Acclaim started the year off on wrong foot

I came back! … And I turned more nervous than ever. That’s because I don’t see any ray of hope for this game because of stupid mentality and value of Acclaim and a system absolutely stupid of conceptions of lots of people who inhabit this game. I don’t want to hide anymore behind words, I don’t want to use soft words anymore ! (rather than before – too soft).

Several events which are repeated indefinitely by Acclaim have ‘raised the hair on my back’ … BAD.

For years this game is ‘robbed’ by Acclaim, all players are ‘generation of sacrifice’, playing a ‘beta drama’, but Acclaim don’t sacrifice at all. They make unnecessarily events, managed in the worst way possible, on our money. We still have the old bugs and buged patches content. They show us they can fix pvp but they don’t want it. ‘LiaoDOWN’ map as players name it, crashes at every event (player losing their cards, passes) . Hackers are released  because they give money to Acclaim. Lots of ‘dc’s’ fall over players who have the misfortune to log when server is ‘crowded’. We pay item mall (virtual items) costs more than the rest of the pay MMOS . I can continue this list until the server hosting of this blog are cracks in two, but I stop here and get to the point.

Normally in this situation any community would revolt, would be riots, protests, and eventually law suits … if needed. BUT NO … NOT IN 9DRAGONS … Here apathy all of this is almost normal …


Actually I wanted to write something positive about Acclaim at the beginning of the year, but I didn’t found anything yet.Today I logged on the forum and sow a lot of complaints regarding the management of event ‘Holiday Season Big Spender Bonus from Acclaim’, the first ‘pay’ event of this New Year. Even we paid 100 euro for this event ( there are countries, where 100 euro is a salary per month),seems that we give so much money to Acclaim that they don’t care about that and continue to fool us on our money.


Historian= Liar

Accaim CEO = Junkie

This is how 2010 started for 9dragons. Well … “all profound qualitative transformation” of the new year in Acclaim  is sublime, but missing altogether. The system works on the same principles,  turned on “structural” in name only. Acclaim ignore the players and their needs again.

Che sarà, sarà !


19 responses to “Acclaim started the year off on wrong foot

  1. I hope 201 will put their minds in their head and will learn that they have to provide a better service and I hope they will fix the damm pvp.

  2. Even a new year passed, Acclaim is the same, even it comes to our money. I didn’t recieve my coins bonus yet, I hope I will do it.

  3. another one will be baned soon, and this circus will go on. someone should step forward and end it. only Indy21 can do that.

    Historian= Liar
    Accaim CEO = Junkie”

    >>> good one

  4. They take our money and do nothing in return, not even something basic like fixing the bugs. Why we need to stay 3 years with a bug to be fixed? In other games in 5-7 days it is fixed.

  5. Right now I don’t find anything positive either about Acclaim. As you said they started the year off on wrong foot. After Christmas they promise us a new patch to fix all Christmas bugs, but it is almost 4 January and nothing.

  6. You have some strong arguments, but I think with this complaints on forum, players broke down Acclaim freedom of speech because they could not stop it, to many complaints, they had nothing else to do but to let them be. This is a step.

    • Historian was forced to do it, still he banned some people over it. Now people are not so happy with all this situation, I want to know what Acclaim will do next to cool down players negative reactions.

  7. I think I will take a break from 9dragons game till they fix the major bugs and pvp. I reach PS so I will not grind another character in Acclaim 9d hell.

  8. Liadong crash on Bardo is very frustrating, we lose time, we lose passes and money (experience cards and drop cards are on).

  9. Acclaim exploits the game to maxim and with low resource and money to invest. I don’t know where the money from 9dragons goes, but this game will die. I am not sure will survive another year. The end of the year was a big complaint event, the star of the new year the same. If Acclaim see that people complaint so much, I don’t know why they don’t want to change the things. Many of us tried, but with no result.

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