The birth of the employee Acclaim hater

Someone has started to pays good shelves to Acclaim.Someone accessed from inside the domain of Acclaim (sure someone on the inside, because they are the only ones to do it – and started to attack from inside Acclaim forum (breach of security) and the players using confidential account informations such as registration e-mails. I’m not sure if this attack was extended to dynamic and environmental factors in game play. Who knows what that guy or girl change, not as we would be in a good situation now.

This attack, as a coincidence or not, we can’t be sure of anything, has the date on the departure of Acclaim Acid, the head of GMs. It started with the addition to MSN the mails of some players and with questions about VGM team. I don’t know which are the selection criteria because I don’t have all the picture yet to tell the key points where he wanted to ‘touch’.The player nixford, who posted that was contacted is one of those who used FC PQ bug and he is from Romania .

If you remember our debate with Hermit, in terms of address, is the same story. Address : was created ad hoc. VGM team, as view was always a controversial issue. The players feel attracted by that team, many still want there and that person or those know this fact and have exploited it.

Questions :

1.From where that person has players MSN/Y addresses ?
2.Can anyone use

It is clear that it is someone from inside Acclaim and it is clear that us as persons/players can’t make an adress to the domain, because it is register by Acclaim company. is register to (this is public information, can be found on any domain site):

Acclaim Games Incorporated
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 459
Drums, PA.  18222

Domain Name: ACCLAIM.COM

Administrative Contact:
Marks, Howard                
Acclaim Games Incorporated
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 459
Drums, PA 18222

Technical Contact:
Acclaim Games Incorporated

c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 459
Drums, PA 18222

Record expires on 05-Jul-2014.
Record created on 06-Jul-1994.

Domain servers in listed order:


Than, many of Guest rubrics are edited with the title: ‘Fuke Foke F@ke heh Sitesadmin@’. Also, their first rubric is edited and has writen the number 1000. Even my guide was edited. I wonder if that can be done automatic or manually. As you can see in the title it is the word that Historian love so much : ‘Fuke’ , ‘Foke’,’ F@ke’.

This shows once again the vulnerability of Acclaim as company and give evidences that our ‘data’ are not stored in a safe environment and anyone can use them as he or she wishes.If Acclaim does not realize the seriousness of the situation, then they should start read the law of electronic storage of personal data of users. I am really afraid for my credit card details when I bought coins.

Asking for player personal details or providing personal details
You cannot ask for, give or provide anyone’s personal details (including full real name, phone number, address, age, etc.) Acclaim allows you to post IM and email information in your forum profile for players to see, however, you cannot and should not provide additional information to anyone.

So Historian, you the smart guy and all Acclaim leaders, what you do in this situation?… when that person has all the personal dates of players, he don’t even has to ask but he or she is using them as he or she wishes. You will ban a domain @acclaim? I can’t stop from laughing.

This is a historic moment: the birth of the employee Acclaim hater.


30 responses to “The birth of the employee Acclaim hater

  1. Indeed it is a historic moment. Another bad mismanagement of Acclaim.You have so many things on this blog, that you can crash Acclaim for 1 second if someone wants to make a trial. Even our account informations are not safe.

  2. The domain address is acclaim’s. The person sending this is inside acclaim.
    The Y/MSG of a player is easy to obtain (by anyone not only acclaim). Many players post Y/MSN on their league page witch makes it more than public.[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
    Regarding purchasing coins with Visa Card, i told many times, is a risk (and a matter of trust).Some are trustful, but c’mon, I cannot trust Acc members that from time to time go bezerk. 😀

    • If he has access to inside domain it is logic that he took the address from there. As sedbona said, we don’t know on what ground they were selected. I don’t think an Acclaim employee logs in hero league forums to get the MSN/Y .

  3. This is call “self ownage”.The king of the banns, Historian now has to ban his own domain. What goes around, comes around.

  4. Yes Buddah, they do, as they (GM’s ,acclaim employees ,VGM’s,etc) have playable characters too that are not bandless.Some of them have more than 1 playable char.
    This informations about someone’s mail adress, Skype, MSN, Yahoo msg, facebook, etc are easy to obtain. The only requirement is to post them or use them or give them.In the end you will never know to whom they end up to.

    • Aki I agree with you, but as sedbona said, would be interesting to know on what base they were choosen? That guy nixford is Fata_Babei on Badro, what league is he in ? He is from Romania and as many knows he used FC PQ bug and was banned for it.

  5. Those who call us Acclaim ‘haters’ are the ones who are in reality.Historian it is nice to see another ‘face palm’ on your image. Who are the real Acclaim hates? Acclaim temselves.

  6. Nixford is Fata_Babei, Uite_Asa(?),HackerRO,etc etc(Bardo/ NM league) StupidBoy (Nirvana)…As far as i know there is only 1 roumanian VGM (Eron or smth/rarely seen), could be 2. It smells like a prank honestly, so don’t fall for it too much.
    The post with the mail(active link image – as word activates every web adress written) for disc can be easily made up (see nixford’s usually posts: bad ro but good engl?). As there is NO SS of the disc (page SS) I see it invalid.I can make one like that in 2 minutes.That is no valid evidence.
    Why most of the roumanians get this or get scammed for god’s sake?

    • Speaking about Romania :
      Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:11 pm

      “Hello all
      This is my new account, after the steal this dog and stole my younger brother, I’m from Romania will not play this game never
      2 years went for free and take advantage of all this dog so he deleted the 20’s theme to me before my eyes, he controls everything

      What he wants from us”

      And the ss with 55.000 coins, can’t buy that much, photoshop? and the other one 1144514… Acclaim didn’t give any official answer about this.

  7. I sow in that rubric, that another player got the request : maryo1912. The topic names can be edited only by the moderators or adminsitrators of site. Either way, something is not in the good place.

  8. Talking about conspiracy, maybe it is all a frame, but with someone inside Acclaim or from official moderators team, only they can edit the topics title. It is funny, love how sedbona exploited the situation in this article, can’t stop from laughing again :’The birth of the employee Acclaim hater’

  9. I don’t think the titles of topics have changed by themselves. They want to blame someone, but eventually they bitte themselves again. EPIC.

  10. this bad ..also all can use domain…i already saw how make that.
    Mm and guest account yeah u can change all, i rember when cleaned all forum some guy put on sig free porn links @_@ and all guests had that on signature but u could change sig and put what u want. also u can edit all posts from guests if u are guest too..this is stupid -.-

    • it is not bad, not all should use, because it is bought by Acclaim and if all use it, than why we have Acclaim? Phew fix the GUEST thing a long time ago, now this guy re-undo all of that and it is the same thing. it is something strange, no doubt.

      • U already saw
        posts now from guest’s is all

        and phew didn’t fixes, beacuase after people got ID if u created account after or if u create now u ill get guest account too

  11. Haha, thats so funny. A new strong enemy for Acclaim. I will try to contact that person.

    Well in fact, you can use every eMail adress for MSN. I could use for example for my MSN adress. But I could not change my MSN name, and my name would be forever “ (E-mail Address Not Verified)”

    However; If somebody got contact with him, tell him “-Legend- the vagabond from Bardo want to meet you”, please

  12. I watched this from shadow and was so funny. Shows one point : Acclaim security sucks, everybody can pass it and makes a chaos.

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