The new Head of VGM team, Olix, accused of power abuse

Since the moment I started writing on this blog about the official team until now,nothing changed. These days I was talking with sedbona about abuse the of power in the exercise of a function and she shared some interesting points of view, which in one way or another match today’s article.

Abuse against the interests of persons

X(person) deed, which, in the exercise of its powers, at work, with consciousness, it does not meet or satisfy an act in badly terms and by thus causes harm to a legitimate interests of a person is punished.

Abuse by the restriction of rights

Restriction by X(person), the use or the exercise of the rights of a person or for the creation of a situation of inferiority based on race, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation, opinion, political affiliation, belief, property, social origin, age, disability, chronic illness or infection /Aids is punished.

These are real life situations.Now:

1. he has an ACTIVE acc on the SAME server [agaisnt rules] adrian123 THIS IS SUFFICIENT ENOUGH TO DELETE HIS VGM CHAR
2. BANNING enemy warring players with no proof at all, mere guessing and accusations. here are two examples:

a) nickalinks over a simple mistake in the logs.

b) banning a km healer for ck dmg hack. she had restated to 300 base wis and had 100+ base ess
GMs checked her char and cleared and unbanned her hours later

Everyone talks about corruption in official team. Corruption is a word present a lot these days.In fact,  corruption have twin objectives: profit and power, which can only be achieved by entering in official team.

Without question, what is happening inside official team ( abuse of power, corruption) begins to be regarded and identified, unfortunately, by the very crisis of 9dragons community,  which causes a fast polarization of community:

1.First, the players who form the vast majority of people who plays 9dragons, who still believe in morality and legality.

2.Second, the official team ( form by same players from 1st class), including the power and the privileged who ignore moral norms and the rules, used to achieve its own interests ,including, first and foremost, corruption and abuse of power.

To get back to a colloquial language: as a social phenomenon, corruption is an expression of moral decay events and spiritual degradation, since involving the diversion and use of players wealth for personal, or league interest, through preferential relationships, obtaining benefits.

So who to believe in this case?

In my opinion tend to think that the players have right. I have seen too many negative things inside official team, so I can say firmly that no one there really knows what professional ethics is and acts according.

An open and generous man, an ambitious man or a liar or just an intriguing man behave at work and outside it, the same. In 9dragons is the same. A player who spread the hate as a player or do bad things acts the same as a player and a member of official team. The official team does make him more professionals because he is not a specialist. In that VGM team, each individual shares something , the shares are dependent on others and the results of behavior is passed on to several people (players). They are not aware of this thing and they will never, therefore I plead for the suppression of this team.


34 responses to “The new Head of VGM team, Olix, accused of power abuse

  1. Olix got promoted head of VGM after he was a VGM from translator manager (romania).remember how he translated 9dragons in Romanian language : a disaster.he has all Gms in MSN so he can see the logs and what he wants. he for sure abuse his power.this is a match between VGM sides.

  2. Who lost and who win? We will see in the next week.If a VGM said you hack, it is not like he knows all.He does not know anything in fact.

  3. Oh, Bella is out of the game, but Olix would not do much of good as head of VGMs.So, the first scandal is up.

  4. You officially lost any respect I had for this blog. I’m linking Eva to it and after she reads, you can be sure she’ll never even think about talking to you again. Good luck with your made-up, proof-less, reputaion-trashing fairy tails.

    • who do you think that cares what Eva thinks? he is an exVGM who made a mistake and was kick out of the team. also he kiss Olix a@ a lot of time. you think I care ? big deal. what Eva did for the players when he was an ex VGM?

    • myste you make me laugh big time. Enishi never had the guts to stay or say something when he exist official team and he will never have, a coward like many others. So what respect we own him to feel so important? none, I tell you. Everybody has the right to opinion.

      • Eva is a girl. And you can ask sedbona/venus why they sent her e-mail, if nobody cares about what she can say. Butterfly, I’m sorry, but your English is so broken, I don’t understand a word of what you said.

      • myste, you taking this too personal. Butterfly and van down said that it is not readers and posters on this blog business to care what Eva or others persons thinks about an article. Everybody is free to have an opinion, to read it or not, to comment or not. Maybe they sent an email as was done in several cases, I don’t know…

    • It don’t no what upset you so much. The fact that I have an opinion about what happened to that case or that I wrote about Olix. As I said in the article players accused Olix of abusing his power to help his friends and his alliance. Who is right, who is not, remains up to everyone to decide.

      It’s true that I sent an email several months ago because I was told that Eva would like to talk about that period, but I received no answer, so I closed the chapter.

      • The main reason I find this article ridiculous is that you quoted those “points”. On what server is the Head VGM supposed to play, so he doesn’t play on a server he is responcible for? Since when does a VGM have the power to ban anybody? Yet, instead of laughing at that guy for being stupid, you make an article about him being right….

      • vennus quote the OP of the post and quote the accusation as should be done, than posted her opinion.

  5. Always will be hate from both parts, but official team has in the past so many bad things so it is hard to still have faith in them. When Olix will do something for the players, I may reconsider giving him a trust vote.

  6. Another VGM story. This one was VGMs against VGMs. Each camp knows each other. Mosai vs.Olix. As we got used, players always lose something.The stakes is the DarkHermit, which I don’t know what role has…

  7. It is good that Bella is out of the game, but I would go for Raxion as head of VGMs. Olix is not a leader and as we see it already has a black dot around him. But, I agree with vennus as long as this team is there, we always will have this kind of scandals, because they all have characters and leagues or friends to help.

    • We have to wait and see what will happen. Now Acclaim has 3 GMs and less VGMs. Olix started to recruit people already, as my sources told me, I even heard that some people may come back to that team under others VGMs names. That would be stupid.

  8. “In that VGM team, each individual shares something , the shares are dependent on others and the results of behavior is passed on to several people (players). They are not aware of this thing and they will never, therefore I plead for the suppression of this team.”

    Could not agree more.

  9. u need a kinda written report to ban a player, send it to GM, not just by usual talk in MSN.

    Moreover, fyi, GMs also have their chars and playing. I know 2 of them in Bardo and 1 in Asura.

  10. Olix surely abused his powers.
    2 questions:
    1) His friends around Cheetarah/BettyPaige knew immediately that Netzzz/NickaLinks get banned for “experience hack” and about the chat with the GM – how comes so?
    2) Talking about “mathematically improbable” like TheHermit said on forums, I can say it’s bullshit, because I have seen the logs of the experience gained and almost 8h with 1h37min 5x is surely doable (with lvl 162). Why is Olix in the conference? It never happened before .. NEVER ever.

    Anyways, you can compare Acclaim with a bad infinite loop that floats your memory until it ends up with a Black Screen of Death; the only solution to escape: put off the power supply cable.

    Well, I would really like to know where you have gotten all your information from. I would say ~60% of the time you were wrong, so …

  11. Who still thinks VGMs are innocent when it comes to involvement in scandals? All keep their friends part and that’s a fact.

    • You would do the same, trying to help a friend when you think he gets threaten unfair (it’s a human nature), but it’s your own choice how far to go and most of times certain people overdid and didn’t think about the consequences.

      • On a professional company, such “human natures” will not take effect, because prefessional people handle their things with professionalism, Hoppel.

        That’s one of the biggest reasons, why this VGM system is pointless. They just help friends, but not those who really need help. But on such a company like Acclaim, there’s no professionalism at all…

  12. Olix is only after coins and is a coins sucker. I heard he asks his friends coins for helping them with this problem.

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