Romania Item Mall : pay more, get less

At Acclaim, the company of all possibilities, we observe ( at least, in the mall dedicated to Romania) a large discrepancy in COINS between payment methods.

Look at the screens below:

So, if you pay from credit card ( wich cost more than SMS because of banks gain when you make the transaction) you receives less coins, than if you buy coins through SMS from Computer Games (hence, if you buy euro for phone card, the  phone company gives you even a great bonus of euro, which cover a lot more than the value of added tax – TVA).

Credit card coins vs SMS:

CC : 10 euro – 1265 coins, no bonus from Acclaim

SMS : 10 euro – 1465 coins

CC : 20 euro –  2530 coins, 100 coins bonus from Acclaim, so 2630 coins

SMS : 20 coins – 3075 coins

The difference is 645 coins, which really counts.  So from credit card, which normally would get you more coins (with bonus from Acclaim) for a less amount of coins you are paying more ( at 20 euro for example, you pay another 3.5 euros per transaction to the bank  + currency conversion from Romanian money in Euro)  than the SMS tax for which you pay less and recieve more coins (eg .Vodafone – phone company, for 20 euros gives you 5 euro bonus load, so 25 euros, from which the whole transaction reach a total of 20.78 with VAT).

So :

CREDIT CARD – BANK : 23-25 euro/per transaction and recieve less coins

SMS – PHONE COMPANY : 20.78 euro/per transaction and recieve more coins

I do not know who taught mathematics to Acclaim boys, but the fact is that, there is a clear disadvantage between the acquisition of coins, and you get more or less COINS, depending on the method of payment .


31 responses to “Romania Item Mall : pay more, get less

  1. Nice job . Could be really intresting reading about payment methods in other countries aswel. So posters: feel free to post ur knowledge 🙂

  2. i stoped to buy coins till they fix the pvp system, but I know from some countries in Europe you can’t even get coins, one example is Serbia or was.

  3. Another question : what the VGMs and moderators who are romanian do, if they don’t even notice this ? I guess they don’t even buy coins, just get it free from Acclaim ( from another persons who pays for it).

    • 3k2 loz, those kids don’t even have credit cards, let’s not say that they don’t even know how to calculate 1+1.

    • who VGM[Olix} with his character in Nirvana? that one only took coins from translation, didn’t spend any money on this game.

  4. Awesome, another Acclaim marketing failure. In America you get tax in $, but I don’t know the conversion rate between E and $, so I don’t know if it is an advantage or no.

  5. I’m sorry but… why would you or anyone still buy coins for this game?

    oh I know

    Because you don’t pay for a game that has more bugs than patches.

    Because you don’t pay for an update once a month.

    Because you don’t pay for PvP imbalance.

    Because you don’t pay for Lag.

    Because you don’t pay to see ppl you’ve reported a billion times for xploiting getting a 1 day ban.

    Because you don’t pay for getting your opinion been silenced in the forum sometimes. (Your post gets removed and you don’t get even informed)

    Because you don’t pay for a F2P game when in the other sites its free for support.

    Because you don’t pay for a game that doesn’t return your items when you’re hacked.

    I mean… those € 10-20 would do better spent at the movies or with a meal lol

  6. The incompetence of Acclaim have no limits, they don’t know how to gestionate from where the money came from.

  7. May I add something? What you might expect from a game that is led by a former strip club bouncer ? Math is alien strip club bouncer for him.

    • oops no..i still lose coins if i pay with SmS.
      each SMS 2 € i get 250 coins so 10 x 250=2500/2=1250 coins

      with creadit card ill give more coins.

  8. Acclaim will not see a $ from me as long as the game is in this state, so coins are castrated.They don’t even know how to calculate a price, se what we want more from them?

  9. I buy coins from in game money when I need it, items from mall are very expensive, but nice catch on Romania Item Mall.

  10. I knew this long time ago, but atm, being made “public” they will change it accordingly to their 3rd party providers. I give 24 h for change and I expect to see at best Computers the same ammount as on Acclaim page, so 20 euros thru SmS will not give 3075 coins but 2630. Cos honestly I dunno how can you ppl can see it other way around, even for a math failure.
    If you expect that acclaim to admit a math failure and put the 20 e package at 3075 coins you are wrong. But the other way around will happend. I will see Vodafone and Orange selling 2630 coins for 20 euros sooner then you can say “cat”.
    I am happy with SmS payment as i am NOT gonna use my visa for paying this. But with this “alarm signal” i can see the changes. This is one post that i start to hate Sed 🙂

    • Paymant with credit card for Computer Games is down. Before the payment with credit card was way better than SMS, I hope Acclaim do the smart thing and put higher coins to credit card ( higher than SMS now), after all it is Romania not America, we can’t afford high prices. 5000 coins for 50 experience cards is 40% of the minimum wage in Romania. Aki, I will make a post about the prices too, no worry in comparation with others games and with the level of economy in Romania.

  11. Well, maybe is not a mistake, is just a marketing trick to encourage sms transactions by offering a BIG coins bonus, but only for the most expensive payment option. Even if they fail at everything else, you must admire their marketing genius. 🙂

    • Gene if you have Vodafone is very cheap, more cheap than credit card from SMS. As I said Vodafone at 20 euro gives you 5 euro bonus (cards not subscriptions) , you pay 20,78 and remain with the rest. But as you see they don’t encourage low payment, the big one is 100 euro, only via credit card no SMS. From SMS you can make only 1 payment of 20 and 15 euro( 15 now is out of game) and 2 for 10 euro in 1 month ( the system don’t let you more), from one phone number.

  12. I see it like : they encourage on credits cards high payments and on SMS low payments. But it is not equal and not fair to spend more for less, as it is show clear here.

  13. It is very strange, each country don’t fit it. They negociate stupid. If you change your iP you can see the mall from different countries. It is all different, don’t know why.

  14. no penny from my part untill they fix it, but i see that from ndon’t know what reason the payment options are different.

  15. The reason why all this payment options are different are because of each countryes companies fees for card and sms transactions. As my site operates with the same company that Acclaim uses, i can tell you that the highest payment options are also the most profitable, as the fees are equal after 3 euros. So that means Acclaim pays as mush money to the intermediarry sms system in Romania for coins sold at 10 euro and for coins sold at 20 euro.

    • Even so, for same country to have 2 prices ( one to pay more, one to pay less). I think Acclaim don’t know how to negociate. In Romania case they didn’t negociate direct with Vodafone, but with Computer Games.

      • Computer Games is not the company that operates the system, MobilPay is. And there is no negociation, there are standard fees for any activity or anything you sale through sms system. They want to encourage people to use the 20 E sms payment option as they get the most benefit out of it. As for the CC payment, i think is a similar process, as they only give big bonuses for the most expensive option.

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