Legend will be a bit absence from now on

How I already told to some people, especially to the Vagabond Army, I knew I would have to go to a place, this month, where  I don’t have internet. Today I get a call, and now I know, I have to go already next Thursday, January the 14th. I will probably just have time on the weekends to check and post on the Project AI Blog, and I’m not sure if I can get a computer on the weekends to play 9Dragons. However; I will try to check the 9Dragons forum and Project AI Blog as often as I can, and to post new blogs.

The life, how many of you know, is not always easy. But my declaration of war to Historian was serious. Even if I should focus myself on my real life from now on, I will still be here, create plans, get new ideas, to get rid of Historian for a better 9Dragons.

But even if I may be a bit absence from now on and do not have the possibility to write so much about Acclaim like I did until now, I can assure you that Sedbona and Vennus will be still here to show you the facts. My job, from now on, will be to think about next steps, and to attack Historian from the underground.

I will still write some things, from time to time.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


15 responses to “Legend will be a bit absence from now on

  1. Historian already activated the auto-distruction buton. I wish you a great time where you, I know that life it is like this : we all need to survive.

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