Review of the year 2009

The year 2009 was a very exciting year. Many secrets from Acclaim, their GMs, their VGMs and their moderators were discovered. A lot of time and energy was used for defeting what normal people call “stupidity”. But still, Acclaim seems to not learn.

However; This is a little review of our year on the Project AI Blog:

June 2009 – Sedbona start the Project AI Blog, with the goal to write about Acclaim’s avatars. She start to write about the Freedom of Speech and the Officials Acclaim Abuses.

July 2009 – The firsts stories and secrets of VGMs and moderators appear on the Project AI Blog. At this time, those people got nothing better to do than to spam the blog; later they open their eyes and leave the Acclaim staff. She writes about Acclaim’s communication and Acclaim’s controle over their players. She shows a perfect example of the teamwork between the official Acclaim team. VGMs can go off-topic on the forum and break the rules, while moderators delete everything what they like from the players. She show also, that the officials will just destroy a person who is against Acclaim. This should not stay for long time like that.

August 2009 – vennus9d joins the Project AI Blog and help sedbona to write about Acclaim. drakenfyre75 and her team of arrogant moderators are getting attacked with hard facts. How drakenfyre75 stated: “Im here to make your life a hell.” This is the first time that drakenfyre have to face a payback for her arrogant doings – and she fails. According to other people, drakenfyre even cryed about that. The moderators love quantitative, but not qualitative work. Sedbona also starts to make interviews with veteran players; The most dislike how the Acclaim staff works. vennus9d writes about the internal fights of moderators. Fights between women (or girls?) which want to be better than the other. Our readers are amused.

September 2009 – Legend joins the Project AI Blog. The Project AI Blog start to write about the bad leadership, the bad planning and the bad management. Legend start to attack Acclaim’s Communication. BluFlash, the previous 9Dragons Game Manager, leave and many players are happy; Without to know that behind BluFlash’s arrogant doings was Historian, which told him what and how to do. Thinking that The Historian is an adult and good person, Legend tried to talk with him about what the players want; but was a fail.

October 2009 – Story Teller joins the team of the Project AI Blog. The names behind Acclaim got revealed. For the first time we can see clearly, how people like Historian can react; Banning, locking and deleting without reason, just because he’s on the mood and he feel to. We saw how easy the official team can own themself and how they just cut off their nose to spite their face. Sedbona start a survey about Acclaim for the 9Dragons players. Historian is scared and ban her without real reason; But the survey shall be completed anyway. The Historian also came “back” even if he never was here. He likes 2Moons, but dislikes 9Dragons. Weird… I know this comeback story already from The Hermit. What a surprise that the people did not feel to welcome him back, exept for the official people. Some players even told him to go back. The Historian want to “reintegrate”; with this he means “banning FTW”. The players never liked him and will never do. Also we revealed the biggest secret from Acclaim: Acclaim hire cheap Indians as GMs. With a hard work to do, the GMs just get little money; While David “Historian” DeWald get a lot of money for doing nothing and banning people. And when he do something, he make a disaster job. Legend starts a demonstration against Acclaim, but just a few participate on it. The people shall regret it later.

November 2009 – The Project AI Blog wanted to have a conversation with David “Historian” DeWald to give him a last chance, before we take harder steps. Without the courage to show his own avatar, he talked to us as the respectable Hermit; He failed and had to face harder words. Trying to make it better, Acclaim just brought bugs into the game and show to the players that they don’t have any controle over what they do. Legend was banned on the forum by Historian for no reason. Other people which did the same (used a bad word) were from the official staff or an Acclaim-follower and were not banned. The chaos begins: The famous FC PQ bug becomes published, Thanksgiving Event was a pure disaster, other unjust bans were given, the incompetence and arrogance of other VGMs were shown, and many other issues. But one of the most important things was the result of the 9Dragons survey. This speaks lauder than we ever could.

December 2009 – New secrets were revealed. The private characters of the VGMs exploited the FC PQ bug, the people show disrespect to the old players (players and official team), more and more VGMs leave the official team, a petition was started to unlock the Freedom of Speech on Acclaim’s forum, [VGM]Adonis becomes the most hated VGM on Bardo, we saw that Acclaim lied once again about upcoming content and that they did not hold their word once more, ex-VGMs sell their accounts on eBay for a really absurd price, we showed the connection between 9Dragons and Wuxia, Acclaim tried to fix their forum and almost all became guests, we told about the servernames and what they mean to show once more the arrogance of Acclaim, bankruptcy theories of Acclaim came back to the players, Historians stupidity striked back, and the total disaster came on the patch 98. With random disconnects, errorcodes on logins, weapon bugs, map crashes, forum trouble, M&D bugs, and many more issues, the total disaster began. The people were unstatisfied, many players left, and many wanted to protest against Acclaim. Do you notice something? The people began to talk about the previous demonstration, asking for a new one. But how Legend stated, he will not make a new one. The 9Dragons forum and game is full of complaints and unstatisfied players, and David “Historian” DeWald got nothing better to do than to fight with a book author about his number 1 nickname and to say “suck it” to her. And such a person is the Community Manager of 9Dragons and 2Moons. But on patch 100 we had a day of pure fun. The nuker damage were lowered and the warriors gave them a big payback. Even veterans came back to 9Dragons. But then Indy21 gave to Acclaim a server patch to fix that “bug”, and nukers became godlike again. Brainless people seems to be also in the Indy21 team. So the dream was short and is over already again.

You think that was all? You think there is nothing more to discover? Wrong! The Project AI Blog will also be here for you on the next year, 2010!

We thank you a lot for reading our blog, for your comments, and your informations. Prepear yourself for the year 2010, this shall just be the beginning!

Happy new year 2010! May your wishes come true, 9Dragons better and Historian fired.

Project AI Blog
Legend, Sedbona, vennus9d, Story Teller


25 responses to “Review of the year 2009

  1. Happy new year guys.

    🙂 Some of your artls made me have quite a good laughs specially the ones about TH’s ^^


  2. all the authors of this blog are crazy, in a good way, makes us laugh and always knows how to say exactly what I think and feel. this blog is about spirit and intelligence of some players.

  3. The time spend on this blog was a challenge for me. Working in the IT industry, to write about the secrets of a game that I play to entertain me, was really something new. In 2007 when I met sedbona on Asura, I didn’t imagine that she will made this blog and we will write together about what is inside our heads and minds, a sort of experiment about the virtual words, avatars.

    In, 9dragons, at the beginning, was an atmosphere more peaceful, more calm, players didn’t had many claims, there were not so many bugs, moderators were working to make a better 9d. But, in 2008, began the decline of 9dragons and I think much of the fault have Historian and Phew.

    From 2008 until now lies were told in a chain. Official team has filled the bins in practice. For more flirting with some girls, GMs have put in official team all sorts of bad persons in mind and soul. Some avatars have even sent fake pictures or pictures of strangers in order to secure a place in that team. Along with the founding of official team of VGMs it began the camps and 9dragons was split into a war with hack sides, goldfarmers, lies, love virtual and more drama.

    2009 was the year I met with sedbona in real life, in the UK, in London, she was at a conference, and I at an exhibition. There at Picadilly Circus all began…

    You know the rest. I want to say thanks to all who reads us and posts comments, you all are great and very important to us, the authors.

    Happy New Year and I will be here in 2010 too !

  4. I like this blog a lot, I like the authors a lot, with humor they split the facts in Acclaim face and they never give up even Historian tries to make them quit and ban their accounts on forum. Good work and I hope I will see you in 2010 with new things ! I will remain your reader.

  5. This year Acclaim didn’t bring nothing new in game, except new bugs. The old bugs are not fixed, pvp balance is not fixed, more stupids people join Acclaim official team, Historian is back with his arrogance and destroys players community, he locks and delete all complaints and gets pay from our money.

    Congratz for this blog, great job! Happy New Year! Thanks for the hard work and don’t give up !

  6. 2010 began for Acclaim with new dcs in SRS, LD map down and a screw up event. Happy New Year for all ! Drinck and forget about Acclaim ! Chers and hands clap for the authors, cya around here.

  7. People you did a great job with this blog, keep it, you have no idea how much was for me . Keep up this job in the new year and may your wishes come true. Happy New Year.

  8. The content of this blog is the King of 9dragons ! sed is the queen 🙂 You all did a great job in 2009, take care and write on 2010 with same passion.

  9. I am drunck today, so I LOVE YOU PEOPLE OF AI PROJECT! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Historian can suck something … 🙂 LOVE PEOPLE, LOVE…

  10. my wished for you :
    “When you’re lonely, I wish you Love!
    When you’re down, I wish you Joy!
    When you’re troubled, I wish you Peace!
    When things seem empty, I wish you Hope!
    Have a Happy New Yea”

    let us hope, authors from ProjectAi! I had a great time in here and I will read each and any of your posting. you do a awesome job.

  11. Go, go , keep it like now, you are doing a great deed for all the players. I will be here as much as I can and I will read the blog when I can. Was great that I found it, H-ppy New Year !

  12. The authors did a wonderfull work on this blog, I always wait to see what is new, I am more present in here than on 9dragons forum because I like it and I feel good, I am having fun. Thanks !

    Have a Happy New Year! 2010 Happy 🙂

  13. In 2010, keep standards up, like you did till now. Good work with this blog and I will always cheer as a reader.

  14. As the new year blossoms, may the journey of your life be fragrant with new opportunities, your days be bright with new hopes and your heart be happy with love! Happy New Year ProjetAI!

  15. Was an expected year and a hard one for the authors. I admire the fact that you guys didn’t give up even your accounts were baned and you didn’t beg for mercy.For me this is the bahavior of a true community leader. I also hope Historian gets fired in 2010 or 9dragons will have another Acclaim lead, this one is outdated and so out of his common senses.

  16. For me was an honor to work with the authors of this blog, especially at the community survey. Enjoy the remaining free days of these holidays!

  17. For me also was an honor to meet you all and share with the readers of ProjectAI all we went through, my vision for a better 9dragons, the gasp, what happened behind the official curtain.

    Thanks for supporting us!

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