt work since a WHILE ago.

    It was nice to be a VGM at the begining and help ppl but now its pretty much impossible like 3 GMs left in the team, he has to reply to ALL the emails in their ship and plus he has to take ALL the requests of the VGM’s online at the time? pff sure.. keep dreaming that’s gonna happen.

    You report someone for nuker spot, xploiting or any other things and nothing happens. You got to hefei to report all the spammers, they stay there.
    You Send a full Word Doc with a full list of emails that have been sent to support with over a week w/o reply and nothing happens.

    That’s pretty much what being a VGM was this days.

    Oh yeah.. and collect items and getting tons of whispers which were almost impossible to reply them all at the moment.

    Plus insults, ppl asking for items which you dont have and some other pretty odd things. Anyways must of a joke.

    Anyways that’s pretty much I had to say.

    But yeah.. If you want to be a VGM.. I recomend you a Lot of patience and love for the game and MORE patience. But some ppl is gonna hate you before you start and some other will be nice.

    Just good luck with the game and the VGMs.. lol


  14. The funny thing was the virus from yestarday in Acclaim launcher. Anyway, this person shouldn’t took players accounts, it is hard to level and have good items.

  15. The bad part is that, a guy like this took others players accounts and didn’t pay with nothing.Acclaim can’t do nothing to this guy because is not ready for this situation.

  16. Ah, this guy… Now he made a youtube video, how I see.
    He posted those informations, and how he hacked, already on the 9Dragons forum, but it was deleted very fast. However; Another forum copied it, and also I did so, and posted it on the Vagabond Army forum.

    Check here:
    Quote from his original post:
    “You just have to write an e-mail to the support and make them clear that the account you want to hack is your`s.”

    Well, I can tell you, that I used a char of this list. And I can assure you, Acclaim reseted the password and I (and the original owner) lost the account again.

    It’s really insane, if you even have to fear about Acclaim, the publisher and version-leader itself, to not give your password and account away.

  17. So basically someone just tried to hack my real char (I have different password for VGM acc and real acc) by talking to a VGM in IRC.

    1stly he asked help because he said talked to him in MSN and then after few minutes his pass got changed. Then he showed a SS about the char in the account that got hacked (in this case my char), then he said it was SS long time ago.

    the VGM talked with him (a new VGM) fortunately know it’s my char and asked him to show 2/3 more SS about the char, then he left.

    Imagine if that VGM didn’t know it’s my real, I would’ve lost him and most likely he will scam other players with that char, just as the well known scammer xDRAGONXxX (I don’t play the char anymore anyway so I don’t mind losing him, but I don’t want bad remarks on him if he use it for scaming)

    Lastly I will ask to u all, Moral of the story? Don’t trust players who complain? or anyone have better idea?

    “Oh yeah.. and collect items and getting tons of whispers which were almost impossible to reply them all at the moment.

    Plus insults, ppl asking for items which you dont have and some other pretty odd things. Anyways must of a joke.”

    Never got any in Nirv but got tons in Bardo, u should’ve seen my discussion anyway.

    “just the 1st VGM things u get a white deco and a “shiny” wep (Idk why they need +10, +11 weps since to VGM u dont need that kind of things..”

    and latest VGMs are asking for 300dmg wb 2 slotted, as well as WD 600 def clothing without slots. For what? except for PK events, those aren’t needed (I did PK events with 3 pocket 2 slotted and only died once for all events, there is a rule for us not to use KG on PK events btw)

    So basically it’s leading to wrong way @_@

    later on the allowed Karma Title as well.
    For what? Sed met me before and I’m without any Karma title, I usually don’t show my wep as well, unless bag full from those coll things.

    Good luck and have fun all of u that still playing and enjoy(?)ing the game

    Best Regards,

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