Players popularity prize

At the end of last year we did a poll for the readers of this blog, to see who was the most popular member of official Acclaim team in 2009, the real team ( form by Acclaim employees : Game Masters, head of Game Master, Game Manager and the storyteller of 9dragons game). The readers of this blog voted on this poll, so the results are based on their votes. The results look like this :

Acclaim Stone = 1%

Acclaim Smoke = 1%

Acclaim Nevermore = 7%

TheHermit = 9%

TheHistorian =10%

Acclaim Acid  = 15%

Acclaim Sparda = 57%

Below I will try to explain the dynamics and the resolution of readers vote.

Acclaim Smoke and Acclaim Stone are a discreet ‘presence’ noted by 9dragons community by the very fact that they are hardly noticed. They are a discreet presence in strong contradiction with the exuberance of 9dragons virtual life. Outside the appearances dictated by Acclaim ‘protocol’ I remember only a few “buz-es” from them on 9dragons forum.

Acclaim Nevermore on Nirvana is not a model of beauty from folktales, but he is known by  a travel ‘initiative’ in 9dragons land, which gives his, the status of a ‘cool’ GM.  He  is a flat character, but evolves during work and at the end he meets the human qualities of a tolerance man who has the ability to mediate conflicts.

Acclaim Acid is the head of Game Masters . He , also, was in year 2009 a discreet presence, he prefer to be the man behind the game, working in the shadow. Regarded as a symbol by VGM team, he always ‘gives’ importance to the top moments of 9dragons virtual life. He brings Acclaim and community together and sometimes emphasizes community point of view.

TheHermit is 9dragons Acclaim storyteller. After the interview, we published on this blog, his popularity among our readers, fell greatly. He is just a myth, a story to load the burden of players discontent. Behind the story of Hermit, things are very simple: he has been recreated to absorb players complaints and to dress in new and positive clothes Acclaim. The recipe is very simple: take a Hermit, a story, an event, bring all to Acclaim and ‘bake’ them till they are ready to be ‘eaten’. But, the background of unhappiness from players  is too big and the story failed. You can’t fool a child to go to sleep with a story if you didn’t feed him with food before.He will start to cry from hunger and he will not pay any attention to your story. Exact same thing happened with TheHermit. Aside from the fact that he is a controversial figure, used by few Acclaim employees ( who are hiding behind the image of Hermit), unfortunately he failed to meet the needs of the community, and now his story of its charm become dry and his heroes don’t have charisma at all.

TheHistorian is the typical ‘Bollywood’ hero.When the whole country is dying of hunger and poverty, he sings of his deep love and dance. In the morning when he wakes up, he puts his glasses with 10 diopters and logs on 9Dragons forum. First, he checks if his sheeps (official team of moderators) have made the daily fill of locks, delete, move to trash topics.Than, he ensure that all players who posts on forum play on Acclaim choir and have the same  Acclaim CD  to dance on.If someone deviates from the rhythm :FORUM BAN.More serious are the moments in which someone like sedbona (me), Legend, vennus and community leaders wants to change his tune and rhythm of dance…

He  convokes an emergency meeting of moderators and VGMs ‘Communist Party’ on MSN  and order them:

– Dear Comrades, those are my enemy and ours, they are Acclaim haters, I want them hunted and destroyed. Use all possible means, bring all your alternative avatars guys! These people put in danger  my dictatorship, if they will survive, all of you will cease to exist.

After the meeting, he put another mask and goes to the players forum ‘plaza’:

– My dear players, now begins a new era of my reintegration. I promise the next year things will change for the better, I will make new promotions at the item mall, I will raise the prices of items, I will sell everything I could’t sell before. My dear players, those who had the courage to say that you are not satisfied, will be exiled and banned! I assure you will be happy and play well for Acclaim on yours money!

Than in his mind : ‘ I F****** ( misspell, no idea what word it is used :)…) YOU ALL!’

Well Historian, ‘I came, sow and done it’. But was an epic failure for you. I hope this year you will start act like a real community manager and you will stop being mediocre.

Acclaim Sparda won popularity prize for 2009. He has been noted by players for his sensitivity, his job acumen and his personal popularity. He is affectionately called «Kane» by many players. Kane pursued till now a good Acclaim policy for players based on a philosophy of helping the players, loving them, making events to enjoy and talking nice to them. In game, he wants implemented changes long discussed but never added, among them, the pvp balance. He is set about winning hearts and minds of players.  Europeans likes him too, he is active on Bardo server when it is his shift turn. He’s being honored for, really reconnecting Acclaim to the world of players. His achievements are in the “good intentions” category, but that doesn’t mean they are insignificant. Acclaim is too unpopular under Historian. The poll is expressing a collective sigh of relief that a GM has rejoined the players consensus.

Now debate people!

PS : these are my ideas on the poll votes and this article contains accents of a plamfet, so enjoy it!


24 responses to “Players popularity prize

  1. sedbona never loses her shine 🙂 I couldn’t stop myself from laught at Historian is so real.

  2. One word : awesome. My vote went to Kane because he was not arrogant and helps players. I sow him many times on forum and in game. I know he plays Hermit character in game and helps Hermit with the events.

  3. Historian and Hermit are only for image, GMs makes all the work. Historian is mean and arrogant, Hermit is a myths used by them and the only ones who works on low payment are the GMs, so no wonder Ravenclaw has high popularity. He is seen on game.

    • Gms do the events, Historian never logs in game, if he would log players would swear at him, I am sure of this. He tried on Nirvana and he was not welcome.

  4. ….Than in his mind : ‘ I F****** ( misspell, no idea what word it is used …) YOU ALL!’…..

    WOW, EPICAL SENTENCE !99,9% true.

    • Yes, was not necessary and he could first marry in real life than in virtual life, not to say they virtual marry when were holidays.

  5. i had a feeling will turn out like this. the faces of Historian were exposed, TheHermit literature is on google and the rest are more off than on.

  6. I voted for Acid, he did a lot for this game and now he is ill. I hope he will get better soon and rejoin 9dragons. He worked hard. Anyway nice post.

  7. I voted for Acclaim Acid because I see him as a simple beeing who works a lot for Acclaim and gets few in return. He was day and night on trying to fix issues.

  8. Kane got my vote. He is active on Bardo and when he is on, he do a good job. Maybe in 2010 I will vote for someone else, depends. They should compete for this popularity stuff.

  9. It’s a good characterization of the official Acclaim team in 9Dragons, what you wrote about Historian made me laugh with tears. You are very good. Keep it going!

  10. The Historian just got 10% because he and his slaved voted for him(self).

    “Dear Comrades, those are my enemy and ours, they are Acclaim haters, I want them hunted and destroyed. Use all possible means, bring all your alternative avatars guys! These people put in danger my dictatorship, if they will survive, all of you will cease to exist.”
    This was a very dangerous part. I did never meant anything personally against him, in fact just against his doings, but from now on it will be personally.

  11. Kane with his style of approaching the players is a step forward for Acclaim and Historian with his arrogance and contempt, is a step to regres.If we will praise Kane too much, Historian will find a way to kick him out.

  12. Kane is very popular among VGM team also, just now Manic suffered a heart-break because she couldn’t get Kane.

  13. Kane is the best GM ive experienced.

    He worked the most of all of them. The fact he found his love and Manic cant get him is probably more her problem then his IMO.

    Anyways Kane is a good guy and indeed most populair amongst the VGM team.

    he is the only good vgm
    all acclaim haters i promise you one death which will change acclaim for good
    whit historian out of picture(dead)9d will be better
    it may sems a bit cruel but atm im at pyhiatric hospital so the mood is deadly or suicidal

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