Manic and Serena followed VGM[Bella]

Generally,in a company to change the structure or a component of the management team will give a sense of uncertainty among people, both at the individual, by uncertainty over the job and professional status by tasks and responsibilitie, and at the interpersonal level, through inter or intra-departmental communication who become less efficient .

I noticed that Acclaim did not give us the evidence that is a company but rather a train station, where all comes and goes constantly. This has to do with game management, and how we know Historian is 9dragons game manager. So no wonder.

I will have to follow u on this one, Mia. My time has ended here aswell. I know I wasn’t the best/active TL that Nirvana had, but I gave it a try.

Take care team 🙂

Manic >> out

In this kind of situations, when the leaders leaves the team, the reactions are different.The people from official team of VGMs are in expectation of understanding about the new plans, the effects on their working style, behavioral requirements, personal preferences. Arising from practical experience at least two categories of problems can be identifiable. One of these is the alignment of players in game from all levels, to show that ‘newcomers’ must adapt the existing situation in the game. This situation is like this : “so are things here”.

An example of “so are things here” are players reactions to VGM [Kami] visit on Bardo. VGM[Kami] is the VGM who took VGM[Manic] place as team leader on Nirvana.

Another approach is to “stand-by”, characterized by ‘inaction’ and ‘tunes’ from most of players part.

Uh… So.. we make a public thread saying that we were quitting?..

I thought.. with just telling the VGM TL was enough…

Oh.. well… GL to the next VGM’s TL

And Since the new changes have to start… I’m sure the admins will make a great job as they have been doing all this time.

haha hope you get the sarcasm >.<

But I have to take of my hat off and say that I admire all the job you did and some STILL do:

– Warda
– Kane
– Ray
– Savage
– Iron
– Nathan
– Romeo
– Sam (the ex-GM)
– BluFlash (he was fun)

And my favorite Verse lol

oh yea.. from the list.. pretty much everyone is gone.. Sorry.. I gotta join the dark side .. they have cookies!

Cool you can come too if you like xD

Anyways I wish you guys the best and I hope this game can move on and be like it was before, like the old times where everyone was happy.


I’ll always be there for anything.. either xfire.. or msn .. my real msn… for those who have it..



Dark side have cookies! Hell yes! Goodbye Manic and Serena. See you on players side!


27 responses to “Manic and Serena followed VGM[Bella]

    • Some will come, the recruitments already started. The next to go will be Kami, his english is so broken, he can’t even speak with players.

      • sedbona or vennus, I don’t remember said on this blog long time ago that Kami will take Manic place. They had right. Was something about a shining start who wants image.

      • bb Serenana and olix.
        oh hell yeah…
        1 player ill need send 2 pig.
        1 with question, and other asking what he wrote.

        what is VGM TL?

        team ?

  1. The team which Bella promoted quited too, nothing new. They should have stayed, Olix is easy to deal with. Knock down! Some of the fun ended, now begins a new one.

  2. even in her goodbye, Serena wanted to be smacky. she and Manic desearve to be out, they were there only with the name.

  3. Serena now you can say to all that you are shadowcat, nothing to be afraid of. The girls era come to an end. Let’s see how boys will do.

    Bye Manic and Serana!

  4. how many have to enter and exit team for Acclaim to understand that VGM team must be abolished ? this come and go is not good for players also. they don’t know who is who. one day they ask a VGM to solve something, the other day that VGM is not there anymore and the player problem still remains.

  5. Hmm, maybe now they will start play this game for real and see how looks like the reality outside the VGM safe zone or will stop playing.Good-bye.

  6. what kind of show off if its not even announced to Public?
    What Shadow did is a show off (roar let player kill him, waste KG, and so on)

  7. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

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