Historian reintegration event, Incarnation of Immortality is a failure

After Historian announced his reintegration in the community, he needed to make an event for his image. All the others had  something, but him no ( to justify some of his work as community manager too). So said and done: Incarnations of Immortality.

Incarnations of Immortality is that type of event that is not thought by Historian in detail, as  facts arising and shows us by the unfolding of the event so far , sure is an event thought by Kane and warda, put on the table for Historian to push him in front of players and to mimic that he is doing something .

The event , as first round, aimed the segment of ‘non-lifers’ in 9Dragons, those who could do grind nonstop. They didn’t take into account the veterans, who stayed on the sidelines for months, those who  already has  level PS1 . In my opinion, they were the ones who should have been motivated on this event. In reality, they are the only ones who would have the time to do activities for the players. But,  Historian is afraid of veterans, because they have not weakened  the moments of criticism and now, he try hard to grow in 9dragons a new class of ‘retards’ aka the ‘dancers’.

After the first round of the event, have appeared related questions of fairness, especially because many people who were selected used FC PQ bug to level. Once again, the bugs in game takes over an event  and the chief organizer, Historian, had no idea of it. Of course he had no idea, he just used the image of the event, not that he really would be involved with something and have a contribution.

GMs have made the creation of immortal characters and Historian, with no explanation slammed the 4 pictures on the forum. The first section of the new forum ‘Incarnations of Immortality looked like ‘first day in my kindergarten where a teacher hang drawings and asks the children what they see’. But here is another story, it is event who should be explain. I do not know what was going on with those images and now is the same. 4 characters are slammed without even knowing what it is all about. It would be nice to do a little of the history, symbols of the name, what they wants to represent & so on.

After the competitors receive the characters, the others players began to complain that the people who are behind these characters are only helping themselves and the leagues or bands they are in. They changed the items from immortals characters between their characters (not understand why those items were made tradable) and that they buffs only those of their league. Also, the players roar complaints that those characters are used in the war between the leagues and bands to get an advantage.

Last week on Bardo, the event continued with another series of failures, because of broken environment of the game offered by Acclaim. This time, Black Hermit birth was announced with great prestige, but came to be zero VALUATION from players, because only a certain class( the NUKERS) from 9dragons could enjoy the spown of bosses.On Bardo,they took almost all TGW epithets, except one in black clan base, when players roar to respown again. Also, I mention the fact that they spowned TGW not inside the clan bases, where they said but on the villages where all people could go, even they weren’t from that clan. What is the use to spown the bosses in clan base than? It is idiotic thinking. Let’s see some ss from sedbona:





I skipped the event on Asura, because I sow how Bardo reacted.If that was not enough, I see something interesting from Hermit part on the rubric ‘Thoughts To Consider Regarding The Immortals and Dark Hermit’ :

This is part of the growing pains and natural learning curve of a game that was designed to be unilaterally PVP.

Unilaterally PVP? Makes me laugh… You and the rest from Acclaim, in front with Historian killed the balance of roles in 9dragons, when you buged nukers damage. Everything has to do with nukers now, everything you do or done had nukers in the center of all events. Your Incarnations of Immortality’ event is and will remain a failure because of this.

So, Historian when you really do a thing by yourself to be proud of, you can come in front of the community to say what great work you did and I will applaud you … But in this moment, this event because of the game environment offered by Acclaim is a big failure.

At the end… I discovered a new interesting thing :  Incarnation of Immortality is a copy name after a well known fantasy book and you may find some similarity if you read it:
Incarnations of Immortality is the name of an eight-book fantasy series by Piers Anthony. The first seven books each focus on one of seven supernatural “offices” (Death, Time, Fate, War, Nature, Evil and Good) in a fictional reality and history parallel to ours, with the exception that society has advanced both magic and modern technology. The series covers the adventures and struggles of a group of humans, called “Incarnations”, who hold these supernatural positions for a certain time.


28 responses to “Historian reintegration event, Incarnation of Immortality is a failure

  1. PVP in this game is a big FAILURE and Acclaim never took initiative to correct it. All the events and all “improvements” FAIL in front of what is PvP now.
    For so much time they continue to lie the comunity regarding PvP balance, future patches and so on, while they proved us that PVP is that only a SERVER set up, few days ago.

    • We have Asura as a living proof. If Indy21 wants a unilaterally PVP in Acclaim conditions, the others servers will die also.

      • These guys are crazy or don’t know what they talk about. Making a PVP unilaterally right now in 9dragons is like you put fire on yourself. So stupid.

        Historian knows about this problem for long time and didn’t do nothing, he always lied that he talked with Indy21 to fix it and I am sure now will put the blaime on BluFlash. The dead ones only takes the blaime.

  2. I agree with you vennus, now is reduce to balance of roles, because of this aspect all the rest become a failure.The game was designed to be unilaterally PVP ? I want Acclaim to move my account to korean server. Here is no chance of balance.I never sow a game like this before, where mages tanks.

  3. True, all events will become a failure because of roles imbalance. As boog said above, Acclaim can balance pvp in a click, but they lie to us for years and years. I don’t know the reason yet, but I am sure it has to do with money, mall items.

    As for Historian, ofc he didn’t do this event, he just used it, but his game is getting revenge on him and destroy it.

  4. how can a ex-bouncer in a strip club can understand the enviroment of game? he made so many webinars where players always raise up PVP and role balance problem and he keep promise that will fix it. He lied as he do it now. I think he maintain the game enviroment like this because it brings money and he is affraid of the change, in a new enviroment he can’t accept the challenge. anyway it is how venus said ‘retarded’.

    even they make events, will continue to be big failures and players will complain even more.

  5. I don’t know how Historian and any from Acclaim still have the guts to come in front of us and tell that they fill fix pvp with Tibet map. Who still believes them? MAybe my cat who don’t understand what is going on. Historian has 0 achievements for this game as community manager and this is one of the reason he should not be the community manager. This event as many others are a big failure because they just lie. They can’t cover the lies anymore, all it is reflected in the game. People are becoming more and more unhappy.

  6. Most members from official team have nukers so it is nothing new that they do nukers events, also as in many ocassions, they gave epithets with their friends, why you think TGW was spown outside clan base? Some knew the exact location. Historian is a failure because he has no idea what this event is all about, The Dark Hermit was played by Kane, we all knew, so no more hiding behind the wall.

    • Kane plays Hermit in game and sometime on forum too. Than he pretends he don’t do it. Many spoke with him on MSN when he did it so he should take off his mask too.

  7. I am on the same wave as the others, the event is a failure because of role balance and yes, Historian has a great part of the fault. Community in many posts and webinars spoke about this but he ignore it, didn’t care.

    I think Hermit don’t know what he speaks about.Only pvp in the hell we have now ? Big joke. The should put in mall a change role item.

  8. I still like Kane (aka Ravenclaw) aka whoever he wants to be….
    He always makes me laugh…. “pvp balance comes with Tibet….warriors will recive new items…so patienceeeeee” lol
    I hope I won’t get shoot at Tibet’s border …@@

  9. Let’s try again….
    I still like Kane (aka Ravenclaw) aka whoever he wants to be….
    He always makes me laugh…. “pvp balance comes with Tibet….warriors will recive new items…so patienceeeeee” lol
    I hope I won’t get shoot at Tibet’s border …@@

  10. Starting with Historian and ending with Kane, all lied. I don’t believe in Acclaim words and for me their reputation is a trash. Before me many said, because of imbalance and bugs, we can’t enjoy the game.

  11. We desearve much more than some promises. I want to see some facts, the crap age must end with Historian ‘bye, bye’.

  12. Kane seems a good boy, but don’t know if he can keep his promise. We have to wait and see, as for Historian he show us what he can do : nothing.

  13. This event was a failure and will be in the future. Manys said and complaint about it – ROLE BALANCE. I sow Kane said that will come with Tibet, but when Tibet will be out ? In 2011?

  14. next time Historian should take another event to raise his imagine, he failed with this one big time, but he failed because of the bugs in the game he manage.

    • I said it again, I am sure that Acclaim don’t want to learn from players, they always think they are so perfect and they knew everything.Didn’t you read the post with TheHermit? … ” I know what is best for you’…Is that so?

  15. the day when Historian will make alone an event for 9dragons players will never come 🙂 he can’t do it. come on guys, you know why.

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