Brothel vs 5 stars hotel

@sedbona I was a web developer, not master. I Coded ASP websites agains SQL Databases and at one point I was a Microsoft Certified Trainer

Historian, in your place I would be very ashamed … Microsoft vs 9Dragon forum is a brothel vs a 5 stars hotel.Let’s see a simple comparison which I made random.

Microsoft forum:

Wow, what I see in there? Words like : ‘Hi’ ( polite beginning of the feed-back to a customer), ‘I suggest you’, ‘Follow this steps’, ‘For more information’, ‘Regards’, ‘Visit…. and let us know what you think’.

And now, 9dragons forum, the anime-vampire self-call ‘bitch’:

Wow, what I see in there? I can’t even get the point. They are simple words written on a spacing of 1.5 which does not transmit any message. The chief of moderator don’t know that the proposition from the beginning of a line is written with caps and the sentence or phrase closes with punctuation.

Just as I pay for Microsoft products, I pay for Acclaim Mall products too . The difference is like heaven to earth. Microsoft forum is led by professional moderators even if some are selected from the public (some, not all). They are choosen after a thorough verification and their proven knowledge on that forum. This is Microsoft, that Historian left behind.

Before and after that certification (I did not see the diploma, so I can’t tell if it’s true or not) I am sure that Historian visited Microsoft forum. Rather than reproduce the model from Microsoft on 9dragons forum, he still enjoys the model type of a brothel, where the anine-vampire bitch has the guts to come on forum and tell the customers that she will make their life a hell ( we wrote about this in a previous post ).

Since 2007 when I started to pay for 9Dragons, I paid for this game more than the licenses for the software purchased from Microsoft, including Vista, but when there was a problem, the moderators from Microsoft forum give evidence of sufficient intelligence to deal with.

Instead, on 9Dragons forum, though many of us pays for virtual items in the mall, ( customers), the moderators acts with players like they are the ‘slaves’ on their plantation.

That’s Historian fault. Even he comes with the argument that it is a free game … what about the players who pays? From the money we give each month to item mall, I want to see some well trained people ready to answer my questions and not start to act like teenagers in ‘heats’ or some ‘bitches’ who lack of we know what … 9Dragons is divided into two worlds, those who pay and those who do not pay. If I paid, I don’t want to be mixed and directed by trivial moderators who have no idea what it means to be a moderator. Furthermore, we have no idea who they are in real life, can be serial killers, rapists, mentally ill people because Acclaim don’t bother to ask them some documentation.

Historian, if you want Google no1 spot this year, ProjectAI can give it to you. I suggest you start make some changing or soon you will be the one to be changed… The actual team of moderators from 9dragons should be moved to MyDivaDoll or Ponystars forums where the ‘anime-vampire bitch’ can scare children on Halloween!

Happy Birtday to sedbona!


61 responses to “Brothel vs 5 stars hotel

  1. so many true words in this post. the difference between Microsoft forum and 9dragons can’t be overcome not in a milion of years. Histo is on fault in here, the moderators respond to them and he choose the worst kind posible.

    Happy B-day to sedbona!

  2. Long live sedbona to kick Historian in the b@@@.

    … “The actual team of moderators from 9dragons should be moved to MyDivaDoll or Ponystars forums where the ‘anime-vampire bitch’ can scare children on Halloween!”

    HAHAHAHAHA. vennus I agree with you, they have no preparation to moderate the forum, they are just non life persons with a big doze of virtual hormons. Microsoft, what a forum, but 9dragons will never reach that level.

  3. LOL I love this post.

    Yeah I heard already that Historian told sedbona about this Microsoft thing. But I think he’s lying. By the way:

    “Coded ASP websites agains SQL Databases”

    Well, that’s called “webmaster”. But Historian wants to have a better title, so he want to be a “web developer”. Both are the same, just that “developer” sounds better.

    Happy birthday sedbona.

  4. The difference between Acclame and Microsoft is earth to sky, it is fact and I hope now the ‘bitch’ see how a moderator should behave.She is under the sea level…
    Hands clap and happy b-day to sed!

  5. i don’t know why drakenfyre is maintain in that team, she should be kick out of the team, long time ago, when she came in front of us and tell that she is a bitch who enjoy making a hell out of the people who post on forum. vennus I agree with everything you wrote, people pay for some things and they expect more from Acclaim.

    HAPPY B’DAY 2 U…


  7. First, happy b-day to sedbona, second this article is another proof of Acclaim incompetence. Other company,where Historian worked or was a partener, can have a nice and clean forum and Acclaim, no. They can be nice to people, but I guess they don’t recruit the bimbos, bitches and another anime animals.

    If Microsoft would let Historian to conduct the forum, can you imagine what would happen? Close, locked, delete topic if he didn’t like someone or if a client would complain for something.

    True, earth to sky!

    • If that would happen on the Microsoft forum, Historian would be kicked out VERY fast, like every good company would react.

      But the bosses of Historian don’t mind about anything. As long they get their money, they don’t mind if the players are disappointed or not.

      • He will last 5 minutes to don’t lock or delete a rubric. He would be kick because he is a parasite.

  8. the difference is visible with open eye, but you think drakenfyre is build like the moderator from Microsoft forum? she will never be like that because it is not in her character.

  9. That is why Microsoft is where it is right now as company. Who would change Microsoft for Acclaim ? People who are not there accepted or opportunist people. That should look like areal moderator, not some cheap vampire wannabe, who can’t even write a sentence right.

  10. Didn’t we see from the previous post with the bouncer why people who don’t know nothing about PR are choosen as moderators or people who don’t even know the basic of 9dragons game. Their answers are imature.

  11. I like this article, shows : others can do it, can answer and can give solutions only Acclaim can’t. It is true, because of their official people.

  12. I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true, sed.
    Others games forums also are way better than 9dragons one. For example AION, people there pays few for the game and the moderators never show disrespectfully issues towards players.Even Jade Dinasty who is a free game to play.

    • A normal adult can deal well with children and adults, but a child can not deal well with no one … still is not formed.And we can see it on 9dragons forum :.P

  13. Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.Have a awesome B-day sedbona and lots of gifts!

    vennus hit a critical point, how clients are treated in two companies that have the same goal, profit. I love the game 9Dragons, but I do not see any improvement.Historian bears a huge guilt on this, before BluFlash also was him.

  14. Have a happy B-day! What an ex bouncer can do than not turn the forum in a brothel? Microsoft is like ‘here comes the sun’. sedbona and Legend in your place I would be proud that you are baned from 9dragons forum ! Who would like to grow in that enviroment? The game didn’t develop even with one thing in 3 years.

  15. So Happy Birthday, and many more!
    We hope you make it to a hundred and two,
    Because we cannot even dream
    How 9dragons life would be like without you.


    We had good luck with this blog that some players become smarter and stop to be the naive fools. I saw the reactions on 9Dragons forum in these days at several key topics. It is a general revolt against the moderators, but of course they deleted the posts.Some veterans, with accounts in 2007, laugh out loud on coolmax replys and said he is an embarrassment, not to mention drakenfyre…

  16. Happy B-day to you sedbona.

    Awesome post vennus, I also would like to know why others companies can speak nice with theirs customers and Acclaim don’t.

  17. What a feeling…
    Happy B-day to you, Happy B-day to you…dear sedbona, Happy B-day to you!

    Awesome post vennus, 10x.

  18. Pretty sure MDD/PS does not want or need mods that can’t communicate in a friendly, reasonable manner with their player base, thanks. Just because they’re “girl” games doesn’t mean they deserve to have the problem people handed off to them. 😛

  19. Comparing a forum with paid moderators and people who are educated just to help in the MSDNAA network for example with a game forum who are doing this voluntary!?
    The chosen people, you’re talking about, do own special Microsoft certificates for which you have to pass (hard/difficult) expensive exams. Also you need a minimum of working years in your job.

    WoW – what a great comparison .. 5/5 LOL. But good enough to smile before entering the dreamy wonderland.

    • WOW ShockedFellow is Acclaim a damm charity organisation to have voluntary people or a company who makes money? Juge with your head when you say something.

    • ShockedFellow lost the essence of this post : between Microsoft and Acclaim is not difference as companies, only that Acclaim choose to work with non-profesional people and we all see the results. Blur said something that was said on this blog – Acclaim is not a charity organisation to work with voluntary term.

      vennus said : “From the money we give each month to item mall, I want to see some well trained people ready to answer my questions and not start to act like teenagers in ‘heats’ or some ‘bitches’ who lack of we know what …”

      So true, they should hire trained people.

  20. Okay, so I’m reading this and I can’t believe just how full of shit you can be. I’m thoroughly surprised that you attack responsibilities that Historian can’t fulfill; such as “mods not using capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.

    How many people do you know that use the internet CONSTANTLY use grammar in EVERYTHING they say EVERYWHERE they go?

    Simply because Grammar rules are being broken doesn’t mean the moderation is in a state of malpractice. If the community as a whole understands what a moderator is trying to communicate, then what is the problem?

    What you did with the posts you attached to this blog is nothing short of ignoring the obvious. I understood the whole thing, but do you?

    You’re also only targeting ONE moderator of ONE game that Acclaim hosts in America. What about 2Moons? BOTS? Dance! Online? Albeit the latter two don’t have very active forums compared to the 2Moons and 9Dragons. But the question still stands, what about the moderators from these forums?

    Professionalism and quality of a moderator is determined by the community. Whether or not the moderator stays on the team is up to the Lead Moderator of THAT game’s forums.

    Also, a task as a moderator for Acclaim is a volunteer occupation. It offers no payment and you’re held in the same place as a regular player, with the exception of you are tasked to keep the forums clean and the users in check.

    Now the big question I’m going to ask is probably one you can’t answer truthfully.

    Does David “TheHistorian” DeWald ACTUALLY control moderators on a forum? Does he? Does he control the actions that the developing companies take? Does TheHistorian ACTUALLY have as much power as you say he does?

    Prove this to me and I just might consider having a bad thought about the man. Until then, keep your blubbering, flaming, completely unsupportable theories off the internet.

    The best part that I’ve seen about this post is the “anime-vampire bitch” comment you made. Made me chuckle a little if you will.

  21. That player on 9dragons forum was baned because he used Historian word : ‘F@CK’.But was not like that, was after the nukers damage bug when he wanted to log to test it. The main point is that Historian must learn to communicate. For me, this site for example is better than 9dragons. sedbona did a good job with this blog and more people are reading each day. All my friends for example and we all talk in league about what is post in here each day.It is what we know and Acclaim on 9dragons would ban us for saying it loud.

  22. Is Sen Historian ?Too much 2Moons in here.If you are Historian listen up : I can’t believe you have no word to say when comes to choose moderators. drakenfyre75 should be kicked out, didn’t you see what she said to us ‘I will make your life a hell’. I don’t like your policy of banning people because they critic Acclaim. You see in what state is this game now? 3 GM only ? For how many players? A game should have a minimum support, but guess what, 9dragons don’t have, even I pay my mails are not answered when I mail to support, the bugs are not fix and the pvp is a disaster.It is best for all that Acclaim gives up 9dragons rights for Europa to Nexon or NcSoft.

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