Warriors defence is messed up

How we are used, one bug comes right after another. Last time, in pvp nukers damage was reduced and when they repair it, they  messed up the defence of warriors. Warriors are so beaten by fate in 9dragons that… this problem is all what we need it right now.


If last time they said they did tests with the damage of a nuker, this time I do not know what it is. After 3 years of 9Dragons, which gave ‘humanity’ a new way to destroy the so-called ‘real life’ purposes,existing as avatar, among the great ‘martial arts’ experts who gather ‘epic’ items and spend at least several hours a day in a virtual ‘CAVE’ , full of virtual items and monsters, with perhaps less virtual friends, I realise that 9Dragons became a total bug. If Acclaim fix something, they break another thing and this chain never ends.

9Dragons is a game where a certain amount of pvp balance is necessary. A part of the game is focused around it. Acclaim for years and years try to find pvp a place in this game. For years they hide behind the “unique style of Acclaim” the impotence of finding a solution to pvp problem, despite frequent criticism made by 3 roles . It is well known that the pvp system in the current version of Acclaim is in favor of a single role : nukers.All this problem, in reality it’s about a few digits of programming that are bad implemented. This ( messing up warrior defence) is another proof that there is not uniqueness, just human error.

I like some guy behind ‘Simon’ avatar words, who tries to explain the theory of pvp balance in a MMO :

Now if it’s a simple case of a Rock/Paper/Scissors class balance style where Class A generally beats Class B but Class C generally beats Class A that is also acceptable.  However, with this style of class balance classes need to be balanced decently enough that Class B has a reasonable chance (maybe not a great one) to come out on top of Class A if proper skill & precaution is applied.


17 responses to “Warriors defence is messed up

  1. I noticed it too. I made a new deco with dodge and I din’t knew why nothing is going on, even more mobs hit me harder. What happened ? What they did this time ? They want to kill warriors role?

  2. From bug to bug, from bad to worse, this is how Acclaim started 2010. In terms of PvP system, I remember that at players webinar, Historian assured us that pvp will change.They have not changed anything, in fact other empty promises.

  3. Bleah…this game starting to go to shitdrain…
    If they can’t do nothing why the hell they don’t shift the domination of roles periodically? Why are they so interested to keep 1 role and 1 role only OP (overpowered) for 2 years? And why they are so afraid that , if they try “fix” it, then the warrs will become slightly OP? If I were them I would accept my incompetence in finding a proper balance and I would shift(_alt_delete) the OP of roles in 9D but only for brief periods of time (month/s), so every role have its peak of OP…
    Every day brings new “challenges” for warr role. Every day we must L2p (Learn to play)like we are in the 1st day…more money, more money, more money…more purges, etc etc.
    I am getting slightly sick of it myself.I also feel sick when i see so many ppl making a puker in order to enjoy game.
    I think is time to move to WoW permanently. At least there , even the OP role can be killed.

  4. I don’t think they will fix this too soon, warrior is a dying role now, nukers are 70% of servers, they don’t care.Acclaim destroyed 9dragons game neglecting the issue of pvp.

  5. I will stop play for a while, I am getting to pissed off. They do nothing for warriors because they all have nukers.

  6. For yeard and year they destroy the warrior role. Who plays now warrior ? Nobody, all new ‘noobs’ play only nuker to feel overpower, we are a meat for nukers in bloody plain, that is one of the reason why I don’t go in bp anymore. Nukers can do what warriors do, meaning tanking, they have too much damage and are easy and cheap to play. They don’t fight for nothing in this game.

  7. You know how many from official team have nukers ? Mind my words, unless those don’t leave, you will not get nothing in pvp.

  8. Didn’t you see that they get so scared and delete sedbona post on 9dragons forum with adding chi kung deff to warriors?

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