Things to come

Yesterday I talked with one of our beloved company(Acclaim) representatives and I learned some interesting things. For various reasons,I will keep secret the identity of the one with whom I conversed, but the future will tell if it was yet another lie or not and then we can show him.I will call him M. Now, guys and girls don’t imagine too much of things. You can conclude yourself how Acclaim fix the things and how they manage this game. As for his words, will be keep in this blog for a long time… As I said the future will show if we can trust again Acclaim or no.

vennus9d: Isn’t Acclaim making fun of us? They show us pvp can be fixed and didn’t do it for ages.I sow in ss that the GM  Kane promise that Acclaim will balance pvp.I hope  will do it.
M: Yeah
vennus9d: For the sake of all.And don’t lie to us.
M: It will come out very soon. I am not lying.I never lie.
vennus9d: What will change?
M: With the tibet map PVP balance will come.
vennus9d: Next year…
M: No lol.Tibet map is ready
vennus9d: Translate it?
M:We just adding quests, new ones.
vennus9d: When will be ready?
M: Maybe i think it will release next month end

So maybe next month we will have the Tibet map. The map is ready as M said, they just adding new quests, I think the quests that Hermit translated or reinterpreted them.

vennus9d: And how Acclaim will balance pvp?
M: I gave them some suggestions….borrowed it from the Jap PVP system. But they reviewed it
vennus9d: Nukers damage will be fix? It is a bug now.
M: And told they have one more plan and this time it will be balance in all the roles. So I don;t know what kinda fix they will bring. But all roles will be balanced.
vennus9d: Why Acclaim keep nukers damage ?
M: Nuker damage is a bug.
vennus9d: We all know.
M: I told them million times;
vennus9d: Why Acclaim keep it for years?
M: They say they will fix with a new PVP system and come back with the same.Even I am fed up of telling them.
vennus9d: The new event because of that bug was a failure.I hope Acclaim will learn from that.
M: I know.But what can I do?They hardly listen to me
vennus9d: I as many others thinks that Acclaim do this for money, you know keep the pvp bug.
M: No its not that.It becoz of Indy.
vennus9d: I don’t believe this excuse anymore.All is because of Indy21.
M: They have some problems with the coding.

Acclaim always knew that nukers damage is a bug and tried to justify it. BluFlash and Acid said that nukers are the canons of PvP and because of that they give a lot of damage and many others players indulged in this situation made nukers characters to ‘rule’. I think those who do not know that it is a bug are nukers themselves, which when we will have a balance in PvP, will cry on the forum … as they were told that they are canons of PvP and should have higher damage.

Why Acclaim not tell the truth when they should tell it? A lie draws to itself other and so on, until it builds a mountain of lies from which you can’t escape. Nukers damage is a programming error… Acclaim, let’s see how you explain that after years of lies. I am also excited to see what ideas were borrowed from the Japanese system.

vennus9d: Why you gusy can’t comunicate with them..and all the others bugs like leveling bug with FC PQ. Acclaim ain’t doing nothing.Some people in 2 weeks have hermits characters and I didn’t sow a role back
M: I have made 500 pages of bug report and sent to them
vennus9d: What about the honest players who grinded ?
M: they fix only few every time
vennus9d: Acclaim makes a fool of them. You guys will keep the levels of players who used FC PQ? It is not fair.
M: Well I cannot take the decisions can I?
vennus9d: A server re-check of all characters is something you must be done. Who can ?
M: everybody has abused that bug
vennus9d: I heard Acid is in Hospital. I didn’t  abuse it.
M: No he is out.
vennus9d: How can you say that ? It is fair for me?
M: Everybody means 75% of them. They have been abusing bugs
vennus9d: Well, another thing that Historian and Acclaim ignored it.
M: Now i am checking it out.
vennus9d: So ? You let them free? I used experience cards to level and others for god sake, didn’t gave a cent.
M: Historian is just a MOD forum guy he has nothing to do with in game things*
vennus9d: He is the community manager.

M: Each one of them will be banned
vennus9d: He shows his muscle with forum baning, what about now?Can you promise ?
M: Tell me
vennus9d: You know the names…
M: What should I promise?

vennus9d: To make fair players justice.
M: Names of whom…
vennus9d: Of the players who abused the bug.
M: Yeah with the Dark Hemit contest you will know it
vennus9d: So those are baned?
M: We are determin the winners now.They will be banned today
vennus9d: And among them many others.
M: After the winner list is posted.

So Acclaim don’t have a well organized plan to ban those who abuse the bug. For now, we no longer hear anything about rolls-backs of those who made the level using the FC PQ bug.If they are not punished with rolls- back or ban, then Acclaim must ‘shut it’  and don’t ban anyone, including those who using nukers spot. Or punishment applies to all bugs exploiters or none. I am curious if we will see on 9Dragons forum a list of players who used FC PQ bug and have been banned or rolls back.


29 responses to “Things to come

  1. If Acclaim bans those FC PQ abusers for real should ban theirs VGMs also. I think they lie, they will not do it. As for the new map, I am not trusting in words again.

  2. they said they banned the people from Dark Hermit contest which used FC PQ bug but I didn’t sow any list on the boards.
    pvp will be balanced? i don’t believe it till I will see it.

  3. I wait Tibet map since 2009.Few people knew that nukers damage is a bug and many players made nukers characters to kill easy the rest, using that bug. How come now it is not consider a bug exploiters? This bug is genereated to all pvp system and to all nukers characters. In normal limits, I don’t believe Acclaim anymore, they show at the end of the year that with some tuning up, that bug can be fix, don’t need Indy21.

  4. Patience… will be or not ? That is the map question.Balancing pvp issue will raise a large numbers of problems because Acclaim didn’t tell from the start that nukers damage is a bug. I think the best nukers will remain nukers, others will go back to their main and some will quit.

  5. Right, Acclaim didn’t fix nukers damages for years because of Indy21.Who still believes that?And others versions did so quick the balance of roles.A mountain of lies, it is. We all forget something : 9d for Acclaim is still in beta.

  6. many of us are frustrated on Acclaim now,it is hard to give them another chance. maybe if they show us they want to make things different and really do it.

  7. All just speak and no facts till now.Just words. Ok, I will sit and wait 1 week to see how the FC PQ bug exploiters will be baned. I don’t believe will ban them. It is just on players eyes, thye will change their names or ask them to do it.

  8. I think the one you speak is a GM. Well, I hope this time he will not lie and we will see Tibet map and balance this year. Or I will quit this game once for all, even I play since 2006.

  9. I think the map will not come in february. A GM said that Indy21 didn’t send the map to Acclaim. I don’t know who to believe to. They all lie.

  10. Before they release the new content they should fix the bugs that we have now…so many and some older than 3 years.

  11. well but acclaim also can’t forget about people lvling afk and get loads of gold because receive rewards from quest too. i think that people need BIG BAN for some months or reduce lot lvl’s.
    Mm i hope with PvP balance patch, ill exist really balance like healer/hybrid can kill warrior and nuker. and not warrior only on top chain and kill all other’s like last bug…coz last patch BUG CK healer and hybrid couldn’t kill warrior, and only pve healer and hybrid could kill nukers and not warrios. if they use last bug for pvp balance the warrior will be God.

  12. In maximum 2 years we`ll see a dramaticaly change in the conduct of GMs of Acclaim or we will see the end of 9 Dragons. That’s my vision on things.

  13. “vennus9d: And how Acclaim will balance pvp?
    M: I gave them some suggestions….borrowed it from the Jap PVP system. But they reviewed it

    I did this a while back already. Dont know what they did with it or what they were planning to do with it.

  14. I don’t think the Gms left because it is so wonderfull to work at Acclaim. I think it is the opposite.I stopped to believe in Acclaim words since 2007, so even that guy is Howards Mark, I still don’t believe it.

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