Declaration of war

Dear David “Historian” DeWald

My tryings in the past of offering you my help, tell you some advices and to tell you over and over again that my words aren’t personally against you, but indeed against your handlings, failed all the time.

Running over and over against a wall, you still don’t realize that there are people in your staff which don’t like you. However; my indeed smart words to you weren’t taked seriously, you laughted about me and the other people which told you the truth, and you just made it worse.

In your childrish handlings you talked to your VGM and moderator slaves and you told them about us:

Dear Comrades, those are my enemy and ours, they are Acclaim haters, I want them hunted and destroyed. Use all possible means, bring all your alternative avatars guys! These people put in danger  my dictatorship, if they will survive, all of you will cease to exist.


My dear players, now begins a new era of my reintegration. I promise the next year things will change for the better, I will make new promotions at the item mall, I will raise the prices of items, I will sell everything I could’t sell before. My dear players, those who had the courage to say that you are not satisfied, will be exiled and banned! I assure you will be happy and play well for Acclaim on yours money!

How you exactly know (since you are one of our most loyal readers) we wrote already about this. With your words of the first part you made it personally. You thought we are your enemies? You thought we are Acclaim haters? You thought our indeed smart words were attacks?

No… Not at all… We were your best friends in comparison to what we will be from now on. We never hated Acclaim, we hated you. We never attacked you, but we will indeed destroy you now.

Just because we had mercy with you and didn’t felt like to attack you really, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Just because we tried all the time to communicate with you, it doesn’t mean we can’t fight.

Look how you hardly try to get attention from your “friends” about us, this little, smart blog, which writes sooo bad things about you…

There is a site out there that likes to talk about my failings. The more they rant the funnier it gets. I’m “just a webmaster” this week.

Do you remember this line? Oh, I’m sure you do. You try to show that you laugh about us, but we know exactly that you get angry about our words. No wonder that we know that, if you don’t watch do whom you are talking… “Just a webmaster this week“?! I don’t know what you smoke, but smoke less. We write over and over again that you are “just a webmaster”. You were always “just a webmaster” and you will always be “just a webmaster”.

I wonder why you never accepted my bet. The bet, that I would be a better Game Manager than you for 1 month. Are you affraid?

Oh yes, we know exactly how angry you get… And that’s just normal – The truth hurts.

I was always a very nice guy with you, believe me that. And I am even nicer that I let you know that I accepted the war you started. Send your avatars against me. Do it. I like it to see how less courage you and your loyal slaves got and how you try to tell “with many voices” how stupid we are. Since the normal players don’t do it for you, you have to do it by yourself, right?

Before this war is over, one of us will fall. The only thing I regret is to not have that much time for it like you.

Message to the VGMs & forum moderators:
Don’t get affraid about Historian’s words. You will not “cease to exist”. The only thing we want is the same like the most of you want: A better Game Manager and a better 9Dragons.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


20 responses to “Declaration of war

  1. He wrote with his own hands that he is a webmaster, don’t know why he now don’t admitted it. I don’t think for once he had a succes or something to be remember about 9dragons. He just lied about everything : we will fix it…but we didn’t.

  2. I do not think that by now there’s something positive about Historian to write it down. Everyone who said he should be more ‘cool off’ has been banned from the forum. When someone wrote back with a quote,he said that person attacked and of course a ban was coming. Let’s face it,the ban of sedbona and Legend is due this blog ( and it is personal )not because they have done something so ‘wrong’. We can see very clearly that the Historian is impartial, I wrote about it, I brought examples and it is true. His greatest failure is that he never realize what is my avatar on 9Dragons forum and can’t ban it. GMs attempted to ask me when we talked on MSN, but nothing …

  3. Historian has something to be proud of : he is the only webmaster in game history who deleted the community of players guides on forum and mess up a game forum.

  4. Go Legend, go, this guy don’t deserve to have us as 9dragons players, this guys don’t deserve a minimum respect for what he did. Historian don’t stand criticism, which is seen on 9Dragons forum, how do you think he can stand this blog and those who write in here?

  5. one thing you have got Legend: Historian not receive advice because he is too ignorant to get that. secondly, it is clear that is jealous of this blog, check out his blog, nobody post, not even those who praised him.

  6. “There is a site out there that likes to talk about my failings…” He started to admit that he has failings. A start or an end?

  7. He should start do something for 9dragons and stop to only speak and speak of how cool the game it is and how wonderfull it is. Crap, this game is becoming a crap.

  8. As I said before Historian list of failures is bigger than his lists of successes, at least for 9dragons. There is none of his personal achievement in 9dragons.

  9. This guy should be kick from game manager he didn’t done a s! for 9dragons.I will write a letter to Marks Howards about Historian, maybe you guys can join me, let’s write to his boss.

    • He started it. Didn’t you see the forum all the community it is in war with him, except the official team, who trys to keep it cool, but can’t do it, there are too many people who call Acclaim thief.

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