Acclaim 9D Hermit defy the ‘hermit’ word

I did not understand how this character, TheHermit is built for Acclaim, but one thing is certain, the meaning given by Acclaim is completely in opposition of the real one.

Hermits, (Eremites, “inhabitants of a desert“, from the Greek eremos), also called anchorites, were men who fled the society of their fellow-men to dwell alone in retirement. Not all of them, however, sought so complete a solitude as to avoid absolutely any intercourse with their fellow-men. Some took a companion with them, generally a disciple; others remained close to inhabited places, from which they procured their food. This kind of religious life preceded the community life of the cenobites. Elias is considered the precursor of the hermits in the Old TestamentSt. John the Baptist lived like them in the desertChrist, too, led this kind of life when he retired into the mountains. But the eremitic life proper really begins only in the time of the persecutions.( you can read more at

As you can see, true hermits are people who withdraw from society and live in solitude, away from human world .But, TheHermit from Acclaim likes to intervene in the LAND and give directives, orders, change the hierarchy to the existing pre-order, to replace people, to plead for some people, especially those from official team and to reflect how Acclaim should make more money.

In his epic post we find that those who left the official team led by Nathan, aka Acid Acclaim have done it willingly ( resigned amicably). How can you give your resignation amicably? That word holds no purpose. The resignation is a unilateral act of will. On resignation (official document) are normally written the reasons why you do it. In this case, are rather obvious.

Warriors, I wish to make a few official statements regarding New Leadership and The Dark Hermit Contest, to end the rumors, and assure players that fairness is being pursued.

Is there any warrior left in 9dragons ? Correct formula should be nukers …

After, TheHermit meditate on DarkHermit contest. As usual, the competition is fiercely contested.Acclaim has done the things in hurry and did not write the rules for participation in the contest.At this we also add  the bugs and the influence of some people from the official team who help their friends.

This contest was made to calm some pride, but instead it exploded. No way a normal player would have chances to win this contest. The bands did it (win it) with the help of some old players, they customized characters and they used all they could and had. Many wonder how you level so quick? Yes, you can do. Let us remember the top equipment and relics in the game that only few have and which costs bilions also the help of a healer was ‘reported’.Overlapping of clothes at low levels (because the bug from Acclaim is not fixed yet), overlap of relics (bug from Acclaim, reported 2 years and unresolved, the one who adds more damage of nukers 5-6kk), experience cards and events . In 2007 you must practice for few months to grow a character from OC to FC7, in 2009 that character can grow in 3-5 days to FC7 (especially if you catch 5x the exp event cards).

This is The Hermit’s decision after much meditation on the subject. Errors occur, and we shall endeavor to correct them if they have been made. As of this moment, no errors have been proven or disproven.

Kidding ? This competition has show one thing: the reality of 9Dragons. At present because of bugs , unbalanced roles, the state of contempt, uncertainty and saturation of players, any contest, event hosted by Acclaim would automatically become an ‘atomic bomb’.

TheHermit should reflect over this…


26 responses to “Acclaim 9D Hermit defy the ‘hermit’ word

  1. Oh man, DarKHermit was about egos, nothiong more and as you said it, only high players who amde low characters could win it. A new player had no chance.

    ‘Atomic bomb’…yap, it is one.

  2. TheHermit wants to show how sweat Acclaim chocolate is, but if you tasted it is full of worms. That is 9dragons game. Agree with the fact that DarKHermit was won by hero league not by players and DH helps now the league with buffs and svs runs.

  3. As always Acclaim focuses on the worst of things. I have not seen the Hermit to come to say: Dear players, we will make the game balanced in 1 months give us suggestions. Or we fixed the bug of stalk relics that we have it there since 2007. He came to say that olix was not abuse his power. Like we believe.To have credibility first you ahve to fix the things.

  4. Hermit wants to turn 9Dragons into 9LIES. Making more events will piss off more the players. As many said, first of all they need to fix the bugs and balanc ethe roles. I don’t need any event, I want a game without bugs and nukers lol.

  5. lame excuses from Hermti part.if Acclaim would do it right from the start nothing would happen, the others games company can do it, but Acclaim no.

  6. TheHErmit wants to paint the 9dragons in “change”, but that you make it with facts not with words, alos he lost his reputation when he said the new map will be out in december and was not. More lies?

  7. The veterans that know what fuss was about the second role patch, know that a few months delay regarding some new content is nothing to acclame. That’s how acclame’s “SOON” got birth i believe 😛

  8. All hermit words are pathetic.Like I care about new leadership, like he knew what is that. Fix the game, the bug, bring the new map and fix the balance. When new map will come come all will be PS1, new mag on servers and dcs.

  9. i feel sick when i see world balance related to Acclaim 9dragons.
    In the LAND dosn’t exist this thing.
    Warriors class is now just a LEGEND of the land with the help of Acclaim.

    • Yes, they are and many from official team had a contribution to this, many had or have nukers characters. BluFlash was a partisans to the destruction of roles in 9Dragons.

  10. I think people from this blog already knew how Acclaim and their accolits do the job and how they are in reality. The myth of Hermit is down for long time so everything he tells I can’t believe it. As boog said should be a shame on him to even use the word WARRIORS after the way Acclaim destroy this role.Shame on you Hermit and everyone who use this word to name the players.

  11. “Kidding ? This competition has show one thing: the reality of 9Dragons. At present because of bugs , unbalanced roles, the state of contempt, uncertainty and saturation of players, any contest, event hosted by Acclaim would automatically become an ‘atomic bomb’.

    TheHermit should reflect over this…”

    That sentence said it all.

  12. Acclaim is always upside down with the notions. Hermit translate the game so he should know what Hermit stuff is all about.

  13. Quote from TheHermit:
    “he assures me he has not been actively involved with this guild in quite some time”

    Hm… I wonder if my words, if I would assure something to Acclaim (means: any GM), would have the same strength (means: if they would believe me so easy too)

    TheHermit FTW, hum?

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