Acclaim, the land of all opportunities, where a strip club bouncer is a Community Manager(+18)

David “Historian” DeWald is the Community Manager for Acclaim Games Inc.

Historian has done a lot of interesting things over the years; working in fast food, mass market retail, auto sales, computer equipment sales, technical trainer, web developer, graphic designer, sous chef and strip club bouncer. All of this prepared him for working with people. With over 12 years of experience with working with web based communities starting with early fan sites for the game “Creatures” to the fan site that grew up to be “Planet Dungeon Siege“, he brings his unique knowledge of social interactions to everything he does.

His love of gaming and gadgets goes much further back.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, a former strip club bouncer is the community manager of 9Dragons.David “Historian” DeWald writes on his site with great pride that he was a strip club bouncer.True, he has all the qualities of a strip club bouncer. Seriously, physically and psychological, he has. What is interesting is that, this experience, in a strip club is a great ‘card’ for the 13 years old children, to whom Acclaim games address.

Reading what he wrote, I can explain myself some aspects of Historian actions and behavior. First, drakenfyre75 that use the word ‘bitch’ repeatedly never was sanctioned, but warned. Why? By whom you are surrounded in a strip club? Guess it… From here Historian has gained the vulgar language that hardly tries to hide it, but which often comes to light. I remember, you all, the episode with the writer of the novel “The Historian” ( ‘suck it…baby’).

Let’s not forget that the chief of VGM team is someone who is not alien to the world of dance, the one and only VGM Bella.Historian  is trying to rebuild at Acclaim his lost universe from that bar. No wonder we get to the word ‘bitch’ again.

On this abnormal logic you wonder what is next? Historian tell us in that quote that he worked with doors… that is why he knows so well how to close (locks) the threads on 9Dragons forum.In that environment, you don’t need an explanation when you close or lock a door, it is only to satisfy sexual needs.

This job (in front of closed doors) have brought him a phobia : he can’t bear the words that begin with F ******. When he see one on 9dragons boards, his crisis began and he ban those who just mispelling a word who begins with F(letter)******. You wonder why. Do you need an explanation? What happens behind the closed doors in a strip club?… A word that begin with F ****?… But, because he was  only the bouncer, he stood in front of closed doors…

Now, we are all faced with a serious issue: should we accept in a key job who deal with the future generations a man of questionable morality ?

Historian do you believe that the whole story about the questionable morality of a community manager who bans people out of blue because he can’t raise to their intellect will have a positiv impact on Acclaim customers and to public ? Whatever you say is worthless. We don’t blame you because you worked as a bouncer in a strip bar, but have the courage and recognize your level. Do not try to seem more than you are. Do not  hide your ‘brain’ behind a FORUM BAN!

For all the girls out there, let’s see some action :

PS : try find the bouncer 🙂


46 responses to “Acclaim, the land of all opportunities, where a strip club bouncer is a Community Manager(+18)

  1. You know what a bouncer do in a strip club? Get the girls for men who pays it. This can blow his place from 9Dragons. What parent will accept someone like him to manage the game that his kid is playing?

  2. in my opinion Histo started the war with the community a long time ago, now they just rebel. the war with the authors of this blog started when he baned sedbona and Legend. was wrong move, now he can’t get it back and we will be entertain, this is more fun than ever. serious who put him to write that he was a strip club bouncer.

    • Yes he did, I told him in many lines on this blog to stop it and he didn’t want it, this is only a part from what will come.

  3. i can imagine Historian as a bouncer and I laugh even more.i must share this in 9dragons, it is so crazy, i have no words to describe it. what is wrong with Acclaim? they have only failures as employees.

  4. Very intersting, Historian was a ‘pimp’, now he is a virtual pimp and drakenfyre75 is his ‘bitch’.A bouncer… so we wonder why 9dragons is like this? A bouncer…

    • sed gave a smart and a funny explanation why the ‘bitches'(drakenfyre75) are kept and the man are baned (Legend). drakenfyre75 become his ‘bitch’, she even write it on 9dragons forum.Official team is becoming more and more like a bawdy house.

      • vennus9d, I will use something, a game of words, that I took from sed,baning others intellectuals is the only way they could reach the intellectual orgasm.

    • That is why he loves the word ‘bitch’ and will never ban drakenfyre or kick her for using it, like he did with others. Anyway Historian is at an age when he can’t do much in real life…just cybersex.

    • I never though that will end like this : the pimp and the bitch. Lifes goes on, but Historian will always be remember like the virtual pimp of 9dragons.

  5. “Now, we are all faced with a serious issue: should we accept in a key job who deal with the future generations a man of questionable morality ?”

    So this kind of guy have the competence to ban a smart player who has university degree ?As I say so many times the level of intelligence and education matters. Past will always haunt.

  6. It is good that his experience in a strip club teach him how to communicate with vampire bitches like drakenfyre, but when he will learn to communicate with normal people ?

    Loved the video.

  7. So smart, you know the exact words and how to turn the knife in the wound. I guess would have different if Historian would not act smart, now he have to pay the consequences. I think his boss will not be so happy if the parents will start send letters and ask why a man like him, with questionable morality is a community manager. I would do that in their place. Anyway I will link this to all my friends, it is to dam funny to see that the great Historian was a strip club bouncer.

    Clap hands for this.

  8. Risking for Bones to ban me 😛 (hope not) all i could think when i read this is (the resemblence that comes in my mind atm ofc)this lil poem:

    *clears throat*
    There was a young whore from Kaloo
    Who filled her vagina with glue
    Said she with a grin
    “If they pay to get in
    They can pay to get out again too!”
    (any resemblence with the money we pay to Acc?):P

  9. nice 1 Project AI :))) can’t stop laughin’…:)))))
    Message for Historian (if he’s readin’ this): ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US !

  10. Cool, next time when I log on 9dragons forum I ask Historian some bimbos, hope he will not ban me, he can’t escape his past anymore. So owned. I laugh till I got in tears.

  11. Historian has a great history to be proud of : sous chef and strip club bouncer and we add a divorce 🙂 He is so qualify to be the community manager…{ironic}

    The “sous-chef de cuisine” (under-chef of the kitchen) is the direct assistant of the executive chef and is second in command.

  12. I read it 3 times and every time I laugh till I almost chuck myself to death. So from here his vulgarity comes from.

  13. Bravo, this post is a 10x. I will tell my friends in game and on league forum about this so they can laugh too. Behind Historian red mask is a strip club bouncer. Guys, now when I see Historian posts on 9dragons forum I will have a hard time to don’t post back about this and laugh.

  14. What i cant get over, is the the fact that you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel in you “war” against Acclame and your personal vendetta with historian.
    Can you explain to me how working on the door of a club makes you a “man of questionable morality”, or am i missing something here ??

    And after reading the 36 inane replies here, it shows what level of morality and maturity the posters on this site have themselves(not much).
    Well done on losing the last shred of credibility this blog had…..clap..clap

      • Lol, nothing sensible to add so you make a personal remark, hence proving my point.

        Saying “the enviroment” makes him morally wrong is ridiculous.

        Using that line of thought, would you then say policemen who work with crime and much worse, because of their working enviroment they must be morally wrong too ? right ?

        And as for your “not smart enough”, LoL

      • Didn’t you just insulted all the others posters above…that is why you are the ‘smart guy’. It is simple : policemen works on the other side of the baricade, they put those pimps in jail and those who work with them.

      • Nollock is the only one among us who don’t know what strip club bouncers do : ‘go to church’ (SARCASM).

      • So when does working on a door makes you a pimp ?
        How about you answer the question and explain to me how working on a door makes you morally wrong as you seem to have missed the point i am trying to make.

        @Butterfly…your comment isn’t worth a reply.

      • What you don’t understand Nollock? Go in a srtip club and ask the stripers what bouncers do, what are their connections with some of the ‘high standard’ job. I bet that way Historian got out of that miserable world hole.

        Nollock should pm you the details of that club, you can check it yourself.He could be anything, even a pimp.

      • It is moraly wrong to work in a prostitution enviroment and then come to a game as a community manager and to preach the standards of high morals and the rules which you guide on to the kids. Hell no, I want my kid to have a teacher and a guide who has scholastic preparation. What he can teach to the kids ? That he failed in his marriage and how the stripers moves or to share the knowloge on how to become a bouncer…I don’t want that future to my kid.

      • Nollock why don’t you take this story to the american press and see the reactions of the parents. I bet you can find a guy from a paper to write about Historian and his background.

        In Romania in 2009 was a similar case, when a worker in that enviroment was promoted to manager of a institution who worked with kids. Was a big scandal, all were revolted and in the end that guy went down, kicked from that job.

    • Nollock and you think your comment is worth to be reply on? To work in an environment marked by prostitution and after with children…we will see the endless discussions about morality. Children are the future of a generation and their parents are struggling to find models of principles and virtues for them to follow. Family, educators, teachers, leaders of the environment they live in, all are trainers for child. You think Historian is that model?

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